Elden Ring: 13 Best Ashes Summons [400 Hours Experience]

In the dark world of Lands Between, you will also need Ashes Summons to trivialize the game's worst bosses and enemies.

Elden Ring Best Ashes Summons
Elden Ring Best Ashes Summons

Ashes summons come in handy to assist the players in their battle needs. Players can acquire these ashes spirits of the dead and recall them to give them a role in your battle.

But with dozens of ashes summons available, making the choice for the worthy ones can indeed become overwhelming. For that instance, players branch out to the best ashes summons that not only assists in the strongest battles but also fit their character’s playstyle.

About The Author

I’ve played Elden Ring for more than 400 hours, so I really know the game well. Anything I talk about is because I’ve done it in the game. You can trust me with the information related to Best Ashes Summons!

Key Takeaways

The 13 Best Ashes Summons and what they are good for:

  • Lone Wolf: Summons 3 wolves with high DPS in close combat.
  • Noble Sorcerer: Costs 11 FP, has a defensive shield, and powerful sorcery.
  • Wandering Noble: Summons 5 zombies, allowing you to gauge their HP and control the fight.
  • Putrid Corpse: Costs 40 FP, and serves as effective enemy bait.
  • Skeletal Bandit: A dual-bladed summon with only 22 FP cost.
  • Skeletal Militiaman: A starter summons dealing decent damage for 44 FP, lasts 30 seconds.
  • Lhutel the Headless: A legendary spirit for both close and long-range combat, requires 104 FP.
  • Demi-human spirits: Summons five spirits with individual health bars for 69 FP.
  • Greatshield Soldier: Summons five soldiers with powerful shields, costs 74 FP.
  • Glintstone Sorcerer: Provides unique damage and defenses for 49 FP, found in Road’s End Catacombs.
  • Omenkiller Rollo: Companion fighting similarly to your character, obtained by defeating Fell Twins, costs around 113 FP.
  • Black Knife Tiche: An assassin spirit wielding the Black Knife, costs 132 FP, obtained from Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader.
  • Mimic Tear: An endgame spirit with unlimited FP and overwhelming power, obtained after defeating Starscourge Radahn and unlocking a chest behind a statue door.

Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of my best Best Ashes Summon . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NameTypeMax.HeldMax.StoredFP CostItem effectobtainedBuy price
1Lone wolfAshes160055Summons three lone wolf spiritsPurchased from kale400
2Noble SorcererAshes160011Summons noble sorcerer spiritErdtree Burrial Watchdog in Stormfootr Catacombs-
3Wandering NobleAshes160028Summons five wandering noble spirits--
4Putrid CorpseAshes160040Summons four putrid--
5Skeletal BanditAshes160022Summons Skeletal Bandit Spirit--
6Skeletal MilitiamanAshes160044Summons two skeletal militiaman spirits Skeletal Bandit spiritTibia Mariner (Summonwater Village)-
7Lhutel the HeadlessAshes--104Summons spirit of Lhuthel the Headless--
8Demi-HumanAshes160069Summons five demi-human spiritsImpalers’s Catacombs-
9Greatshield SoldierAshes-174Summons five great shield soldier spirits--
10Glintstone SorcererAshes160049Summons glintstone sorcerer spirit--
11Omenkiller RoloAshes1600113Summons spirit of Omenkiller Rollo--
12Black Knife TicheAshes--132Summons spirit of black Knife Tiche--
13Mimic tearAshes-660-Summons Mimc Tear spiritNokron,External City-

Comparison Table.

Lone Wolf

Best Early-Game Ashes Summon.

Why did I Choose Lone Wolf?

Lone Wolf is the very first Ashes Summon you will find in the game. It summons 3 Wolves, that will assist you in combat and it’s best for early levels and bosses as they distract them.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost55
Item EffectSummons three lone wolf spirits
ObtainedPurchased from kale
Buy Price400

Lone Wolf Stats Table.

Considering you have got your Torrent and the spirit calling bell item for ashes summons, the first spirit that you can call is Lone Wolf. I strongly recommend it, as it is entry-level spirit ash that you can easily summon for the daily enemy fights.

Although, it might not be as the name implies. But it summons a total of 3 wolves with their health bars. 

Elden Ring Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

They will attack the enemies at close quarters. This means they also will not have enough health to fight longer on your side and will die in a short time. What Lone Wolf lacks in health, they make up for the speed.

Lone Wolf comes with a promising DPS with fast action to easily put down the small enemies in the game. On the other side, Lone Wolf Ashes will utilize an FP Cost of 55 on each summons, and in my opinion, it performs exceptionally well in mid-late game battles as well.

