Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Secret Door Guide

The Secret Door in Disney Dreamlight Valley was not hard for me to find and I can say the same for you! However, I've still compiled a guide for everyone!

Guide for Secret Door Quest
The Secret Door Guide

Don’t know where the secret door is? Don’t worry because I will lead you to the right location, where lies the secret door. Players get to accomplish a wide range of quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they explore new places while doing so. Some locations can be more unique than others.

Secret Door Quest
Mickey Mouse Secret Door Quest (Image Credits: GosuNoob)

You get to do the secret door quest while completing Mickey’s quest. You will be glad to know that this is the last quest on Mickey Mouse’s missions list. As you reach Friendship level 10, you can get access to this one by interacting with Micky.

You will receive a chest; by opening it, you get his memory. He gives you the riddle, a hint to find the door’s location. The secret door is a way to enter the hidden room, and you can attain the treasure there.

Dream castle is a place where you can look for it. You need to gather the required items to unlock it. Now let’s discuss everything about the secret door in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • The game will introduce you to it’s quests mechanics in a very welcoming way.
  •  Once your progress to a certain point in the game you will reach a quest that leads to secret door.
  • This quest will come under Mickey’s quest and will be the last one to complete.       

Secret Door Location

Once your friendship level with Mickey Mouse reaches 10, you can walk to him and talk to begin the secret door quest. You receive the chest box containing his memory about the door as you communicate.

Dream Castle in Dreamlight Valley
Dream Castle

The door seems covered with cloth or a curtain, and the gems are inserted. This indicates that you’ll need gems to unlock it. He also puts forwards the riddle, “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door for things new and old.”

The first two words of the puzzle refer to the Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Now, as you know the right location, head to the dream castle. Move towards the right staircase; some plant pots can be seen here.

The Location of Secret door
Secret door location

There is a space behind them, and right on the wall, one can see the purple-colored curtain hanging down. Remove the curtain, and the door will be revealed to you. However, you still cannot unlock the door. Gather the demanded gemstones so you can open them.

Unlock The Secret Door

The last quest is not as easy as it may seem. Despite finding the secret door location, you must gather the gemstones to unlock it. You need to collect gems Garnet, Citrine, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline.

Gem Stones In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can get them by breaking down the dark rocks with the help of a pickaxe. The location and quantity of these stones are given below:

  1. Garnet: Red color, Location: Plaza and Peaceful Meadows.
  2. Citrine: orange-yellow color, Location: Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau.
  3. Tourmaline: Pink color, Location: Forested Height and Sunlit Plateau.
  4. Aquamarine: Blue color, Location: Dazzle beach and Forest of Valor
Open The Secret Door
Unlock The Secret Door

Once you attain all the gems, head back to the Castle to fit them in the door. The door will open, go inside, interact with Mickey, and complete your quest for a secret door. After completing the quest, you obtain the Enchanting fountain as a reward. Besides this, the room has many chests inside it.

Conspicuous Bookshelf

Bookshelf In Secret Room
Conspicuous Bookshelf

Furthermore, as you enter the room, books lie on the floor. Please pick up the dark blue-colored book and place it on the bookshelf. This action will open the door of another secret room full of chests and an enormous amount of loot. Although it is a tough quest, the reward is much greater.

How To Increase Friendship Level

Each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a friendship level Meter, increasing by performing certain tasks or actions. Your fellowship improves with them, and you also gain more energy to do daily activities.

Apart from this, you earn rewards each time your friendship levels up. I have discussed some ways below to improve your relationship with characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Giving Presents

You can give gifts to your neighbors in the Dreamlight Valley so they may start liking you more. Each day the characters prefer to have three specific items they like to receive more than the other things. You can check what gift they want on a particular day from the menu. Offer them a present when you interact with them.


Chatting with the characters is the simplest and easiest method. While wandering around, approach them and initiate a conversation. It is fun to do as they even ask about yourself.


You can invite the characters to hang out with you, which will improve your friendship with them.


As the friendship level improves, you are given friendship quests to complete. The level increases when you finish the quests.


Now you know the perfect and proper way to find the Secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Accomplish it quickly and lay your hands on the great loot behind the door. Stay up for more amazing and beneficial guides. Please share it with others and leave a review about our work.

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