Dwarf Fortress: Best Tips and Tricks

How to Get Into Dwarf Fortress For Beginners

Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Setup

Dwarf Fortress has revolutionized the modern gaming industry due to its outclass build since its release. The current game is based on making the colonies of your choice by choosing a beautiful site in the fantasy world. In Dwarf Fortress, you can build your best fortress according to your desire. Moreover, the game is a bit hard as beginners must learn how to construct their fortress effectively. This guide will lead you to the Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks necessary to get into the game.

Dwarf Fortress is an open-ended game in which you can make your fantasy World. Furthermore, there are certain dangers to your fortress in the game. There are enemy attacks, monster strikes, and many more threats. For that reason, it is crucial to build your fort reasonably so that you can protect your defense. Furthermore, you can earn wealth and maintain your fantasy world economy.

As you know, different species are present in the Dwarf Fortress, so you must take care of them. It would be best if you learned Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks to get into the game.

Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Beginning

Key Takeaways

  • For beginners, Tips and Tricks are vital to properly building the fortress.
  • The Military should be available to protect the fortress and its creatures in Dwarf Fortress.
  • You must plant many trees to protect your fantasy world from outside attacks.
  • The bare necessities, including food and drinks, must be present in the fortress.
  • Dwarf Fortress is an aimless game, as there are no missions or challenges to make progress.
  • Players must choose their aims and goals according to their desire in Dwarf Fortress.
  • Dwarf Fortress Tips and Tricks will enable you to build your fortress in the best environment.

Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks

As you know, Dwarf Fortress is not such an easy game to start. You must follow some tips and tricks to start the game efficiently and make the best fortress. Thence there are some best Dwarf Fortress Tips, and Tricks explained below.

Dwarf Fortress Site
Dwarf Fortress Site or Locations in Fortress

Dwarf Fortress Tutorial

Notably, the best part of the Dwarf fortress is that it offers a built-in game tutorial for new gamers. Moreover, playing the tutorial teaches you a lot about making the fortress. Also, you’ll be able to choose a suitable site to make your fortress in the fantasy world.

In addition, you can learn the following vital techniques in Dwarf Fortress. Notably, you can learn how to:

  • Cut Down Trees
  • Make Zones
  • Set up Kitchen
  • Make Stockpiles
  • Get Distillery

How to Play Dwarf Fortress Tutorial

Next, the most crucial thing is how to play the Dwarf Fortress tutorial. For this, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. First, develop your Fantasy World.
  2. Second, select to start the new game in Fantasy World.
  3. Now, the Dwarf Fortress tutorial button will appear.
  4. Click to play the Dwarf Fortress Tutorial.

Default World Generation Setting

Delving into the game, you can make the new world generation setting according to the gameplay you want. Thence, we’ll be able to explain the unique fantasy world generation setting to you. Notably, the following settings are available in Dwarf Fortress at the beginning:

  • Civilizations
  • History Length
  • Map Size
  • Maximum Sites/Locations

Now, the main thing is what are the optimal settings for beginners. So, you can set your settings as suggested below. Indeed, these settings will help you a lot.

  • First, you can set the History length between 100 and 150 years.
  • Second, you can choose the map size to be medium.
  • You can choose the maximum number of sites according to your choice.
    New World setting
    Dwarf Fortress New World Settings


Preferably, it would be best if you were consistent with the default settings in Dwarf Fortress, as these are the most specific settings to handle. Moreover, there is an opportunity for some dwarves to travel and migrate to your fortress. So, you can enjoy the game by choosing the best settings.

Fantasy World Map

The second most critical thing in the Dwarf Fortress is the fantasy world map. In addition, the new world map has many things to offer. You can find information about every creature or species of your fortress by clicking on that area of your fort on the new world map. In particular, the map will give you information about the following:

  • Number of Trees
  • Seas
  • Rivers
  • Length of Seas
New World
New Fantasy World Dwarf Fortress Map

Now, there are some sites on the map near the Sinister. Notably, you should select your dwarf site away from the sinister. Because the dwarf mostly settles in mountain sights, and the elves mainly earn their living around trees.

Dwarf Fortress Modes

You can choose the game mode you want to play by setting the new world. Notably, there are two modes in Dwarf Fortress gameplay. Moreover, the two methods are listed below:

  • Adventurer Mode
  • Fortress Mode

Also, so that you know, the adventurer mode is initially restricted to new users. For that reason, you can select the required method of Dwarf Fortress. The marker will give detailed information about the fortress’s history and civilization.

Get into the New Generated World

Notably, the third crucial thing is to get into the game efficiently. Moreover, it would be best if you were careful about the sites in Dwarf Fortress. So, the sites are the most vital things for Dwarf Fortress.