Elden Ring Lone Wolf Location
Lone Wolf Location

Acquiring the Lone Wolf is not very difficult. All you need to do is to go to speak to Renna. She can be found in the Limgrave at the Church of Elleh.

Remember, you must acquire your steed Torrent before visiting the Renna. After that, she will reward you with the Lone Wolf summon, which you can use for your daily battle needs. 

  • Summons 3 Wolves.
  • Moderate FP cost.
  • Found very early in the game.
  • Decent HP.
  • High DPS and fast attacking speed.
  • Best for distracting enemies & bosses.
  • Weak against AoE damage mobs.
  • Easily overpowered by powerful bosses/enemies.
  • DPS is not enough for late-game enemies, it only serves as a distraction.

Noble Sorcerer

Best Ashes Summon For Large HP.

Why did I Choose Noble Sorcerer?

The Noble Sorcerer features a large health pool with slow movement speed and DPS, ideal for causing distractions only while attacking from afar at low FP cost.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost11
Item EffectSummons noble sorcerer spirit
ObtainedErdtree Burial Watchdog in Stormfootr Catacombs
Buy Price-

Noble Sorcerer Stats Table. 

In my experience, another entry for the best ashes summons is Noble Sorcerer. This is an extremely powerful sorcerer that keeps the distance from enemies and casts spells to reduce their HP. He also utilizes the melee weapon to deal immense damage, thus assisting players in complex combat. 

Elden Ring Noble Sorcerer
Noble Sorcerer

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Stormfront Catacombs
Stormfront Catacombs

For that, you will be going to visit the Stormfront Catacombs in the Limgrave. Bring your best weapons and flasks to restore health during the fight. After defeating the guardian boss, you will be rewarded the Noble Sorcerer. 

  • Decent HP.
  • Uses ranged Glintstone Pebble Sorcery.
  • Perfect for causing Distractions.
  • Low FP cost.
  • Low DPS.
  • Slow Movement Speed.
  • Not effective enough to kill mobs.
  • Difficult to attain.

Wandering Nobles

Best Early-Game Summon for Crowd Control.

Why do I suggest Wandering Nobles?

It summons 5 Wandering Nobles with a low HP pool that will primarily lure enemies. Their power lies in their numbers rather than strength.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost28
Item EffectSummons five wandering noble spirits
Buy Price-

Wandering Nobles Stats Table.

Summoning the Wandering Noble spawns 5 zombies that will be attacking the enemies at the melee range. 

Elden Ring Wandering Nobles
Wandering Nobles

Each one of the zombies has its own health bars. It will allow players to determine their HP and take over the fight for the losing companion. 

Once again you will be going to the Stormfront Catacombs. Instead of entering the gate for the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss, you will have to take the left and take the ladder to reach the dead-end room that is guarded by the Jade Goblins.

You must kill them because they are quite fast. After that, you will find a corpse lying on one side of the dead-end room. Looting it will give you the Wandering Noble. 

  • Summons 5 Wandering Nobles.
  • Good distraction against enemy hoards.
  • Effective against a single enemy.
  • Utilizes number over strength.
  • Moderate FP cost.
  • Each Noble has a low HP.
  • Low DPS.
  • Less effective in combat.
  • Weak against AoE damage enemies.

Putrid Corpse

Best Bait Ashes Summon.

Why do I choose Putrid Corpse?

It summons 4 Putrid Corpses, that act as an ideal bait against bosses and enemies thanks to their high health pool.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost40
Item EffectSummons four putrid corpse spirits
Buy Price-

Putrid Corpse Stats Table. 

Putrid Corpse is another humanoid zombie figure that will be a great bait for the enemies. It will call four Putrid Corpses, which is also one of the enemy groups in the game.

These figures will not benefit players in combat. However, I recommend them as they can still serve a great advantage of baiting the enemies away from the battleground so you can easily sneak behind them to other locations. 

Elden Ring Putrid Corpse
Putrid Corpse
Putrid Corpse location
Putrid Corpse location

To obtain it, you will be fighting a boss who will be dropping the Putrid Corpse ashes. For that instance, you will have to visit the Gaol Cave and visit the location on the left side of the map.

Following the cave will get you down in the trench, where you will encounter the Frenzied Duelist boss. 

  • Summons 4 Putrid Corpses.
  • High Individual HP Pool.
  • Acts as Bait due to their characteristic actions.
  • Best against enemy hoards
  • Summons away from the player.
  • High FP cost.
  • Not effective in combat.
  • Slow movement and attack speed.

