Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fish Sandwich [Recipe]

In this guide, you'll learn how to prepare a two-star Fish Sandwich dish, Crudites, and finish the "Missing Minnie from Mickey Mouse" quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwich

In today’s guide, we’ll teach you how to make the two-star Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwich!

Key Takeaways

  • Cooking in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is easy & fun, & it can help you gain friendship points & rewards.
  • To cook, you need a stove, which can be obtained by fixing Scrooge McDuck’s shop, completing Mickey Mouse’s “Foodception” quest, or crafting it using the necessary materials.
  • To craft a stove, players need materials like coal, bricks, & clay, which can be found in different locations.
  • Missing Minnie quest requires players to cook two Fish Sandwiches & five Crudites.
  • To cook a fish sandwich, players need only one fish & wheat, and they can go fishing in any pond and grow wheat using the seeds they buy.
  • Players can cook using the ingredients provided and don’t need recipes.
  • Crudites can be cooked using one carrot per dish, & players need five carrots to complete the quest.
  • Once you have prepared the dishes for the quest, you can give them to Mickey Mouse.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Cook

Cooking in the game is incredibly easy, even if it doesn’t look like it. In fact, it gets easier the more you get used to it!

Not only that, but it’s also incredibly fun testing out new recipes and seeing what you get to make. And I assume completing Quests might make you feel all the more accomplished because why wouldn’t it?

Not only do you increase friendship points, but you’re also able to gather rewards!

Well, enough of that! First of all, to cook, naturally, you need a stove. So here’s how you can get the Stove to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking with three easy methods;

  • The first way is to fix Scrooge McDuck’s shop. Once you repair his shop, you can buy the Stove from him.
  • You can also complete a quest from Mickey Mouse, Foodception, and get a stove for free.
  • Or, you can craft a stove by yourself if you have the necessary items prepared.

Steps to Craft a Stove

To craft the Stove, you’ll need materials such as coal and bricks, as well as clay, which you can find around places such as Kristoff’s stall, and other lands.

Once you’re done, voila, you have your Stove. Now you can cook to your heart’s content – provided you have enough materials – and complete quests to gain rewards.

To cook, you don’t even need the recipes: just use the ingredients provided, and you have your dish prepared. Just remember to have a good supply of coal at your disposal, as every cooking requires it.

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The Missing Minnie Quest

Missing Minnie Quest
The Missing Minnie quest requires two Fish Sandwiches and five Crudites. So, make sure you cook the right amount!

To be asked to cook the sandwich, first, you’ll need to head off to meet Mickey Mouse, as this request is linked to his quest “Missing Minnie”! We’ve all missed people we care for, and Mickey is no different.

To meet him, first, you’ll need to free him from the Thorns, and then he’ll ask you to find Minnie and save her from the Forgetting.

Unfortunately, Mickey offers no further help, so you’re on your own to find the recipe for the Fish sandwich.

You can do this by tinkering with the ingredients you have; at some point, you’ll figure it out, yes?

Well, if you’re like the majority of us who hate playing the guessing game, you’ve come to the right spot!

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwich guide will ease your frustrations and help you complete the quest!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwich

Fish Sandwich
You can open the required ingredients for Fish Sandwich from the menu!

You only need one fish and wheat to cook the Fish sandwich. Yes, that’s it! Those are the only two ingredients you need.

You don’t need anything more than that. However, remember that when you cook, you cook just one serving. If you add more ingredients than necessary, you’ll only waste what you have.

So make sure you only use one fish and one wheat, so you don’t waste your ingredients!

Fishing Pond
You can go fishing in any Pond you can find! Fish are an ingredient for the Fish Sandwich!

To acquire the fish, all you need to do is head over to the many fishing spots scattered around in the game and catch anything.

To know which spot has fish, just look for the bubbles! If you’re worried about acquiring wheat, don’t be! You’ll need to grow it yourself using the seeds you buy.

However, before that, you need a shovel and a planting pot to grow wheat! But, on occasion, Goofy will sell wheat to you also!

It’s not entirely reliable, however, because he’s not guaranteed to sell it to you every day, so you might need to wait a considerable number of days before you can get your hands on it.

After you get your hands on the Wheat and the Fish, you can start making the Fish sandwich you need!

Drop one carrot, and you have a Crudite!

For Mickey’s request, you’ll need two fish sandwiches and five Crudites. Therefore, remember to cook them separately.

Once again, simultaneously using two fish and two wheat will only produce one serving, so keep in mind to cook separately.

To cook Crudites, you’ll only need one carrot per dish. For the Quest you need five Crudites, so you’ll need to have five carrots in your inventory! Once you’ve prepared the required task, head over to Mickey Mouse and give him the dishes you prepared.

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Final Thoughts

Finishing The Missing Minnie Quest
Were you able to complete the quest?

To summarize, the Missing Minniey quest through Mickey Mouse will require Fish Sandwich and Crudites. You’ll acquire the Stove from either Mickey, by crafting, or through Scrooge McDuck.

Whenever you cook, remember to only cook for one serving, as more ingredients will produce nothing more. And finally, to stock up on coal.

Now that that’s all done go ahead and cook what you need so you can help Mickey reunite with his Minnie!

If this guide helped you in your quest to free Mickey, obtain a Stove, and prepare a two-star fish sandwich, you’d be pleased to find more promising guides if you visit VeryAliGaming!

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