Division 2 Shield Build: Best Tank and PVP Build

Today's guide will cover everything about Division 2 Shield Build. It is extremely popular right now so be sure that you effectively use it.

Division 2 Shield Build
Division 2 Shield Build

The beautiful thing about The Division 2 is that players can try out various builds – like the assault rifle build, to see which suits their playstyle best. Some people prefer damaging builds, while others want one where they can tank damage for their team. Today we will be looking at Division 2 Best Shield Build. Whether you want to try this with a team or solo, this build will allow you to tank the enemy bullets like they are nothing.

Keep in mind that this build like Merciless will also allow you to function well in PVP and the Dark Zones. You will gain absurdly high durability, allowing you to take much more damage than anyone normally can.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight into The Division 2 Best Shield Build.

Key Points

  • The Division 2 Shield Build is popular for its ability to take damage for the team and work well in PVP and Dark Zones.
  • The Ballistic Shield with the Deflector mod and the Chem Launcher with the Reinforcer mod are the two key abilities needed for the build.
  • The Deflector mod is effective for durability and overall effectiveness, allowing the player to block and deflect incoming damage, reducing the time needed to defeat enemies. The Reinforcer mod repairs armor and the Ballistic Shield, further enhancing durability.
  • The Liberty Exotic Sidearm is the best choice for the build, as it deals 100% damage to turrets and drones and has a secondary talent that significantly boosts its damage.
  • Equipping the Providence Defense Set is also crucial, as it increases your Skill Power, Health, and damage dealt, and provides bonuses to headshot damage and critical strikes.
  • The Recharged Talent should be equipped on your primary weapon, as it grants 25% duration to all charges and increases the ammo on your skills by 25%.
  • A second long-range weapon, such as the Nemesis Exotic Sniper, is recommended for dealing with long-range enemies.
  • The Capacitive Talent should be used on at least three of your armor items to increase the duration of your skills.
  • Equipping two items of the Alps Summit Set will increase your cooldown reduction and Skill Power.
  • The Survivor specialization is a good choice for a shield build as it decreases damage received from elite enemies, increases sidearm damage, and increases healing received.

Division 2 Best Shield Build Active Abilities

Division 2 Shield Build
The Ballistic Shield is extremely helpful

Thanks to the latest updates, shields have evolved in Division 2. Since skills and skills health have been buffed, you can add the skill health because that will spec towards your shield, making you more durable. With this build, you will be able to solo a legendary mission ridiculously easily.

Let’s discuss all the things that you will need to complete this build.

Ballistic Shield with Deflector Mod

While you can certainly use other modifications, they are not as effective as the Deflector mod. It has no competition when it comes to durability and overall effectiveness. The best part is that you not only block tons of incoming damage, but you deflect it as well. This decreases the time needed to defeat your enemy as they are quite literally damaging themselves.

On top of that; once you upgrade the mod, you’ll be able to redirect around 500,000 damage back to the enemy before breaking your shield.

Chem Launcher with Reinforcer Mod

Division 2 Shield Build
Always use the Chem Launcher when in trouble

Naturally, you’ll want to have an ability that repairs all of your armor once it takes damage. This is where the Reinforcer mod comes into play. You will be able to use the Chem Launcher to create an area of smoke that will repair the armor of everyone inside its radius. It not only repairs the character’s armor but repairs the Ballistic Shield as well.

It further enhances your durability, and you’ll be able to take more hits before your shield breaks. Both of these abilities are a must-have if you want to try out The Division 2 Shield Build.

Now let’s take a look at what equipment you should use to improve the quality of this build.

Equipment Required

Division 2 Shield Build
Good gear can help out a lot

The equipment you use heavily impacts the effectiveness of this build. I’ve tried tons of different equipment, but the one I’m about to discuss below was the best. This equipment has been tested in various situations, in PVE and PVP. While you might not prefer some of these items, I can tell you for a fact that these go best with The Division 2 Shield Build.

Liberty Exotic Sidearm

Since you can only use sidearms when equipping the shield, the Liberty exotic pistol is the best choice for you. This is mostly due to its outstanding talents, allowing your bullets to deal 100% damage to turrets, drones, etc. The secondary talent boosts the base damage of the weapon significantly. When you focus on a weak point or destroy an electronic, the next bullet will deal about 500% increased damage. That’s not all; if that empowered attack kills an enemy, the entire magazine will reset, and you’ll deal 100% increased damage on every hit.

This makes taking out enemies and electronics a breeze. You will deflect all incoming damage due to your shield and deal tons of damage with your sidearm.

Providence Defense Set

Division 2 Shield Build
Providence Defense perks

Having the Providence Defense Set is crucial. Equipping the whole set not only increases your Skill Power; it also increases Health and damage dealt. This set is ideal if you are looking for a durable build. Collecting it is also relatively easy.