New world Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress New World Generation

As we talked about, you can choose your location for the fortress according to your choice. Moreover, there are Sinister and haunted areas in Dwarf Fortress. As a result, your defense will not be safe in those areas. Preferably, you can select the regions of Dwarf Fortress away from:

  • Sinister
  • Too much Water
  • Open Areas
  • Aquifers
  • Too many Trees
  • Mountainous Areas

Embarking Tips

Now, you can play the game after setting the new world generation settings. For this reason, you can follow these steps for embarking:

  1. Take the cursor to the bottom of the screen on the Dwarf Fortress map.
  2. Now, select the Go-Ahead option.
  3. Then click on the Embark Now option available on the screen.
  4. Now, Drag the cursor to the area on the Fortress map.
  5. Last, click on Play Now to play the game in that selected area.
Embarking Tips Dwarf Fortress

Moreover, you can choose to play now or prepare for the next journey after embarking.

Modern Dwarf World

Delving into the Dwarf Fortress’ best Tips and tricks, the new world will be generated by going through the above tips and tricks. Once the new world has been set up, a cart will be available. In addition, you will have your dwarves around you now.

Notably, the coach will contain every essential item you need to survive in the Dwarf Fortress. Moreover, the supplies in the cart include:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Other Items
Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Setup

Dwarf Fortress Basic Controls

For the best experience of Dwarf Fortress Gameplay, you should have the best controls for the gameplay. Delving into Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks, the basic rules are vital for beginners. Notably, you can set up the following controls in Dwarf Fortress:

  • You can use Holding Control Command to zoom in and out on the Dwarf Fortress Map.
  • First, E & C effect in the game.
  • Secondly, you can use WSAD Control to move on the map space.
  • You can also do this by holding the cursor and scrolling the wheel.

Digging Orders Set Up

Now, you can set your digging orders up according to your choice. Digging is creating the Fortress and setting up the site according to the will. For setting the digging orders, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. First, Go to the bottom of the screen in the game.
  2. Second, Select the miming option on the pop-up menu.
  3. Third, Choose the Digging Areas on the Map.
  4. Now, start Digging the Staircase.
  5. For the Staircase, click on the site area.
  6. Choose to go down the elevation.
  7. Select the underground digging option on the screen.
  8. Now, you can build your fortress according to your taste.
Dwarf Fortress Digging at Site

Dwarf Fortress Underground Digging

Furthermore, you can start digging underground in Dwarf Fortress. You should have ample space to store your stockpiles there in a safe position. Thence, you can build your fortress in a larger area so that you will face no problem during mining and digging.

Digging Underground Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Digging Underground

Dwarf Fortress Stockpiling

Next, there is a stockpiling in Dwarf Fortress. Certain harmful species on the fortress wander in search of food, drinks, and other materials. So, being careful about your materials and luggage would be best. Moreover, stockpiles contain your necessary items. It would be best to supply your stores with the powerful, scary creatures on the Fortress.

Now, you can choose the best location to hide your crucial stockpiles in the Fortress. Now, it’s your choice where you want to save your stash. Notably, you can hide your stores both overground and underground.

Moreover, a customization option is also available in Dwarf fortress for stockpiling. So you can make your stockpiling accordingly.

Stockpiling Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Stockpiling for Supplies

Dwarf Fortress Building Mode

Once the building is completed, you can move on to the Dwarf Fortress Building Mode. Likewise, the digging building mode is also one of the vital Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks. You can see everything you want to build on your site using the building mode. Mainly, you can make the following things in Dwarf Fortress:

  • Furniture
  • Workshops
  • Traps
  • Nets
  • Military
  • Machines
  • Doors
Building Dwarf
Dwarf Fortress Building Modes

Make a Powerful Military

Probably, the most critical part of Dwarf Fortress is the Military. As you know, the Fortress you developed is at risk of goblin attacks, monster strikes, and other species attacks. Thence, it would be best if you got a solid Military to protect your fort.

Moreover, it is worth having a professional army for defense purposes. After completing the build mode in Dwarf Fortress, you can train your non-professional workers to work on rivalry missions to make them professional. Furthermore, the labor will be prepared for Military Service.

Military Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Military Setup

Workshops in Dwarf Fortress

Looking deep into the Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks, you can also construct your workshop in Dwarf Fortress. Notably, these workshops are a great addition to the game as you can build your desired product there.

For developing a workshop, you will need wood stockpiles. The carpenter can design the wood products according to the need of the Dwarf Community. Notably, the carpenter can create the following products for the fort:

  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Sofas
  • Barrels
Workshop Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Workshops

Now, the primary task is to avail themselves of the workshop for ordinary citizens. Once the workshop is constructed, the citizens can add their jobs to the seminar by clicking on the add new task option on the screen.

