Elden Ring Battlemage Build: Weapons, Armor, & Stats

After playing Elden Ring for 800+ hours, I am here to provide you with the best Battlemage Build that will bring you great success in your duels.

battlemage build elden ring

What Is Elden Ring Battlemage?

battlemage build elden ring The Battlemage Build Elden Ring is an Intelligence-based spell spam build. You are using your spells and playing from a distance. If you find yourself being chased down then you can use the Carrian Phalanx for a self-peel or the Cannon of Haima for zone control. When you are ahead you can use Stars of Ruin to buy time and set up other spells.

About The Author

Waleed has over 800+ hours spent in Elden Ring, and he knows a great deal about the game. You can put your trust in Waleed to provide you with a hands-on experience of Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways

  • Battlemage Build in Elden Ring is an intelligence-based build that specializes in spells and distant fights.
  • The fast spell-casting ability of Azur’s Glintstone Staff makes it a good weapon for Battlemage build. Lazuli Glintstone Sword’s special ability, the glintstone sorcery, can also prove beneficial.
  • Haima’s Glintstone Crown is a good option for Battlemage build as it boosts intelligence and strength. Depraved Perfumer Robe and Night’s Cavalry Greaves and Gauntlets complete the armor for this build.
  • The Carrian Phalanx spell is a good option when being defensive. Canons of Haima and Stars of Ruins are also excellent spells used with this build.
  • Defensive Talismans like Graven-Mass (8% damage buff), Dragoncrest Shield (20% physical damage nullification), and Primal Glintstone Blade (25% FP cost reduction) work brilliantly with Battlemage build.

Battlemage Build Summary

Weapons for Battlemage compared;

No.WeaponsWeightFP CostPhysical DamagePhysical DefenseMagicFireLightningHolyCriticalBoost
1Azur’s Glintstone Staff4.0-24251515151510015
2Lazuli Glintstone Sword3.58793094/5525252510030

Armor for Battlemage compared;

No.ArmorWeightPhysical DamageVS StrikeVS SlashVS PierceMagicFireLightningHoly
1Haimas’s Glintstone Crown2.
2Depraved Perfumer Robe5665.
3Night’s Cavalry Greaves7.987.387.
4Night’s Cavalry Gauntlets4.

Spells for Battlemage compared;

No.SpellsFP CostIntelligenceFaithArcane
1Carrian Phalanx
2Cannon of Haima382500
3Magic Glintblade1214--
4Stars of Ruin324300

Talismans for Battlemage compared;

1Graven-Mass Talisman
2Dragoncrest Shield Talisman
3Primal Glintstone Blade

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Weapons For Battlemage Build

Azur’s Glintstone Staff

 elden ring battlemage build
Azur’s Glintstone Staff | Courtesy: Fextralife

A staff belonging to the primeval sorcerer Azur. The mastermind behind most of the Azur Sorceries including the Comet Azur which we covered in a previous build. Using and wielding the staff is a sign of power and knowledge obtained through rigorous hours of seeking true power in the magical arts. Leaving lore aside for a bit from a gameplay perspective this is one of the best staff to use if you are looking for straight damage.

Glintstone StaffStrike
No SkillFP -
Wgt. 4.0Passive -

The staff itself has a special passive which makes it so worthwhile for the user. With the Azur’s Glintstone Staff you can cast spells much more quickly than you would normally be able to on any other staff. The speed of sorcery casts is dependent on Dexterity and the staff simulates 40 Dexterity worth of cast speed, which, in a battle of frames is very appreciated. You can find the Azur’s Glintstone Staff in the Raya Lucaria Academy.  elden ring battlemage build

Lazuli Glintstone Sword

battlemage build elden ring
Lazuli Glintstone Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

A weapon fit for a mage, a magical sword. You cant get more cliche than this when it comes to a battlemage build Elden Ring and yet here we are. A staff turned sword, used by the ancient scholars who once were thought to have mastered the art of Glintstone and sought out Carian sorceries. These swords come equipped with a special ability, a glintstone sorcery, built right into the handguards of the blade. The Lazuli Glintstone Sword casts a humble spell known as Glintstone Pebble.