You deal 15% bonus headshot damage and have your critical chance increased by 10%. Not only that, but your critical strikes also deal a bonus of 15% damage. Combine this with the enhanced damage of your Liberty Exotic, and you got yourself high damage dealing weapon. You can potentially replace this with the Richter & Kaiser Set if you want to focus more on your Ballistic Shield. But having this extra damage is extremely useful if you want to deal with enemies in a quick fashion while still maintaining Accuracy and Stability.

Recharged Talent on Primary Weapon

This one is simple. It would be best if you equipped this talent on your primary weapon as it grants 25% duration to all charges – including your Chem Launcher. You’ll be able to repair your armor for a greater duration, making you potentially unkillable. Some players might even consider this combination to be broken since there is no counterplay and your character regenerates their armor quickly.

Plus, the ammo on your skills also increases by 25%, courtesy of the Recharged Talent. The best part about this is that you do not have to use your primary weapon to use this talent. You can have your shield equipped and still be able to use it without any issues.

Second Long-Range Weapon

Nemesis Exotic Sniper

The only major downside of this build is that you are not good against long-range enemies. If you are facing opponents that use a sniper rifle or assault rifle while hiding behind cover, you’ll have a difficult time damaging them. To counter this, I recommend having a second long-range weapon equipped – like the Merciless, which is a semi-automatic rifle. It will allow you to deal with enemies at a distance while you can use your pistol to take care of enemies close to you.

Other Elements

You should also use the Capacitive Talent on at least 3 of your armor items. This talent will allow your skills to have their duration increased by 20%. Since you already have the Recharged Talent, stacking this will give your Chem Launcher almost 85% more duration. This is a huge game-changer as you will fully repair your armor and be ready to tank all that damage again.

Another thing I suggest is having two items of the Alps Summit Set. Having them equipped will increase your cooldown reduction by 10% and boost your overall Skill Power.


Various Specializations to choose from

Specializations are an integral part of The Division 2. After the player reaches level 30, you can choose a specialization that you can focus your build around. Each one has its own unique perks, skills, and weapons. There are 6 main specializations you can choose from in The Division 2.

For this build, we will, without a doubt, choose the Survivor specialization. Having that will allow you to decrease the damage received from elite enemies. Plus, it increases your sidearm damage and increases the healing you receive. As you can probably tell, this goes perfectly with our shield build.

Tips to Use This Build

Division 2 Shield Build

Now that you have everything equipped, let’s look at how you should play to utilize this build fully.

The Ballistic Shield

Your Ballistic Shield will absorb all the damage, but keep in mind that it only blocks attacks from the front. The back and sides are vulnerable, so always position yourself in a way where you are not taking damage from all sides. Another thing to note is that the shield does not block explosion damage; if you see a grenade, it’s better to run away.

Also, once you activate the shield, you will see a durability bar above it. Always keep an eye on that bar so you can react accordingly if it gets too low. The best tip I can give is to always disable your shield once the durability bar is about to reach zero. It will only give you a 1-second cooldown before you can use the shield again. Otherwise, if you let it be destroyed, you’ll have to wait much longer before being able to use it.

Chem Launcher is your Best Friend

Regularly use the Chem Launcher, as it will allow you to continue using your shield. If you get low on armor, double-tap the Chem Launcher ability, and your character will drop it on its location. As long as you are in the smoke of the launcher, you’ll continue repairing. Combined with the mods and equipment, your Chem Launcher will be lasting for a lot longer than usual. Also, it will be twice as practical, thanks to your armor sets. Always make sure to keep sidestepping so that you take as minor damage as possible.

This can also assist your allies greatly. If they are low on health and have no way to regenerate it, use the Chem Launcher on them. You will be a massive asset to the team in the form of a tank and providing utility.

Use the Pistol’s Talents

Many players don’t effectively use their weapon talents. The Liberty is one of the best sidearms to use with a shield in the game. Always make sure that you target your enemies’ weak spots to gain that mind-blowing 500% damage. If you properly use these talents, you will be unstoppable and take out enemies within seconds. Even enemies with massive health bars will fall victim to your Liberty Exotic.


Division 2 Shield Build
Cover for The Division 2

The Division 2 Shield Build allows you to have durability, utility, and damage. It is ideal for solo players as well as people who prefer playing a team game. Make sure that the enemy is always focusing on you so that your team can run around freely without any fear of dying. With the proper usage of talents, weapons, and skills; you will quite literally be unkillable. You have high amounts of defense, and on top of that, you can repair all of that just as quickly. I tried out multiple builds before concluding that this shield build is possibly the best one. The equipment mentioned, combined with all the mods, all compliment each other greatly.

That does it for my guide about The Division 2 Shield Build. Try it out for yourself to see just how good this is. Kindly leave a comment below telling me about your favorite build in the game you love using.

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