Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms: Location + Tips

In this guide, we'll discuss ways to gather and remove mushrooms by the help of Merlin! Also, you'll learn how to improve your friendship bar to help finish Merlin's quest line.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushrooms

Mushroom scavenging can be challenging, even for experienced players. Mushrooms are vital for progress and quests in the game, making them essential.

Mushrooms play a key role in cooking recipes and are necessary for various quests, like the ‘Mysterious Wreck’ quest mentioned in our Iron Ingot guide. Having a solid plan for gathering and utilizing mushrooms is crucial for your progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Key Takeaways

  • Mushrooms are used for finishing quests and cooking dishes.
  • They can be found in various locations but the best area to gather them is in the Glade of Trust region.
  • You need to have enough Dreamlight to unlock said areas.
  • It costs around 5,000 Dreamlight to access the site.
  • Additionally, you can access it by progressing through Merlin’s questline.
  • Mushrooms are also hard to remove, so we’ll also look into that matter.

Mushrooms Location

Smaller mushrooms are white in color, and you can pick them up easily! [Image Captured By Me]
Let’s start by discussing the mushroom locations and the recipes that require them. The prime spot for mushroom hunting is the Glade of Trust region, unlocked by spending 5,000 Dreamlight to remove the night thorns. Once it’s accessible, you’ll find an abundance of mushrooms scattered throughout.

For efficient gathering, it’s advisable to bring along a high-level foraging friend to increase your drop rate. Having an extra pair of hands can double your loot if you’re fortunate.

Remember to collect the maximum load of mushrooms to assist in other quests later on.

Here are some recipes that call for mushrooms:

  1. Mushroom Pizza
  2. Mushu’s Congee
  3. Sauteed Mushrooms
  4. Veggie Skewers

Most of these recipes are five and four-star dishes that can fetch high Star Coins when sold. Your choice will depend on whether you need energy restoration or want to accumulate more Star Coins.

While wandering in the Glade of Trust, you can continue gathering mushrooms along the way, even without any additional tools!

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Gaining Mushrooms From Merlin’s Quest

Enhanted Watering Can
You can get this Watering Can from Merlin! [Image Captured By Me]
To unlock Merlin’s Questline, you’ll need to improve your friendship with him to a certain level. For example, his ‘A Dark Experiment’ Quest requires a level 8 friendship bar, so keep that in mind while completing his missions.

Now, regarding the main topic, once you engage with Merlin, his ‘New Enchantment’ quest will grant you a key item, the enchanted Watering Can. Surprisingly, this Watering Can will be your best tool for harvesting larger mushrooms in the Glade of Trust region.

Large Mushrooms
Water these large mushrooms with your fully maxed-out Watering Can! [Image Captured By Me]
Moreover, once you have your Watering Can max out, you’ll be able to smash the largest mushrooms for more drops!

How to Progress in Merlin’s Quest

Merlin's Quest
Finish his quest to upgrade your Watering Can. It will help you remove large mushrooms blocking your way! [Image Captured By Me]
Increasing friendship bars with characters in Disney Dreamlight can indeed be a valuable endeavor. Here are some effective methods to enhance your friendship with characters like Merlin:

  1. Giving Gifts: Start by giving gifts to Merlin regularly. This act of generosity will gradually boost your friendship bar with him.
  2. Interaction and Conversations: Engage in conversations and interactions with characters. These interactions play a significant role in improving your friendship levels throughout the game.
  3. Prepare Delicious Meals: Cooking and offering tasty meals to Merlin can also contribute to raising your friendship bar with him.
  4. Unlocking Quests: As you progress, reach level 10 to unlock a special quest called ‘The Final Trail.’ Completing this quest will reward you with a maxed-out Watering Can, which has the unique ability to remove the largest mushrooms in the game.

The requirements for ‘The Final Trail’ quest are as follows;

  • 25 mushrooms (As usual)
  • Falling Water
  • Ice Heart

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Final Thoughts

Finishing Merlin's Quest
Take a selfie once you finish Merlin’s Quest, just for fun! [Image Captured By Me]
When it comes to removing mushrooms, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a Watering Can from Merlin.
  2. Complete Merlin’s quest line to enhance the Watering Can.
  3. Build a strong friendship with Merlin by giving gifts and daily interactions.
  4. At level 10 of friendship, your Watering Can will be fully upgraded.
  5. Use the maxed-out Watering Can to remove large mushrooms in the Glade of Trust.
  6. This also allows you to collect ingredients for cooking and the Final Trail quest.

That was all from our side! We hope that you were able to solve your mushroom problems. If you want help in any other aspects of the game, or maybe a different game, you can visit VeryAliGaming!

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