Straight SwordStandard / Pierce
Glintstone PebbleFP 8
Wgt. 3.5Passive -

The Glintstone Pebble spell may seem insignificant, but it has its uses, especially in critical moments. For instance, when your enemy is about to fall with just one hit left, and getting close is too risky, casting this spell with your remaining FP can lead to a victorious outcome.

While such situations aren’t common, they can occur. Being prepared for unexpected challenges is always a good strategy. The Lazuli Glintstone Sword, which you can obtain by defeating Lazuli Sorcerers, is a valuable tool for this spell.

For efficient farming of the Lazuli Glintstone Sword, consider visiting the Raya Lucaria Academy or Caria Manor. The latter location is particularly convenient due to its proximity to a site of grace, making it the best place to farm the sword. elden ring battlemage build

Armor For Battlemage Build

Haimas’s Glintstone Crown

battlemage build elden ring
Haima’s Glintstone Crown | Courtesy: Fextralife

The face of a mighty sorcerer who has blinded himself on purpose. The purpose is the mission to end conflict using the power of the cannon fire and gavel sorcery arts. The blindfold signifies the blind pursuit and the purity of the goal, inaccessible to outside influences. Haima’s Glintstone Crown is a good headpiece to use on a battlemage build Elden Ring because of the stat boosts it offers you.

Dmg Negation2.
HelmWgt. 2.7

Equipping the crown gives you access to an additional two points in Intelligence and Strength. Haima’s Glintstone Crown can be found by killing battlemages. You can however get a guaranteed drop from a certain enemy in the Altus Plateau near the rundown windmill. Similar Article: Elden Ring Progression Route  elden ring battlemage build

Depraved Perfumer Robe

battlemage build elden ring
Depraved Perfumer Robe

The lavish robes of the heretics who would defy the Erdtree. They would use blasphemous means to obtain power and influence at the cost of their sanity and lowly lives. The set itself is quite flashy with a cape drenched over the player’s back made from an unknown beast’s hide. The chest armor piece is quite durable and resistant to damage alongside providing many resistances against natural enemies.

Dmg Negation665.
Chest ArmorWgt. 5

The Depraved Perfumer’s Robe is only here because it fits with the aesthetic I’m going for alongside some of the game’s canon lore. Depraved Perfumer Robe can be found by killing depraved perfumers. You can farm them in the Altus Plateau near the Shaded Castle.

Night’s Cavalry Greaves & Gauntlets

I’ve used the Night’s Cavalry Set because they are very sleek. The black and rusty aesthetic goes well with the other parts of the set of armor and embodies the utility and versatility that comes with the set. They also provide s with great physical damage negation and magical resistances for being as light as they are.


Dmg Negation87.387.
Leg ArmorWgt. 7.9


Dmg Negation3.
GauntletsWgt. 4.3

Can be acquired from the Consecrated Snowfield at night by killing two Night’s Cavalry guards next to a hearse being pulled.

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 elden ring battlemage build

Spells For Battlemage Build

Carrian Phalanx

Carrian Phalanx 

The Carrian Phalanx spell. An excellent defensive spell devised by the scholars of old with power that exceeds even that of the Glintstone sorcerers. The name itself is a descriptor of how the spell actually works. The Carrian means the carrian sorcery and Phalanx refers to the formation the blades take when you cast the spell.

Spell TypeCarian Sorceries
FP Cost24
Effectforms a defensive arch of numerous magic glintblades.
Slots Used1

The Glintstone Pebble spell proves to be particularly effective for defensive preparation, especially against close-ranged fighters. It offers a cost-effective use of FP and has the added advantage of reducing the enemy’s stagger points while allowing for long-range poking.

To obtain this spell, you can purchase it from Preceptor Seluvis after completing specific parts of his questline. You’ll find him at Seluvi’s Rise, a sub-region within the Liurnia of the Lake.battlemage build elden ring

Cannon of Haima

Cannon of Haima

We all have seen a video of a catapult launching a large boulder. The Cannon of Haima is basically that but on a more magical level and much more destructive. It is a large projectile that is lobbed in the enemy’s direction. You can charge this attack to do much more damage on impact but that simply makes it harder to land.