In addition, you need some bench of wood to make the furniture. One piece is probably done by using one complete log of Tree. You can cut down more trees if you want more furniture.

Set up the Dwarf Fortress

After making the furniture, you must place the correct locations for your designed products. These beds and barrels cannot be placed over the ground. So, it would be best if you put it underground.

Moreover, by placing the bed underground, you will relieve your workers working in the fortress because they can rest on beds.

Information about Dwarves

Now, the essential thing in the Dwarf Fortress is to know about the dwarves present in the fortress and the other citizens. Moreover, the area of interest to know about the dwarves is their work profile. It means what type of work they are doing in the Fortress and what other roles have been assigned.

For that reason, you can click the citizen’s button in the bottom corner. Now, you can get every single piece of information about your citizens and dwarves by just clicking on their heads.

Dwarf Fortress Information Details

Use Warnings for Upcoming Events

Delving into the Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks, one of the most vital features of Dwarf Fortress is to use warnings to take steps for upcoming events. A sign and an alert pop-up message will always appear on the screen’s left side.

Notably, the warning and alert message will inform the next event. Moreover, it will tell you about the completion of tasks. Also, it will guide you about the present items and food supplies in the Fortress. Also, the warning message will talk about the worker’s details.

Looking forward to these alerts, you can manage your next activity according to the scenario. So, it’s a great trick to plan the next event for your Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Fort Tips
Warning Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks

Dwarf Fortress Trade Depot

Moving on, the players must know about trading the goods. As you know, the desires of each creature in the Dwarf Fortress are different from the others. So, you must be careful about trading the goods.

It would be best if you built a craft workshop to make your trade products suitable for the best trading. Also, you should be able to complete your Trade Depot before winter to trade with the Autumn arrivals.

If you do that, you will complete the tutorial, but you can also learn some better techniques that will be explained next.

Dwarf Fortress Trade Depot Trick
Dwarf Fortress Trade Depot Setup

Elect Administrators

Delving into the Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks, some administrators are available for your fortress. In addition, Administrators can manage your developed defense in a presentable manner. Whence, you should elect some good administrators for your fortress to have a good site.

Moreover, the administrator committee consists of the following persons:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Manager
  • Broker

Consequently, the Manager plays a vital role in managing the fortress business. As you know, there are specific tasks in Dwarf Fortress. So, the manager is responsible for delivering the work order in the Fortress. Moreover, the accomplishment of orders and the approval from the manager is necessary for Dwarf Fortress.

Furthermore, the Bookkeeper keeps a track record of everything in your fortress. More specifically, the bookkeeper maintains the records of trees, population, workers, and other businesses.

Administrators Dwarf Fort
Dwarf Fortress Administrators Block

Moving on, the broker is also vital for running the fortress. As you know, certain trade factors for your site are also available. So, the broker will trade with other populations from your site.

Dwarf Fortress Farming Tips

Along with the essential Dwarf Fortress Tips and Tricks, you must know some helpful ultra-pro techniques to decorate your fortress. So, the farming technique is the best to make your defense active against the dwarves.

You must dedicate a large area to the farm for farming purposes. Now you need some of the best seeds for farming. You can make your farms in the plot using the sources.

Furthermore, it is preferable to plant underground in soil full of minerals. Indeed, this will add to the beauty of your farm. Now, you also need some water supply to nourish the farm. Thence, you can dig underground in the Fortress to get water resources.

Farming Dwarf
Farming Setup in Dwarf Fortress Tips

Trading Civilization

Notably, the most crucial part of the trade is the civilization with whom you are trading in the Dwarf. Some cultures make a trade in a specific field. In case you go to work with the wrong material, it will reduce your reputation in the Dwarf.

For instance, if you are trading with the elves, avoid trading trees along with the bony items. Preferably, you can deal with them live animals and species.

Delving into the trade, you must know that humans are good at trading silk fibers and raw materials. So, it would be best if you sold these items to humans.

However, trading within your civilization, you must learn some trading techniques. Notably, keeping the other party from saying what you need would be best because this will increase the supply rate.

Dwarf Fortress Plump Helmets

Plump Helmets
Plump Helmets farming in Dwarf Fortress

However, you are done with the farming setup, and you can still farm plump helmets in the fort. For that reason, you can choose the farming option and select a plant. Notably, a complete list of available plants will be shown:

  • Pigtails
  • Cave Wheat
  • Plump Helmets
  • Dimple Cups

Why are plump helmets crucial in Dwarf Fortress? The answer to this question is quite simple: bulky helmets are edible and drinkable items.

Still in Dwarf Fortress

By completing the plump helmet plantation, the players want to make a still in the fortress. For that reason, you can move to your workstations in the fort. Moreover, they still will be under the agreement of alcohol that can be extracted from any available fruits or items.

