24 Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks

This guide contains the best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips that will make the game soo much easier for you to navigate.

Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks
Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks

Disney Dreamlight Valley will enable you to explore multiple avenues to form a calming experience. Not only can you cook and farm in this game, but you can also participate in numerous quests to be part of something exciting- this part especially kept me engaged for most of my playthrough. Hence, to ensure you are well prepared for the game, I’ve compiled some Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips from my own experience that will help you along the way.

Key Takeaways

Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips Summarized:

  1. Overeating provides a boost.
  2. Eat two fruit salads (apples & blueberries) for a quick yellow bar fill.
  3. Upgrade Scrooge’s shop for new furniture.
  4. Mine minerals and fish for Star Coins.
  5. Charm small animals as companions.
  6. Refer to the Critters Guide for info on companions.
  7. Explore neighbors’ houses for items and recipes.
  8. Rest at home when tired to recharge energy.
  9. Consume high-energy food for progress.
  10. Learn recipes by completing Remy’s missions.
  11. Gold bar boosts stamina.
  12. Carry dinners while exploring.
  13. Save supplies, gems, and items.
  14. Explore with a friend.
  15. Organize items in the inventory.
  16. Feed critters to increase friendship.
  17. Complete daily quests with friends.
  18. Use fast travel to save time.
  19. Craft clothes, increase stock, fish, and improve cooking skills for progress.

Overeating Gives You a Boost

There is an option to raise the bar higher than just full if you want to get around the valley a little faster or stop eating as frequently. You will start filling up on gold bars if you eat a cooked meal after your energy has peaked. Like the others, it is occupied with activities, but if you have it, you will move more quickly.


You don’t even have to prepare a substantial supper. Use quality fruit, such as apples and blueberries, to construct two fruit salads, and you can fill the yellow bar!


In contrast to Animal Crossing, where each upgrade requires a day or more, you can access the upgrades in Dream Light Valley as soon as you pay for them. As a result, aim to enhance Scrooge’s shop as soon as you start playing the game because you’ll immediately have access to a ton of new furniture to purchase.

Earn Star Coin Quickly

Earn Star Coins – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In Disney Dream Light Valley, your awareness of the required Star Coins for missions grows with time. Money gains significance after completing the “Making Cents of Things” task. Even in a life-simulator, an economy plays a role.

You can attribute the valley’s capitalism influence to Scrooge McDuck. To earn Star Coins quickly, mine minerals and fish with experienced friends, the easiest methods for buying furniture and homes.

Unlock Animals Companions

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips
Approaching Animals – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The entire area of Dream Light Valley is filled with adorable small animals.

Interact with them by offering food in exchange for dream shards. To unlock them as companions, knowing their preferred food is key. For detailed information, consult our Critters Guide, which includes their preferences, locations, and how to make them your furry friends.

Snoop around your Neighbour’s House

Get rewards from Neighbors’ houses – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Exploring Mickey’s house or WALL-vehicle E’s may seem like you’ve seen it all, but surprises await. Keep an eye out for new products or recipes, which might have a shimmering aura akin to those in the wild. While it’s uncertain if building rapport with the homeowner leads to these discoveries, it’s still worth checking periodically for hidden treasures.

When tired, Go back Home

In Dream Light Valley, a stamina system akin to other life sims exists, but it’s less demanding, unlike Stardew Valley. When your stamina depletes, tasks become unavailable, but you won’t pass out.

Recharging energy quickly is possible by having a meal, or you can return home for an instant full recharge. While heading home is swift, opting for a quick snack is even more expedient.

Consume High-Energy Food

Energy is the primary resource for advancement, even though Star Coins are essential for purchases. Without careful management, whether you’re completing tasks or clearing Night Thorns, you can run out of energy. While raw fruits and vegetables sustain you temporarily, learning to cook meals is essential for sustainable progress.

To acquire new recipes, complete Remy’s missions and master Ratatouille. Additionally, explore and complete questlines to discover better fresh recipes.

Consuming dinners, initially limited to grilled fish, grants extra stamina from a gold bar alongside your regular blue bar. Always carry some dinners when exploring and researching for added stamina replenishment, as they are a quick and convenient option.

Reserve Items

Try to save up a couple of everything you obtain; I believe this is a general rule of thumb for most games with inventory, selling, and missions. It is best to keep some supplies on hand just in case, even though it could be a little unsightly to have a lot of chests lying around. This also applies to abundant resources like stone and twigs, which you may need in large quantities to create trails and other decorations.


Use everyday products like blueberries, apples, and raspberries rather than harder-to-find collectibles like pennies because they are constantly available.

Always Take a Friend

You should always have a friend with you, which may seem obvious to some people but may not have occurred to them. It is beneficial (as it gets more robust), particularly if you have multiple characters with the same benefit. Other than always having a friend, the most important jobs you can give them are digging, fishing, and hunting, so try to have lots of those.

Use Inventory Properly

Efficient inventory management is vital. Collecting everything can quickly fill your inventory, so open food, furniture, and clothing packets right away. Consider expanding your backpack early, costing 5,000 Star Coins for the first, 20,000 for the second, and 50,000 for the third. This allows you to sell more at Goofy’s cart during trips. Be cautious with home storage and avoid unnecessary flower purchases to keep things manageable.

Feed the Critters

Feeding Rabbits in Disney Dreamlight – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can feed all the critters right away, though the game doesn’t do an excellent job of explaining how; each one just requires a different strategy. Moreover, you can train them and acquire some motifs if you feed them, mainly if you give them their preferred meals. You can only feed them once a day, so be careful. If you mix the food, you’ll have to wait until the next day. They will aid you during your time in the valley.

