Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks [Top 24]

This guide contains the best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips that will make the game soo much easier for you to navigate.

Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks
Best Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks

Disney Dreamlight Vally breathes life into the adventure and life-simulator gaming genre. The game’s mesmerizing world-building and soothing gameplay have allowed it to make its mark. The game will enable you to explore multiple avenues to form a calming experience. Not only can you cook and farm in this game, but you can also participate in numerous quests to be part of something exciting. Hence to ensure you are well prepared for the game, we have compiled some Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips that will help you along the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Overeating gives you a boost in Dream Light Valley.
  • You can fill the yellow bar quickly by eating two fruit salads made with apples & blueberries.
  • Upgrade Scrooge’s shop as soon as you start playing the game to gain access to a lot of new furniture.
  • Start mining minerals and fishing to earn Star Coins quickly.
  • You can charm adorable small animals in the Dream Light Valley to join you as good companions.
  • Check out the comprehensive Critters Guide to learn what they enjoy eating, where to find them, and how to unlock them as companions.
  • Snoop around your neighbor’s house to discover new items or recipes.
  • When tired, go back home to fully charge your energy bar.
  • Consume high-energy food to advance in the game.
  • Learn new recipes quickly by finishing Remy’s mission& mastering Ratatouille.
  • You gain extra stamina from a gold bar on top of your regular blue bar when you consume dinners.
  • Always bring some dinners with you when you go out exploring & researching.
  • Try to save up a couple of everything you obtain, including supplies, gems, & items.
  • Always take a friend when going out exploring.
  • Use inventory properly to keep items organized.
  • Feed the critters to increase your friendship level with them.
  • Hang out with friends and complete daily quests to earn rewards.
  • Use fast travel to save time & energy.
  • Make your clothes, increase stock quickly, follow a fishing strategy,& improve your cooking skills to progress in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to try their hand at cooking. You can have an Apple pie, a Banana pie, and many more delicacies to fill your appetite. Moreover, you can even interact with several animals in the game. These cute little critters will become your companions in your playthrough and will keep you company. Therefore, make sure you check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals guide to pick the best pet for you.

Furthermore, the fun doesn’t stop. You can even mine in this game. You can delve deeper into the Earth and mine those precious ores. Among those ores, Emeralds and Iron Ingots are extremely valuable, so make sure you check out our respective guides on them. They will help you progress further in your playthrough and win in style.

However, before you jump into all these activities, look at these Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips. They will allow you to be more skillful and informed when trying everything.


What this Article Contains

  • The mentioned tips are integral to your gameplay and will elevate it to the next level.
  • Tips concern all parts of the game so make sure you don’t miss out on them.
  • Some tips help in cooking, while some are beneficial for mining.
  • General tips allow you to reach a high level of comfort in the game.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips & Tricks

An Icy Invitation Quest
Dreamlight Valley Gameplay

This guide will dive into how the game works and some essential tips you can use to improve your experience. These tips will mostly be general and easy to follow. They will enable you to play at an elevated level and will allow you to become the best. Make sure you stick around, as some of them are incredibly crucial. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Overeating Gives You a Boost

There is an option to raise the bar higher than just full if you want to get around the valley a little faster or stop eating as frequently. You will start filling up on gold bars if you eat a cooked meal after your energy has peaked. Like the others, it is occupied with activities, but if you have it, you will move more quickly.


You don’t even have to prepare a substantial supper. Use quality fruit, such as apples and blueberries, to construct two fruit salads, and you can fill the yellow bar!


In contrast to Animal Crossing, where each upgrade requires a day or more, you can access the upgrades in Dream Light Valley as soon as you pay for them. As a result, aim to enhance Scrooge’s shop as soon as you start playing the game because you’ll immediately have access to a ton of new furniture to purchase.

Earn Star Coin Quickly

As you play Disney Dream Light Valley more, you become more aware of how many Star Coins are required to fulfill each mission. Money doesn’t matter much in the game until you finish the task of Making Cents of Things. A life-simulator wouldn’t be complete without a working economy, even though it would be simple to blame Scrooge Mc Duck for bringing capitalism to the valley. To learn how to get Star Coins quickly, start mining minerals and fishing with friends experienced in those activities. These are the easiest methods to raise money for purchasing furniture and homes.

Unlock Animals Companions

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animal Tip
Squirrel in Dreamlight Valley

The entire area of Dream Light Valley is filled with adorable small animals. It’s also easy to forget that, despite their ubiquitous presence, you can charm these fantastic tiny creatures into joining you as good companions. You can approach them and give them food in exchange for dream shards, but if you know what they enjoy eating, you might be able to unlock them as a companion. Check out our comprehensive Critters Guide to learn what they enjoy eating, where to find them, and how to unlock these furry friends.