Skeletal Bandit

Best Ashes Summon For Slow Bosses.

Why did I Choose Skeletal Bandit?

The Skeletal Bandit combines decent HP and DPS with a resurrection touch, fighting enemies, dying, and then getting up once again to fight. Its attack patterns work perfectly against slow bosses.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost22
Item EffectSummons Skeletal Bandit spirit
Buy Price-

Skeletal Bandit Stats Table. 

When it comes to the best ashes summons, Skeletal Bandit is never an exception. This spirit of the dead comes with dual blades that deal massive damage to enemies in close-quarters combats.

It is ideal for boss fights that are huge and are often slow to attack. 

Elden Ring Skeletal Bandit
Skeletal Bandit

Obtaining the ashes spirit is another crux of the matter. You will not find the ashes anywhere else but only by defeating the ancient boss of Tibia Mariner. You can find this boss roaming around on a watercraft in Liurnia of the Lakes. 

  • Reasonable HP and Damage output.
  • Low FP Cost.
  • It Revives if gets downed.
  • Good for Huge and Slow bosses.
  • Ineffective against quick enemies.
  • Dies quickly again if attacked after resurrection. 

Skeletal Militiaman

Best Skeletal Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Skeletal Militiaman?

Skeletal Militiaman summons two spirits, with moderate DPS and HP, that serve as ideal distractions and are more effective than Skeletal Bandits.

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost44
Item EffectSummons two skeletal militiaman spiritsSkeletal Bandit spirit
ObtainedTibia Mariner (Summonwater Village)_
Buy Price-

Skeletal Militiaman Stats Table.

If you are not tired enough of skeletal companions, then I advise going for Skeletal Militiaman as they also contribute great damage and companion features to your gameplay. These are starters’ hands to hire that will deal decent damage to your enemies. 

Elden Ring Skeletal Militiaman
Skeletal Militiaman
Skeletal Militiaman Location
Skeletal Militiaman Location

Although they are not really strong in terms of employing them during boss fights. But they definitely give a strategic time of 30 seconds. In this period, you can decide your next move and also inflict heavy damage through weapons and incantations.

Surprisingly, you will receive the Skeletal Militiaman from the same boss, the Tibia Mariner. But you will have to go to a different location and hunt him down to obtain the ashes spirit. For that, you will have to go to Summonwater Village and take out the boss.

  • Moderate FP Cost.
  • Summons 2 Skeletal Soldiers.
  • Adequate HP and DPS.
  • Skeletal revive until destroyed completely.
  • Better than Skeletal Bandit.
  • One Skeletal baits while the other revives.
  • Ineffective for combat, only for distraction.
  • Can die quickly if attacked while resurrecting. 

Lhutel the Headless

Best Early Game Legendary Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Lhutel the Headless?

Lhutel the Headless has heavy armor, with teleportation ability, and is immune to all status effects, allowing her to tank any attack and serve as a distraction during prolonged fights.

Max. Held-
Max. Stored-
FP Cost104
Item EffectSummons spirit of Lhuthel the Headless
Buy Price-

Unlike other ashes spirits, Lhutel the Headless is a legendary spirit that I must say it is a must to obtain for medium to higher level character builds. It is known among the best ashes summon for the most tanky and damage-dealing companion.

Surprisingly, you can acquire the spirit quite early in the game and make the most out of the difficult quests in the game. 

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Elden Ring Lhutel The Headless
Lhutel The Headless

To obtain the ashes, you will have to visit the end corner of the Tombsward Catacombs. Here, you will have to defeat the boss known as the Cemetery Shade, who will be dropping the Lhutel the Headless ashes. 

  • Immune to all status Effects.
  • High Damage Output.
  • Tanky build.
  • Causes Death Blight status build-up.
  • Teleports to avoid attacks.
  • A legendary Ash Summon.
  • Massive FP cost.
  • Many enemies are immune to Death Blight.
  • The attack rate is slow.
  • Other Legendary Summons give better DPS.


Best Ashes Summon For Night Raids.

Why did I Choose Demi-Human?

Summons 5 small demi-humans that fight aggressively, especially more during night time. Their strength lies in number and attack speed.  

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost69
Item EffectSummons five demi-human spirits
ObtainedImpalers’s Catacombs
Buy Price-

Small and feral human-like spirits definitely sound like fun when engaging in the lower enemies’ combat. Casting the summon will add five demi-human spirits that will fight to the death.

