Division 2 DPS Builds
Division 2 DPS Builds

Guide: Best Division 2 DPS Builds

There are alot of possible build combinations in the game but the DPS builds are most used ones. Here are some of the best Division 2 DPS builds you can make in TU 12.1

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With the amount of loot variety in Division 2, there are tons of builds players can create and tailor to their playstyle. From pure assault rifle builds to skill builds that put out a lot of damage, there is a lot of diversity in DPS builds alone. Switching up your build can also make the game feel brand new (trust me I’ve been there!) So, let’s discuss the best division 2 DPS builds in title update 12.1 and help you decide which one is better for you. Since each build changes your playstyle.

The Glass Cannon DPS Build

Division 2 DPS Builds
The Glass Cannon Build

This is one of the earliest DPS builds of title update 8 and still is valid till the latest update. Calling it a “high-risk, high DPS” build would be an understatement due to the amount of damage you take after using it.

Build Breakdown

  1. Mask: Providence mask with 12% critical damage and 6% critical chance.
  2. Bag: Named Providence Bag-pack “The Gift” with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Perfect Vigilance” talent (25% Damage Buff that Disables on Damage for 3 Seconds)
  3. Chest Piece: Named Providence chest piece “Sacrifice” with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Perfect Glass Cannon” talent (30% Weapon Damage in exchange for 60% Increase in Damage Received)
  4. Gloves: Named Petrov gloves “Contractor’s Gloves” with 12% critical damage or 6% chance and 8% damage to armor.
  5. Holster: Groupo holster with 12% critical damage and 6% chance.
  6. Kneepads: Named Overload kneepads “Fox Prayer” with 8% damage out of cover and 12% critical damage or 6% chance.

For weapons, the best choice is to combine an LMG and rifle to get the most out of this build. You can use either an M60 or exotic LMG “Bullet King” to dish out consistent damage to enemies. For rifles, the best choice is going for an M1A or the named version called “Bakers Dozen”. For now, since I felt more comfortable using AR, I am using an “Eagle Bearer” with Famas with the In-Sync Talent.

Build Statistics and Explanation

Division 2 DPS Builds
Glass Cannon Build Stats

This build has almost max critical hit chance at 54% with high critical hit damage at 184%. Headshot damage and amplified armor as well as damage to targets out of cover, do a tremendous amount of damage. However, they aren’t the real stars of the show.

The main component of this build is the “Glass Cannon” chest piece that gives you 30% bonus damage, but in return, you also take 60% increased damage from NPCs. So how to play this build, considering the fact you’ll be taking additional damage? Well, how division 2 is meant to be played, in cover! If you play smart and stick to covers, you’ll easily clear out rooms full of elite NPC.

The Perfect Vigilance talent on your bag-pack also works in your favor for this build. Since you’ll be staying in cover, avoiding damage at all times, your vigilance will be up for more extended periods of time. This means you’ll have 30% damage from chest piece and 25% damage from bag-pack; you’ll be an unstoppable killing machine. That is until you step out of cover and play guns blazing, then it’s nighty night for you, agent.

The Explosive Regulus Build

Division 2 DPS Builds
The Explosive Regulus Build

As the name suggests, this build is set up around the explosion AOE effect of the exotic pistol “Regulus.” If you, like me, have been using just DPS builds up till now, this build will completely change the way you play.

Build Breakdown

  1. Mask: Named Douglas and Harding mask “Punch Drunk” with 12% critical damage or 6% critical chance and 20% headshot damage.
  2. Bag: Named Providence Bag-pack “The Gift” with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Perfect Vigilance” talent (25% Damage Buff that Disables on Damage for 3 Seconds)
  3. Chest Piece: Providence chest piece with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and “Headhunter” talent (After killing an enemy with a headshot, the following first shot will deal 125% additional damage and 1250% if headshot damage is above 150%)
  4. Gloves: Ceska gloves with 12% critical damage and 6% chance.
  5. Holster: Exotic “Dodge City Gunslinger” holster with 12% critical damage, 6% critical chance, and comes with “Quick Draw” talent.
    • When your pistol is holstered, gain a stack every 0.3 seconds up to 100 stacks. It’ll take 30 seconds to gain max stacks.
    • When you shoot your pistol, it will consume all the stacks accumulated until that point and deal 10% additional damage per stack.
    • On top of the extra damage, it will cause headshot damage no matter where you shoot on the enemy.
  6. Kneepads: Named Overload kneepads “Fox Prayer” with 8% damage out of cover and 12% critical damage or 6% chance.

