Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetarian Pizza [Recipe]

In this article, we will guide you on how to complete the recipe for Vegetarian Pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Featured image vegetarian Pizza
Vegetarian Pizza

In the recently launched Disney Dreamlight Valley, are you also completely obsessed with cooking? You’re not alone, though; we are too! To find out how to make vegetarian pizza, keep reading the article!

Key Takeaways

  • You need: Wheat x1, Tomato x1, Cheese x1 and Any Vegetable of choice x2 for the Vegetarian Pizza
  • Finish Mickey’s Foodception with his help to get a stove.
  • You can also purchase a stove with Star coins in the game. Star coins can be earned by selling things to Goofy.
  • There are many types of stoves in the game and they require different items to be made.
  • Goofy is waiting to sell you the required Wheat, tomatoes, and veggies at his stall.
  • Remy at Remy’s Restaurant sells the cheese that you need to purchase.

Playing the game with your favorite Disney characters while preparing different meals in the kitchen is one of the game’s entertaining quests. There are many gamers looking for the best recipe for vegetable pizza because it is a common recipe among them. And certainly, you’ve come to the correct spot since the article below will provide you with all the information you need!

Guide To Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking in the game
Cooking at Remy’s Restaurant

Remy, a character in the game, can educate you a lot about trying out different dishes because he owns a restaurant. Let’s get to the cooking side of the conversation!

It just takes a few missions to go to Mickey Mouse’s Foodeception, which you can finish with Mickey’s help to earn the stove, so you don’t need to play it for hours to unlock cooking.

You’ll know quite a bit about farming and cooking after completing this task.

Moreover, simply purchasing a stove is another option. Here’s how to do it:

  • You’ll need star coins to make purchases.
  • You can get coins by selling things to Goofy.
  • Once you have earned enough points, Scrooge McDuck’s Shop will be unlocked for you to fix.
  • You’ll also receive the stove after fixing it.

Making your own stove is a creative way to acquire one. The game has a variety of stove types, each of which requires a particular set of items to create. Here is a list of stoves with instructions for making each one:

Gray Flat Top Stove
Iron Ingot x10
•Glass x3

Black Flat Top Stove
•Iron Ingot x 10
•Glass x3
•Black Passion Lily x1

Pale Gray Gas Stove
•Iron Ingot x12
•Glass x2

Black / Grey Gas Stove
•Iron Ingot x12
•Glass x2

Pale Gray Flat Stop Stove
•Iron Ingot x10
•Glass x3

Getting Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

We should also tell you about finding all the ingredients that you are going to need to cook things in the game.

  • Plant and harvest crops to obtain the veggies or components needed.
  • Goofy is waiting to sell you the products at his stall.
  • Remy at Remy’s Restaurant sells various items for you to purchase.
  • The majority of objects are scattered across the valley for you to find and explore.

Recipe For Vegetarian Pizza 

Finally, what you’ll need to prepare vegetarian pizza in Disney Drealight Valley is listed below:

Ingredients For Vegetarian Pizza

  • Wheat x1
  • Tomato x1
  • Cheese x1
  • Any Vegetable of choice x2 (onions, tomatoes, olives, etc.)

Additionally, here is what you need to do in order to collect all of these items:

Goofy’s Stall:

To start, you’ll need to buy some vegetables, wheat, and tomatoes. Where could you get those items? Goofy is waiting to sell you some right around the bend! There are goofy’s stalls in many locations around the game. Here is what you will need to do!

  • Firstly, go to the stall at Peaceful Meadows for Wheat.
  • Secondly, go to the stall at Dazzle Beach for tomatoes.
  • Thirdly, go to the stall at Forest of Valor for getting the vegetables of your choice.
  • Harvest all these items.
harvesting for the vegetarian pizza
harvesting items

Lastly, a tip would be to always harvest these crops with a gardening friend at your side. You can increase your chances of receiving many items from a single harvest by doing that!

Remy’s Kitchen:

Cheese for the vegetarian Pizza
Cheese for 180 coins at Remy’s Restaurant

Are you trying to find the cheese? Of course, you can’t. Cheese is the only item or ingredient in the recipe that you cannot buy or harvest obviously. Remember Remy? Cheese can only be bought from Remy’s Restaurant.

Ultimately, as soon as we’ve done collecting the ingredients, we can start working on completing the objective by making the vegetarian pizza!


Cooking is one of the fun activities to do in this game. Vegetarian Pizza happens to be a popular recipe among those and many players are searching for the right recipe for it. But this isn’t the only recipe you are going to need. You can Search for any recipe by using our Search toolbar in the top right of the website!

Did this article provide the answers you were looking for? If so, we are glad to assist you in creating vegetarian pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Stay tuned for the next post and don’t forget to tell your friends about us! If you like reading the article, kindly click the “like” button. Join our community to receive more of our gameplay tips and insights. Finally, until the next article, take care!

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