Like other companions, each one of these Demi-human will have its own health bar that you will need to track. Even if one of them is down, others will be fighting in the close melee range combat. Elden Ring Demi-human


Demi-human Location
Demi-human Location

To obtain it, you will be heading into the Impaler’s Catacombs in between the Weeping Peninsula and fighting once again the Erdtree Burial Watchdog. It can be a little annoying at the start, but adding some good weapons of your character build will help you to smoothly put it down. 

  • Moderate FP Cost.
  • Summons 5 Demi-humans.
  • More aggressive at Night.
  • Decent HP and damage output.
  • Weak against AoE attacks.
  • Ineffective against strong bosses.

Greatshield Soldier

Best Defensive Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Greatshield Soldier?

Summons five Greatshield Soldiers that have high defensive stats and can easily stagger enemies and bosses. Their ideal usage lies against bosses that offer only melee phy damage that can be blocked by their shields.

Max. Held-
Max. Stored-
FP Cost74
Item EffectSummons five great shield soldier spirits
Buy Price-

Greatshield Soldier Stats Table. 

In my experience, Greatshield Solider might not be a great contributor to damage to the enemies. But with the amount of defense it offers apart from your characters’ own armor, Greatshield Soldier is a must-use as Ashes summons.

In essence, it summons five Greatshield Soldiers that will set up the shield that is as powerful as a concrete wall. 

Elden Ring Greatshield Soldier
Greatshield Soldier

This way, you will not have to worry about taking critical strikes from Tree Sentinel or the Starscourage Radahn. These five soldiers standing on your side will deflect any kind of damage coming your way. The summon will consume 74 of your total FP.

Meanwhile, acquiring the ashes is extremely easy. However, it comes with a major requirement, and that is to defeat the Starscourge Radahn. 

Once you are done with Radahan, all you need to do is to visit Nokron, Eternal City. Here, you will have to find a corpse that is guarded by Fallen Hawks’ Soldier. Killing them all will allow you to easily gain access to the corpse and obtain the Greatshield Soldier.

  • Moderate FP Cost.
  • Summons 5 Greatshield soldiers.
  • High Defensive Stats.
  • Easily stagger enemies.
  • Block most of Phy attacks.
  • Weak against Magic attacks.
  • Ineffective against any attack that bypasses their shields.
  • Overall, DPS is low.
  • Low HP without shield protection. 

Glintstone Sorcerer

Best Ranged Magic Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Glintstone Sorcerer?

The Glintstone Sorcerer does range Magic damage and fits well with pure builds featuring no Magic damage at all. 

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost49
Item EffectSummons glintstone sorcerer spirit
Buy Price-

Glintstone Sorcerer Stats table.

As the name implies, it will summon the Glintstone Sorcerer that you can find in the game. What I find so unique about it is the amount of damage and defenses it offers to your character. The ancient sorcerer will once again use the sorceries to assist the players in combat. 

Elden Ring Glintstone Sorcerer
Glintstone Sorcerer
Glintstone Sorcerer Location
Glintstone Sorcerer Location

This location will spawn a mini-boss, Spirit-Caller Snail, that should not be a big deal for even the early-level players. It will summon its own ashes spirit of the Crucible Knight that will be fighting your character. If you succeed in defeating the dreaded warrior, you will receive the Glintstone Sorcerer’s ashes.

  • Deals Magic damage.
  • Adequate HP.
  • Moderate FP Cost.
  • Good for pure builds without Magic Damage.
  • Easy to acquire in early game.
  • Effective against Magma Wyrm bosses.
  • Might die easily against bosses.
  • Weak in Melee combat.
  • Low HP at start, requires upgrades.

Omenkiller Rollo

Best All-Rounded Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Omenkiller Rollo?

Omenkiller Rollo excels in combat thanks to its lightly tanky build and various attack types. It mostly does well in melee combat and inflicts bleed, with the addition of fire attacks that remove Frostbite. 

Max. Held1
Max. Stored600
FP Cost113
Item EffectSummons spirit of Omenkiller Rollo
Buy Price-

As we progress further in the list, the ashes spirits and their abilities also increase. In my experience, Omenkiller Rollo is one of the best spirit companions you can keep on your side that can fight in a similar style as your character.

Omenkiller is also one of the bosses that can be found in the Village of Albinaurics. If you have encountered him in your gameplay, you might already be aware of how hard it is to put him down. 

Elden Ring Omenkiller Rollo
Omenkiller Rollo
Omenkiller Rollo location
Omenkiller Rollo location

Finding the ashes will involve an intense battle with Fell Twins. They are found on the Divine Tower of East Altus in Capital Outskirts. Defeating them will reward you with the Omenkiller Rollo. 

