Diablo Immortal Echoing Shade [Full Guide]

This Echoing Shade Diablo Immortal guide will let you know of everything related to this gem and how you can acquire it.

Diablo Immortal Echoing Shade
Diablo Immortal Echoing Shade

The newest addition to the Diablo franchise has cemented itself as one of the most memorable games of the year. Its mesmerizing world-building and character design have captivated many fans and allowed the game’s fanbase to expand. The game enables the players to indulge in the Diablo Immortal world fully through the countless things the game offers you. However, to fully immerse yourself, you need to be aware of the items you can interact with. Thus we provide you with this Echoing Shade Diablo Immortal guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Players have complete control over every aspect of their avatars in the game, as well as the category they belong to.
  • There are Gems in it, like Echoing Shade, and extra qualities you get from those Gems can make the difference in a battle. To get the most out of the Gems, consider their qualities before adding them to your kit.
  • Three distinct layers make up the jewels’ power levels. The gem gets stronger the higher its grade. 
  • The drawback is that It may seem difficult to endure the countless obstacles you must overcome in order to obtain the Echoing shade Gem.

What is the Diablo Immortal Echoing Shade?

Echoing Shade Diablo Immortal
Echoing Shade Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal allows you to face off against various formidable opponents. However, it isn’t always easy to defeat them. You can have to prepare beforehand and use the finest equipment to decimate your foes. However, one thing that players forget to go for is the gems.

The Echoing Shade is a gem with immense importance. Moreover, it is a Legendary gem which means that the advantages you can garner from it are even greater. Legendary Gems boost your character’s stats and make him tougher. If you wish to learn more about the stats, you can check our Diablo Immortal All Stats guide.

Additionally, the Gems provide you with additional attributes that can become the deciding factor in a fight. I suggest you look at the Gems’ characteristics before including them in your kit to maximize their effectiveness.

The gems’ power levels are divided into three different tiers. The higher the tier/rating, the stronger the gem is. The categories are one-star, two-star, and five-star. The five-star gems are the most mighty, meaning it is that much harder to obtain them. You will have to spend a considerable chunk of time in the game to acquire a five-star gem.

The Echoing Shade is the cream of the crop as one of the rare five-star gems. It provides you tremendous benefits if you manage to sit through the early stages. The gem reaches its true potential once you upgrade and enable you to wreak havoc on your enemies.

How to Obtain the Echoing Shade?

The fact that this gem is a five-star gem might make it seem a little dishearting to acquire. The sheer amount of hardships that you will have to go through to get your hands on the gem could seem challenging. However, worry not, as there are multiple ways to get it.

Firstly, you can get this gem by successfully completing the game’s main quests. This will make you get the rewards which can include the Echoing Shade. However, it is entirely up to luck whether you might get it as a reward. Furthermore, you will have to grind the game for hours to complete the quests and cement your progress to the end.

Secondly, you can try to get it from a mob drop. Slay the countless enemies that stand in your way to try your luck to get it. As the item is powerful, its drop rate is also pretty low, so don’t get disheartened if you do not get it during the early tries.

Thus you should always check the floor when you fight some mobs or defeat tough opponents. You never know when your luck might come through. Even if you don’t get the Echoing Shade, there’s a good chance you can get other useful drops.

Echoing Shade Uses in Diablo Immortal

The Echoing Shade allows you to bring forth the ninja in you and summon a Shadow Clone. The Shadow Clone is a copy of you and fulfills your role on the battlefield. The Shadow Clone lasts for a total of eight seconds and lashes at any enemies in its sight. This is a really good ability as it allows you time to recuperate and finalize a countermeasure.

However, the clone has its downside. Firstly, the probability of you spawning a clone is a mere 15%. This could mean that your last resort in a fight is to rely on your luck. Such uncertainty could lead to your downfall in a fight,

Additionally, The Shadow Clone is a copy with multiple weaknesses. It doesn’t have all your capabilities and can only have some skills. Furthermore, the skills the clone will showcase are chosen at random. This means that the clone might just have some useless skills in a fight leading to it becoming nothing more than a sandbag. This would also make it easier for opponents to discern that it’s a clone.

Lastly, the Shadow Clone is unpredictable. As they will attack anyone in sight, it will be very hard to clear a path so that they attack your desired enemy. In a fight with multiple foes, you might want the Clone to deal with the minions while you handle the boss. However, the Clone might attack the boss leaving you vulnerable to the minions and under the boss’s wrath.

All these flaws might make you turn away from this Gem, and all for good reason. However, if you are willing to look past this and be patient, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Echoing Shade Upgrade

Echoing Shade Ranked up
Echoing Shade Rank 2

The Echoing Shade is a gem that comes with many flaws. However, once you upgrade the gem, it provides you with many things to look forward to. The upgrade brings out the gem’s true potential and enables you to reap the rewards for your patience and hard work.

You can upgrade the Gem by visiting the Apprentice Jeweler. With each upgrade, you will keep unlocking new perks and raise the gem effectiveness. Below are some notable changes that will be huge for you. For upgrading, you need gem fragments. The number of gem fragments needed will keep on rising as you jump through each rank. Although they will become ineffective for the higher ranks. To reach the max, you will have to sacrifice duplicate legendary gems, which can be quite costly.

As you reach Rank Three, you can summon forth two shadow clones. This is already a huge difference maker. The Two Shadow Clones mean you can leave them to handle multiple mobs and deal with the rest. They can also be used as a good distraction and to disengage and leave the fight leaving the enemy confused.

Furthermore, as you keep increasing the rank, you will unlock an additional perk. The probability of you finding magic items will increase to 15%. This will enable you to get more useful drops that you can either use or sell. The in-game currency will help you get your desired equipment and will strengthen your overall combat rating.

For the Basic Stats, the Gem increases your Combat Rating and Resonance. You reach up to 100 Resonance as well as 24 Combat Rating. Such an increase will be a massive addition to your attack damage and resistance. The Combat Rating will make you feared by your enemies as you rip them to shreds.


Overall, the Echoing Shade is more of a scaling gem. It is an atrocious gem to use early, but as long as you keep at it, it will pay off. The abilities and stats you can get from the upgrades are too good to give up. However, it is understandable if you wish to invest your time somewhere else.

This concludes our Echoing Shade Diablo Immortal guide. Let us know down below which Gem is your favorite!!


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In order to face off against powerful monsters like Vitaah and Officer Hagan, you need all the firepower you can get. That is why echoing shade will be a huge addition to your arsenal.


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