Disney Dreamlight Valley Quests Guide [Complete]

Quests are fun to complete and rewarding. Here's a complete guide on all the current Disney Dreamlight Valley quests.

Disney Dreamlight Valley All Quests Guide
All the information you need about Disney Dreamlight Valley Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley builds upon completing quests that reward the player. Moreover, some quests even unlock new characters. Hence, to guide you through your adventures, here is a list of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley quests you’ll go through.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim game that fulfills your dreams of living with your favorite Disney characters. Additionally, it pairs simulated village life with elements of magic and fantasy. The game features characters like Mickey Mouse and many others from the fables of Disney. 

So without any further ado, here are the many quests that you’ll encounter when playing the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley has lots of fun and exhilarating quests.
  • You first encounter Merlin in the game.
  • A few other characters are unlocked from the start.
  • Some characters must be unlocked through quests.
  • You unlock more quests as your Friendship Level increases.
  • The final quests can be done at Friendship Level 10.

Introductory Quests

When you first start playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to complete a few introductory quests. These quests are quite basic and are designed to familiarise you with the mechanics of the gameplay. Here’s a list of each of these quests:

  • Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
  • The Royal Tools
  • Making Cents of Things
  • Fishing Expedition
  • Foodception
  • The Dream Castle

Merlin Quests

Merlin from Disney Dreamlight Valley
The grey-bearded wizard is the first character you encounter.

The wise wizard, Merlin, is the first Disney character that you meet throughout your adventure. Upon meeting him, he sends you on several magical quests that help you get started. Additionally, the quests will help make your valley available to more and more characters. 

Initially, he requires you to achieve a Friendship Level of 5 with 3 different characters. However, other quests include unlocking Ursula, cooking food, and purifying Night Shards. 

  • Friendship is Everything
  • A New Enchantment
  • With Great Power…
  • A Lesson in Frustration
  • Crystal Mystery
  • A Dark Experiment
  • The Final Trial

Mickey Quests

Mickey Mouse from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney’s mascot mouse needs you to bring back Minnie.

After talking to Merlin, you can visit the house of the mascot of Disney itself, Mickey Mouse. Here, the happy-go-lucky mouse will send you on some quite intriguing quests. These quests deal with uncovering the history of the valley and its inhabitants. 

You also need to complete quests regarding cooking, farming, and bringing back Minnie to the valley. The last quest that Mickey gives you ends with the discovery of a secret room. 

  • Mickey’s Memories
  • Foodception
  • Hangin’ With Mickey
  • Missing Minnie
  • Shadows and Bows
  • Memory Magnification
  • The Secret Door

Minnie Quests

Minnie Mouse standing outside her house.
Minnie Mouse will send you on several missions.

After bringing her back to the valley, the love interest and now wife of Mickey Mouse will give you her own set of quests. These go from being as simple as acquiring a bouquet to as advanced as building a whole clock tower. 

Minnie also has her own memories about Mickey that she wants to recover. 

  • The Language of Flowers
  • On The Trail of Minnie’s Memory
  • Remembering Old Times

Goofy Quests

Goofy from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Help Goofy repair his boat and bring back Ariel.

One of the very characters that is unlocked from the very beginning is Goofy. His quests help you learn how to cook meals and take photos. 

There is also a very important quest “The Mysterious Wreck” that not only repairs a boat on Dazzle beach but also unlocks Ariel. By the end of the quests, you’ll also have crafted a stunning scrapbook for your memories in the valley. 

  • A Warm Welcome
  • Photographic Memory
  • The Mysterious Wreck
  • Dinner With a Friend
  • Photo Fervour
  • Scrapbook Blitz

Scrooge McDuck Quests

Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world.
Scrooge McDuck gives you cleaning and money-making quests.

Considered the richest duck in the Disney universe, Scrooge McDuck has his own set of quests to offer. These majorly concern making money for him and the whole economy. 

You also get to bust Ursula for scamming her customers and help Scrooge figure out the combination to his safe.

Moreover, one-half of the competitions have you cleaning up various parts of the valley and redecorating it. It’s a neat way to customize the look of the valley.

