Elden Ring: Best Armor for Samurai [Top 4]

I have played Elden Ring for more than 150+ hours and I can provide you hands-on experience in regard to the best armor for Samurai in the game!

Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring
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Ehtishaam has over 160+ hours in Elden Ring, so you can trust him with the information related to the best armor for Samurai.

Our Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring article will talk about the top 5 armors you can use for the Samurai class. There are many options when it comes to armor in Elden Ring. However, only a few of them count as helpful and best in terms of durability and the damage they prevent. If you guys have played Sekiro, you will love playing Samurai as a class in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways

  • The Samurai Class focuses on Dexterity as its main stat. Along with this stat, the Longbow, and Uchigatana are the prime weapons.
  • White Reed Set suits well with this Samurai class. Immunity and Focus are its main strengths.
  • Land of Reed’s Set is another excellent choice for Samurai lovers. It presents a good blend of Focus, Poise, and Vitality.
  • Ronin’s Set excels in the Immunity attribute. Its heavy weight is surely a drawback but other advantages cover it.
  • Briar Set is the best Armor for Samurai Class. A higher poise makes it more effective.

Best Samurai Armor & Comparison

No.ArmorWeightPhysicalVS SlashVS StrikeVS PierceMagicFireLightHoly
1White Reed Set19.820.624.722.11923.623.625.822.1
2Land of Reeds Set19.81925.820.620.622.124.725.823.6
3Ronin’s Set21.12324.7232325.626.828.325.6
4Briar Set25.225.625.323.224.624.524.424.124.4

It does not matter what type of armor you choose to go for. However, the goal is to equip an armor that has an all-rounded stat. The armor can be better in Durability, Resistance, and not that heavy so that you can move around quickly. Another option you can go for when looking for armor is that you can go for looks. Yes, we said it; many players pick out armor that looks ‘dope’ or ‘badass.’

Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring

The Samurai class is versatile for melee and range fights. Honestly, these ranged fights are the best as it gives the players an edge over the enemy with different move set and patterns. Our guide will be going over the best build, armor, and even an overview of the Samurai class.

Samurai Class Overview

You start out at Soul level nine, and the primary stat you focus on is Dexterity. You will be using the Long Bow and the Uchigatana as your starting weapons. It is the only class that starts with a weapon like the Uchigatana that has Bleed on it and some relatively average armor that looks satisfying. Now, before you begin with the Samurai class, you want to choose the Golden Seed as your keepsake. As for your flasks, you will be allocating most of that in Health and only a pinch in FP.

The allocation of flasks is in this order because you will be using numerous Ashes of War for the kind of build you are hoping to jump around with the Samurai Class. The most common is the Bleed Build, and for that, you might want to allocate your flasks more in Health and less in FP.

The Samurai is a pretty solid class, and if you ask us, we would certainly recommend our fellow readers to adapt to this class at least once. So that they can realize the fun they are missing.

Let’s focus back to our main point, shall we? The Samurai is also versatile and generally fun with the bow and everything. Most of the time, you will be using the Long Bow to thin out enemies firing arrows using that mighty shot ash of all, which does insane damage in a single shot.

Attributes of the Samurai Class are as follows;

  • Level – 9
  • Vigor – 12
  • Mind – 11
  • Endurance – 13
  • Strength – 12
  • Dexterity – 15
  • Intelligence – 9
  • Faith – 8
  • Arcane – 8

Now, we will talk about the armors in our “Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring” guide.

White Reed Set

Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring
An armor best suited for the Samurai class!

The pieces of the set include the Okina Mask, White Reed Armor, and the White Reed Gauntlets. So far as stats on this one go, for damage negation, we have;


Which gives it an average damage negation of 22.7. As far as resistances go, we have;

  • Immunity – 159
  • Robustness – 100
  • Focus – 130
  • Vitality – 120
  • Poise – 16
  • Weight – 19.8

The stats on this armor set are quite the spectacle. The higher Poise makes it effective in melee combat and a decent boost to Focus, along with a pretty excellent Immunity Boost that comes from the Okina Mask. Although it increases Dexterity by +3 but reduces Focus be -44. Overall the sword and the set look fantastic, and they make you look cool. Obtaining the set is quite a hassle, though. You can find it in the Spiritcaller’s Cave on the giants’ mountaintop.

