The Division 2 Tank Build: Best Build Guide

Do you know how to make a tank build in The Division 2? No? Check out our guide her and learn everything about creating Division 2 tank build.

Division 2 tank build
Complete Guide on The Division 2 Tank Build

Developed by Massive Entertainment and Published by Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 or more commonly known as “The Division 2” is the spiritual successor to the first Division game. Unlike the first game, which was set in chaotic New York, the second game takes place in Washington D.C., where agents take onto the path of restoring balance in the capital and find possible leads connected with the genetically engineered virus known as the “Green Poison.” Similar to the first game, the sequel continues the skill and gear-based RPG formula. As agents, players must survive the enemy assault by fighting them in PVE story-based missions and raids or PVP conflicts. This is why we have curated a Division 2 tank build guide to provide useful information to create a high-survivability build that can withstand tough times.

Key Takeaways

  • The Demolition Specialization is recommended for the tank build, providing burn resistance, explosive damage absorption, and damage boost to teammates. It also helps to receive individual and collective benefits and remain alive for a longer duration under heavy incoming enemy firepower.
  • The Scorpio Shotgun is the primary weapon recommended for the tank build, along with the Cavalry TAC-Pack for amplifying damage dealt.
  • The Enhanced G36 is suggested as the secondary weapon, and the Backup Boomstick shotgun is the sidearm.
  • The Foundry Bulwark gear set is recommended for enormous armor and shield regeneration over time, and the Tardigrade Armor System is for bonus armor when an ally’s armor breaks.
  • The Crusader shield and Reviver Hive are suggested as the skills to use with the tank build.
  • The Tank Build offers several advantages, such as high survivability and the ability to divert enemy fire away from teammates. However, it also comes with a couple of disadvantages, including lower damage output and slower movement speed.

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The dynamic builds versatility and allows players to approach and engage PvE or PvP-based conflicts with a strategy. For instance, the DPS build will allow an agent to melt an enemy in a one-versus-one conflict or turn the tide of battle when a teammate is down. Similarly, the assault rifles build focuses heavily on equipping the high-damage and the best assault rifles in the game.

Then there is a shield-based build that is an excellent pick for PvP conflicts.  Regardless of your objectives while playing The Division 2, such as farming a Merciless exotic weapon or trying to get all backpack trophies, you must always rock a build that has decent damage and survivability. This is why rocking a tank build will solve most, if not all, of your problems while playing The Division 2 solo or in a party.

The Division 2 Tank Build

We have suggested gear sets, weapon types, specializations, and skills to make a tank build in Division 2 that can be used in PvP or PvE scenarios.


For starters, players must pick the Demolition Specialization for this build. There are two benefits one can get by going with this specialization. First, it offers a 20 percent burn resistance from incoming fire damage, which is ideal for the Iron Horse raid and PvP as well. Second, not only do you benefit from this specialization, but your teammates also gain additional damage just by remaining 10 meters near you.  Furthermore, the demolition specialization also gives an agent the ability to absorb explosive damage every 60 seconds, which comes in handy, especially while doing raids. On top of that, your teammates land 5 percent more damage to enemies hiding behind a cover.

This is why for a viable Division tank build, you must equip Demolition Specialization to receive individual and collective benefits and remain alive for a longer duration under heavy incoming enemy fire-power.


Gear is the second most important aspect that defines how good or bad a build will turn out while engaging with the enemies. We have a few suggestions for the primary and secondary weapons that synergies well with the tank build.

Scorpio Shotgun

Scorpio Shotgun is the primary weapon players should equip while running with the tank build we have suggested. This exotic shotgun weapon is rare, but you can get it dropped by completing targeted loot and raid missions. Moreover, the Scorpio Shotgun weapon gives better results if you the Cavalry TAC- Pack. This is because the Cavalry TAC- Pack comes with “Opportunistic” talent, which amplifies the damage the player deals to enemies while using a shotgun for 10% for 5 seconds. The amplification multiplies the total damage you give to enemies, so this combo increases your DPS by a decent value. Arguably, the Opportunistic talent is probably the strongest talent with any Division 2 tank build.

The Mop

You can also go with “The Mop” exotic shotgun if that fancies you better than the Scorpio Shotgun. However, equipping the Cavalry TAC- Pack is still an essential gear component regardless of shotgun weapon type.

Division 2 tank build
The Mop Exotic Weapon Description

Enhanced G36

The Enhanced G36 should be kept as the secondary weapon for this tank build. The weapon’s “Optimist” talent gives players a 3 percent damage boost for every 10% ammo that is fired from the magazine. The secondary gun in our tank build acts as a damage dealer as well.

Division 2 tank build
Enhanced G36 Weapon Description

Backup Boomstick Shotgun

Finally, for the sidearm, you must go with the Backup Boomstick shotgun. This is because if you run out of ammo in raids, this sidearm deals a ton of damage. Also, sidearms have unlimited ammo, so you can rely on it until you get the shotgun ammo back. Moreover, the “Opportunistic” talent also applies to this sidearm.


As for the gear set, we highly recommend going with the Foundry Bulwark gear pieces. This is because it offers enormous armor and shield regeneration over time. For example, equipping two Foundry Bulwark gear pieces gives an agent 10 percent armor regeneration. Moreover, if you go with three set pieces, an agent receives one percent armor regeneration and 50 percent shield health. Furthermore, the four set pieces give an agent the “Makeshift Repairs” talent, which adds a 20% health and shield whenever you take damage for a time period of 15 seconds. This talent is constantly refreshed, so you are basically healing while taking damage, perfect for a tank build.

Moreover, for decent armor, going with “Tardigrade” Armor System will prove beneficial. Its “Ablative Nano-Plating” talent is vital for this build. This is because whenever your or any ally’s armor breaks, they gain 80% of your armor as bonus armor for the next ten seconds. Keep in mind that it does have a cooldown of 45 seconds. Other than that, this armor is probably the most used for Division 2 Tank Build.


For the skills, you need to use the Crusader shield. Make sure you are running with the Holstered regeneration and the active regeneration mods to get the most of the said shield.

Division 2 tank build
Crusade Shield Description

Reviver Hive is an excellent pick for the second skill while rocking this tank build. It allows an agent to revive other teammates or revive self in the case of KIA.

Division 2 tank build
Reviver Hive Description

That is pretty much everything you need to know about The Divison 2 Tank Build. Let us know in the comments section which builds are your favorites in The Division 2 and have you ever tried the tank build before or not.

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