Hang Out with Friends

If you value solitude, consider returning to the real world. Dream Light Valley’s magic thrives on friendship, not just strength or wealth. The diverse cast of characters can accompany you once they reach level two, helping with tasks like mining, fishing, and gardening, making your journey more rewarding and enjoyable.

Use Fast Travel

Several areas in the game might be pretty distant from one another, although the valley isn’t extremely massive. Fortunately, you can unlock a form of rapid travel reasonably early on in the game, which can significantly simplify traveling from one place to another.

To unlock the well in the meadow and enable quick travel, you must complete Merlin’s Friendship is Everything quest. Before opening up wells in other places, Scrooge will demand payment, but the effectiveness of your movement across the map makes it well worth it.

Sell Gems

It’s imperative to sell every gem you acquire, even though you should keep some in your chest once you’ve accumulated what you think may be enough (15 of each variant in my instance) and have nothing you want to build with them. It’s one of the most successful ways to make money.

Money Power

Mastering money management is essential for upgrades, unlocking structures, and decoration. While it may start slow, you can farm money quickly, like mining with friends. Spend your money as you see fit, whether it’s unlocking, improving, or decorating, without penalties in the game.

Crafting Vital Items

Crafting in Disney Dream Light Valley is an essential aspect of the game, allowing you to create various objects and items for your valley’s improvement. Here’s a basic overview of crafting in the game:

  1. Crafting Basics: Crafting in Disney Dream Light Valley follows a familiar pattern seen in other simulation games. Each item is crafted using specific materials, and as you collect more materials, you’ll unlock new recipes.

  2. Recipe Categories: Items in the game are grouped into categories. For example, if you want to craft a fruit salad, you can use any items categorized as “fruit.” This flexibility allows you to choose which materials to use for crafting and selling.

  3. Resource Management: Efficient crafting involves managing your resources wisely. Some materials may be more expensive than others, so you’ll want to decide which items to sell and which ones to use for crafting. For example, choosing between bream and rainbow trout for cooking may depend on their respective costs (180 and 40).

  4. Character Objectives: Many character objectives in the game revolve around crafting. Completing these objectives not only helps you progress but also contributes to the prosperity of your valley.

  5. Creativity and Role-Playing: The crafting system allows for creativity and role-playing. You can decide which items to craft based on your character’s needs and your financial goals.

Increase Stock Quickly

Efficiently managing your inventory is crucial. You begin with a small bag, but storage becomes a challenge as you progress or enter character realms. Consider the 7,000-coin initial inventory expansion, despite the seemingly high cost, as there are ways to earn money, like clearing Night Thorns.

Make Your Clothes

The game doesn’t detail how to make your clothes outside of the Avatar Maker. I highly recommend it because you can import what you make into your game. Still, you can select the option to do so from the clothes menu. The motifs are adorable, and although they might seem difficult or tedious, they are instrumental.

Fishing Strategy

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips
Fishing – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Fishing is enjoyable in Dream Light Valley. Cooked fish restores strength, and uncooked fish are valuable. To catch rare fish, seek red or blue bubbles in ponds and take your catch to Goofy. New fishing spots often appear at the stall, so keep an eye out for them as they regenerate quickly.

Enjoy the Miner Lifestyle

Mining is a reliable way to get valuable items. To find rare gems, look for black nodes on meadow and plaza edges with red or brown protrusions. If a character doesn’t prefer them as a gift, sell them. Mining nodes respawn like fishing, providing many chances to use your pickaxe.

Complete Daily Quests

To enhance your Disney Dreamlight Valley experience, complete daily quests for dream light. These tasks, like catching fish or planting seeds, may seem small but add up. You’ll need dream light, ranging from a few hundred to over 5,000, to unlock new realms and biotopes.

Cooking Skills

Cooking – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There is never any waste because Disney Dream Light Valley always makes allowances for your cooking errors and ensures that you leave the stove with something useful. You can utilize fresh ingredients to create exquisite meals. Moreover, if you try combining them with your ingredients, you can get a potential new recipe.

The game usually returns to the most logical meal if you try something unconventional. For instance, carrots and raspberries have just become a straightforward vegetable starter. Conversely, fish sandwiches are made with wheat and fish. Since Dream Light Valley is a little scarce with new recipe books in the early game, it’s always worth trying, just in case.

An invitation to new friends

One of your first goals is to break into Merlin’s castle, where you learn about the Realms. You can encounter characters like Remy and Wall-E in them and help them get back to the town.

Having more friends makes it possible to access new items and quests. Some of these quests are necessary for advancing your tools.

Collect Everything

Keep collecting items as you play and save a few of each. It might seem repetitive, but it’s highly recommended. For decoration enthusiasts, stock up on twigs and stones, which are crucial for crafting. Consider making gathering uncommon items, such as mushrooms, a daily habit to have a good supply on hand when needed.

Other Tips

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to try their hand at cooking. You can have an Apple pie, a Banana pie, and many more delicacies to fill your appetite. Moreover, you can even interact with several animals in the game. These cute little critters will become your companions in your playthrough and will keep you company. Therefore, make sure you check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals guide to pick the best pet for you.

Furthermore, the fun doesn’t stop. You can even mine in this game. You can delve deeper into the Earth and mine those precious ores. Among those ores, Emeralds and Iron Ingots are extremely valuable, so make sure you check out our respective guides on them. They will help you progress further in your playthrough and win in style.

However, before you jump into all these activities, look at these Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips. They will allow you to be more skillful and informed when trying everything.

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