VeryAli Gaming Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to VeryAli Gaming, a platform dedicated to providing the most authentic and valuable gaming content to Gamers By Gamers. Our mission is to create a trustworthy and engaging space for gamers worldwide.

To achieve this, we adhere to a set of editorial guidelines that ensure the quality and integrity of our content. Here’s what guides our content creation process.

Image shows Editorial Process and a person playing video games
Editorial Process

We take our job seriously and strictly disapprove of copywriting or plagiarised work. All work published on our website is quality original content with high standards and strict criteria to ensure no foul play is in order.

We have many things we file under our editorial process; these include –  (1) our rules regarding plagiarism; (2) how we conduct our research; (3) keeping our content up-to-date; (4) accessibility of the content to our readers; (5) our meticulous fact-checking policy; (6) the reader’s trust in us; (7) behind the scenes teamwork and collaboration; (8) rewrites, revisions, and proof-reading.

You can learn more about the details of our Editorial Guidelines and better understand the research and writing approach. 

-Rules Regarding Plagiarism-

  • At VeryAli Gaming, we use top-of-the-line software to detect plagiarism and similarity with other online articles.
  • Your trust is important to us; as such, our content is original and not lifted from someone else.
  • Not just the plagiarism software, but our team of editors also performs a manual audit of the content with existing resources available online and compares the written drafts to make sure they are not plagiarized. 
  • To us, rewriting is a considerable offense. Stealing someone else’s hard work and presenting it as your own is despicable; we do not condone this behavior.
  • We ensure that we do not hire writers who indulge in regular copywriting.
  • Any writer found doing so would face serious consequences as they were aware of this scenario beforehand with our zero-tolerance policy.

The importance of original content is precious to us, and we expect a level of understanding from the writers on our team. We expect our writers to hold themselves to the highest professional standard in the industry and keep themselves in check when it comes to an incident like this.

-How We Conduct Research-

Image shows a person playing video game
Our Research Begins with Playing Video Game and Gaining First-Hand Experience

Our writers at VeryAli Gaming have many methods of conducting research for an article. Since our team comprises avid gamers, most content comes from their first-hand video game experience. 

  1. They play these games for countless hours, vet and test different quests, character builds, missions, and boss fights to write from their experiences. 
  2. Our writers produce the first raw draft based on their experiences.
  3. After that, they edit it according to our templates for each type of guide, which includes ranking best-ofs, tier lists, character builds, walkthroughs, troubleshooting, puzzle solutions, and tips/tricks.
  4. Once a guide is finalized, the editor of the draft, who is also familiar with the game, vets it for inaccuracies, grammar mistakes, writing style, format, and helpfulness to the audience. 
  5. Apart from reviewing the guides, the editor adds their own experience to ensure each article offers maximum value to the readers and solves their problems quickly. 
  6. Once the editor approves an article, it goes live for our breathtaking community of players. 

  1. Regarding our news team, we stay lurking on all major social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and especially Twitter, as that’s where most people like to leak or announce new developments in the gaming industry.
  2. After they finish compiling their news report, it is sent directly to our trusted editors.
  3. Once in their hands, they carefully vet the article for any inaccuracies or misinformation.
  4. When they are content with fact-checking, they publish the article to our readers.
  5. We would also like to let our audience know that any research we conduct is unbiased and diverse. Our writers carefully and cautiously approach any subject, whether guides or news.

Another note to remember is that we don’t oversell any of our articles. There may be a slight exaggeration for effect, but our results are very clearly mentioned and never oversold.

We know just how devastating it can feel to be promised a “broken build,” only for it to not live up to the hype and be just another average build. We try not to invoke these expectations or clickbaits in our readers as this is also a big part of the trust between the writer and the reader.

-Up-To-Date Content-

  • We keep all of our content fresh and up-to-date for your reading pleasure.
  • Our team keeps track of the latest updates and patch releases for all video games.
  • After the release, we confirm if a patch has changed the specific aspect of the game and requires changes to our recommendations in the guide.
image shows date, author and when an article was updated
Up-To-Date Content
  • Later, our writer makes the changes, and after a thorough vetting by editors, the guide is updated with the latest information. 
  • This is also the case with feedback from readers. If we are informed of some outdated information or some sort of oversight, then we immediately correct it and update the article.
  • Each article is assigned a date, which records when it was published. Additionally, each updated article gets posted at the top of the website, indicating its updated status.
  • Keeping our articles up-to-date and modern is another reason for the trust between the reader and the writer. If we provide outdated information, the reader might follow the advice of that article and not receive the results promised due to them being outdated, breaking the established trust.

-Accessibility To General Audiences-

We prioritize accessibility in our content, offering concise and user-friendly guides with language everyone can understand. Our focus is on using native-level language, providing calm and informative content infused with humor and creativity to keep readers engaged without overwhelming them with facts and numbers.

Each article includes a table of contents for quick navigation, and many guides are intentionally brief to respect readers’ time and allow them to get back to playing their favorite games sooner.

Visual aids play a significant role in our content. We recognize that people often scan rather than read entire articles, and images serve as practical tools to enhance understanding.

