Does Soap Die In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

Learn everything about the event taking place against Makarov and his army and if Soap gets to live or die in the end of the quest.

Does Soap Dies?
Does Soap Dies?

Key Takeaways

  • Price and Soap are given the task of disabling the bomb in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
  • Makarov gets in the middle of a task and starts shooting at Price and Soap.
  • While saving Price, Soap tries to disable Makarov and gets shot by him in the heading, leading to his death.

If you are wondering whether Soap makes it or not at the end of Call of Duty MW 3, then look no further, as I’ll share all the details with you right here. Let’s get started!

Does Soap Die or Survive?

The journey of this unfavorable situation begins during the “Trojan Horse” Mission. So, while doing the mission, Soap and Captain Price are given the task of bomb defuse. They are supposed to take down the bomb located under the London Subway. Upon reaching there, they start analyzing it and communicating with each other.

The Torjan Horse Mission
The Torjan Horse Mission (Captured By Us)

Price asks Soap about the next step, and Soap instructs him further. Then he asks Price for the second number, and Price tells him the specific number in answer. Then they figure out which wire they have to cut to prevent the explosion; right at this moment,

Makarov makes a surprise entrance and opens the fire directly…..This is the scene where I got a sudden shock, as this was unexpected, and all the attention was towards completing the assigned task. Well, Price and Soap get shot.

Makarov Attacks Price and Soap
Makarov Attacks Price and Soap (Captured By Us)

Makarov turns to Price and points the gun toward him with the intention of making him shoot more. Before he may have done anything like this, Soap gets up and makes an attack on Makarov in order to stop him.

But unfortunately, his hand gets bent, and the Makarov shoots him directly in the head. 

Soap's death in Cod MW 3
Soap’s death in Cod MW 3 (Captured By Us)

After this, the other team members also get in there and start shooting at the enemies. Leaving Soap lying on the ground, they continue to do the mission as they have to defuse the bomb, so despite having the will to help their mate,

They see themselves as helpless in the present situation. Once they are done with dealing with the enemies, Price instructs them to find and cut the wire. Afterward, Ghost sits beside the Soap, and the next scene comes.

At this point, I know you must be hoping that they may have become successful in saving his life. But the new scene begins with Laswell writing a report in which Soap’s name is written in front of the KIA section. Now it becomes clear that, sadly, Soap is no more, and his funeral takes place.

Soap's Funeral
Soap’s Funeral (Captured By Us)

In the last scene, Ghost, Gaz, and Price stand at the edge of the cliff and pass remarks in honor of Soap; in the end, they set his ashes free and walk back with heavy hearts.

Verdict On Soap’s Death

In my opinion Soap has been a prominent character throughout the series and we all have so much respect for him. Losing a Comrade like that left you hurt and empty. I wish there could be something that can be done in order to save him but that stayed a wish and now I’m looking forward to how Task Force 141 deal with this loss and what decisions Price will make. Let me know your thoughts about Soap’s death and I’ll catch you in the next one. Stay Frosty Soldiers!

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