  • High HP and damage.
  • Attacks inflict Bleed.
  • Fire Breath.
  • Easily stagger enemies.
  • High FP Cost.
  • Unlocks in the late-mid game.

Black Knife Tiche

Second Overall Best Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Black Knife Tiche?

The Black Knife Tiche uses her Dagger, imbued with Rune of Death, to wreak havoc. Her quick movements, dodges, immense DPS, and ranged attacks make her almost the best spirit summon against any elite boss.

Max. Held-
Max. Stored-
FP Cost132
Item EffectSummons spirit of black Knife Tiche
Buy Price-

Black Knife Tiche is all about the fatal blows and huge damage for the boss fights. These ashes will summon an assassin spirit that uses the Black Knife as a primary weapon to slice the enemies.

Plus, the assassin is highly agile, which means he will be able to cover all sides for his safety. In my opinion, she is one of the best ashes summons in Elden Ring thanks to her characteristic moveset and massive damage output.

Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche
Black Knife Tiche

Black Knife Tiche also costs one of the highest FP values of 132. But the amount of damage it yields during the battle will surely make up for the huge investment. 

Black Knife Tiche location
Black Knife Tiche location

Obtaining the Black Knife Tiche involves the storyline progress. You will have to defeat the Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader. He is found at the Ringleader Evergaol on the southwest side of the Liurnia.

Bring some of the best weapons to easily defeat the enemy and earn your reward for the Black Knife Tiche ashes. 

  • Massive damage-dealing capability.
  • Quick attacks using a Black Knife.
  • Swift movements and dodges most of the attacks.
  • Moderate health pool.
  • Immune against all status effects.
  • One of the Legendary Spirit Ashes.
  • Very high FP Cost.
  • HP is not enough to tank heavy attacks.
  • Available in the late-end game. 
  • Ineffective against mobs that don’t allow hit-and-run strategy.

Mimic Tear

Overall Best Spirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Mimic Tear?

Mimic Tear creates a copy of your own character having all the equipment and stats. With a strong build, you get two of those to fight anyone, increasing your chances of winning many times.

Max. Held-
Max. Stored660
FP Cost-
Item EffectSummons Mimic Tear spirit
ObtainedNokron, External City
Buy Price-

Mimic Tear Stats table. 

Lastly, I would say that Mimic Tear stands as the best ashes summons in Elden Ring that will work on almost all enemies and bosses. It is agile, savage, and, most importantly, overpowered to fight alongside your character.

It is also one of the worst bosses in the game. Mimic Tear spirit continues that strength and powerful strikes to assist the players for easy infiltration of enemies in a location and also defeat the boss. 

Elden Ring Mimic Tear
Mimic Tear

Even better is that these spirit ashes will utilize your character’s abilities and will overlap with the stats. For instance, if you are a Faith-focused build or spell caster, Mimic Tear will have unlimited FP, so you can easily summon them whenever you want. 

Unlike other Elden Ring ashes mentioned above, acquiring Mimic Tear will be a little different. First things first, since it is an endgame spirit, you will need to defeat the Starscourge Radahn. After that, you will have to go to Night’s Sacred Ground and search for a chest that is locked in the statue door. It will be guarded by an enemy that you will have to kill.

After killing him, you will have to find a key that can be obtained near the statue gargoyles near the entrance door. Once you have them, you will obtain the Mimic Tear from the chest. 

  • Scales your HP up to 3.3 times when max upgraded.
  • Copy of your character.
  • Uses all of the equipped weapons.
  • Does not cost FP.
  • It is as strong as the player’s build himself is.
  • One of the Legendary Spirit Ashes.
  • Costs a ton of HP to summon it.
  • Vulnerable to Death Blight.
  • Uses weapons and equipment that don’t meet the requirement.
  • If the build is weak, then the mimic tear will be weak as well. 

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Redmane Knight Ogha: Very High FP cost but it has slow attack speed, only patrols in a specific region after summoned, and only uses Rain of Arrows attack once. 
  • Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes: Very High FP cost Only advantageous for specific fights.
  • Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes: Less DPS and HP than other Legendary Ashes Summons.

My Recommendation For Ashes Summon

Spirit Ashes are a great addition to the Elden Ring and they give a tactical advantage to players who are struggling with a particular boss and quest. In my experience, I found Black Knife Tiche to be the best among other ashes summons, but that’s not attainable in the early game, and you have to progress through the story. Above all, it allows players to dive even deeper into the story lore and uncover the terrifying secrets within the game. 

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