Disney Dreamlight Valley Slush Ice – Remy’s Questline Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley Slush Ice is obtained from a series of steps. In this guide, I'll go through every one of them!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ice Slush

Some certain steps and stages must be fulfilled before purchasing the Ice Slush. For instance, you need to unlock Remy’s realm and convince him to come to your village.

The convincing stage requires a set of quests to be completed for Remy to accept. My guide will go through every task you need to progress further into the game and finally obtain the Slush Ice ingredient.

Key Takeaways

  • Players cannot obtain Slush Ice from the wild.
  • You can use this ingredient to prepare meals such as Sorbets and Ice creams.
  • Players can purchase it only from Remy’s Pantry.
  • Slush Ice can be bought for 150 Star Coins and restores energy.
  • A friendship level of level 10 with Remy will unlock his “The Unknown Flavor” Quest.
  • Completing this quest will move you toward another quest that requires Ice Slush.
  • You’ll have to take multiple steps to move forward with Remy’s Quest.
  • Reaching the final quest will also require talking to Merlin, so you must maintain a good friendship bar with Merlin.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy’s Questline

Remy's Quest
The Unknown Flavor Quest will take steps to complete!

You’ll find Remy in the Ratatouille Realm, and you can visit the place through Dream Castle. Before you continue with my guide, ensure you have enough Dreamlight because you’ll need plenty of these to unlock Remy’s Realm.

Although, you’ll have a choice to unlock a realm at the beginning of the game. You can select the Ratatouille Realm to recruit Remy as a neighbor in your Valley.

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Recruiting Remy

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe
Progressing through his quests will lead you to the final task. Read more to find out!

Suppose you did not select Remy’s Realm once you unlocked Dream Castle. In that case, you’ll require 3000 Dreamlight once you ask Merlin to open one of the doors inside the Dream Castle, which will obviously be the Ratatouille Realm.

However, it can be done for free if you did not initially choose a starter realm.

Once you’re in the realm, you’ll have to search for Remy’s restaurant, which will be pretty easy to locate. You’ll open up the chapter “A restaurant with a great little chef.”

After that, you must talk to Remy, the famous chef, and begin his series of missions.

Remy’s Quest Line

Completing his quests will demand exceptional cooking skills. However, you’re best at cooking while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you’ll have no problems adhering to Remy’s cooking requests!

If you’ve watched the movie Ratatouille, you’ll wonder why a mouse of such caliber requires help in his cooking.

The first mission you need to finish is to help Remy open up a restaurant. Talk to Remy, and he’ll ask you to visit Scrooge McDuck to purchase a Furniture Kit.

Go to McDuck’s store and purchase the Kit for 2,000 Star Coins. Bring the Furniture Kit back to Remy and speak to him again.

This will be your first step in getting your hands on Disney Dreamlight Slush Ice.

The second step requires finding a set of ingredients for Remy, which will be unlocked once the restaurant is opened.

Remy will ask you to find the following ingredients that you can find on his kitchen shelf;

  • Carrots
  • Raspberries
  • Oregano
  • Wheat

Now that you’ve found these ingredients, you’ll have helped Remy open his restaurant officially!

Second Quest

After the restaurant is officially opened, Remy will be surprised by his first customer. Speaking to Remy will lead you to his second set of requirements, i.e., washing dishes.

Yes, you heard right. Washing the dishes will lead you to cook different dishes and fast-forward to the last item Remy wants you to cook, the Ratatouille dish.

You’ll need Tomatoes, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onions, and any other spice you can add to the dish.

We’re fast-forwarding most of Remy’s quests because they all consist of small tasks you can quickly complete. Hence, moving on to the next stage, serve the dish to Remy and ask him to join your village, which he’ll gladly accept!

Construct a House For Remy

Crafting Ice Slush
When you have the powdered night shards, you can craft Ice Slush! Continue reading to find out how!

Now that Remy has agreed to join your village, you are tasked to construct him a house, which will cost you 2,000 Star Coins.

Guys, we’re almost there. Hang on!

You’ve finally recruited Remy as your full-functional NPC, and now you can increase your friendship level with him and complete his remaining quests.

Ensure you raise that Friendship bar to Level 10 with Remy to unlock his “Unknown Flavor.” quest. 

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Slush Ice

Speak with Merlin to obtain the Cooking Notes!

Upon accepting the quest, you’ll need to head to Merlin’s place, talk to him, and obtain some of his cooking notes. The cooking notes require Purified Night Shards, and you’ll need to get your hands on three items. 

Players can craft purified Night Shards at the Crafting Workstation from Night Shards and Dream Shards. You’ll need three of these to be handed over to Merlin.

You must be wondering how hectic all of this sounds. However, it is reliable and efficient, and once you start with the first quest, you’ll eventually be finished with the final stage in no time.

Wall-E will crush these shards for you!

On the contrary, those Night Shards will need to be crushed into powder by Wall-E, so you must take the crafted Night Shards to Wall-E.

Almost there, guys! Now that you have obtained the night shard powder, you only need fifteen snowballs!

Snowballs? Yes, the only place you can get abundant snow is in the Frosted Heights area.

Frosted Heights
Gather snowballs from the Frosted Heights region!

You can visit Frosted Heights and use a Pickaxe to dig some ice, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll obtain fifteen snowballs.

Use these ingredients to craft the Ice Slush and hand it to Remy to finish his final quest.

Use your Pickaxe to whittle down Ice!

Once you do that, Remy will grant you a new recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream, which you’ll have to prepare as well.

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Final Task and Conclusion

Vanilla Ice Cream
Finish this quest to avail Slush Ice!

The Vanilla Ice Cream is an easy dish to prepare. Here are the following ingredients you’ll need for the dish;

  • Slush Ice
  • Sugarcane
  • Vanilla

As I have already unlocked Slush Ice by completing a series of Remy’s quests, he has made it available for purchase from his Pantry.

Once you have the necessary ingredients, prepare the Vanilla Ice Cream dish and present it to Remy to complete the task.

Remy's Pantry
Ice Slush can be purchased from Remy’s Pantry for 150 Star Coins!

Slush Ice can be used to prepare some of the following delicious desserts;

  • Coconut Ice Cream
  • Fruit Sorbet
  • Banana Ice Cream
  • Mint Sorbet
  • Tropical Pop

With that, I end my Disney Dreamlight Valley Slush Ice guide. I hope you completed all the steps to unlock the Slush Ice ingredient mentioned in our guide.

If you’re having trouble finding the ingredient, check Remy’s Pantry, and you can purchase it for 150 Star Coins.

Purified Night Shard
You’ll need to give three of these to Wall-E!

It will save you a lot of effort of having to craft Night Shards, turning them into powder, digging ice, and then finally preparing Slush Ice! For more helpful guides, visit VeryAliGaming!

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