Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff Stall: Unlock + Upgrade

In our Kristoff Stall guide, we will cover all you need to know about it from how to unlock it to upgrade it.

Disney dreamlight valley Kristoff stall.

Who Is Kristoff

If you are a die-hard fan of Disney movies, then you probably know who Kristoff is. However, if you do not, then Kristoff Bjorgman is one of the Disney characters who played a major role in the renowned animated movie franchise: Frozen.

As far as his part in the game is concerned, he plays a very important role for two reasons. The first one is that he is instrumental in unlocking Donald Duck. We will talk about this in detail in a while. In addition to that, he is also integral when it comes to setting up the stall.

Key Takeaways

  • Kristoff Stall is an important part of the Disney Dreamlight Valley, and players need to unlock and upgrade it by completing specific quests.
  • To unlock Kristoff, players need to complete the “Lost in the Dark Grove” quest and reach a friendship level of 10 with him.
  • Kristoff can be found in the Forest of Valor region, which can be unlocked for 3000 Dreamlight.
  • Setting Up the Stall: To set up the Kristoff stall, complete the “Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall” quest and gather specific materials.

How To Unlock Kristoff

In this section of our guide, we will talk about how to unlock Kristoff in the game.

  1. Locate Kristoff: Find Kristoff in the Forest of Valor region. This region can be unlocked for 3000 Dreamlight. Look for a blue marker above his head to easily spot him. By the way, you can also find emeralds in the Forest of Valor region. 

  2. Accept the Quest: Talk to Kristoff, and he will offer you the quest called “Lost in The Dark Grove.”

  3. Quest Objective: In this quest, your main objective is to save Donald Duck, which will result in unlocking both Kristoff and Donald Duck as playable characters.

  4. Enter the Portal: To complete the quest, you’ll need to enter the portal where Donald went. There, you will find Donald’s feather.

  5. Talk to Kristoff: After retrieving Donald’s feather, return to Kristoff and have a conversation with him.

  6. Visit Merlin: Finally, take Donald’s feather to Merlin to advance the quest.

Merlin will then provide a list of things that you need to collect. These include:

  • 2 Emerald
  • A plant from the Dark Grove
  • Donald’s Feather
  • 4 Dream Shard

Once you have these things gathered up, Merlin will give you a tracking spell through which you will be able to track Donald and bring him back. Once you do so, you will have unlocked Donald Duck and Kristoff.

Kristoff Stall

We know how Goofy has a stall in every region that we go to. Through his stall, you are able to get useful fruits, crops, and more. Just like that, another stall that can prove to be extremely valuable to you is the Kristoff stall.

Kristoff Stall In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Kristoff’s stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley and make it easier to obtain items like carving stones, sand, and softwood, follow these steps:

  1. Friendship Level Requirement: Ensure that your friendship level with Kristoff is at least level 6.

  2. Increase Friendship Level: If your friendship level is below 6, consider gifting items to Kristoff to raise your friendship level. You can gift him any items, but giving him things he desires will expedite the process.

  3. Gift Items He Wants: To determine what Kristoff desires, check his three daily desires. Access the collections tab and go to “Favorite things of the day” to see what items he currently wants.

Unlocking Kristoff Stall

To unlock Kristoff’s stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps:

  1. Talk to Kristoff: Ensure that your friendship level with Kristoff is at least level 6. Then, go and talk to him.

  2. Accept the Quest: Kristoff will offer you a quest called “Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall.” Accept the quest from him.

  3. Construct the Stall: Your task is to help Kristoff set up the stall where he can sell his collected items. Follow the quest objectives to construct the stall as per Kristoff’s requirements.

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How To Do It?

The first thing that you will need to do is go and talk to Goofy so that he can give you some valuable advice for setting up a stall. There he will tell you to collect some materials. The list of materials along with how you can acquire them is given below:

Materials Required

Here are the material requirements for setting up the Kristoff Stall:

    The next and final step in the process is to go to Kristoff with all of the items you have collected. From there, you will go to your crafting station and click on recipes. Select the furniture option and choose the Kristoff stall option to craft it.

