Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions [Ultimate Guide]

Our guide will remind players why Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game worth playing alongside the methods to obtain onions to cook a variety of meals!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions

We’ll keep our “Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions” guide short and precise for our viewers today. Before we dig into the main course, let’s have fun with a little starter!

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, where you can meet the characters you’ve watched, loved, or perhaps even disliked since your childhood!

She’s the evil witch from The Little Mermaid!

There will be the sea witch Ursula, our beloved King Simba, our fun characters from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and even our Arendelle royalties, Elsa and Anna!

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is akin to a real-life sim as well as a story-based game where you can cook delicious meals ranging from 0ne-star dishes to five stars. Furthermore, other exciting factors include meeting with beautiful characters to befriend, fully customizing your house, and so much more!

Key Takeaways

  • The game introduces itself with introductory quests that act as tutorials.
  • You will need to complete quests to meet new characters and befriend them.
  • Befriending a character will allow you to invite/recruit them to your valley and perform enthralling activities with them.
  • You can raise your friendship level with the in-game characters by giving them tasty meals as gifts and starting a conversation with them regularly.
  • As your journey progresses, you’ll find many quests that require cooking.
  • To cook, you’ll first need to get a stove, which you can get from three sources; Scrooge McDuck’s shop, completing a quest of Micky, or crafting it yourself!
  • There are over fifteen recipes that require Disney Dreamlight Onions.
  • Players can purchase onions from Goofy’s stall by buying one or purchasing onion seeds and growing them in your valley.

The Wondrous Cast

Mother Gothel
Mother Gothel is a character that plays the role of Rapunzel’s stepmother in Tangled!

The game’s characters involve both the Disney and the Pixar casts living together in harmony-up hunting the Forgetting after a tragedy strikes the once-peaceful islands. Your job as the player is to complete quests for these characters, fulfill their wishes, and befriend them!

Have the privilege to meet Elsa, the Queen of Ice!

When you befriend them, you can invite them to your house, which you can decorate how you see fit! You can gift these characters what they like so you can raise their friendship levels.

Furthermore, your newly found friends can engage in activities alongside you, which will only increase their friendship with you.

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The Dreamlight Quests

As soon as you begin the game, you’ll be directed to characters that will require you to complete quests for them. But first, you’ll be able to kickstart the introductory quests, which will help you learn the mechanics of the game.

These introductory quests will act as a tutorial for when you begin the game, so you have an idea of what you’re required to do. In fact, the very first quest you’ll be doing will be for Merlin, the wizard!

How exciting meeting Merlin on the very first go!

You’ll also run into Goofy, who will teach you how to fish items you need to cook. Once you tackle the tutorial quests, you’ll be able to meet other characters who will ask you to do simple tasks for them.

They can range from fixing things, grabbing items, or even cooking. On the contrary, when you meet Mickey, his first quest will be for you to cook for him so he can get Minnie back.

Mickey’s quests will open up the world of cooking for you, and our Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions guide will show you how to cook and where to get your onions from!

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Cooking: A Skill You Can Learn

Cooking is an essential part of the game. Many of the character’s requests will require you to know about cooking. First of all, you’ll need to know how to unlock cooking. Don’t worry! It’s pretty simple, actually.

The first method is to repair Scrooge McDuck’s stall and buy the stove from his shop. You could even get it from one of Mickey’s quests called “Foodception.” Finally, you can craft a stove all by yourself!

Regardless of the three methods you use, you’ll end up with a stove, nonetheless. All you have to do is ensure you have coal because that’s an essential item you’ll need every time you cook a meal.

Coal ores can be found in almost every biome of Disney Dreamlight. With all that said, we can finally dig into the main course!

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Meals That Require Onions

Goofy's Stall
You can buy Onions, Blueberries and more items from Goofy!

The game requires you to complete thirteen cooking requests, and a total of sixty-five recipes are discovered in the game. If you narrow down the sixty-five recipes, you’ll find that only fifteen of them require onions. Here are the recipes that require onions;

  • Onion Puffs
  • Mediterranean Salad
  • Arednellian Pickled Herring
  • Tuna Burger
  • Greek Pizza
  • Seared Rainbow Trout
  • Vegetarian Stew
  • Marinated Herring
  • Ratatouille
  • Ranch Salad
  • Pickled Herring
  • Veggie Skewers
  • Gumbo
  • Potato Leek Soup

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Onions

Onion Seeds
Onions and Onion Seeds can be purchased from Goofy!

Obtaining onions is a slight complication as you cannot buy them from the start. Hence, you’ll need to repair Goofy’s stall to get close enough to buy an onion. When you fix Goofy’s shop for the first time, you’ll be able to purchase several seeds, but not onions, until you repair his shop for the second.

As a matter of fact, repairing requires money, so make sure you have plenty! Once you do so, you’ll be able to buy both regular onions as well as onion seeds.

The onion will cost you around 255 Star Coins each, which is expensive. However, you can save your losses by buying the seeds, planting them, and growing them yourself! Each pouch of seeds costs 50 Star Coins.

Forest of Valor
Goofy’s stall can be found din the Forest of Valor!

Moreover, access to the Forest of Valor requires 3,000 Dreamlight off your account. The forest is where you can repair Goofy’s stall, and only then can you buy onions if you’re lucky on the first try, which I doubt will happen! I don’t want to jinx it, guys!

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Aside from that, a few royal tools are also mentioned in the guide, which you can upgrade to serve as a solution to complex tasks!


You can grow onions in your farm!

Even so, onions can be bought and grown on your farm, and you can harvest them to prepare delicious meals and either consume them or give them as a gift to your friends! Since there are numerous quest lines you have to pass, we have had the courtesy to provide our readers with a fully descriptive guide on a few of them.

For instance, our Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter guide covers the entire quest line for Moana. Similarly, Disney Dreamlight Valley Slush Ice guide covers the whole quest line for Remy, the famous chef from Ratatouille!

If you found our guide descriptive and helpful, we’d be delighted if you go through our Tips & Tricks guide to effectively progress in the game!

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