Snoop around your Neighbour’s House

You might think you’ve seen everything after sneaking a peek inside Mickey’s house or WALL-vehicle E’s. You’d also be wrong. New products or recipes may occasionally be surrounded by a glittering aura similar to the one you see around things in the wild. Although it’s unclear whether getting to know the homeowner better led to the discovery, it’s still worth checking occasionally.

When tired, Go back Home

Dream Light Valley features a stamina system similar to other life simulation games. However, it is less rigorous than games like Stardew Valley. You can no longer complete tasks once your stamina is depleted, but you won’t lose consciousness.

Having a meal is the quickest way to regain your energy, but if you don’t have anything on hand or want to save the ingredients for another dish, you should just go home. As soon as you enter, your energy bar will become fully charged.

Yes, you can get home quickly, but getting a quick snack will be much more expedient.

Consume High-Energy Food

You can advance in Dream Light Valley exclusively by using energy, even if Star Coins are necessary for making purchases. If you’re not careful, whether you’re finishing tasks or just getting rid of Night Thorns from a region, you’ll eventually run out of energy. Additionally, even while you may get by for a while on nothing but raw fruit and vegetables, you will ultimately need to learn how to prepare meals in Dream Light Valley if you want to stop continually needing to recharge. You can learn new recipes quickly by finishing Remy‘s mission and mastering Ratatouille. Furthermore, you can also find better fresh recipes by researching and completing other questlines. 

Moreover, you gain extra stamina from a gold bar on top of your regular blue bar when you consume dinners, a category that is initially just comprised of grilled fish. Always bring some dinners with you when you go out exploring and researching.

Yes, you can get home quickly, but getting a quick snack will be much more expedient.

Reserve Items

Try to save up a couple of everything you obtain; I believe this is a general rule of thumb for most games with inventory, selling, and missions. It is best to keep some supplies on hand just in case, even though it could be a little unsightly to have a lot of chests lying around. This also applies to abundant resources like stone and twigs, which you may need in large quantities to create trails and other decorations.


Use everyday products like blueberries, apples, and raspberries rather than harder-to-find collectibles like pennies because they are constantly available.

Always Take a Friend

You should always have a friend with you, which may seem obvious to some people but may not have occurred to them. It is beneficial (as it gets more robust), particularly if you have multiple characters with the same benefit. Other than always having a friend, the most important jobs you can give them are digging, fishing, and hunting, so try to have lots of those.

Use Inventory Properly

One of the most critical starting tips for Disney Dream Light Valley is to use your inventory as efficiently as possible. Even though identical items can be stacked, your inventory will quickly fill up if you start to grab everything you see. The simplest method to prevent this is always opening food, furniture, and clothing packets as soon as you receive them. You should start enhancing your backpack right away as well. You can gather 5,000 Star Coins for the first expansion, 20,000 for the second, and 50,000 for the third. The more you carry, the more you can sell on each trip to Goofy’s cart, even though it may seem like a lot of money to spend on portable storage.

If you’re not careful, any unwanted items you decide to store inside the chest in your home will quickly fill it up. As long as you avoid buying any flowers you don’t need, you should be generally okay.

Feed the Critters

Disney Dreamlight Feeding Tip
Feeding Rabbits in Disney Dreamlight

You can feed all the critters right away, though the game doesn’t do an excellent job of explaining how; each one just requires a different strategy. Moreover, you can train them and acquire some motifs if you feed them, mainly if you give them their preferred meals. You can only feed them once a day, so be careful. If you mix the food, you’ll have to wait until the next day. They will aid you during your time in the valley.

Hang Out with Friends

If you feel that Dream Light Valley is a place where you would be happier being alone, then you should probably go back to the real world. Like in other Disney movies, the land’s magic depends more on friendship than on strength and wealth. Dream Light Valley is home to a sizable cast of characters, and they are all willing to follow you around if you ask them to. You can assign specific tasks to any of the available NPCs when they reach level two so that they can help you with the various tasks you need to complete throughout the valley. This means that by simply having them follow you, you can obtain more resources through mining, fishing, and gardening.

Use Fast Travel

Several areas in the game might be pretty distant from one another, although the valley isn’t extremely massive. Fortunately, you can unlock a form of rapid travel reasonably early on in the game, which can significantly simplify traveling from one place to another. To unlock the well in the meadow and enable quick travel, you must complete Merlin’s Friendship is Everything quest. Before opening up wells in other places, Scrooge will demand payment, but the effectiveness of your movement across the map makes it well worth it.

Sell Gems

It’s imperative to sell every gem you acquire, even though you should keep some in your chest once you’ve accumulated what you think may be enough (15 of each variant in my instance) and have nothing you want to build with them. It’s one of the most successful ways to make money.