This approach ensures that our content is accessible and engaging for a global audience, transcending language barriers that text might pose.

1. Originality Meets Creativity

Professional Gamers at VeryAli producing authentic Content.

Our team of highly experienced writers brings years of knowledge and expertise to every piece of content they create. They prioritize originality and creativity, using their unique insights and perspectives to create engaging, accurate, and value-driven content.

  • Hands-on Experience of the latest and greatest games. 
  • Professional Gamers spend hours testing out every bit, covering every game’s pros and cons, and ensuring readers get all the information they need.
  • Authentic personalized guides to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

2. Verification and Precision

At VeryAli Gaming, we take the accuracy of our content very seriously. Our editorial team, backed by their extensive gaming knowledge, effectively verifies all facts and data before publication.

We cross-check information from multiple reliable sources to ensure its precision. This rigorous verification process makes our content one of the most trustworthy online. Our readers can always rely on us for reliable and accurate Gaming Information.

3. Timely Updates & Revisions

Our team stays on top of the latest developments in the gaming world. We update our content regularly to ensure it reflects the most current trends and advancements in the industry.

4. Clarity in Communication

We believe in clear and concise communication. Our experienced writers, with their hands-on experiences, explain complex information in a simple, understandable manner, making our content accessible to both beginners and experienced gamers.

5. User-Friendly Formatting

You can see in the sample attached below that we take the quality and formatting of the guides very seriously.

VeryAli Gaming Formatting Process

We structure our content with the reader in mind. Our writers use various formatting tools to make our articles easy to navigate and digest, ensuring a smooth reading experience.

  • Easy to navigate Table of Contents.
  • Proper Headings and important terms are highlighted by bolding them or in Italics so they can stand out, and you don’t miss any valuable detail.
  • Helpful images and FAQs are added to create a visually pleasing yet informative experience for the readers.

6. Impartiality in Content

Our content is unbiased and independent. Our Guides, Tips, and walkthroughs are based on our writers’ extensive hands-on experience and analysis, ensuring that our readers receive honest and impartial information.

7. Comprehensive Reviews

Team VeryAli Gaming Benchmarking Uncharted 4 on PC.

Our thorough and detailed reviews reflect our writers’ deep understanding of the gaming industry. We cover all aspects of a game by spending hours on them and benchmark them on top-of-the-line hardware to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of what they can expect so they make the right choice.

8. Feedback

We value feedback from our readers. It helps us improve our content and serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We believe in producing content for the Gamers by the Gamers and making sure our readers always get what they are looking for.

-Fact-Checking Policy-

Image shows a magnifier glass on screen
We Strive to fact-check information from within the game and online

Fact-checking is integral to our website, but sourcing reliable information can be challenging. Our primary commitment is ensuring all our published content is original and not copied elsewhere.

We empower users to verify and debunk information on their chosen topics, facilitating informed decision-making. Before publication, our editors rigorously vet articles, providing users with links to relevant resources for further exploration.

While time-consuming, our editorial process, diligently followed by our writing staff, has resulted in minimal cases of plagiarism or copywriting. We employ a high-end system to cross-check articles, identify similarities with other online content, and encompass statistics on various subjects within and outside gaming.

In the rare instance of a writer violating anti-plagiarism rules during fact-checking, they face severe consequences, having been well-informed of the repercussions upon joining the writing team.

-Teamwork & Collaboration-

Encouraging our writers to ask for help is crucial to our editorial process. No one knows everything, and asking for help does not show incompetence, rather it shows modesty in knowing one’s limitations and wanting to be assisted by others who excel where they do not. We encourage collaboration and healthy communication amongst our writer teams, as a healthy mind is an active mind.

We also get writers to collaborate on articles, sometimes due to the varying nature of the article itself or the sheer extensiveness of the topic. We have our writers discuss work and simply talk with each other to foster better communication.

This may take the form of sharing something they found funny with the rest of the crew or asking some interesting questions that can deepen their understanding of each other. Overall, a crucial cog in the machine is called VeryAli Gaming.

-Rewrites, Revisions, & Proof-Reading-

Now, as human beings, our writers are fallible. They can make mistakes and overlook things they would otherwise not miss. That is where our policy regarding rewrites, revisions, and edits of the written draft comes into play.

When one of our writers completes an article, the draft goes straight to the editor, who does many things.

  1. First and foremost, they check the article for any sort of plagiarism; afterward, they fact-check it to make sure there is no false information being cited as factual.
  2. Last but not least, they proofread the entire article for any mistakes or discrepancies in the tone or style of writing.
  3. After all of these are noted and confirmed by the editor, they are sent back to the writer as revisions.
  4. Some revisions are merely suggestions that are good to add/change but not detrimental to the overall article in a negative way.
  5. Particular revision suggestions, such as factual inaccuracies, over-exaggerations, and, in some rare cases, copywriting, cannot go unnoticed.
  6. Another type of revision would be copyediting. To simplify this term, it means checking the grammar of the written article, which is usually done by the editor depending on how many instances are found in the content.
  7. It is usually the last stage of the Editorial Process, right before publication.

These guidelines are subject to change as we continually strive to improve our content quality.