  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101
  • Customers Know Best
  • A Forgotten Combination
  • Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow
  • Rebuild the Valley: Dazzle Beach
  • Rebuild the Valley: Glade of Trust
  • Rebuild the Valley: Forest of Valour
  • What’s Bad for the Business

Anna Quests


Anna from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Anna requires your help to find Elsa.

The bubbly and quick-witted sister of Elsa, Anna brings you a whole set of quests to complete. But before that, you’ll need to unlock her. She can be found in the Frozen Realm. 

Your first quest starts with helping her clear a way to get to Elsa. After that, you get to invite her to live permanently in the valley. 

However, subsequent quests are tougher. They require you to upgrade your Shovel along with finding Kristoff’s climbing equipment. You’ll also need to bring back Kristoff’s memories and make gifts for Elsa and find her a new home in the valley.

  • The Spirits of Nature
  • Welcoming Anna
  • An Icy Invitation
  • Lost Loves and Missing Memories
  • The Enchanted Ring
  • Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Elsa Quests

Elsa in the valley.
The ice queen of Arendelle needs you to solve a mural.

The flawless ice queen enters the valley and gives you a cascade of new and exciting quests to complete. With her pristine white cape flowing behind her, she will send you on your first quest to calm down the wind spirit. 

After that, you welcome her to the valley and try to make her feel at home. You will also be tasked with upgrading your Pickaxe and solving a mural puzzle in the Ice Cavern.

  • Chasing the Wind
  • Welcoming Elsa
  • Breaking the Ice
  • What Home Feels Like
  • The Singing Ice
  • The Ice Cavern Mystery

Kristoff Quests

Kristofffrom Disney Dreamlight Valley
Help Kristoff retrieve his sled.

Kristoff can be unlocked by finding him in the Forest or Valor. He will give you a set of quests, the first and most important of which involves rescuing Donald Duck. However, other quests include making soap, crafting a stall, retrieving his sled, and bringing back his memories.  Check out our guide for crafting a stall for Kristoff.

  • Lost in the Dark Grove
  • Leaving the Woods Behind
  • Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall
  • A Broken Sled
  • Frozen Memories

Donald Duck Quests

Donald Duck interacting with the player.
Help this hot-headed duck build a house.

Donald Duck, the comedic short-tempered Disney character, will give you a few quests to complete. These include building a house for him, settling an argument between him and Goofy, and even making a fragrance. 

You can unlock Donald Duck by visiting the Dark Grove inside the Forest of Valor. Moreover, the portal to this place can be found near Kristoff.

Once you get to Friendship Level 10 with Donald Duck, you can complete the final quest, which is to build a fountain in the valley. 

  • A House Fit For A Duck
  • A Fishy Dispute
  • The Forgotten Project
  • The Dreamlight Fountain

Moana Quests

Moana from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Moana has many exploration opportunities for you.

The chief’s daughter, Moana, who has a knack for the ocean, provides you with many opportunities to explore and advance in the game. She can be unlocked by visiting her realm, which will cost you Dreamlight. 

Moreover, she helps you make contact with Maui and rebuild her canoe. Afterwards, she’ll join you on a journey through the ocean.  

One of the most important quests here is the “Fixing the Boat” challenge. In this, you fix Moana’s fishing boat, which is key for generating fish passively. 

  • After the Storm
  • How Far You’ll Go
  • Fixing the Boat
  • Peacemakers
  • The Remembering
  • The Search for Pua
  • The Ceremony

Maui Quests

Maui standing tall with his legendary hook.
The legendary demigod will send on you many missions.

After talking with Maui through Moana’s quests, the legendary demigod will give you a set of quests to complete. Some require you to appeal to his ego, cook him meals, and build him a Fire Bowl. One of the most important quests allows you to unlock coconut trees for your valley. 

  • The Great Maui
  • A Feast Worthy of a Demigod
  • Burying the Eel
  • A Tale of Stone and Fire
  • Demigod of the Wind and Sun
  • The Heart of Dreamlight Valley

Ariel Quests

Ariel from Disney Dreamlight Valley
The little mermaid needs your help.

