Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Final Trial Quest [Explained]

This Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial guide will inform you of how to complete the final trial questline with ease.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Final Trial Quest [Explained]
Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Final Trial Quest [Explained]

Disney Dreamlight is the newest adventure game that contains aspects of a real-life simulator. The game’s relaxing and mesmerizing gameplay has gotten players hooked worldwide. Moreover, the game allows players to try out multiple tasks. Among them are the adventure quests, which will enable you to explore the map and interact with various characters in-game. One such quest is The final trial, which can seem daunting for beginners. Hence this Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial guide will aim to help you in that regard.

You can try out different careers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The most common one is Mining. Disney Dreamlight allows you to delve into the mining realm and carve out precious ore like Emeralds and Iron Ingots. These materials help you to earn money and make valuable items. Furthermore, you can also try your hand at cooking. Cooking is an enjoyable experience and will surely captivate you. However, for that, you will need the recipes. Hence we suggest you check out our Disney Dreamlight Recipe Box guide.

Moreover, you can also try farming in the Valley. You will need to interact with various animals and gather companions. So make sure you are informed of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals. Last but not least is the plethora of exciting adventure quests available for you to complete. These quests are rewarding and create another layer of immersion in the game. Thus make sure you stick around this Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial guide to learn how to complete this quest.


Key Takeaways

  • Adventure quests are an integral part of the game and create another layer of immersion.
  • They are exciting and enable you to explore different parts of the map for various rewards.
  • The Final Trial quest is among them and contains a series of steps you must follow to complete it.


What is The Disney Dreamlight Final Trial Quest?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin's Final Trial Quest
The Final Trial Quest

When your friendship with Merlin reaches level 10, he will give you a thrilling quest called Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial. Once you finish this quest, your watering can will be fully updated, allowing you to rid the Valley of all mushrooms. This is a great reward; however, the task itself isn’t easy to pull off. It’s a difficult task with numerous components, including tracking down several quest-specific items.

You must produce purified Night Shards for the first stage of The Final Trial. If you’ve gotten this far in the game, you’ve probably already used Night Shards and Dream Shards for crafting. You need five of these, which you must then deliver to Wall-E for him to crush on your behalf. Afterward, talk to Merlin. You’ll learn the fantastic news that you will once more update your watering can as soon as the quest begins. You’ll be able to finish this task more quickly if you can get rid of those pesky fungi that are obstructing your bridges.

The Final Trial quest in Disney Dream light Valley begins with this challenging section. Three things need to be located. It’s simple to get rid of little patches of mushrooms with your watering can or to go to the Glade of Trust to collect ground-grown mushrooms. The challenging sections, though, are Ice Heart and Falling Water.

Steps Needed To Complete The Final Trial

The steps you must follow to complete “The Final Trial” in Disney Dream light Valley are listed below:

  • Contact Merlin to start the quest.
  • Produce five Purified Night Shards.
  • For assistance in destroying the Purified Night Shards, speak with Wall-E.
  • Speak with Merlin
  • Obtain the following ingredients listed in the book: Ice Heart, Falling Water, and Mushroom
  • Develop the enchantment.
  • Bring the fruits of your labor to Merlin.
  • Get Rid of a Large Path-Blocking Mushroom
  • Speak with Merlin

When you first begin the journey with Merlin, he will discuss his most recent magical endeavor. More specifically, he knows how to improve your watering can but needs certain supplies to finish the job. The first thing you need to do now is to create five Purified Night Shards. To find these things, you must look for the typical Night Shard varieties. You then take them to the crafting table to be cleansed there.

You will need 25 Night Shards in total because five produce 1 Purified. Dig up the cracked or sparkly dirt with your shovel to collect it. Bring a digging partner so you can collect the majority of them. You’ll need the following supplies to make these:

25 Night Shard: Acquired by digging sparkling dirt hills

25 Dream Shard: Acquired by clearing Night Thorns.

After you have them all in your inventory, you will give them to Wall-E to review. You can find Wall-E in his room. He needs the Purified Night Shards so he can start crashing them. Thus ensure you provide them to him.

Afterward, you must return to Merlin and offer him the Purified Night Shards once Wall-E has crashed through all of them. This will put you one step closer to becoming a wizard. To accomplish this, though, you will need these three things:

1- Falling Water

Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water
Falling water in-game

The Disney Dream light Valley Falling Water is not a resource, despite the game’s best efforts to convince you that it is. Simple water from a waterfall is known as “falling water.” You can locate the Falling Water in the Vally by going to the Glade of Trust, where you can see a waterfall on your map.