Spell TypeGlintstone Sorceries
FP Cost38
EffectLobs an explosive magic projectile in an arc
Slots Used 1

You can use this more so as a zoning tool to bait out dodges and waste your opponent’s stamina by having them spam to dodge this nuke you launch towards them. The FP cost for this spell is somewhat high so you cant spam it like some others but it’s quite good situationally. Located at the top of the Converted Fringe Tower in Luirnia of the Lakes, close to where we find the other sorceries.

Magic Glintblade

 elden ring battlemage build
Magic Glintblade 

One of the most useful and intelligence requiring spells in this battlemage build Elden Ring. The Magic Glintblade is a piercing attack that can be summoned in any position above the player’s immediate location. The interesting thing however is the slight delay between the cast time and the activation time, so if timed properly your opponent will be unable to move without getting hit by either your melee attacks or the glintblade.

Spell TypeCarian Sorceries
FP Cost12
EffectCreates a sigil that forms a projectile glintblade after a delay.
Slots Used 1

Definitely a must-have in this battlemage build Elden Ring. The fact that it also has relatively low FP costs makes it seem like the spell is begging to be spammed and abused in fights. You can also charge the spell so that it has a longer delay till activation and confuse your opponent. You can buy this sorcery from the giant Turtle, also known as Miril, in the Church of Vows after unlocking that area by traveling to it for the first time.

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Stars of Ruin

battlemage build elden ring
Stars of Ruin 

A move seeming almost inspired by Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Originally derived by the primeval sorcerer Lusat. The sorcery itself is also quite cool-looking. The stars fly in a majestic pattern and are a sight to behold when used during nighttime. However, it’s often the most beautiful thing that kills and this spell is no exception. The stars are almost impossible to dodge completely and consistently, they can also attack your opponent through their invincibility frames when they are rolling.

Spell TypePrimeval Sorceries
FP Cost32
EffectFire twelve dark shooting stars that pursue foes.
Slots Used 1

The Stars of Ruin is a high FP cost spell and it is most effective when the user can continually cast this spell in between short exchanges before putting distance between themselves and the opponent. You acquire this sorcery during the completion of Sorceress Sellen’s questline after interacting with Master Lusat and using the Sellen Sealbreaker to get into that area in the first place.  elden ring battlemage build


Graven-Mass Talisman

battlemage build elden ring
Graven-Mass Talisman
NameGraven-Mass Talisman
EffectGreatly raises the potency of Sorceries by 8%.

Have you ever been this close to killing a particularly hard boss and you just needed one more hit to finish the job? As you go in for the final attack you misread the animation and the boss swings and kills you, sending you all the way back to the site of grace. Well then do I have a talisman for you, my friend. The Grave-Mass Talisman is excellent as it provides you with the 8% damage buff that you need when it comes to exceptionally tanky bosses or armored bosses.

Dragoncrest Shield Talisman

Dragoncrest Greatshield
NameDragoncrest Shield
EffectReduces physical damage taken (10/13/17%).

Everyone needs some protection, and you are no exception. The world of PvP is ruthless in the weapons they use, each with its own unique weapon skills. In times like these, it is always best to have some sort of protection and that is where the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman comes in. It provides an additional 20% physical damage nullification but only a 5% physical nullification when taken into PvE. Even this 5% can save your life and win you the duel by allowing you to get off one last spell cast to seal the deal.

Primal Glintstone Blade

battlemage build elden ring
Primal Glintstone Blade
NamePrimal Glintstone Blade.
EffectReduces spell FP costs by 25% but reduces maximum HP by 15%.

Now since you will be taking this build into PvP you won’t have unlimited refills on your FP and flasks are temporary. What you need is total FP cost reduction, which just means casting fewer spells but for an Elden Ring battlemage build, you need to be able to spam spells so that’s where this talisman comes into play. The Primal Glintstone Blade has one job and one job only, reducing your total FP costs by 25%, which seems really good but it has a catch. The cost reduction also comes with a 15% total health reduction, making you a glass cannon but quite worth for this build.

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