Do We Prefer Video Games Based On Nostalgia?

Are your video game choices influenced by nostalgia, or is it just a coincidence.

kids playing video games with controller in hand
Video Games and Nostalgia Relationship

Gaming has evolved over the years progressively. While some of the latest AAA games catch the eye of the audience, there is always a video game stuck at the back of our heads. 

Key Takeaways

  • Every Video Game has a special connection to your Core Memory.
  • Our childhood interests guided the games we wanted to play to some degree.
  • Nostalgia weighs heavily in deciding the new titles we want to buy.

Can Games Be Connected To Core Memories?

It is conceivable that even if we enjoy playing the recently released games, we will always have a soft spot in our hearts for the games we played as kids. Getting home from school, opening a certain game on the console, and playing it with your cousins, friends, or siblings. 

Pciture of Doom 2
Doom 2 Game

When I was younger, in the early 2010s, I became obsessed with playing video games. It was a time of split-screen video games, which you could play for hours on end with your buddies. Virtual Cop 2, Doom 2, and even more difficult games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City were examples of this. These have certainly left a benchmark in our brains which we look for in new titles.

With friends, you may lose yourself on the console for hours at a time and create priceless memories quickly. Even though these games weren’t the greatest available at the time. We fell in love with these games because of the relationships we made along the road. 

Playing Video Games Based On Interests

We also liked to play some games since they had a connection to a character or topic we were fond of in the past. This might be any superheroes we loved as children or any characters from movies that we used to watch.

When Cartoon Network first started airing back in the day, we thought the video games that were linked to those cartoons were the world to us.

At the time, we weren’t quite aware of or interested in complicated popular games, but we also didn’t feel that we had to be. We didn’t care about the games’ shortcomings since there was so much excitement and a strong link between our hobbies and the games we played at the time. We overlooked any flaws in them. 

Similarly, it did not matter if you were playing on a PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or PSP. Most of the video games released could be played on any platform, so it became a way to discuss with your friends nonetheless. There were also cross-platform games which offered more diverse experiences. 

Introduction To Multiplayer World

Introducing oneself to the multiplayer realm is a significant milestone in the life of each gamer. You might spend a significant portion of your gaming time playing single-player games, but if you dive into multiplayer competitive games, you’ll discover an entirely new gaming universe. Once more, you play the game despite its lack of widespread notoriety. Why is that?

Playing the same rivalry games over and over again makes you feel driven to improve. At some point, you either start to get the hang of it or just meet new people. We all have those unique games that we spend countless hours playing for this reason.

Despite playing the new AAA titles, you eventually one day come back to those old timers. You realize how simple it used to be back then. It also unlocks a special memory from your past. So you always feel comfort in playing your “Once most loved” video game. 

Nostalgia Decides What Video Game You Want To Play Next 

New games are released annually as time goes on. And now here we are, searching for prequels or sequels to our previous games. Alternatively, we are only looking for ideas that resemble games we used to play. We sort of search for the same things in the new video games because of our nostalgia.

For instance, the captivating gameplay and storyline of Grand Theft Auto: VI have a devoted fan following eagerly awaiting its arrival. Some of us, however, are just drawn to the Grand Theft Auto franchise because it defines who we are as video game players. Something that allows you to experience modern-day superior graphics while traveling back in time. A blend of the two.

Fifa 14 18 23 video game comparison
Fifa 14 – Fifa 18 – Fifa 23

Even when the more recent titles fall short of the expectations. Consider some of the newer Fifa titles in comparison to the older ones.

However, we continue to purchase them annually due to an incredible subconscious connection. Wishing for the same joy we experienced a year ago. This turns out to be accurate for the most part, which is unexpected.

A major gaming fanbase always wants remakes of the original games. With the new advancements in the modern gaming era, we want to experience the same emotions but in high definition. 

To some extent, it is true nostalgia defines our interest in games. It does not matter if the video game you are playing is regarded as “good” or “bad”.  What matters is you are having a good time. In the end, the classics will always have a close spot in our hearts. 

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