Dwarf Fortress: The Best Seeds

This Guide explains about the best seeds in Dwarf fortress. It also describes the uses, farming, brewing, and method to get the seeds.

Best Seeds in Dwarf Fortress
Best Seeds

Dwarf Fortress is one of the most complex construction simulation games out there. The seeds in this game are a crucial part of the fortresses as the dwarves depend on them to grow crops so they can consume them and survive.

Key Takeaways

  • Seeds play a vital role in the survival of the dwarfs, and there are various methods to obtain them, such as farming. 
  • We will be covering Plump Helmets seeds, among the best seeds you can harvest in the game.
  • Various methods to get plump Helmets seeds are also discussed in detail.

Best Seeds In Dwarf Fortress

Best Seeds
Best Seeds In Dwarf Fortress (Image Credits: Blind)

There are many seeds in the game, and each one of them is used to grow a different crop. Not all of them are of equal importance, however. Plump Helmets seeds are pretty common and easy to grow and consume, which makes them crucial for the survival of dwarves.

Hence, they can be considered the best seeds in the game. They are plant-based seeds that are grown into purple-headed mushrooms.

Uses Of Plump Helmets

Plump Helmets are all-rounders when it comes to their usage. The dwarves can intake them in different forms, which have been explained below :

  • Eating raw: The most basic use of the Plump Helmets is to eat them raw. As they are mushrooms, they can be safely eaten raw by the dwarves to satisfy their hunger and sustain their normal functionality.
  • Brew into wine and drink: Plump Helmets can be brewed into wine in the still and then drank by the dwarves. It can be used to quench their thirst just like water, but giving them wine will make them happy.
  • Cook and eat: They can also be cooked by the dwarves in the kitchen and consumed. The dwarves will have positive thoughts by eating cooked mushrooms, increasing their performance.

Methods To Get Seeds For Plump Helmets

Making Plump Helmets require a farm like any other game plant. The essential ingredient here is the seeds. They are collected in bags (so make sure you have empty bags available) through different activities and then used in farm plots to grow more Plump Helmets.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get these seeds :

Eating raw Plump Helmets

When Plump Helmets are eaten raw, they leave behind the spawn, the seeds that will be used to grow more of them. As the dwarves keep consuming them, you will also keep getting the spawn that has to be collected in bags for farming.


Just like when eaten raw, brewing them into wine will leave behind the spawn that will be collected and used to harvest more on the farm. So here is another easy way to obtain seeds. There is a process for brewing which is explained later in the article.


This is another way of getting seeds. Wait for a trader to come by in the caravan and do the deed. It is that simple. But depending on this measure is risky as we do not know when the traders will come or whether they will have these seeds to trade.

Although we can request the traders to bring the seeds the next time they come if they do not have them, it is still time-consuming and cannot be used as the last resort if you have run out of them. The dwarves could have been starved to death by then.

Farming and brewing

As mentioned above, a farm is needed to grow Plump Helmets. Now we will explain how a farm is created for the crops to be grown.

Farming and brewing
Farming and brewing

First, dig an area of normal size (for example, 10 by 7 blocks). Dig another smaller area (for example, 7 by 5 blocks, considering the above example has been used) below or above this area and connect both regions by digging a pathway of 1 or 2 blocks so the dwarves can travel between them.

The larger one will be used for farm plots, and the smaller one for storage and brewing purposes. After that, create a stockpile in the smaller region on one side, covering around two-thirds of the space.

The stockpile is the storage place where all the goods are stored. Since we only want seeds in this one, go to the stockpile options and set them for seeds only. That’s it! It has been set up and is ready to hold your stock.

Still Construction

Construct A still
Still Construction

The next step is constructing a still. All the brewing of the local wines takes place here. Use the area that was left empty after creating the stockpile to build it. Once its construction has been completed, go to the still options and add a new task of ‘brew from a plant.’

The brewing needs barrels to store the brewed wine, so make sure you have empty barrels available. There you go. The brewing aspect has just been covered. Once the Plump Helmets are brewed, you will get the spawn left behind, and the wine can be drunk by the dwarves.

Farm Plot

Farm Plot Creation
Farm Plot

The last step is to create a farm plot. Use the larger region that was dug earlier to create it. The good thing about the Plump Helmets is that they can be grown in all four seasons. So go to farm plot settings and check the Plump Helmet option in all seasons.

In this way, their farming will never stop, and you will not run out of them.


  1. There are a few things, though, that you have to keep in mind while farming the seeds. The most important one is the sustainability of its seeds. Once you run out of them, your dwarves will be in danger if other food alternatives are also low in stock.  
  2. Cooking the Plump Helmets will cause loss of the spawn. Dwarves are not clever enough to remove the mushrooms’ seeds before cooking them. That means you will not gain any seeds. This can be detrimental in case you run out of them. To avoid this, go to the kitchen settings and disable the cooking permission so the dwarves will not cook them on their own, and your spawn will be saved.
  3. In contrast, if it ever happens that you have grown many more Plump Helmets than needed, you will have difficulty managing them. In this case, you can enable the cooking option again and eliminate the excessive produce.

Closing Remarks

Dwarf Fortress has many consumable items available for the dwarves, but it becomes easier when you know the system behind the most useful ones. If you manage the resources carefully, you will no longer have to worry about them.

And luckily, you can achieve that by following this thorough guide as we have explained the usage and methods to make the best seeds available in the game. We will come up with new exciting guides, so stay tuned and keep reading our work.

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