Disney Dreamlight Valley Lancetfish [Recipe, Price, Location]

Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun activity and among many other fishes you can find Lancetfish too
Catching the Lancetfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley gives many benifits such as high restoration and Star Coins

No world can be a perfect place without some fresh tasty fish. Maybe that’s the reason for Dreamlight’s world being so enjoyable. The various fishes roaming around the rivers and lakes help players fish and catch them up for delicious cooking. Among these fishes is a fish named Lancetfish. Don’t forget, Lancetfish in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is just as scary looking as the real-life one.

Lancetfish is pretty scarce but once caught and cooked, gives off decent cash in the market and considerable energy on being consumed. These reasons alone make the fish worthy of catching. Let’s dive into my detailed guide on where to find it, its recipe, and other benefits the Lancetfish comes with.

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Key Takeaways 

  • Lancetfish is one of the many fishes found in the Dreamlight Valley universe. 
  • Its spawn place is limited to the Forgotten Lands ponds.
  • Lancetfish plays an important ingredient for a 5-star dish in the game and can be sold or consumed with abundant benefits.

Lancetfish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lancetfish Location

The only biome you can catch Lancetfish from is the Forgotten Lands. The biome isn’t a huge fishing spot as it offers only two ponds but since the rare fish is found here, you have to travel in these dark Forgotten Lands.

To unlock the Forgotten Lands and catch the creepy-looking fish, do these steps:

  1. Spend 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Forgotten lands 
  2. Go to one of the two available ponds
  3. Find blue-colored ripples in the pond
  4. Fish in that spot as it spawns Lancetfish

If you fail to find blue-colored ripples, fish at any other spot and it might give you Lancetfish too. Another important tip is to bring along the game’s character with you. That way, your chances of catching two fish in one go are high.

Lancetfish Paella Recipe

Despite many seafood dishes which require any type of fish, In my opinion there is one specific dish whose main star is the Lancetfish. The dish is known as Lancetfish Paella. It is a simple-to-make yet pretty expensive seafood recipe.

The ingredients needed for Lancetfish Paella are:

  • 1x Lancetfish
  • 1x Shrimp
  • 1x Any Shellfish
  • 1x Rice
  • 1x Tomato 

Once you’ve gathered up the mentioned ingredients, go to your stove and get to cooking! You can either consume the dish and regain energy or sell it for some Star Coins, the choice is yours. 

Selling Price Of Lancetfish

If you plan on gaining Star Coins, you can do so by selling your gathered resources. If you plan on selling your caught Lancetfish, you get 650 Coins. However, selling a Lancetfish cooked as the Lancetfish Paella gives you a whopping 1,700 Star Coins. If you’re smart enough, you will sell the fish cooked. 

Keep in mind, Goofy is the only character you can trade or perform buying and selling with. So to sell Lancetfish Paella, you will have to visit Goofy’s stall in the market. What are you waiting for? Go meet Goofy and get rid of that sharp-teeth fish!

Best Energy Restorer

It might not be the only best dish, but the Lancetfish Paella definitely places in the top 5 of best energy-regaining dishes. Since it is a 5-star dish, players can restore 4550 Energy by consuming it. 

Another way to restore energy with the Lancetfish is by eating it raw, although, it won’t give off the same amount of energy as the 5-star Lancetfish Paella. One Lancetfish will give you 1300 Energy. Turning the ingredient into a recipe is always a better option so try not to consume the fish raw. Keeping your energy bar high is important to perform tasks like mining or harvesting. 

Final Remarks

Lancetfish is rare compared to many other fishes in-game. But since it also comes with the best advantages, it is a worthy effort to fish for it. So go to the Forgotten Lands and start fishing for the Lancetfish. I hope my guide helps you along the way. Happy Gaming!

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