Division 2: How to Get All Backpack Trophies in Raids

This guide will cover all the Division 2 Backpack trophies found in both of the raids, their locations and how you can get them.

Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Backpack Trophies Menu

Division 2 is packed with different weapons and gear that significantly change your playstyle. But the loot isn’t the only thing Division 2 offers. There’s a diverse collection of backpack trophies in Division 2 and apparel items that help personalize your agent to your liking.

Key Takeaways

  • Division 2 offers a diverse collection of backpack trophies and apparel items that personalize your agent’s look. There are hidden backpack trophies in each raid map.
  • Operation Dark Hours raid has only one backpack trophy.
  • There are four backpack trophies in the Operation Iron Horse raid. The first backpack trophy in Operation Iron Horse raid can be acquired after defeating the first boss, Lieutenant Gray.
  • The Molten Trophy is acquired after successfully killing the second boss, Captain Fieser.
  • The High Ground Trophy is the third Iron Horse raid trophy that can be acquired after the second boss phase.
  • To get the third raid key, progress through the second trophy area and into the open until you reach a set of doors on the left. To spawn the third trophy, shoot the two red valves until the steam stops seeping out of them.
  • The third Division 2 Backpack Trophy can be found just before the big shutter door in the same room where you get the third Iron Horse raid key.
  • Interact with the blue table on the right of the entrance to get the third backpack trophy.
  • The final backpack trophy in the Iron Horse raid can be obtained after defeating the final boss, Colonel Morozova.
  • To get the fourth backpack trophy, go to the Iron Horse barrel after completing the second raid and interact with it.
  • There’s a bonus backpack trophy called “Old Guard” that is rewarded for completing the Iron Horse raid.

One of those aesthetic items is the backpack trophies that players hunt for. They are these little keychains hanging from the bottom of your backpack. Some of the trophies have unique effects that give them a unique look.

Trophies in Operation Dark Hours Raid

Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Operation Dark Hours

The first raid, named “Operation Dark Hours,” was the agent’s first encounter with 8 player game mechanics. However, even with 16 eyes, this backpack trophy was not easy to find.

The Dark Hours backpack trophy in Division 2 was hiding in a strange area after agents defeated the second raid boss. Here’s how you can find it.

After defeating all 3 bosses in the 2nd boss phase, climb the elevator to the upper floor. Here, continue to go on the right path and drop down to the wing of the cargo plane. Travel across to the other side and climb over the platform.

Division 2 Backpack Trophies
First Raid Backpack Trophy

From here, follow the catwalk on the left. But don’t enter the door to the right. Now, you’ll see a small platform on the left. Climb it and interact with the 2 green create laid vertical at the end of it.

A “Search” prompt will appear as you approach it. Click on the respective button to get the backpack trophy for the first raid. There is only one trophy to be found in the first raid, but there are four in the second one.

There is also a bonus backpack trophy you can get after the successful completion of your first raid.

Trophies in Operation Iron Horse Raid

Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Operation Iron Horse

The second raid, named “Operation Iron Horse,” featured more focus on team mechanics rather than team DPS. This raid required extreme teamwork and uninterrupted communication to complete.

Iron Horse also had four backpack trophies compared to one in dark hours. Let’s check out how to get each one of them during your run.

The Breakthrough Trophy

  1. The first backpack trophy, “The Breakthrough,” can be acquired after defeating the first boss, “Lieutenant Gray.”
  2. Simply start the raid and enter the first area where you have to defeat all the NPCs spawning in.
  3. After the NPCs are wiped out, start the boss mechanic by interacting with 2 switches on each side of the train.
  4. The boss will spawn, and all you have to do is kill him now.
  5. After you successfully dispatch the boss, progress to the area behind the train and keep walking ahead till you reach a blue train bogey.
  6. From the bogey, turn left, and you’ll see a cauldron you can climb on.
Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Division 2 Backpack Trophies.

First Backpack Trophy Location

Climb to the top of the cauldron, and you’ll see a “Search” prompt pop-up. Press the relevant button, and you’ll receive your first backpack trophy of Iron Horse.

Molten Trophy

  1. You’ll acquire this trophy after you successfully kill the second boss, “Captain Fieser.”
  2. This Division 2 Backpack trophy is the trickiest trophy to get in the raid as it requires good timing and team coordination to get.
  3. After descending into the control room area after Boss 2, your team will be split in two.
  4. One group will go to the right and destroy electrical panels, while the one on the left will only focus on quickly progressing through doors.
  5. Once the right team shoots the last box, the group on the right will face True Sons Heavy NPC.
  6. After killing the heavy, a key will spawn, which will unlock the last door. Progress through the door and unlock the door on the end for your teammates. Here, you’ll also find a raid key.
  7. After this phase is over, you can now get the second backpack trophy. Return to the area where the left team fought the true sons heavily.
  8. Go to the back of the room, and there will be an empty bucket just sitting there. There will be a “Search” prompt popping up as you approach it.
  9. Press the required button, and you’ll get the Molten backpack trophy.
The Breakthrough Trophy
Second Backpack Trophy Location

High Ground Trophy

  1. The third Iron Horse raid trophy can also be acquired after the 2nd boss phase.
  2. As you progress through the second trophy area and into the open, you’ll be greeted with the view of The Foundry.
  3. Keep moving forward, and here, you can get the third raid key as well.
  4. At the end of this open area, there will be a set of doors on the left.
  5. Walkthrough them, and here, you’ll have to do an action for the third trophy to spawn.
  6. There will be two red valves, one on the left path and one on the right.
  7. Shoot them both until the steam stops seeping out of them.
  8. After you close up those valves and stop the steam, progress ahead to the end of the room just before the big shutter door. There will be a blue table at the right of the entrance.
  9. Interact with the blue table, and you’ll get the third backpack trophy.
Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Third Backpack Trophy Location

Iron Horse

Division 2 Backpack Trophies
Fourth Backpack Trophy Location
  1. This is the final backpack trophy that you’ll get after defeating the final boss, “Colonel Morozova.”
  2. This is one of the easiest trophies to find in Iron Horse Raid.
  3. After the second raid is done and dusted and you finally reach a conclusion to this great endeavor, go to the iron horse barrel.
  4. Go towards the opening of it and interact with it. You’ll finally receive the fourth backpack trophy of the Iron Horse raid.
  5. There’s also a bonus backpack trophy you’ll receive as a reward for completing Iron Horse called “Old Guard.”

So, that is it! I hope you found this Division 2 backpack trophy guide helpful. Best of luck hunting for them now, agents, and don’t let the raids intimidate you.

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