Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Worms? [Practical Solution]

My guide will detail about how and where you can find worms for Maui's quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Worms
Disney Dreamlight Valley Worms

For those who do not know, worms are one of the essential collectible creatures in Disney Drealight Valley. Players are allowed to collect tons of stuff, and each of them will have a significant purpose in the gameplay. At the same time, every character interacts with the world around them, thus making the in-game experience even more fun. 

For that instance, players will also come across a quest from Maui, where he will require players to collect some worms to progress the storyline. Now the crux of the matter is that you do not get guidelines for where to obtain these worms for Maui. 

If you are also stuck on this problem, this guide is just for you. This guide entails all the details you need to know, from receiving the Maui quest to getting the worms for completing the quests‘ objectives. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • In one of the quests from Maui, “Burying the Eel,” players are required to find worms to set a trap for eels and harvest Coconuts in the Dreamlight Valley.
  • The game does not give an accurate location for the worms. In this case, you will have to find the worms yourself around the vast world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • One of the best locations to search for worms is rivers’ dirt mounds or lakeshores. 
  • You will need at least 3 worms to complete one objective of the Maui’s quest. 

Worms Quest

Before searching for worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it is essential to know the quest’s details. Now that you know it is one of the objectives of the Maui quest, players first need to unlock Moana’s character and then receive this quest. 

For that instance, players must progress the Disney Dreamlight Valley story to the point where they reach the Moana realm. Moana realm is quite similar to how players unlocked the Dream Castle at the start of the game. Moreover, this realm will include all the famous Disney movie Moana characters. 

Here players must speak to the Maui to receive a series of quests in the Moana realm. This way, players can unlock the Maui character for their Valley world and receive the quest to find worms. Once Maui has joined Valley, he will give you the quest called “Burying the Eel.”

Maui Quest Objectives
Maui Quest Objectives

The main objectives of the quest are to collect worms and softwood. This is because Maui wants to take you on the adventure to harvest Coconut in the Valley, but first, he needs an eel. For that, he will ask you to bring some worms so they can set a trap and catch an eel for the quest to bring Coconuts into the Valley. 

Obtaining The Worms

Now that you have received the objectives to get some worms and softwoods, you do not know where to begin. But in reality, getting these 3x worms is not a significant problem; you can easily collect them by following simple steps.

  • All you need to do is to search for worms across the Valley to complete one objective of the “Burying the Eel” quest.
  • You might think the Valley is too big to search at once. Fortunately, if you pay a little attention to Maui’s words, he said that Valley is home to worms and can be found near lakes.
  • This will significantly aid in your quest to find the worms as now you will be looking at specific locations only in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. 
Dig the Glowing Portions of Lake shores
Dig the Glowing Portions of Lakeshores
  • Head to the nearest lake and start shoveling to dig out the worms. Scrounge each of the ponds until you collect 3 worms.
  • Some players will quickly obtain all three worms to complete the first objective of the Maui quest.
  • Meanwhile, some may still struggle to find the worms across the lakes and ponds in the valley. 
  • To tackle this, you can bring any of your friends to the Disney Dreamlight Valley to give you a hand in digging worms from sand mounds.
  • These are represented as glowing portions on the ground that you can easily dig out using any shovel in the game.
  • Once you have all the worms Maui asked for, you can find the softwood to complete the “Burying the Eel” quest. 

Final Words

The worm hunt for the Maui quest is indeed daunting at the start. But once you know where to look, you can quickly complete the quest without any trouble. Our guide gives you exact steps that you can follow to obtain all the worms to set up a trap for Eel and make the Maui dream of harvesting Coconut true. 

That is about it for our guide on how to find Disney Dreamlight Valley worms. Do you find this guide helpful for completing the Maui quest? What is your approach to getting your hands on the squishy worms in the game? We would love to hear it in the comments section down below. 

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