Elden Ring: BEST Confessor Build

Elden Ring Confessor Build

In this Elden Ring Confessor Build guide, we will be talking about how to create a melee caster build. With this build, you can choose to play defense and offense at the same time with the shield and any weapon. It will also turn you into an effective melee caster in the game. The shield will offer you two important things in any battle. You can counterattack the enemy using the shield to defend yourself and then attack them with full force.

Key Takeaways

  • The Elden Ring Confessor Build is a melee caster build that allows for both offense and defense gameplay, Confessor class has a high Faith and Mind stat, making it an effective melee caster.
  • Quickstep is a useful skill for Confessors as it enhances mobility, enabling dodging of attacks and performing counterattacks.
  • Knight Bernahl at Warmaster’s Shack sells Quickstep, Brother Corhyn at the Table of Lost Grace sells Flame Sling.
  • Combining Quickstep with the Flame Sling spell provides a fast and unpredictable playstyle, as you can dodge and attack simultaneously.
  • Bloodhound’s Step skill allows the character to become temporarily invisible, avoiding incoming hits.
  • The Ash of War improves Quickstep’s offensive and defensive abilities; use of both melee attacks, spells, and weapons can create an unpredictable pattern for enemies.

Our guide will also help you to achieve a better suited playstyle for you, in which you can utilize your movement and your weapons as you load up the Elden Ring build.

The Confessor can turn out to be a great help to you in your battles throughout the game. You can combine all of the mentioned suggestions and spells along with his counterattacks with the shield to become a defense/offense player. He also has the perfect spot to do counterattacks or use spells in range. Also, you must get Elden Ring Confessor Weapons for this build.

After you are done implementing these strategies, spells, and movement, you will be able to dominate the battlefield using the Confessor.

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Elden Ring Confessor Build

You should know what the game offers you when you opt with the Confessor class. It will help you understand what stats you need to boost. So, Let us first look at the starting attributes of the Confessor.


He is excellent in both Strength and Dexterity. The highest stats on him are with Faith and Mind. So, when you think of improving your melee range and the movement of the confessor to avoid massive hits, you can choose to go with the first skill which is the Quickstep.

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Quickstep [By Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy]

Elden Ring Confessor Build
The skill of Quickstep is equipped with Keen!

Your movement is key when playing as a melee caster, and when you face bigger enemies, such as bosses, you need to remove the possibility of getting staggered by them. Getting staggered frequently is annoying and costs you a lot of damage. Surprisingly, you can avoid that by adding Quickstep to your movement. The good thing with this skill is that you can still use it even when you have the shield equipped. 

For instance, when an enemy is about to launch an attack, you can use Quickstep to instantly dodge it and then hit him with a counterattack. To do that, you can use it again and hit the enemy with a light attack. Doing this can help you land an instant two-three strikes on the enemy. You can keep repeating the moves and damage the enemy little by little. If you have to dodge the attack using the shield, you can still go for a counterattack with the Quickstep.


You can obtain the Quickstep from your original spawn area. You need to head over to the Warmaster’s Shack. Once you reach the place, you can purchase the spell from the Knight Bernahl. Before actually buying the skills from him, you can learn a few. Buy the Ash of War: No Skill from him, and it will allow you to use your shield and skills simultaneously. The good news is, the Confessor gives you a good starting shield at the start of the game. You don’t need to look for other shields as this one will suit you best. Once you have the shield, you can equip it with the ash of war, which will help you use the offense-defense build effectively.

You need to make sure that you keep the affinity on it as “Keen” and not “Standard.”

Because when you equip it with Keen, you will be allowed to use Quickstep on your sword. Also, the attribute scaling will switch to Dexterity. Why is that important you ask? Because Dexterity allows you to hit the enemy with more damage and you want that damage. Not only that, you can also use your spells faster by reduced cast time affects on them. All of this will be important for our Elden Ring Confessor Build.

Flame Sling

Elden Ring Confessor Build
A skill that lets you throw a huge ball of fire on the enemies!

The ability for the Confessor to cast spells faster is essential. Therefore, you can also use the Flame Sling spell along with Quickstep. Both of these will help you as you have already reduced the cast time on spells and also switched the attribute scaling to Dexterity, which causes more damage. You can also change the pace of the battle by switching in between different spells, melee range attacks, and weapons. By doing so, you will have an unpredictable pattern against your enemies.


Go to the Table of Lost grace to obtain the Flame Sling. If the grace is still not open to you, you can unlock it by going to the Lake Facing Cliffs. Rest over there and it will take you to the Round Table.

Once you’re there, talk to Brother Corhyn, the NPC at that place. He will sell you a few spells, and the most crucial spell you will need from those few spells is the Flame Sling.

The movement that this spell along with the skill Quickstep will give you a decent ability to give damage and dodge at the same time. 

The mechanism or combination will help you retain the perfect defensive position that leads to a counterattack. The Quickstep allows you to get in that first quick hit, and as you get in the hits, you will be extremely close to the enemy, for which you will have to block because you dodge slowly. Once you have blocked, then you can dodge out of the way.

You can go through our Top 10 Elden Ring Skills guide to find out the best skills you can use in the game.

Bloodhound’s Step

Elden Ring Confessor Build
The most fundamental and unique skill; Bloodhound’s Step

The Ash of War is unique and allows your character to disappear for a short span of time. You can also avoid getting hit while using the ash of war so, you will want to utilize the move. So as you use the skill, your character will disappear and dodge forwards. Also, as you finish this dodging animation, you can finish it by executing a light attack at the enemy. You can use the Bloodhound’s Step to trigger deadly combos with a decent amount of time to switch to defense or offense.

