Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter – Moana’s Quest Guide

The guide will show you how to recruit Moana and Maui and finish the Peacemakers quest by preparing three dishes including the Seafood Platter!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter

Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter is a dish prepared for the “Peacemakers” quest given by Moana. This guide will provide steps to recruit Moana and Maui in your valley and show you the main ingredients to prepare the Seafood Platter.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are given multiple tasks and quests that revolve around cooking. Therefore, cooking is an integral part of the game.

Not only that, the game allows players to live a simulated life alongside their favorite characters from the Disney and Pixar world.

For instance, we have Elsa and Anna from Frozen and Remy from Ratatouille. The game automatically becomes highly interactive and fun to play with characters like these.

On the other hand, roles such as building your valley ensure that players have the option to personalize their character and feel as if they are in control.

Moving forward with our guide, the Seafood Platter is a dish you’ll have to prepare due to a quest.

With that, we have cleared one thing; it is not a dish you can magically find on your doorstep but only through a quest.

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Key Takeaways

  • Players can find ingredients for the dish from multiple biomes in the game.
  • For instance, you can find Shrimp in the Dazzle Beach.
  • Coal, which is an essential item for cooking, can be obtained from any part of the game.
  • “Peacemakers” is a quest given to players after recruiting Moana and Maui.
  • Dazzle Beach has to be unlocked by paying 1,000 Dreamlight.
  • Alternatives for the Seafood Platter exist in the game, leaving you plenty of other options.
  • The quest also requires the players to cook Seafood Salad.

Moana’s Realm

Start the quest for Moana!

Let’s clear one thing, guys. If by any chance, you’re one of the players who chose to select Moana’s Realm after unlocking the castle, then you’re lucky to have only paid 50 Dreamlight.

However, if you chose not to do that and selected another realm, my friend, you need to pay 3,000 Dreamlight to access Moana’s realm. Bummer, right?

Don’t worry, guys! We have a solution for that too.

Dreamlight is an important currency in the game. It allows you to clear night thorns to unlock different regions.

Each location has a different price on its head, and it could range from 2,000 to 10,000 Dreamlight. For instance, you need the first 2,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Dream Castle, which I mentioned earlier, and you need 10,000 Dreamlight to open the Forgotten Land.

To acquire Dreamlight, you can do so much more. At this particular moment, when you’re short on Dreamlight, you can always switch to daily tasks and duties. Some of them include Mining, Cooking, Friendship, and Fishing.

The tasks can be easily completed and offer a handful of Dreamlight. You only need to know which task is more efficient and more accessible for you to complete.

With that said, you can accumulate the total Dreamlight required to open Moana’s realm and recruit her to your Island.

The First Quest

Digging Silkbeds
Use a shovel to dig for Silkbeds!

Once her realm is unlocked, you can make your way toward Moana. She’ll be beside a boat, and talking to her will initiate an “After the storm” quest. If you’ve watched her movie, you’ll easily be able to connect the dots.

The quest will ask you to deliver planks and Silk Webs to Moana. You can easily find those nearby.

Present to Moana
After finding some wood and silk beds nearby, give them to Moana!

Once you deliver the resources to Moana, she’ll take you to the next quest.

Sailing Four Areas
Moana will give you options to explore different areas!

Fast-forward to her “How far you’ll go” quest; you’ll then be prompted to explore a few areas, some of which include small islands and a Sea Stack.

Recruiting Moana
After her initial quests are over, you’ll ask Moana to join your valley!

At the end of the quest, you’ll need to show Moana a fish by fishing it from the shore. It’ll be indicated with orange bubbles, so you’ll know what spot to fish.

Constructing Moana's Home
After Moana agrees to join your village, you’ll have to construct a home for her!

The final step will involve you showing the fish to Moana, and she’ll join your valley!

That’s not all. You’ll need to pay 2,000 Star Coins to construct Moana’s place to stay.

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Recruiting Maui

Initiate a conversation with Maui!

Maui is a buffed-up fellow in the movie, as well as in the game. You’ll also need to unlock him in other to progress further.

For that, you’ll have to raise your friendship with Moana enough that she’ll give you another quest.

You will need to head back to the same place you found Moana, and you’ll find Maui standing next to the shore.

Initiate a conversation with him, and he’ll task you with cooking meals, which of course, will be an easier task for my fellow Disney Dreamlight Chefs!

