Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms [Full Guide]

In this guide, we'll discuss ways to gather and remove mushrooms by the help of Merlin! Also, you'll learn how to improve your friendship bar to help finish Merlin's quest line.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms

We’ll make sure that we go through all the steps in our “Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms” guide so you don’t miss out on anything.

From forging special equipment to cooking delicious meals, Disney Dreamlight has everything a player needs to bring out the best of the game. We’ve already seen how Iron Ingot plays a huge role in building street lamps, benches, and wooden buckets.

However, some items in the game can not be purchased and found. For instance, Iron Ingot is a material that needs to be crafted in a workstation by mixing five Iron Ores and one Coal Ore. The final result gives you the Iron Ingot.

Playing the game for countless hours must have brought you to the same conclusion. Scavenging for mushrooms is a tough job for even the top players in the league.

Without mushrooms, a player cannot progress further into the game and likely bores himself enough to quit the game.

On the contrary, mushrooms are hard to find as much as they are tough to get rid of, so you need to have a solid plan before you move further into the game.

But first, you need to know why mushrooms are a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Mushrooms are the key ingredients for cooking recipes and are an essential item for various quests.

You might have already heard of the ‘Mysterious Wreck’ quest from our Iron Ingot guide. The case here is much like the same because you need certain items to complete quests.

Key Takeaways

  • Mushrooms are used for finishing quests and cooking dishes.
  • They can be found in various locations but the best area to gather them is in the Glade of Trust region.
  • You need to have enough Dreamlight to unlock said areas.
  • It costs around 5,000 Dreamlight to access the site.
  • Additionally, you can access it by progressing through Merlin’s questline.
  • Mushrooms are also hard to remove, so we’ll also look into that matter.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms

Smaller mushrooms are white in color, and you can pick them up easily!

Before we get into anything else, we’ll first discuss the location of the mushrooms and what cooking recipes require them.

The best place to search for mushrooms is in the Glade of Trust region. You can unlock the area by removing night thorns for 5,000 Dreamlight. Once the region is opened, you’ll find plenty of mushrooms scattered across the place.

I recommend you bring a high-level foraging friend to help you with your drops.

 It is reliable to have a second pair of hands to double your drops if you have any luck gathering enough items.

Moreover, ensure that you pick up the maximum load of mushrooms to help you later in the other quests.

Here are the following recipes that require mushrooms;

  • Mushroom Pizza
  • Mushu’s Congee
  • Sauteed Mushroom’s
  • Veggie Skewers

Most of these recipes are five and four-star dishes that can be sold for high Star Coins. It all comes down to your needs. Either you need to replenish your energy or gain more Star Coins.

Wandering in the Glade of Trust will enable you to gather more mushrooms along the way without the help of any tools!

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Gaining Mushrooms From Merlin’s Quest

Enhanted Watering Can
You can get this Watering Can from Merlin!

Another quite reliable method is Merlin’s Questline. You can progress through his quest line by improving your friendship with him because you need to reach a certain level of friendship for him to give you new missions.

For instance, his ‘A Dark Experiment’ Quest will require a level 8 friendship bar. If you have any luck completing his quests, keep that in mind.

Going back to our topic, once you engage with Merlin, his ‘New Enchantment’ quest will provide you with an item that is the key to foraging for bigger mushrooms.

The item I’m talking about is the enchanted Watering Can. Yes, a Watering Can. No matter how you look at it, it will be your best bet to whittle down larger mushrooms you come across in the Glade of Trust region.

Large Mushrooms
Water these large mushrooms with your fully maxed-out Watering Can!

Moreover, once you have your Watering Can max out, you’ll be able to smash the largest mushrooms for more drops!

Don’t worry. Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms guide has you covered for that as well!

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How to Progress in Merlin’s Quest

Merlin's Quest
Finish his quest to upgrade your Watering Can. It will help you remove large mushrooms blocking your way!

Increasing the friendship bars for many characters in Disney Dreamlight can be a hassle. However, there are numerous ways to jump those numbers! One such method is the act of giving.

In simpler terms, you can start with giving gifts to Merlin. Doing that occasionally will surely increase your friendship bar with Merlin.

Another method is through interacting and having small conversations. Yes, the game is interactive enough for these features to play a massive role in every aspect!

Prepare delicious meals and offer them to Merlin; you’ll see that friendship bar go as high as possible! Moreover, once you reach level 10, you’ll be given access to a new quest, ‘The Final Trail.’

By finishing the quest, players will have a maxed-out Watering Can that can remove the largest mushrooms in the game!

The requirements for ‘The Final Trail’ quest are as follows;

  • 25 mushrooms (As usual)
  • Falling Water
  • Ice Heart

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Final Thoughts

Finishing Merlin's Quest
Take a selfie once you finish Merlin’s Quest, just for fun!

Coming to the part where you have to remove mushrooms. You’ll see how difficult it is to complete the task. For that, you must be glad that you visited our guide!

We’ve already gone through most of the methods you can use to remove mushrooms blocking your path. One of them includes the help of Merlin.

He provides you with a Watering Can that has the ability to remove small or large mushrooms. You can complete his quest line to unlock steps that will enchant your Watering Can and have it maxed out.

To ensure you have a healthy relationship with Merlin, you can give him gifts and talk to him daily. Doing that will improve your friendship level, which will help you progress in your missions.

By the time you’ve unlocked level 10 of his friendship bar, Merlin will have your Watering Can fully maxed out. It will help remove large mushrooms blocking your path in the Glade of Trust region.

All you have to do is water those large mushrooms for them to disappear. You’ll also be able to gather these ingredients to cook five and four-star dishes and also to complete the Final Trail quest.

That was all from our side! We hope that you were able to solve your mushroom problems. If you want help in any other aspects of the game, or maybe a different game, you can visit VeryAliGaming!

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