It is also a good skill for stepping back and gaining distance, and once you get into melee range, you will need to get out of that difficult position. Using the skill will allow you to create enough gap between you and the enemy, which you can use to your advantage and hit with a counterattack. You can choose to switch Quickstep with Bloodhound’s Step because both are amazing in their way. Other than that, both skills are perfect for a back-to-back attack pattern. Either way, we think that Bloodhound’s Step would be more effective to use in our Elden Ring Confessor Build guide.


To obtain the Bloodhound’s Step, you need to head over to The First Step and run towards the Third Church of Marika. Once you get to the church, you need to take a right turn and go straight till you reach a small pond. At the end of the pathway, you will find a Teleporter that will transport you towards the Grace Lenne’s Rise. Once you are here, you can travel towards the bridge and find the Knight Cavalry that is roaming around the area at night time.

You won’t be able to find him lurking around in the day time so you have to wait for it to be night time. You can defeat him by using mid-range spells, incantations, or weapons and then switch to melee range attacks to blind side him. Once he is defeated he will drop the skill of Bloodhound’s Step.


Elden Ring Confessor Build
The No Skill on your shield allows you to trigger skills such as Bloodhound’s Step

To take our build further, we will also need a shield. Equip the shield with the No Skill so that you can use both your sword and shield at the same time. You can trigger the Bloodhound’s step while having the shield equipped as well. Doing this will allow you to enter into different branches of combo attacks that you can land on the enemy. You can block an attack and then use Bloodhound’s Step to narrow the gap between you and the enemy. Also, you can add in a nice touch of light attacks to ensure the highest damage possible.

Furthermore, the shield lets you counterattack as well, and with the Bloodhound’s Step at you disposable, you can land as many hits as you can on the enemy and then switch back to using the shield when receiving a heavy hit.

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Wondrous Physick Mix

Elden Ring Confessor Build
Two Crystal Tears that you need for this build!

Lastly, you can make a great addition to the build by using the flask of wondrous Physick. You can choose to mix both Greenspill and the Dexterity-Knot Crystal tear as they will increase your Dexterity and Stamina by a considerable amount. It can allow you to have an upper hand in your fights against different enemies. You can think of these as bonus or extra help.

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Poison Armament

Poison Armament
Build up poison on your sword and damage the enemies as you strike them down!

Stack these up with this fantastic Poison Armament which will cause each hit you land on the boss to build up Poison. With our overall Elden Ring Confessor Build; Poison with high Dexterity with efficient poisoning and because the affinity of the weapon is changed to Dexterity, it scales very well. You can hit hard and quickly poison the enemy, and on top of that, you cannot be hit back. That’s the whole approach of Confessor build, along with the shield counters for good measure.


Head over to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, and once you do, you’re going to find the cellar. Go into the basement and avoid any rats that you find in here. You can choose to defeat them or circle past them, either way you they are easy to kill. Once you go there, you’ll find a chest that is going to Sellia Crystal Tunnel. When you reach the place, you will need to leave the cabin and turn left as soon as you exit. Follow the path straight down until you reach a checkpoint and a sight of grace.

When you exit the tunnels, you need to go south of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and head over to a dark place. Once you are there, you will see an invisible beetle. Kill the beetle and it will drop the Poison Armament for you.

Poison Mist

Poison Mist Spell
A spell that traps your enemies in a mist of poison and damages them each second!

Another spell you will stack with your Wondrous Physick Mix is the Poison Mist, and how you use it will decide the effectiveness of your spell. You want to initiate the spell in front of you when a boss is approaching so that you can trap it in the Mist and take damage for a few seconds, which usually does ten damage per second. Another great thing is that you can use the Poison Mist spell twice in one battle, which changes the pace of the fight.


To obtain the Poison Mist, you have to go Southeast to the Castle Morne Rampart and make sure you trigger the grace. Activate the Grace and follow the path that leads to a huge forest. The path will be clear of enemies and you won’t encounter any of them. Upon reaching the forest, you will again find a beetle that will teleport itself as you try to hit it. Locate the beetle and kill it. It will be difficult to kill it on one try, but once the beetle is destroyed, you will get the Poison Mist.


When it comes down to leveling up your Confessor to the Poison Build, the extensive choice you have is between Dexterity and Strength. For this Confessor build, you need Dexterity because it allows for faster casting, and you can easily hit that Poison, quick attack, and Bloodhound’s Step combination. We have a Dex Build guide for this as well.

Final Words

To end our Elden Ring Confessor Build guide, we are going to talk about the Poison Build that we almost covered in this article. We have talked about two types of Melee Range build configurations that you can use in order to get in the most out of your attacks when facing bosses. You can either skip the poison spells and use Quickstep and your sword to land hard hits on bosses and scale off damage from them. Or you can add a nice touch of Poison on you to induce severe damage per second on them, which will lead to a drop in damage every second.

Either way, you can test the build that we have covered in this article, and you will find it very useful and fun to use because it does not focus on spamming any spells or movements but instead gives you an enjoyable and thrilling way to defeat bosses in a much lesser time frame. If you found this article truly helpful, why don’t you go over our other guides on Elden Ring and see what you’re missing out on?

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