Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones [Definitive Guide]

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an interactive free-to-play game that, in no way, requires spending real money to enjoy! Moonstones or no Moonstones, you can still have fun in a good old fashion way!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones guide will cover everything you need to know about Moonstones and how you can obtain them. First, we’ll do a recap of the game itself because it has been more than a month since Disney Dreamlight Valley was released on Nintendo Switch.

The game features numerous quests, which include befriending our beloved Disney and Pixar characters, such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Quests aside, players can engage in cooking activities along with customizing and personalizing their valley to turn it into a spectacular piece of art.

You’ve already heard of Star Coins and Dreamlight, which are the in-game currencies of the game. You can use these currencies to unlock certain realms and purchase items in the game. Instead of growing seeds and harvesting them, players can buy limited items from Goofy’s Stall after completing Goofy’s first quest.

While we move toward an interesting activity, cooking, players can cook various dishes ranging from one-star to five-star meals. For instance, Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter.

They all require you to have a cooking Stove that players can unlock early in the game. The Stove can be crafted, purchased from Scrooge McDuck, or acquired by completing Mickey Mouse’s quest.

Key Takeaways

  • Moonstone is an in-game currency.
  • You can purchase Moonstones by using real money.
  • Players can use Moonstones to progress faster in the Star Path.
  • You can find them scattered across the map in random chests, but the probability of finding them is slim.
  • Moonstones can also be purchased from the Founder’s Pack offer.
  • There are currently three Founder’s Pack packages.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones

Since we’ve covered the basics of Disney Dreamlight Valley, we can now move on to the rarest form of currency in the game. Moonstones are a premium in-game currency you can have. You can use them for multiple purposes, such as valuable items you can’t obtain from other means.

Generally speaking, Moonstones are found in random blue chests, so if you find them, be sure to open a blue chest and obtain ten Moonstones!

More importantly, if you’re thinking of searching for Moonstones by playing the game, you’ll only be able to gather a handful because of their rarity. We’d suggest you avoid the effort and enjoy the game without wasting money.

However, if you’re okay with spending money on in-game purchases, we have a method for it if you keep reading our guide!

Premium Star Path
The Premium Star Path will offer 500 Moonstones upon completion. – Image Captured By Us

The Pixar Fest, a seasonal pass in Disney Dreamlight, will end in a few days. You can use Moonstones to unlock the next tier of the seasonal pass, hoping to complete it and be rewarded with this rare currency.

Players can unlock the premium Pixar Fest Star Path with 2500 Moonstones, but the trade is not fair for some players. Let’s say it costs you 5-10 dollars to buy Moonstones to purchase the first Star Path, and you fail to unlock all the rewards.

Wouldn’t that be a waste of your money?

How To Purchase Moonstones

Founder's Pack
It is up to you to purchase any of the three offers to buy moonstones. – Image Captured By Us

As mentioned, players can purchase Moonstones from the three Founder’s Pack Editions. Each of these offers a slightly higher amount of Moonstones for more money. We’ll see what that looks like in a while.

For the first pack, we have the Standard Edition, which will give you 8,000 Moonstones for $29.99, and moving on to the next pack will be the Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition will cost players $49.99, and they’ll be rewarded 14,500 Moonstones. The last pack is the Ultimate Edition which grants 20,000 Moonstones for $69.99.

The Founder’s Pack was available to players during the game’s first launch. However, they can still earn Moonstones by completing Star Paths for Pixar Balls that can later be exchanged for Moonstones.

After players complete various tasks from the Events menu, they are rewarded with Pixar Balls. I suggest going for more manageable tasks, such as cooking, as they can be completed quickly.

Complete tasks to collect Pixar Balls, which you can use to collect rewards. – Image Captured By Us

After completing those tasks and collecting 10 Pixar Balls, you can get 175 Moonstones. The event itself offers 500 Moonstones by the time you collect all the rewards. So it’s safe to say you can earn them without going for the Founder’s Pack editions and using real money.

With that, I end today’s Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones guide and will get back to you guys if Gameloft makes changes to the game! In the meantime, you can head over to VeryAliGaming and browse through our collection of Disney Dreamlight Valley guides!

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