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EA Removes Online Mandate for the Next Dragon Age

   According to a report from Jason Schreier, EA has removed the online mandate. EA realized that single player games are still popular after Star Wars Fallen Order exceeded expectations. Anthem was considered to be a disappointment by critics. EA has enacted an online mandate that all games must include online live service elements. Bioware had pushed hard for removing the mandate for the next Dragon Age game, arguing that a live service Dragon Age game will be rejected by fans. EA removed the online mandate as live service elements planned for Dragon Age have been scraped.  

  EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen  went on the record in 2017 saying that “linear games are no longer popular.” EA taking this long to realize that a live service Dragon Age game is doomed to fail is stunning. Removing the online mandate for the upcoming Dragon Age was critical for the game’s success. Bioware recently announced that they are canceling future updates for Anthem.

Disaster Averted!

Probably no fans wanted the upcoming Dragon Age game to be a live service game. Dragon Age is a single player fantasy RPG with a emphasis of character relationships and player decisions. Both the story and the characters would have taken a backseat had Dragon Age released as a live service. Bioware should go back to their roots and develop single player RPGs. Although the new Dragon Age is years away from releasing to the public, removing the online mandate is a step in the right direction.     

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