Money Power

Indeed, money is the most important of all the essential game controls to master. It does everything, including upgrading and unlocking structures and assisting with decoration. It can feel a little slow at the beginning of the game, but there are ways to farm it quickly, like having a mining friend and mining whenever you have the chance. There is also no particular sequence in which you should spend it. You can decide what is most important to prioritize, and the game won’t penalize you if you spend it all on unlocking, improving, or decorating.

Crafting Vital Items

It’s essential to learn how to make some of those things yourself because purchasing furniture and other improvements for the valley may be expensive. Crafting in Disney Dream Light Valley is very similar to crafting in other simulation games. Every object is made using a distinct technique, and as you collect more materials, you have access to new recipes. Many of the various character objectives in the game require you to master the fundamentals of making, and it can also help create a prosperous valley.

Every item in the game is grouped into categories, so if you want to construct a fruit salad, you don’t need to use any particular components; anything categorized as fruit will suffice. You can choose which items to sell and which to use for making thanks to this, which also aids in role-playing and creativity. Bream and rainbow trout, for example, are available for cooking, though the former costs 180 and the latter 40, respectively. So that you can make the best choices for enhancing both your character and your finances.

Increase Stock Quickly

Moving on with our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips, we have a tip related to your inventory. Dream Light Valley gives you a small, crammed bag to start, similar to most life simulation games. At Goofy’s stand, you can sell items or purchase storage options. Still, the restrictions quickly become apparent as you move on or enter character realms, most of which lack storage options.

When you’re probably only getting 30 at a time for clearing up Night Thorns, the initial expansion costs 7,000 coins. That is a significant amount of coins to spend. There are, however, several doable ways to make money.

Make Your Clothes

The game doesn’t detail how to make your clothes outside of the Avatar Maker. I highly recommend it because you can import what you make into your game. Still, you can select the option to do so from the clothes menu. The motifs are adorable, and although they might seem difficult or tedious, they are instrumental.

Fishing Strategy

Fishing Tip
Fishing in the Valley

One of the nicest things to do in Dream Light Valley is fishing. Naturally, providing fish that you can cook to regain strength is advantageous, but uncooked fish is also expensive. To improve your chances of catching a rare fish, look for the red or blue bubbles in ponds and bring your catch to Goofy. You’ll probably have found two or three brand-new fishing spots when you return from the stall because they regenerate pretty quickly.

Enjoy the Miner Lifestyle

Mining is a trustworthy method for obtaining valuable items. Looking for the black, upright nodes along the edges of the meadow and plaza will give you the best chance of finding rare gems. The node will have a gemstone if it has red or brown protrusions. If a character doesn’t choose this as their preferred gift for the day, selling them is the best course of action. Mining nodes frequently respawn, similar to fishing, giving you plenty of opportunities to swing your pickaxe.

Complete Daily Quests

The next addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips is to finish your daily quests. While it may seem like a waste of time when you have grand ambitions for the valley, finishing them is a reliable and simple way to obtain dream light. Every day, the straightforward tasks you are given could be anything from catching fish to planting seeds.

Even a tiny amount helps because you need anywhere from a few hundred Dream lights to 5,000 or more to unlock new realms and biotopes.

Cooking Skills

Cooking Tip

There is never any waste because Disney Dream Light Valley always makes allowances for your cooking errors and ensures that you leave the stove with something useful. You can utilize fresh ingredients to create exquisite meals. Moreover, if you try combining them with your ingredients, you can get a potential new recipe.

The game usually returns to the most logical meal if you try something unconventional. For instance, carrots and raspberries have just become a straightforward vegetable starter. Conversely, fish sandwiches are made with wheat and fish. Since Dream Light Valley is a little scarce with new recipe books in the early game, it’s always worth trying, just in case.

An invitation to new friends

One of your first goals is to break into Merlin’s castle, where you learn about the Realms. You can encounter characters like Remy and Wall-E in them and help them get back to the town.

Having more friends makes it possible to access new items and quests. Some of these quests are necessary for advancing your tools.

Collect Everything

Continuing from the last point, you should continue to collect as you play and conserve a handful of each item. Some people might find it a little tiresome to forage constantly, but it is unquestionably recommended. If you enjoy decorating, gather as many twigs and stones as possible because they are essential for crafts. So that you have a nice stockpile for whenever you might need them. I’d even venture to suggest that you make gathering some of the more unusual items, like mushrooms, a daily ritual.


These are all the most crucial Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips to aid you in your walkthrough. They will not only make the game easier for you but somewhat more immersive as well. Make sure you don’t miss out on them if you wish to elevate your experience to the next level.

With that, we conclude our Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips guide. Let us know which tip you found the most helpful.

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