The phrase “Falling Water” might cause you to become anxious and think that you must travel a long distance to obtain it. However, that is not the case. Instead, getting this item is relatively straightforward. To locate this item, you will also need to travel to the southern part of the Glade of Trust, where you will run into a waterfall. All you have to do is go to the waterfall near the Glade of Trust’s southern boundary. We all knew that when looking for “Falling Water,” there would undoubtedly be a waterfall in our path. When you arrive, sit next to the stream that flows close to the stone bridge leading to the waterfall.

Now scan the area close to the waterfall for specific golden particles that should be coming from a particular area nearby. The golden particles point to the location where you can find Falling Water. Then, all you have to do to get the enigmatic Falling Water that you were eager to see is get close to the gold flecks and click the command on your computer. Follow the river till you come dazzling close to the southernmost bridge by going to the Glade of Trust. You can interact in this location to get the falling water.

2-Ice Heart

Ice Heart for the Final Trial Quest
The Ice Heat in Disney Dreamlight

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s easier to find mushrooms and Falling Water. However, things become a little more challenging regarding the ice heart. Unlike falling water, you should know that you cannot collect the ice heart as an item instantly. Instead, you must learn to have an icy heart. Ice Heart is a relatively simple item to acquire if you know what to do. You might be shocked to learn that Merlin also offers advice on how to obtain the Ice Heart. The clue is an Ice Tear Seed found in the enchantment book Merlin handed you. If you have already completed that, your next task will be to get there using the Ice Tear Seeds provided to you as part of Merlin’s quest. All that’s left afterward is basic gardening.

You must now plant the Ice Tear Seed like you would any other seed to obtain the Ice Heart. Simply place the Ice Tear Seed into the hole you dug with your shovel and cover it once you’ve scoured the hole. Afterward, thoroughly water the seed with your watering can and witness the icy-blue plant begin to grow. The plant will give you an Ice Heart as a gift when it is completely grown.

After the seeds are watered, the plant will immediately begin to grow. If you want the ice heart to be in your backpack, harvest the plant once it has grown to its full size. You should be aware that the plant won’t grow again after it has been harvested. Nevertheless, it is not a cause for concern because, according to what we know about the game, ice heart is only helpful for Merlin’s Final Trial task.


Take white shiitake mushrooms from the area around the Glade of Trust. You can also use the watering can you already have to eliminate any small clusters of purple mushrooms.

Since they grow slowly, mushrooms are the most challenging item to obtain in the Final Trial quest. Since they can only be found in the Glade of Trust Biome, you’ll start looking for them the same way you did for the prior objective, keeping in mind:

  1. Always forage for mushrooms with a friend by your side.
  2. Clear the space of other obstructions (stones, flowers, hardwood, softwood, etc.), so they have room to expand.
  3. Always check the Glade of Trust Biome after or during a rainstorm. Thoroughly investigate the area that is accessible to you because mushrooms occasionally spawn there.

The pink mushrooms that grow in Peaceful Meadow and Glade of Trust can now be used as food, which is the only significant change between this quest and the one that came before it. You can use your watering can to remove some of these pink mushrooms, but only in small patches.

It’s time to focus on obtaining the additional ingredients the Wizard requested because, given enough time and effort, you will eventually obtain the 25 mushrooms Merlin needs.

Completing The Final Trial Quest

You can move on with the task now that you have collected the two necessary materials to make the upgrade potion for your irrigation. However, you will also need to collect 25 mushrooms located on the Glade of Trust’s floor. Also, don’t forget to bring a Disney Dream light Valley character with you so you may grab extra mushrooms. These individuals will play the role of foragers.

You must search the map for mushrooms close to the roads if you want to gather them. You can pick up more of them at once and receive the foraging bonus if Wall-E is with you. They are numerous and very close to one another.

Once you have these three components, head over to the closest crafting station. You should select the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment from the crafting menu. Once you have it, simply return it to Merlin to start working on your final goal.

Your final task will be to remove the mushrooms blocking the bridge or the path. They are easy to clear with your new upgraded watering can. Finally, combine these elements to create the magic potion needed to improve your watering can to the final level. Lastly, Merlin will give you a wizard hat to mark the end of this quest.


You must follow these steps to complete The Final Trial quest. If you just stick with this Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial guide, you can achieve it quickly.

With that, we conclude our Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trial guide. Let us know down below which quests is your favorite!!

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