Disney Dreamlight Valley Crashing On Switch [FIXED]

Crash Fix Guide
A Complete Guide to Fix Crashes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is magical, and we can’t deny that. But that doesn’t make it flaws-free, and our today’s guide will help you get rid of them. We will be providing a detailed crash fix guide today for all the issue players faces while playing the game.

Let’s get right into it!

Key Highlights

  • You will be able to fix your crashes on the Nintendo switch.
  • This guide will also include bonus fixes and troubleshooting methods for the PC platform if you plan on purchasing on steam.
  • These methods will be easy to follow and to the point and will make sure to save a lot of your time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the latest release from Gameloft, and it became a success in a very short time due to its engaging story and fans’ love for their favorite Disney characters.

It’s a simulation-style game that allows you to build your dreamy neighborhood, and not only that, you can design your custom characters that make them unique from other players in the game.

The open world offers a bunch of opportunities and quests where you can spend hundreds of hours without getting bored, and when you start feeling lazy, then try out the cooking feature in the game, it’ll keep you busy.


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How To Fix Crashes On Switch

Ever since the launch, Nintendo Switch has been facing the most crashes compared to other platforms the game is available on; Reddit is filled with queries related to the game either crashing on the title screen or in the middle of a quest making it hard to progress in the game.

The developers noticed the issues and provided a few patches, and with the help of a few players, we also found a few fixes that can get you back into the game and continue your journey.

Clean Install The Game

The first thing you can try is to do a clean install of the game again as the first one might get corrupted or didn’t receive the latest patch, due to which you are receiving crashes. This is a very common fix to get back into the game.

System Settings
System Settings

You can simply go into your Switch’s settings menu and from there select System software for Update/Uninstall the current version of the game.

Check For Latest Updates

If the game is still crashing next step you can try is to check for the updates as this is the most common reason due to which players are facing the crashes and once the latest update gets installed the crashes get sorted.

The developers are still working on provide new updates to fix the issue so keep an eye on the latest patches that arrives for your device to get the most out of it.

Clearing Saved Game Data

Delete Save Data
Delete Save Data

Do keep in mind that proceeding with this step can delete all your saved data, so it’s always wise to back it up before proceeding. To save the data, open the settings menu, and from there, head to the system settings, and you will see an option for Data management.

Now, if you want to save data on the cloud, then you have to be a Nintendo Switch Online Membership subscriber to use this feature. If you are already a member, you can successfully save it over the cloud and delete your manual saves to see if the fix works for you.

Remove Saved Cache

Clear Cache Menu
Clear Cache Menu

Clearing the cache is another old trick that works for most of the apps when they begin to crash on devices, before doing that do make sure your switch is up to date as well with latest patches.

Further Help

These are the fixes that you can try, and we are pretty confident that they will get you back in the game and let you continue your progress; the developers are still releasing updates regularly to make the game bugs-free, and we are hopeful that these issues will be soon taken care of. Keep a good eye on forums like Reddit and official developers pages where you can get the most recent updates about the fixes. 

Gameloft Support Forum
Gameloft Support Forum

How To Fix Crashes On PC

We talk about bugs and crashes and leave the PC out of the discussion; that’s not possible. With all the modding possibilities and graphical upgrades the PC platform has to offer, it is not resistant towards crashes.

Below are few methods that you can try in order to fix crashed on your PC.

The System Requirement

Always ensure that your PC meets the required or minimum system requirements to run the game smoothly.

System Requirements

Allow Access

Running the game as an administrator is always advised in order to avoid any crashes and if the game is blocked due to your firewall settings, allow it the access. It should resolve most of the crashing issues.

Windows Firewall Settings
Windows Firewall Settings

Update Your Game

Not updating your game properly is one of the common reasons to get crashes. Your game is basically running on the previous version, which the company no longer supports, leading to frequent crashes, so always make sure to update your game regularly to run it smoothly.

Update Settings Menu
Update Settings Menu

Latest GPU Drivers Version

Most of the new games come with the latest driver updates for your graphics cards to run them smoothly; failing to update your drivers can lead to frequent crashes in the game. To avoid them, you can update your drivers and perform an easy crash fix to run the game smoothly.

Latest GPU Drivers
Latest GPU Drivers

Update Your Windows

If nothing is working from the previous method mentioned above, then there is a massive chance that the current version of Windows you are running is not supported with the game.

This is a common issue, especially when you are not running the official copy of the window; to fix this, all you have to do is go to the windows update settings and look for the recent updates available and install them, and this should fix your issue right away.

Windows Update Menu
Windows Update Menu

Verify Integrity Or Reinstall

One last thing that you can try is to verify the files of your game, and if that still doesn’t work, then it’s best to uninstall the previous version of the game and go for a fresh install; we will also recommend using a different drive location for the new install of the game.

This should help you eliminate all the issues you had with the previous version and get you back into your game afterward. Just update the game regularly, and you should be good to go.

Ending Remarks

That’s it for now, Fam, as we have covered all the crash fix possible for you guys related to Nintendo Switch as well as on PC so that you don’t have to worry about it the next time you receive any crash.

The Guide is simple and easy to follow and will get you back in the game in no time. Now, if you like what we do and if the guides help you out in your gaming experience, then kindly do share them with your loved ones as it really helps us to grow and keep making these guides for you.

For more upcoming guides related to the latest games, stay tuned, and we’ll see you very soon in the next one.


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