Answered: Do Trees Regrow In Sons of The Forest?

As an open-world game, players sometime leave out the fact that in-game objects are lost permanently. Which may not be the case every time!

Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest

Do trees regrow in Sons of the Forest? They most certainly do, my friends! Cutting trees can provide players with logs, sticks, and leaves to craft one of the finest items in the game. Almost half of them are used in survival mode, which is why certain players ask themselves if trees do regrow in the game.

If you want to keep an unlimited supply of materials made of wood, you will need to ensure you leave out the stumps whenever you chop down trees. The logic behind this process significantly relates to how the real world operates.

Trees can regrow best if their stumps are not cut down with the rest of the tree. Similarly, Sons of the Forest includes that same process in its system, allowing players unlimited wood supply.

However, it is to be noted that once you cut down a tree along with its stump, it will not regrow. With that in mind, you should only remove a tree wholly if you’re entirely sure you won’t need it in the future. Moreover, building a base in a 5-10 mile radius holds the perfect reason to chop down trees entirely.

Who wants a tree growing in the middle of their base? No one likes the idea of having a bulge within the walls of their base, taking up unnecessary space.

Key Takeaways

  • Trees can regrow on their own only if the stump is untouched.
  • They take time to grow; eventually, you can cut them down for more wood and sticks.
  • The only logical reason to cut down a whole tree, including its stump, would be if you wanted to build a base around that area.
  • Cutting down trees gives you limited wood, sticks, and leaves.
  • These materials are essential for crafting exceptional bases, weapons, and traps.
  • If you want a tree to regrow, leave its stump intact.

Can You Grow Trees in Sons of the Forest?

Here you can see a stump around fully grown trees.

The answer to the question on hand can be one of two ways: Trees can regrow, and you cannot grow them yourselves. There are multiple instances where a player can plant various seeds in their garden. However, the option to plant trees in Sons of the Forest is unavailable.

Gaining seeds for various plants can be noticed when picking up berries and whatnot. A player can undergo a wide array of activities and tasks when playing the game, and gardening is one of them. But taking that into a different perspective must be considered.

They can also regrow independently if you leave their stumps untouched. While chopping down trees, ensure you don’t remove the stump. The reason is simple; the stump allows the tree to regrow to its original size and shape.

Although the method is time-consuming, it is still practical to leave behind trails of stumps to have an abundance of resources that trees provide.

Why are we giving massive consideration and importance to trees, you wonder? Without a doubt, trees help a player survive the game effectively by building traps, bases, weapons, and walls. And you need to leave a heavy amount of stumps behind if you plan on chopping down the same tree again for more resources.

You can later assign Kelvin to chop down trees once they regrow. Are there an infinite number of resources in Sons of the Forest? We can never be too sure!

Now that we clearly understand trees and their growth, let’s look at the benefits of the resources it provides.

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The Purpose of Wood in Sons of the Forest

Basic Shelf
Although this is an ordinary shelf, you can craft advance level objects in Sons of the Forest including traps and spiked walls!

Earlier, we talked about regrowth in trees. We also found out that trees provide players with wood and other items. Players can use the material acquired from trees to craft weapons, shelter, a unique base, traps, and armor. Below we’ll enlist all the uses for wood in the game.

There will also be uses for a few cut-up logs along these lines!

Fire WoodUse an Axe to cut down logs vertically down the middle.
FloorUse an Axe to cut down logs in half.
DoorMake a wall from the logs you gained and stack them up together. Vertically cut them down from the middle to place them to make a doorway that you can open/close.
RoofOnce you have a floor and walls built by logs, use the vertically cut logs and place them as planks for the roof.
Advanced Tree Shelter95 Logs. You'll need them half-chopped and 68 regular logs. For more details you can check out videos on YouTube.
Look out Tower 60 Logs and 1 Rope. There should be 49 regular logs and 11 planks.
Crafted Spear2 Sticks, Utility Knife, and a Duct Tape.
Crafted Bow2 Sticks, Rope, and a Duct Tape.
Stone Arrow4 small Stones, 2 Sticks, and 2 Feathers.
TorchStick and Cloth.
Repair ToolStick, Stone, and Rope.
Bone Armor4 Bones, 1 Rope, and 1 Duct Tape.
Mannequin20 Sticks, and 5 Duct Tapes.
Wall Shelf2 Sticks and 1 Log.
Bone Maker Trap2 Sticks, 3 leaves, 1 Rope, and 1 Bottled Vodka.
Fly Swatter Trap10 Sticks, 1 Rope, and 3 Rocks.
Bed16 Sticks and 1 Duct Tape.
Wall Shelf1 half Plank and 2 Sticks.
Stick Storage6 Sticks.
Log Storage8 Sticks
Shelf2 Logs
Small Animal Trap14 Sticks
Fish Trap25 Sticks
Small Log Cabin75 Logs

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I have provided an answer to the question that arose in everyone’s mind, along with a tabular format for the requirements of crafting wood-related objects. With that, I end my guide on “Do Trees Regrow in Sons of the Forest.”

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