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Land of Reed’s Set

Land of Reed's Armor Set
It is one of the most common Samurai armors used by players in Elden Ring. The land of Reed’s is a unique armor with excellent stats!

The set takes you back to the traditional attires of the Samurai and makes you feel like a true Samurai. Obviously, you have to like samurai-style armor to find this one to be an attractive-looking set. Still, it is very complete and has excellent coverage. From Immunity to Poise, it offers incredible stats; the Land of Reed’s Set includes a Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.

The damage negation offered by the set is as follows;


With an average damage negation of 22.8, the Land of Reed’s armor set is not only good in terms of stats, but it also emits a legendary Samurai look. Now, when we look at its Resistance, it is as follows;

  • Robustness – 13
  • Focus – 130
  • Poise – 120
  • Vitality – 120
  • Immunity – 143

That little Poise can give you Resistance to getting staggered more often by the enemy. The total weight of the armor set is 19.8, and you can find it from the Isolated Merchant’s Shack, which is north of Caelid. You can also get this one starting out with the Samurai class, and it’s actually one of the classes that come with the best-starting armor.

Ronin’s Set

Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring
Apart from the overall stats of the Ronin Set, the armor looks pretty cool!

It can be argued to the point that this set does not resemble anywhere near the last two sets for the Samurai class. However, we think that it is heavily influenced by it and fits very well within it into the roleplay of being a Samurai. Honestly, the headwear makes the armor look badass, and it gives off a chilly vibe. Anyways, the Ronin’s Set pieces include Iron Kasa, Ronin’s Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.

The stats on this armor are pretty decent. However, the weight of the armor exceeds slightly from the previously mentioned armors in our “Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring” list. If we break down the stats, we get a damage negation offered by the set as follows;


These stats give us an average damage negation of 25, which is significantly better in terms of the Land of Reed’s and White Reed’s armor set. However, weighing 21.1, it weighs more than them. As far as the Resistance of this armor is concerned, we have;

  • Immunity – 167
  • Focus – 132
  • Poise – 15
  • Vitality – 140
  • Robustness – 125

Not bad for a Samurai Armor, right? You can pull off a samurai look with this armor, or maybe it is just our perspective. Players can obtain the set by completing Yura‘s quest.

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Briar Set

Briar Armor Set
It weighs more than the previous armors mentioned above and has the best stats overall!

We know that this set does not look like the type of armor that a samurai would wear, but we’ve seen many players pull off the Samurai look with this armor while having a blood build. The Briar Set is also a good balance between Magical and Physical Defense. Perhaps that’s why most players prefer to equip this armor when they have the Samurai class. Moreover, the set comes with four pieces Briar Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.

On another note, the stats on this set are on another level, making it the best armor for the Samurai class. Elden ring needs to add a few Samurai-style armors in this game! Anyways, the damage negation offered by the Briar set are as follows;


That gives us an average damage negation of 25.5, and the weight of the armor is 25.2, which is considerably higher than the rest of the armors mentioned before, which makes it medium armor.


When we look at the Resistance of the armor we have;

  • Immunity – 113
  • Focus – 86
  • Vitality – 80
  • Poise – 27
  • Robustness – 140

So a considerably higher poise than all the other sets on our Best Armor for Samurai Elden Ring list, which makes it exceptionally effective in battle. Another thing to note about the armor is when you are rolling in front of the enemy, and you hit him, the armor will induce damage to them. You can obtain the Briar Set by purchasing it at Roundtable Hold. You will need to defeat Elemer of Briar first before you can buy the set. A mix of Bloodhound’s Step with the Briar set can inflict a decent amount of damage to the enemy, making you light on your feet as well!

Final Words

We hope one day Elden Ring brings us a new collection of Samurai armors in the game for us to enjoy and beat the enemies with the armor. However, with our top four armors for the Samurai class, we believe they will surely suffice your hunger for the Samurai look as well as the type of build you are looking for. You can also view our guides on spells, weapons, keepsakes, and bosses in Elden Ring if you find our list effective. Also, in the comments, let us know what you think of our Best Samurai Armor In Elden Ring!

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