Ariel can be unlocked via “The Mysterious Wreck” quest that Goofy gives you. After unlocking her, the mermaid princess Ariel will give you four quests to complete. Her first quest is simply about helping her settle in the valley and bond with the villagers there. 

Later quests require you to bring back her memories, bring her items, and discover the Mystical Crystal. 

  • The Lonely Island
  • The Missing Prince
  • Thingamabobs, Gadgets, and Gizmos
  • The Ancient Doorway

Eric Quests

Eric interacting with the player.
You need to help Prince Eric tailor a diving suit.

The charming and chivalrous prince needs your help to free him from the evil witch Ursula. Once you’ve freed him, you unlock a few different quests, including helping him craft a compass. 

You also get to enable Ariel to get a pair of legs. Finally, the last quest has you tailoring a diving suit for Prince Eric.

  • Poor Unfortunate Prince
  • Part of His World
  • Back on the Waves
  • The Mystical Crystal

Ursula Quests

Ursula from Disney Dreamlight Valley
The evil sea witch also has some magical quests for you.

The wicked witch of the seas requires your help to conduct a magical experiment and free Prince Eric. She can be unlocked by completing Merlin’s quests. You can unlock her by freeing her from her imprisonment through Merlin’s quests. 

Ursula’s quests are simple but some have grave consequences if they go wrong. Hence, be sure to successfully complete them in time.

  • Lair Sweet Lair
  • Magic Moments
  • The Ritual
  • A Deal With Ursula

Mother Gothel Quests

Mother Gothel in the valley.
Mother Gothel has several tasks for you to complete.

An evil and cunning woman who is actually thousands of years old, Mother Gothel gives you a bunch of quests to complete. You can unlock her by visiting the Glade of Trust. After unlocking her, certain characters become locked in their homes until you finish her quests. 

The quests involve retrieving Sunstone fragments to craft a Sunstone that Mother Gothel seeks. Once all the quests are completed, you’ll receive a Standing Mirror from Mother Gothel.

  • The Curse
  • My Kingdom For A Scroll
  • Shine a Light
  • The Sunstone Fragments
  • Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone

WALL-E Quests

Wall-E from Disney Dreamlight Valley
Wall-E has a lot of fun gardening quests for you. 

You can unlock Wall-E when you unlock the Magic Castle and enter his realm. After encountering Wall-E, the cute but bashful robot, you get to go on fun and intriguing quests and bring him back to the valley. These quests revolve around his two most favorite hobbies: making friends and gardening! 

  • The Shy Little Robot
  • It’s Good to Be Home!
  • Village Project: The Garden
  • The Compressed Garbage Incident
  • The Broken Memory
  • A Friendly Exchange

Remy Quests

Remy standing on a cutting board.
The rodent chef needs your help to run his restaurant.

Who says a rat can’t cook? Remy the uncanny chef proves that anyone can cook food. Hence, he brings you a slew of delicious challenges involving food and restaurant management. 

Before that, you’ll need to unlock him. He can be unlocked by visiting the Ratatouille realm. Moreover, most of his quests revolve around maintaining and running his restaurant. Finally, the last quest, which requires Friendship Level 10, ends up with you making some appetizing ice cream.

  • An Important Night at the Restaurant
  • A Restaurant Makeover
  • Remy’s Recipe Book
  • The Price of Fame
  • The Unknown Flavour

Stitch Quests

Experiment 626 has made his way to the Valley and will send you on several quests. However, you’ll first need to unlock Stitch. You can do so by locating three socks and setting them on the beacon at Skull Rock.

After unlocking him, you’ll need to complete his first quest, which will require you to mend the broken bond between him and Donald Duck. After you complete this quest, you will then have to restore Wall-E’s garden after Stitch destroyed it. You’ll need to find the coffee cup in this garden to bring back to Wall-E.

Stitch’s third quest requires you to watch TV with him and put on adventure clothes to complete his quest. His last quest, which unlocks at Friendship Level 10, requires you to start a band with Stitch as well as prepare a backdrop for a photo session.