    Once crafted, you will be at the liberty to place the stall at a location of your own liking. As a result of this, now you will be able to get materials from him like carving stones, sand, and softwood. We know that getting these materials is not a hard task. However, getting them from the stall is just easier than going through the trouble of collecting them.

    Upgrading Kristoff’s Stall

    As we mentioned before, the items that Kristoff initially sells at his stall can be easily acquired. Therefore, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff stall, in a way, serves no purpose initially. However, you will have the option to upgrade the stall. And once you do so, the number of items that you can get at the stall will increase.

    The image shows there is a greater number of items on the Kristoff stall after it is upgraded.
    Upgraded Kristoff Stall

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty of upgrading Kristoff’s stall. You need to make sure that your friendship level with him is 10. It is because he will only give you the ‘A Broken Sled’ quest, a quest that needs to be completed if you want to upgrade the stall, once your friendship level with him is at 10.

    How To Do it?

    If your friendship level with Kristoff is already at level 10 in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps to help him with his sled:

    1. Talk to Kristoff: Approach Kristoff and discuss retrieving his sled that is frozen in ice.

    2. Free the Sled: Follow Kristoff to Frosted Heights, where his sled is stuck in ice. Use your pickaxe to free the sled.

    3. Obtain Ice Heart: While you’re in Frosted Heights, consider looking for an Ice Heart as well. Read our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley Ice Heart for more information.

    4. Repair the Sled: Show the broken sled to Kristoff, and your task will be to repair it for him.

    5. Find the Repair Book: Visit Kristoff’s house, located in the Forest of Valor biome, marked with a purple symbol on the map. Search for a book titled “Ice-cident: How to fix your sled.”

    6. Gather Materials: Once you’ve found the book, it will provide a recipe to fix the sled. Collect the required materials:

    7. Craft Kristoff’s Sled: Go to the crafting table, select the furniture option, and craft “Kristoff’s Sled” using the acquired materials.

    8. Return the Sled: Hand over the repaired sled to Kristoff.

    By completing these tasks, you’ll not only strengthen your bond with Kristoff but also assist him in resolving the issue with his sled.

    New Materials For The Stall

    Once you give Kristoff his sled back, he will provide you with a list of materials that you need to get for him. He will be putting these materials on display at his stall. T

    The materials that you need to obtain are listed below:

    • 1 Fiber
    • 1 Iron Ingot
    • 1 Brick. A brick can be made using 1 coal ore and 5 clays. Coal can be found around rocks. As far as clay is concerned, you can find it on the ground in the Forgotten Lands, The Glade of Trust, and the Sunlit Plateau region.
    • 1 Glass. Glass can be made using 1 coal ore and 5 sand. You can get sand easily at Kristoff’s stall.

    Once you have gathered all these materials, take them to Kristoff and give them to him. 3 of these materials will be available each day in random order. If you want any of them, you will be able to buy them using your Star coins.

    Kristoff Stall And The Update

    In the recent Disney Dreamlight Valley update, the way the Kristoff stall functioned was changed. Unlike before, when you could buy a lot of a single item from the stall, now you can only buy a limited amount of it from the stall.

    For instance, before the update, you could buy as much fabric as you wanted from Kristoff’s stall. However, now you can only buy 5 of them. On the upside, the number of items that you can actually buy from the stall has been increased.

    If we are being honest, this update was much needed because being able to buy sort of unlimited resources from the stall took the fun out of the game for many players. On the other hand, it is also true that the limits that have been introduced are extremely low.

    For example, being only able to buy five stones from the stall means that you will need to put in a lot of time and effort in mining for stones as well now. Only time will tell whether these limits are increased, but we definitely do hope so.

    Final Words

    That brings us to the end of our detailed Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff stall guide, in which we covered everything that you need to know about, from the basics like how to unlock Kristoff to how you can upgrade Kristoff’s stall once it is all set up.

    If you found this guide to be informative and helpful, head on over to read our other guides on Disney Dreamlight valley, like onions, best harvest, best energy foods, the final trial quest, best upgrades, avatar designer tool, and so much more.

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