Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability
Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability

Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability: Comparisons And Weapon Test

These two words in Division 2, accuracy vs stability, are often used together. Let's explore these terms and how do they affect your gameplay.

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Stability and accuracy are terms that are often confused by the players. Some have even used them interchangeably without knowing they signify different aspects of weapon handling. Let’s end the confusion once and for all in Division 2 between accuracy vs stability and finally conclude which one matters.

Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability

What is Accuracy

Accuracy is how much your weapon reticle blooms after continuous firing. The longer you fire, the more your reticle will spread. This means that your bullets will be hitting the target on a broader area.

If the accuracy of your weapon is high, the reticle will bloom significantly less, and your shots will be fired in a tighter spread. This means you’ll be lasering enemies from afar without breaking a sweat. But this isn’t true for all weapons sadly.

Weapons like SMG and shotguns have a wider reticle spread which means their accuracy will be bad when it comes to mid-long ranges. On the other hand, the reticle of assault rifles and rifles are much more accurate. The best approach is to carry a diverse set of weapons that cover both long (AR, Snipers) and close range (SMG, Shotguns) situations.

What is Stability

Stability refers to how good your weapon can handle the wobble of the gun when the recoil kicks. The better stability you have on your weapon, the less it will stray off the target while you shoot.

Every weapon has its recoil pattern, and learning them is the key to having base stability in the game. Some guns that put out huge amounts of damage or high RPM like AK, Famas, or SVD rifles often are the ones harder to control. On the other hand, weapons like SMG, pistols, and sharpshooters rifles are much easier to control due to their good stability.

While fighting off enemies in the distance, stability is your friend. Having a weapon that doesn’t sway much while you shoot is a blessing to have. So always know beforehand if you’ll be fighting in confined spaces or in an open area and prepare accordingly.

Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability – Which One is Better?

Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability
Division 2 Accuracy vs Stability: Comparison Chart

When it comes to choosing between accuracy or stability, I believe both matter. They both have a significant effect on some weapon types while they are insignificant in some. My recommendation is to have a good balance of both since it can help you gain the upper hand in a fight. Having a balanced weapon in both accuracy and stability can help increase its versatility. This means a weapon that wasn’t working long-range will at least be somewhat decent at it.

Here’s how you can improve the stability and accuracy of a weapon:

  1. Attach stability and accuracy mods on your weapon of choice. This will give it a significant boost in either. It’s best to check its base stats and if you find it lacking in one thing, attach mods accordingly.
  2. The “Weapon Handling” attribute will give you all amazing perks in one package. 1% Weapon handling attribute gives you stability, accuracy, reload speed, and weapon swap speed. You can acquire this attribute on gearsets. You can also roll it onto the gear of your choice through a recalibration station.
  3. Specialization bonuses also help. The specializations in division 2 have many bonus attributes that excel your agent in one thing or another. The “Sharpshooter” specialization gives you an additional 10% weapon handling that is a significant boost to your arsenal.


Both accuracy and stability play a role in how your weapon responds. They might seem or sound familiar; their job is completely different from one another. I hope this article was able to help players distinguish between the two properties. And now, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision in whether to invest in stability or accuracy. See you on the streets of DC agents!

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