You can go with rifles for weapons as they’ll take advantage of your specialisation and bonus damage from the kneepads. But primary and secondary weapons don’t matter anyway, as you’ll be shooting your pistol for the most part. This build is purely centred around regulus, and its talent, so let’s discuss it first.

Build Statistics and Explanation

Division 2 DPS Builds
Explosive Regulus Build Stats

Regulus is one of the two raid exotics introduced in the second raid “Iron Horse.” It’s not just a pistol with an excellent design; however, it packs a punch when it comes to headshots. Its talent is the main star of the show here, called “Regicide.”

  • When your headshot an enemy and they die, it creates a 5-meter explosion.
  • That explosion will deal 400% of the killing blow to the hostiles that are caught in it.
  • In addition to damage, surrounding hostiles will also be put under a bleed effect.

Now, onto the stats of this build. As you can see, I have focused more on getting a greater critical change at 54% and relatively lower critical damage at 117%. However, the headshot damage at 185% compensates the damage quite a lot and gives you more damage out of headhunter talent on your chest piece.

This build synergises together perfectly; let me tell you how. The gunslinger will be fully charged up at 100 stacks in 30 seconds. Until it gets charged, you can use your primary weapons from a distance. Once the gunslinger is max charged, switch to your pistol, and taking a headshot of an enemy (preferably a red) will instantly kill them.

When you kill your first enemy, it’s a killing spree from there. The gunslinger damage will be counted towards your headhunter talent and give you 1250% additional bonus damage per shot. That is a lot of damage and even can take out named enemies in one go if you play it right.

A Bulwark shield works perfectly here to protect you from any incoming damage. So, you can gradually push up on enemies and calmly land those critical headshots. You’ll also be getting multi-kills a lot since the AOE blast from the regulus will have bonus damage as well. The best specialization to use with this build is Sharpshooter, and it gives you additional headshot damage and stability perks.

Firestarter Status Build

Division 2 DPS Builds
Firestarter Status Effect Build

Are you bored from using weapons? Want to switch it up entirely and shift to another playstyle? Well, this build is for you then—all you’ll have to do and find a decent cover and watch everything burn to a crisp.

Build Breakdown

  1. Mask: Exotic mask “Vile” with 10% status effect, 10% hazard protection, and comes with a talent named “Toxic Delivery.”
    • Status effects apply damage over time debuff for 10 seconds.
    • The total damage dealt is equal to 50% damage of your concussion grenade and further increased by your status effect attributes.
  2. Bag: Eclipse Protocol (1/4) Bag-pack with 10% status effect and “Symptom Agrravator” talent (All damage to status affected enemies is increased by 30%)
  3. Chest Piece: Eclipse Protocol (2/4) chest piece with 10% status effect and “Proliferation” talent (Increases Indirect Transmission range to 15m and refresh percentage to 75)
  4. Gloves: Golan Gear gloves with 10% status effect.
  5. Holster: Eclipse Protocol (3/4) holster with 10% status effect.
  6. Kneepads: Eclipse Protocol (4/4) kneepads with 10% status effect.

For weapons, I highly recommend going with the exotic shotgun “Scorpio” due to its multi-status effect inducing talent. As a secondary, you can use any weapon with In-Sync talent as it increases both weapon damage and skill damage by 30%.

In this build, weapons aren’t the main highlight as your firestarter and burn sticky bomb will be doing the heavy lifting. Let’s discuss how exactly you’ll be playing this build.

Build Statistics and Explanation

Division 2 DPS Builds
Firestarter Status Effect Build Stats

As the name implies, this build heavily focuses on status effects and how much damage it’ll inflict onto the enemies. The initial explosion damage for sticky is almost 1.1, which is further increased by burn damage strengthened by status effect attributes. The firestarter has burn damage of 260k every tick and burns enemies for over 14 seconds.

