Dwarf Fortress: How To Remove Wall [Solved]

Confused about deconstruction of walls? Learn our step-by-step guide on how to remove walls in Dwarf Fortress with the right keybinds.

Dwarf Fortress How To Remove Wall
Dwarf Fortress How To Remove Wall

Decade-old Dwarf Fortress is renewed as a legendary construction and management simulation that demands players to reconstruct a fortress by throwing them back in history. Despite being an extremely inscrutable game, the game still manages to stay afloat, being a cult-classic title with a unique playstyle that makes losing the game fun.

Along with this unique gameplay, players also find themselves perplexed by challenges such as how to remove wall in Dwarf Fortress while avoiding the unexpected war with sleeping monsters or elves.

Players will be controlling dwarfs to rebuild your Fortress and protect it from adversaries. Even though the core gameplay mechanics are straightforward to fix and build all the structures of your Fortress, players may still encounter construction errors that must be fixed before any uncertainty strikes your dwarf kingdom.

For that instance, you must learn how to remove wall in Dwarf Fortress to fix these construction errors easily and also rebuild them to double their security. 

Unfortunately, the game does not guide players to handle situations where handling your walls is essential, and one minor error will result at the end of your Fortress.

But do not worry, as we bring you a detailed guide for removing walls without messing things up in your ongoing order of activities. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

The Rundown:

  • Deconstructing walls is important in Dwarf Fortress because of players’ mistakes and the game world setting. 
  • While removing or deconstructing walls sounds simple, it is tricky for beginner and veteran players of Dwarf Fortress. However, following simple steps can help you quickly learn how to remove wall in Dwarf Fortress.
  • To remove a wall, you must first open the Digging Order. It is possible by selecting the Pickaxe icon at the bottom of your screen. You can also press on your keyboard to initiate the Digging Order.
  • Next, you might want to select a specific Stairs icon that is struck with a red circle. Or you can use the key to start the Digging Order.
  • While the game will reserve available Dwarf for removing the wall, you must first confirm the specific wall you want to deconstruct in your Fortress. You can do that by marking the wall with the Removal icon. 
  • You may also trigger a UI bug at this point where your dwarf will not move forward for wall removing order. However, if you resume the game, you will be able to allow the dwarf to continue with the Digging Order and start tearing down the wall. 

How To Remove Wall In Dwarf Fortress

While the game demands special consideration for each step, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where players can not find a fix. However, some easy steps can always supplement your Dwarf Fortress gameplay. 

As for removing walls, you just need to find the right tool to easily deconstruct the structure, leading to a significant error in your management playthrough. With that said, let’s look at the steps you need to follow to remove the walls easily in Dwarf Fortress.

  • The first and most important step to remove the walls is to find the right keybind and tool that assists in deconstructing walls. For that, you must initiate Digging Order by selecting the Pickaxe icon at the mid-bottom of the screen. You can also press on your keyboard to open the Digging Order.
Digging Order Icon
Digging Order Icon
  • Selecting the Digging Order will also open all the tools required for digging. From here, you must select the Stairs icon with a circle and red strike. It is because this icon indicates removing both walls and floors. Or you can press on your keyboard to select the mentioned icon.
Stairs Icon
Stairs Icon
  • Once selected, all you need to do is pick the wall that players wish to deconstruct. This step is essential as you must assign a value to the wall you are removing. Make sure the wall is marked with Removal Icon, indicating that this wall will be removed. 
  • After that, players or game can assign an available dwarf to remove the wall. 
  • Now a dwarf will tear down the wall, and you can proceed with the rest of the activities in Dwarf Fortress.

As you can see, the overall process of removing the wall is much simpler than anticipated. However, you may also encounter a bug/glitch that hinders the UI of the game and results in not solving the problem of removing walls. Fortunately, we have a fix to help you steer clear of this bug and still deconstruct the wall and floors with the approach mentioned above. 

Dwarf Fortress UI Bug Fix

The UI bug is a severe inconvenience in Dwar Fortress as it never progresses to deconstructing the wall, affecting your core game experience. However, you can easily avoid this problem with a straightforward trick. Players can solve this problem by resuming the gameplay

While you select the Digging Order for the specific wall in the game, the game will assign a task to any available dwarf in your world. Meanwhile, marking the specific wall pauses the dwarf, thus never deconstructing the wall. For that instance, resuming the game is critical to continue the removal process and achieve your final result in Dwarf Fortress. 


Now that you know how and when to remove walls in Dwarf Fortress, it is worth noting that this approach only removes walls and floor structures that are made up of tiles. Unfortunately, you can not utilize these steps to remove furniture or wooden walls. Also, it is never recommended to craft walls and floors made of wood. Not only it requires a separate process, but it can also pose a threat of fire and other hostile attacks

However, if you are seeking a guide for furniture, you can consider the discussion to get rid of wooden items in Dwarf Fortress quickly. 

Final Words

Bugs are part of every game, but that should not halt players’ gaming experience. Hopefully, this UI bug will be patched up by developers soon. However, as long as removing the walls is concerned, you can easily follow the step-by-step approach to complete your daily objectives in Dwarf Fortress. 

Moreover, you must utilize this approach to remove only walls and floors made up of tiles. You can not tear down furniture or other notable structures that do not use tiles. 

That is about it for our guide on how to remove walls in Dwarf Fortress. Do you find this guide helpful for deconstructing any wall resulting from your own mistake or the game’s tricky mechanics? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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