Disney Dreamlight Valley Soil [Locations & Uses]

Soil is one of the most crucial materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here's where you can find soil and what you can use it for in-game.

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Here's how to find soil and what you can use it for.

Soil is an essential crafting item for many recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But how do you get it? And what are the best Disney Dreamlight Valley soil locations?

Soil can be found by digging anywhere on the map with a shovel. However, some locations like the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows produce better soil drop rates.

You can use the soil to craft several decorative items for your house like flower pots and pillars. Additionally, the soil is required for a few different quests. Lastly, you can sell the soil at any of Goofy’s Stalls for 3 Star Coins.

Now that you know why soil is important in Disney Dreamight Valley, here’s an in-depth guide on where to find it and what to use it for.

Key Takeaways

  • Soil can be obtained by digging with the Royal Shovel.
  • Some locations drop more soil than others.
  • Soil can be used to craft decorations for your house.
  • You will also be needing soil for some quests.
  • You can sell soil at Goofy’s Cart for 3 Star Coins.

How To Get Soil 

Soil in Disney Dreamlight Valley can only be obtained through one technique: digging. For this, you’ll first need a shovel.

  • To dig, you need a shovel, which can be found near the east side of the Plaza next to Chez Remy building.
  • Equip the shovel and start digging in the grassy areas, particularly in the Plaza.
  • Note that the drop rate for soil is not 100%, so you may need to do several dig attempts to get the desired amount.
  • It’s recommended to store the shovel in the Storage unit in your house when not in use to manage inventory efficiently. Avoid dropping the shovel if your inventory is full.
Royal Shovel can be found in the Plaza.
You can find the Royal Shovel in the Plaza.

Soil Locations

Although you can find soil in any biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a few biomes where soil drop rates are high. These are the biomes where soil is the most abundant.

  1. Plaza
  2. Forest of Valor
  3. Forgotten Lands
  4. Frosted Heights
  5. Peaceful Meadow
  6. Glade of Trust
  7. Sunlit Plateau

Soil Uses

Soil can be used to craft several different items in the game. These materials are crucial for customizing your Disney Dreamlight Valley house.

Since there are so many recipes that require soil, here’s a table of all these recipes. Keep in mind that some recipes require items made from soil and not soil directly. These recipes require Flower Pots, Rectangular Soil Areas, or Round Soil Areas.

Recipes Requiring Soil

Recipe Soil Requirement
Sun-Baked Earthen Road 1
Sinister Brick Road 1
Leaf-Strewn Path 1
Muddy Path 1
Loose Gravel Path 1
Flower Pot 2
Trellis 3
Trellis Arch 3
Jubilant Topiary 5
Round Soil Area 5
Rectangular Soil Area 8
Burlap Bags 10
Outhouse 10
Mossy Fallen Pillar 25
Mossy Circle-Carving Stone 25
Broken Pillar Base 25
Mossy Eye-Carving Stone 25
Broken Carved Pillar Base 25
Low Sculptured Pillar 25
Recipes that require soil.

Recipes Requiring Flower Pots

Recipe Flowering Pots Requirement
Hydrangea and Bell Flower Pot 1
Nasturtium and Marsh Milkweed Pot 1
Sunflower and Daisy Pot 1
Red and Black Passion Lily Pot 1
Bromeliad and Marsh Milkweed Pot 1
Dandelion and Rising Penstemon Pot 1
Passion Lily and Houseleek Pot 1
Star Lily and Falling Penstemon Pot 1
Impatiens and Bromeliad Pot 1
Daisy and Marsh Milkweed Pot 1
Falling Penstemon and Bell Flower Pot  
Recipes that require Flower Pots.

Recipes Requiring Round Soil Areas

Recipe Round Soil Area Requirement
Red and Yellow Flower Disk 1
White, Red and Purple Flower Disk 1
Pink and Blue Flower Disk 1
Purple, Pink and Yellow Flower Disk 1
Yellow, Red and Blue Flower Disk 1
Pink, Yellow and Black Flower Disk 1
Recipes that require Round Soil Areas.

Recipes Requiring Rectangular Soil Areas

Recipe Rectangular Soil Area Requirement
Red, Blue and Green Flower Rectangle 1
Yellow, Green and Purple Flower Rectangle 1
Red, White and Purple Flower Rectangle 1
Pink, Blue and Purple Flower Rectangle 1
Yellow and White Flower Rectangle 1
Pink, Red and Purple Flower Rectangle 1
Recipes that require Rectangular Soil Areas,

Quests Requiring Soil

Aside from crafts, there are several quests that also require you to use soil.

The Dreamlight Fountain

To complete the final quest for Donald Duck in the Early Access version of Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps:

  1. Prerequisites: You can access this quest once you have reached Friendship Level 10 with Donald Duck, and you must have the Forgotten Lands biome unlocked.

  2. Quest Objective: In this quest, your goal is to build a small fountain in the village.

  3. Materials Required: Building the fountain will require a significant amount of crafting materials, including 18 portions of soil. Make sure you have enough soil saved up in your inventory. If you don’t, be prepared to do some digging to gather the required soil.

Village Project The Garden

This quest is Wall-E’s third quest and it requires you to rebuild the gardening region present in Peaceful Meadow.

Wall-E's Village Project: The Garden quest requires 33 units of soil.
You’ll need 33 units of soil for Wall-E’s quest.

As is apparent, you’ll need to unlock the Peaceful Meadow biome. You can easily unlock this biome by clearing the rocks that block the path to it using a Pickaxe. The Pickaxe can be acquired after completing The Royal Tools quest.

Moreover, the quest requires 33 units of soil, which is a lot. So you should save up on soil beforehand. You can always dig for more soil. The Peaceful Meadow is the perfect place for this as the quest takes place there.

My Kingdom For A Scroll

The first quest that you must complete for Mother Gothel is “My Kingdom For A Scroll”. This quest requires you to obtain the Sun’s Scroll by stealing it from Scrooge McDuck. Much like the previously-mentioned quest, this quest also requires 33 units of soil.

Mother Gothel's My Kingdom For A Scroll quest requires 33 units of soil.
Mother Gothel’s first quest requires 33 units of soil.

For this quest, you’ll need to unlock Mother Gothel via The Curse quest. Additionally, you’ll need to have Wall-E unlocked. Lastly, you’ll need to achieve Friendship Level 2 with the cunning witch Mother Gothel.

Need more help with these quests? Check out our complete guide on all Disney Dreamlight Valley quests.

Sell Your Soil At Goofy’s Stall

You can also sell your soil at Goofy’s Stall for 3 Star Coins for each unit of soil sold. You can find Goofy’s Stalls at key locations throughout the map. It’s not recommended to sell soil unless you’re done with all the quests that require it.

Final Thoughts

Soil is an abundant crafting material that can be found throughout the Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, knowing how to get soil and which locations have high soil drop rates is crucial for a convenient game experience.

Fortunately, you now know all about how you can obtain soil and where from. To summarize, you’ll need to get a shovel and dig in key locations to get the best soil drop rates.

Moreover, soil can be used to craft various decorative items for your house. You can also use it in several quests or sell it at Goofy’s Stalls for 3 Star Coins.

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