After your first throw your firestarter or burn sticky towards enemies, that is when all the gears start to turn. First, the “Toxic Delivery” talent from the Vile mask becomes activated, amplifying your status effect. Then, “Indirect Transmission” talent from the eclipse protocol becomes activated as soon as an enemy die. This talent spreads the status effect to all the nearby enemies.

This cycle continues until either every enemy is wiped out or they are positioned far apart. However, you have to time your skills right. Take this fact into consideration that your burn sticky takes significantly longer to recharge than your firestarter charges. On the other hand, the burn sticky is quick to deploy and does more damage to enemies than the firestarter, which takes a while to trigger.

This may be a laid-back build and an easy-to-use build, but many things can quickly go wrong. “If you play with fire, you shall get brunt!.” This quote fits perfectly here as there is a high risk to throw a skill nearby and end up damaging yourself accidentally. Even one of the charges is dealy enough to take your agent down, so it’s best to make to stay clean of the burn radius. Other than that, this build is simply phenomenal, especially when up against hoards of enemies.

The Mortar Build

Division 2 DPS Builds
The Mortar Build

There’s no greater feeling in division 2 than just sitting back and dropping mortar on those enemies who gave you a hard time before. Similar to the previous status effect build, this is another skill build but instead focuses on explosive damage.

Build Breakdown

  1. Mask: Groupo Mask with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste, and roll skill tier instead of weapon damage as the main attribute.
  2. Bag: Named Hana-U Bag-pack “Force Multiplier” with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste, and “Perfect Combined Arms” talent (Increases skill damage by 30% on shooting an enemy for 3s)
  3. Chest Piece: China Light chest piece with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste, and “Glass Cannon” talent (Grants 25% bonus weapon damage in exchange for amplifying damage received by 50%)
  4. Gloves: Groupo gloves with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste.
  5. Holster: Hana-U holster with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste.
  6. Kneepads: Wyvern Wear kneepads with 10% skill damage, 12% skill haste.

We’ll be using the exotic assault rifle “Capacitor” and Famas with “In-Sync” talent for weapons. Here, Capacitor is a great choice due to its talent called “Capacitance” which is great for DPS skill builds.

  • Each shot gives you 1 stack, which can be built up to 40 stacks.
  • Every stack will give you 1.5% Weapon damage. On full stacks, you can expect 60% bonus skill damage just from your primary weapon alone.
  • Based on your skill tier, you’ll get 7.5% weapon damage per tier for this gun. Since this build is an all-skill build, you’ll get 45% bonus weapon damage on this weapon.

Build Statistics and Explanation

Division 2 DPS Builds
The Mortar Build Stats

The primary skill we’ll use is the Artillery Turret, a.k.a Mortar. To acquire this skill, you’ll have to switch to demolitionist specialization first, then invest specialization points into Artillery turret. Our build has mainly stocked up on skill damage and explosive damage, so you can expect booming results. From the above stats page, you can see the base damage for Artillery Turret is almost 4 million. Similarly, the cluster seeker mines are the secondary skill. They also pack a punch, 3.2 million damage punch to be precise.

All you have to do is simply take cover and set up your Artillery Turret in an open area. Unlead your seeker mines and try to stack up as many “Capacitor” stacks as you can before enemies fully agro on you. Now simply start using your turret at enemies and watch them blow up. Similar to status build, the key is to get enemies that are grouped together first instead of focusing on the ones that are far apart.

This build is relatively more straightforward to use than the aforementioned status build. The key to this build’s playstyle is finding a cover spot with a clear view of the enemies. Positioning yourself behind obstructions can prove to be a huge disadvantage for this build. And yes, did I mention that you can also one-shot yourself with this build? The Artillery can ricochet off the walls as well, so try not to trick shot your agent into kingdom come.

Ending Thoughts

All of the builds mentioned above allow you to experience Division 2 in a new way and should be tried at least once. Running similar builds over and over through the same missions can become monotonous at times. Changing up your playstyle and trying new builds is a quick and easy way to freshen up your experience of Division 2. As always, the builds mentioned above are simply templates and can be improved upon according to your liking. Other than that, I hope you’ll have a great time experimenting with these builds and have a blast at the game. Best of luck agents!

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