  • Goodness Level Check
  • Very Sleepy Stitch
  • Stitch’s Hobby
  • Making Music

Buzz Lightyear Quests

Buzz Lightyear, the toy that believes it’s real, also has several quests for you to complete. Being from the Toy Story universe, he requires your help to complete a secret mission.

But for this, you’ll need to unlock the Toy Story Realm. First, head on over to the Castle. Now, search for the Toy Story Realm door. You can unlock the door and it will set you back 7,000 Dreamlight.

This toy’s quests mostly include searching for stuff around Bonnie’s room. His second quest requires you to help him find a home in the Valley. The third quest sees you bringing Woody back to the Village.

His last quest requires you to help him build a Space Ranger Academy.

  • A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space
  • A Space Ranger Recruit
  • You’re My Favorite Deputy
  • The Definition of a Hero

Scar Quests

Scar, the evil brother of Mufasa from Lion King, is also available in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He has his own set of quests for you to complete. However, you will need to unlock him first.

Luckily, he can be found in the Sunlit Plateau with ease. Talk to him and he will send you on your first quest, “Nature and Nurture”. This quest requires you to restore the Sunlit Plateau to its golden days, including clearing the river blockage in Vitalys Mines.

After that, your next tasks will include preparing meals for Scar and cleaning up the Sunlit Plateau. At max friendship level, you will be required to commemorate the restoration of the Sunlit Plateau by cooking meals and building Bird Feeders.

  • Nature and Nurture
  • Friends Aren’t Food
  • Breaking Bones
  • The Circle of Life
  • The Making of a Monarch

Woody Quests

The toy cowboy that everyone loves grants you several quests to complete. However, you must first unlock him after completing all of Buzz Lightyear’s missions. Woody’s first mission sees you cooking up meals for him.

His second mission, which unlocks at Level 4, requires you to fix his Carousel house. At Friendship Level 7, you unlock his third quest, which requires you to help the little green Aliens from Toy Story.

Lastly, his Level 10 Friendship task sees you fixing the lights in his Carousel and building a blanket fort.

  • Failing Better
  • A Bit of a Fixer Upper
  • Wanted: Aliens
  • The Illumination

Olaf Quests

Everyone’s favorite animate snowman, Olaf, also has several quests for the player. If you still haven’t gotten the character, you’ll need to download the Festival of Friendship update. These quests revolve around bringing back the Orb of Power and introducing him into the valley. Here’s a list of Olaf’s quests:

  • The Great Blizzard
  • A Place For Joy
  • A Story To Tell
  • The Role Of A Lifetime
  • Olaf Presents “Dreamlight Valley”

Mirabel Quests

Mirabel, the next keeper of the Miracle in Family Madrigal, has recently been added to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Her quests start pretty simple, with the first one requiring you to unlock a Mini-Casita and Mirabel herself. Then, her quests get increasingly more challenging, with one challenge requiring you to cook Bunuelos for everyone. Lastly, her final quest has you doing some detective work and solving a mystery. Here are all of her quests:

  • The Golden Doorknob
  • Healing House
  • A Taste Of Home
  • Meddling Mirabel
  • A Festival Of Friendship

Nala Quests

The valiant lioness of Pride Rock has her own set of quests for you. Her quests are few but may take some time. Her first quest has you clearing the path to Dazzle Beach and getting fish for Nala. Once you reach Level 10 Friendship with her, she has you crafting 3 statues and closing certain rifts in the valley.

  • Staking Your Territory
  • Fishy Business
  • The Heart of a Lioness
  • Here and There and Back Again

Simba Quests

The king of Pride Rock, Simba, will provide you with several quests during your time in the valley. When you reach Friendship Level 2 with Simba, you’ll need to decorate the Meadow to give him a warm welcome. And once you reach Level 10, you’ll need to grow several flowers around the valley using the Dreamlight Tree Fertilizer.

  • Hakuna Matata
  • The Great Gathering
  • Seed of Memories
  • The Dreamlight Grove

And that’s it for our Disney Dreamlight valley quests guide! Completing these quests is essential for progressing into the game and completing it. Hence, you should know how to unlock all the characters and what quests you’ll need to complete. 

We hope you now know all about the different quests that you’ll be getting into when playing this game. So game on!

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