Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot: Definitive Guide

You'll need to complete a few stages before you can get access to Iron Ores, which are the crafting materials used to craft Iron Ingot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot

Disney Dreamlight Valley takes place in a surreal environment where Disney and Pixar characters reside. Your job is to take care of your valley by building and crafting materials. To craft Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot, players need five Iron Ores and one Coal Ore.

Key Takeaways

  • Iron Ingots are necessary for crafting and building in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but they cannot be bought from Goofy’s stall.
  • To obtain Iron Ingots, you need to gather Iron Ores & Coal Ores. & craft them at a crafting workstation.
  • Iron Ores can be mined in different areas such as Frosted Heights & Forest of Valor with a Pickaxe Royal Tool.
  • To access some areas where you can find necessary items to complete quests, you need to spend Dreamlight, which can be obtained by leveling up friendship with characters and completing quests.
  • To complete the Mysterious Wreck quest, which requires Iron Ingot, you need to gather x25 Clay, x30 Hardwood, & x7 Rope, which can be found in areas such as Glade of Trust & Forest of Valor.
  • Coal Ores can be obtained from all seven biomes in the game.
  • You can craft Iron Ingot by selecting five Iron Ores & one Coal Ore in the recipe menu of a crafting workstation.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot
Our guide will show you how you can obtain the Iron Ingot!

Iron Ingots are the building blocks of the game. While playing Disney Dreamlight, you need to have a good set of materials and gathered items in stock.

You never know when you’ll need them! You might even think they can be bought from Goofy’s stall. However, that’s not the case.

They need to be crafted at any of the nearest crafting workstations. If you’re reading this guide, you must have come across the ‘Mysterious Wreck’ quest by Goofy.

Dazzle Beach
Unlocking this area will also give you access to the ‘Mysterious Wreck’ Quest!

The quest is available to you once you unlock the Dazzle Beach. The quest requires Iron Ingot and the following items;

  • x25 Clay
  • x30 Hardwood
  • x7 Rope

You can access these items in areas such as Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. Now, here comes the tricky part.

Each of these areas requires 5,000 Dreamlight to access. Also, these are one of the places where you can acquire all of the necessary items to complete the Mysterious Wreck quest.

Of course, with the help of Goofy, that is.

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How to Gather Iron Ores

Iron Ore
Iron Ore can be mined in different areas such as the Frosted Heights and Forest of Valor!

Now that you know the main gist of the case, you’ll need to find some fresh rocks to mine Iron Ores.

Before you venture into any of the areas unlocked from the previous paragraph, you’ll need to have a Pickaxe Royal Tool. The only way you can mine in Disney Dreamlight Valley is through the Pickaxe.

If you’re one of those players with no idea where the Pickaxe is or how to obtain it, continue reading – for you’re in for a surprise!

While in your valley, you must head to its center. Look for a large staircase next to a well, and you’ll find the Pickaxe resting on one of the stones.

You will need a Pickaxe to mine Ores!

Once you pick it up, the fog will scatter and clear the way for you!

Now that you have a mining tool, you can successfully mine rocks and obtain Iron Ores!

Simply visit the area, and look for ores hiding next to some rocks. Use your Axe to smash those ores and acquire the Iron Ores.

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How to Unlock Areas

Forest of Valor
You can access this area by spending Dreamlight!

As I have already mentioned, the areas where you can gather Iron Ores require a hefty amount of Dreamlight.

If you do not have the required Dreamlight, the areas will remain inaccessible to you. Don’t let this disappoint you, guys! We have a method for this as well.

Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Forgotten Lands, Sunlit Plateau, all of these areas require you to have the Orb of Friendship. To obtain the orb, you must have a level five friendship with three characters in the game.

So make sure you’re already done with that!

Mining Iron Ores
Look for these rocks and use your Pickaxe to whittle them down!

If you’re unsure how to increase the friendship bar, you can always talk to these characters daily. By doing that, you’ll set the pink bar high enough to reach level five soon!

Moreover, handing over gifts to them will significantly boost your friendship with the desired character because who doesn’t like gifts?

Giving them gifts from time to time will grant you access to their favorite gift. You can use that information and provide them with that gift the next day!

You’ll notice the friendship bar increase!

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How to Obtain Coal Ores

Crafting Workstation
A Crafting workstation is a place for you to mash together different items to forge and craft!

Coal Ores are certainly the easiest items you can gather in the game. You may notice how you’re getting the necessary information from our Disney Dreamlight Iron Ingot guide.

We make sure that everything is wrapped up nicely and tidily for you to digest!

For the Coal Ores, you can obtain them from all the seven biomes in the game. Hence, making them one of the most accessible materials to acquire!

Now that you have enough Iron Ores and Coal Ores, you can finally get your hands on Iron Ingots.

You can craft them by visiting the nearest crafting workstation and opening the recipe menu.

From there, you need to select five Iron Ores and one Coal Ore to craft the Iron Ingot. It was somewhat easy, right?

Final Thoughts

Crafted Iron Ingot
Once you’ve obtained the necessary items, you can craft an Iron Ingot!

To conclude our Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingot guide, we suggest that before moving on to the next phases of the game, ensure that you have completed all of the necessary items you may need later on in the game.

For instance, you’ll need level five friendship with three characters and the Orb of Friendship.

You’ll also need enough Dreamlight to access the areas such as Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. Lastly, you’ll need a Pickaxe to mine Iron Ores! For more exciting guides, you can visit VeryAliGaming!

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