Disney Dreamlight Valley Hardwood Location & Farming Guide

Want to know more about Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Look no further as we cover everything there is to know about them.

Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney, the word itself, has been associated with a fun time, and this time around, it’s no exception with the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gameloft’s latest game published is a dream from Disney enjoyers. The game offers many things to do, including its in-depth quests and adventure system and its elaborate collection of items and recipes. Today our focal point for discussion is the Hardwood in Disney Dreamlight valley.

The gameplay for Disney Dreamlight Valley is very immersive and lifelike. It’s oriented around walking through the park and interacting with most of the Disney characters. You can even interact with certain Pixar characters and your favorite princesses. However, other than exploring and roaming around, there is so much you can do, including farming, cooking, making new resources, and even mining.

What this article contains:

  • What is Hardwood in this game?
  • All Hardwood Locations in the game
  • A trick to help farm Hardwood

What Is Hardwood

To explain it initially, Hardwood is part of 3 crucial materials required to make main items in the mid of the game. It goes along with Iron Ingots and Softwood, which is a low tier of Hardwood. Some things are required to be crafted in the mid-game, and these items are not used directly but used to prepare items which in turn craft the specific items. Today we will focus on Hardwood.

Hardwood is considerably more rare than its counterpart, Softwood. Characters usually initiate the recipes that require Hardwood. Now let’s talk about how we can acquire Hardwood.

Firstly you need to get the Shovel upgrade, which is accessible only after you complete Anna’s quest from the Frozen Realm. After you complete her quest in the Valley, you unlock the upgrade, and this upgrade essentially gives you the ability to remove and dig the Tree Stumps. This allows you to forage your way through collecting Hardwood.

Hardwood Locations

Now locating Hardwood is another tedious task as this resource is not readily available at the initial places of the game. Like the opening places such as the Peaceful Meadows and the Plaza do not have this available.

Location in Disney Dreamlight valley for Hardwood

You can locate the Hardwood at the places mentioned below in no certain order:

  1. Sunlit Plateau
  2. Glade of Trust
  3. Forgotten Lands
  4. Forest of Valor
  5. Frosted Heights

These are all of the stated locations where you can obtain Hardwood, but the recommended areas are the ones that usually have a lower cost to access and are comparatively easier to reach. These areas include The Glade of Trust, the Forest of Valor, and the Sunlit Plateau. These are some of the few regions which are accessible early on and require the player to have completed a certain quest, the Merlin quest. That quest essentially wants you to go to 3 villagers and increase their friendship to level 5, which allows you to cure the pillar located at the Peaceful Meadows.

Glades of Trust on Map

Once you have completed Merlin’s quest, you can access new areas with the help of paying dreamlight to open them up. A certain amount of Dreamlight can access the mentioned areas, the cheapest being the Glades of Trust and Forest of Valor which are around 5000 Dreamlight.

Forest of Valor on Maps

Trick to Farm Hardwood

Suppose you have tried your luck with trying to obtain Hardwood the usual way and have been unsuccessful; don’t fret. There is a very clever trick to get Hardwood fast. For the trick to work, you need to unlock a few areas which include the ones mentioned before. The areas are Glades of Trust, Forest of Valor, and the new Frosted Heights. These areas are crucial for this trick because they all spawn Hardwood.

For the trick to work, you need to remove all the trees in the area, and to remove the trees, you need to go to your inventory and choose the Furniture option. After you are in the selected option, go up to the trees and remove them, which will store the trees in your inventory.

After removing every single tree, you need to obtain one tree each from the Plaza trees and plant around 10 of those in the biomes where you removed the trees. These trees will have a higher drop rate of Hardwood.

Plaza Trees in Disney Dreamlight valley for Hardwood
Plaza Trees


Hardwood is one of the essential materials for character quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley such as Goofy. This resource is very hard to come by and locate, but with the help of our Location guide and a simple trick to farm them, you will have little to no trouble obtaining them. If you are interested in more Disney Dreamlight Valley content, check out our articles on Disney Dreamlight Valley Zucchini Puffs, or Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get rid of Stumps, or a Definitive guide on Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That is all for Todays article, good luck obtaining the Hardwood!

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