Disney DreamLight Valley: Breaking The Ice Glitch

The Ice Glitch
Breaking The Ice Glitch Complete Fix

Looking for the complete guide for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking the ice Glitch? This is the right place to know everything in detail about it. The captivating Disney game may present several difficulties.

But there’s no need to panic because our guide will make your adventure through the fantastical world smoother and easier. Dreamlight Valley’s tasks and difficulties keep the game entertaining, and as players keep playing, they have more fun.

Breaking The Ice Quest

Breaking the ice quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley begins when you invite Elsa into your village. But before doing so, you need to perform tasks related to Anna and reach level 2 of friendship. Then you can work on your main quest. Apart from this, there are also other missions that you need to complete before the Anna quest, and these are:

  • Open the Forest of Valor.
  • Spend 4k Dreamlight to unlock the Frozen Realm.

Players need to cook the potion, named “Warmth of Summer potion. This will provide you the heat power, Royal Pickaxe, through which you can break the ice later. For this purpose, you will be given a list of certain ingredients, and your objective is to find all of them in specific quantities. These include:

  • 3 garlic
  • 5 Lemons
  •  1 vial of Ocean water
  • 2 sugarcanes
  • 5 sunflowers

Now let’s move to the collection part.

Forest Of Valor

Explore the forest to get the essentials.

Forest of Valor Disney Dreamlight
Forest of Valor (Image credits: Quick Tips)

Visit the forest of valor, and there will be garlic plants in an ample amount. Please pick them up according to your necessity. In the woods, you can look for lemon trees. Besides this, these trees are also available in Glade of trust.

Searching in the forest is a patient-seeking task, and you may need the forger to assist you in accumulating the things. Well, Anna seems to be most appropriate for this role.

Dazzle Beach

The pleasant-looking beach is your next stop.

Dazzle Beach Elsa Quest
Dazzle Beach

Head to the Dazzle beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The vile of the Ocean water will be here. You can obtain it by interacting with shiny water blotches on the surface. The next task is to attain the sugarcane.

You can purchase it from the stall decorated with pretty decent flowers. Goofy runs the booth, now have a dialogue with him and buy your concerned item. To get the sunflower to walk around the beach, and you will surely call them.

Potion And Ice Breaking

The last step includes potion making and breaking the frozen rocks.

Potion And Ice Breaking Task
Potion And Ice Breaking

Once all the items are gathered, prepare the potion by adding all the ingredients. Please make your way to Elsa and hand it over to her. After this, you will be able to break the ice. Shatter the ice rocks, enter the frozen Cavern, and do the same inside.

Blue Crest In Quest
Blue Crest

As you obtain the Blue Crest, communicate with Elsa, and she will ask you to fit it inside the wall. Return to her after completing the final assignment to accomplish your ice-breaking quest.

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Fixing The Glitch

The best way to fix the glitch where Elsa gets stuck, and you no longer can progress in the game is to, without initiating Auto/Manual save, exit your game. Once the game is fully closed, restart it again and go back to your previous save game; it should work like a charm.

Sometimes just restarting an old save can help you fix the glitch too. The developers are working on releasing a new update to fix this glitch. In the meanwhile, you can use these steps to continue your journey.

Additional Fixes

  1. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that Anna has to be in the castle with Elsa in order to complete the quest, so in case she is not there, then first build their friendship at least till level 4 or 5 and then progress in the quest should be smooth.
  2. Sometimes you won’t find Elsa if you get there on wrong time, normally waiting for next morning in the game helps fix this bug as well.
  3. Also, be aware of your Axe levels, if your axe is too low for the quest, then there is a huge chance that it’s not the glitch but you lacking the right tools to complete it.
  4. Always keep a manual save, as it helps a lot in getting back to the save point where the game was not bugged.
  5. Most important fix is once the latest patch arrives, update your game as these issues will be sorted with it.

Closing Remarks

This concludes our overview of Disney Dreamlight Valley for today. The entire mission and glitch for cracking the ice have been detailed. We sincerely hope that our information was helpful to you in one of Elsa’s quests.

Please share it with your friends and let us know what you think of our guidance in a comment. Stay tuned, and we will write to you again soon.

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