Maui will be impressed by your skills and return to the village with you if you build a Peaceful Grotto over there. Again, you’ll need Star Coins for the construction of the Grotto.

Once 5,000 Star Coins are paid, and the construction is completed, Maui will be available to you at the valley.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter
Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter is a two-star dish required in the “Peacemakers” quest!

Now that you have both Moana and Maui residing in your valley, keeping in mind a higher friendship level, you’ll be given a ‘not so hard’ quest known as “Peacemakers.”

The quest will require you to prepare three meals;

  • Disney Dreamlight Seafood platter
  • Fruit Salad
  • Seafood Salad

We will provide the methods and ingredients used to make these dishes here in the guide.

 To cook those meals, you need to know dishes have a rating. The ratings range from one-star dishes to five-star dishes. Similarly, the Seafood Platter is a two-star dish that requires the following ingredients;

  • Scallop
  • Lobster
  • Clam
  • Squid
  • Oyster
  • Shrimp

The higher the dish ratings, the more Star Coins and Stamina it will provide. You can use any of the two seafood pairs to prepare the Seafood Platter.

Moreover, they can be found in the Dazzle Beach, which you can unlock for 1,000 Dreamlight.

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Fishing Spots

To fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need a fishing rod. Afterward, you can approach any fishing spots in the game to catch a fish.

Different indicators show you what category and type of fish you’ll find at the fishing spot. The indicators can be of different colors ranging from white to orange.


White Fishing Spot
You can find low-ranking fish here!

When you approach a fishing spot with white color, you’ll know that you can fish only lower-ranking fish. Hence, you’ll be required with two successful reeling attempts. If you fail to do so, a red color will be shown on the screen, indicating that you must try again.


Red Fishing Spot
Red means “try again!”

You’ll need to make three successful attempts if you spot blue-colored fishing spots, which will reward you with Shrimp and Bream. Now you know where to find Shrimp for your Seafood Platter!


Gold Fishing Spot
If you find a Gold spot, you can fish some rare seafood!

Similarly, a Gold fishing spot means it’s rare, and you’ll need four successful attempts!

You need to keep a keen eye on these spots if you have any luck catching a Lobster, which is another ingredient for your recipes!

When you get your hands on a pair of any seafood ingredients mentioned above, you can prepare the Seafood Platter!

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Disney Dreamlight Seafood Salad

Seafood Salad
A two-star dish!

The Seafood Salad is a relatively easy dish to prepare in the game. You only need the following ingredients;

  • Any Seafood
  • Lettuce

You can use blue shells lying around Dazzle Beach, and you can even use Shrimp! As for the Lettuce, you can obtain it from the Peaceful Meadows and grow it on your farm.

Once you’ve found the ingredients, head to your kitchen and use your stove to start cooking!

You can purchase the stove from Scrooge McDuck or get it for free after helping Mickey Mouse in his “Foodeception” quest. Another method to obtain the stove is if you craft it yourself!

Grand Finale

Fruit Salad
A one-star dish!

After you have prepared Seafood Salad, Fruit Salad, and Seafood Platter, give them to Maui. If you think this is the end of the quest, you’re in for a surprise!

The whole quest is based on Maui’s anger and how you must help Moana for his forgiveness.

Present to Maui
After preparing the dishes, give them to Maui!

When you give the meals to Maui, he’ll be happy but unwilling to accept the apology. The next step will involve you conveying this message to Moanna, and she’ll ask you to complete another task for her.

This task will need the use of Crafting Station because you’ll have to craft an item called “Oar.”

Crafting Oar
You’re one step closer to completing the quest!

Following are the steps to finish the quest;

  • The Oar requires ten Softwoods, which you can obtain from almost everywhere.
  • Collect ten Softwoods and head back to your Crafting Station.
  • Begin the crafting process and prepare the item, Oar.
  • Once prepared, give it to Moana, who’ll then present it to Maui as a gift.
Final Conversation
Moana asks for forgiveness.
  • While standing next to Moana and Maui, you’ll find a Leader Shard on the ground.
  • Give that to Moana.
  • Maui will then proceed to forgive Moana, and you will complete the “Peacemakers” quest.
Leader Shard
After gifting the Leader Shard to Maui, he’ll explain its origin!

With that, I end my Disney Dreamlight Seafood Platter guide and hope it answers all your troubles while progressing with these delightful characters!

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