Now, you can go to the farms and select the still option from the tab. After selecting, you can make an order to start farming the desirable material. In addition, you should have a rotten plant to take brewing alcohol from this.

Once the Construction is done, you can store the drinks in large stockpiles for drink purposes which is a vital need for survival in Dwarf Fortress.

Making Still In Fortress
Making a Still in Dwarf Fortress

Pen/Pasture in Dwarf Fortress

Moving on, other tips and tricks in Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks are Pasteurizing the animals. However, some animal creatures in Dwarf Fortress do not need grazing areas, but some still require proper areas for grazing in Fort. Moreover, you can do it by going to the Zones Menu in Dwarf Fortress. You should follow these simple steps to make a grazing area in the fortress:

  1. Go to the bottom of the screen,
  2. Click on the Zones Option.
  3. Add the Grazing option in the Fortress
  4. Now, please enter the area you need for grazing purposes.
  5. Last, enter the categories of animals you want to have in the Pasteur.
Pasteur for Animals in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress Meeting Area

Furthermore, there is a meeting area present in Dwarf Fortress. Indeed, the meeting area is essential to guide your dwarves about the resting places. For this reason, go down to the zones option and create a separate one for the dwarf’s meeting.

meeting area in dwarf fortress
Dwarf Fortress Meeting Area

Dwarf Fortress Dining Area

Likewise, in the Dwarf Fortress Meeting area, there is also a Dwarf Fortress Dining Area present. Notably, your dining area should have tables and chairs for dining purposes. So, you must go to the stoneworker’s shop to get some chairs and tables.

Similarly, go to the zone option for the dining area and create a separate zone for the Dining area in Dwarf Fortress.

Labor in Dwarf Fortress

Indeed, the most crucial creature in the fortress is labor. To construct the fort, you must have good labor to fulfill the designated tasks. Also, labor is critical species to building every zone and place. Furthermore, labor is essential to construct workshops and to make the required materials in workshops. So, the list of available labor in Dwarf Fortress is as follows:

  • Planters
  • Stonecutters
  • Woodcutters
  • Gardener
  • Miners
  • Haulers
  • Engravers
  • Fishers
  • Hunters
  • Plant gatherers
placing items in fortress
Labor work in Dwarf Fortress

Work Orders

To accomplish any task in Dwarf Fortress, you must have some work orders. You can place the order for specific functions in the work order section.

In short, you must place the orders for required tasks; the manager will approve the requests for the order. So, the order will be done in a while. What type of orders can you make? The answer is that you can make an order of your desire.

For instance, the rest area lacks some beds in the furniture category; you must order a bed in the Rest Area of the fort. The manager will approve the order, and the dwarves will complete the assigned task shortly.

So, this is the best tip in Dwarf Fortress Tips and Tricks, as you can do anything by placing an order.

Work orders in Dwarf Fortress
Dwarf Fortress Work orders

Kitchen in Dwarf Fortress

As you know, the necessities for survival in Dwarf Fortress are ample food, drinks, and shelter. So, there must be a bespoke kitchen in Dwarf Fortress so that you can make the food according to your taste.

To have the best kitchen set up, you should go to the Workshop and can place the order for the construction of the Kitchen in the Fort. After this, you can enjoy the best foods and drinks from the kitchen.

Dwarf Fortress Protective Doors

Delving into the Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks, Protective Doors are the crucial one. As we said previously, there is a risk of goblin attack, and the monster strikes in Dwarf Fortress. Whence, you must have protective doors at the fort’s entrance so the enemy cannot enter quickly to your defense.

Furthermore, Protective doors are crucial for the private rooms in Dwarf Fortress. You can construct them in the furniture workshop and fix the entrance. Moreover, the protective doors will provide a secure look to your fort, which is quite attractive.

Dwarf Fortress Strategy

As you know, Dwarf Fortress is an open-ended game with no aims or goals. So, it would be best if you did not stress about winning. Always go for the techniques and learn from the failures. Moreover, the methods will enable you to manage a large setup efficiently.

Moreover, never regret losing in Dwarf Fortress. As there is no end to this game, you can make every dig according to your style. So, the game is all about learning different techniques for survival. Furthermore, the game is all about your mindset and what type of strategies you make to make the Dwarf Fortress Interesting.


Dwarf Fortress is an endless game with a wide variety of fields. Moreover, the game is about implementing your desired strategy to make your dream fortress. In short, the game teaches you to manage a large population with different creatures according to your desire.

The point to remember is that you must have the proper setup for the military and the appropriate work structures to manage the tasks efficiently. To conclude, you must have ample food and drink supply with adequate shelter for every creature. This sums up our detailed guide on Dwarf Fortress Best Tips and Tricks.

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