Top 10 Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons

Elden Ring has been the most anticipated game since its announcement. The creative minds behind gaming’s greatest hits; the Soulsborne series brings us a new IP with brand new mechanics. That too in part with the masterful world-building and storytelling from the amazing writer George R. R. Martin, world-renowned for his work on the Game of Thrones series. Elden Ring is a departure from the traditional Souls game and is more fantasy-oriented with a higher emphasis on spells and sorceries. However, that doesn’t mean FromSoft forgot about the people who love playing with fast weapons and wild movements and so they included many dexterity weapons to suit their style of combat. In this guide, we will be listing the Elden Ring best dex weapons that are known to us so far. Also, if you have just started Elden Ring like many other beginners – we highly recommend going through Elden Ring Starting Classes.

Ashes of War and Scaling

Now unlike previous Souls games scaling for weapons works differently than others. In Elden Ring, the scaling of a weapon is dependent not only on the stats the player invests their points into but a new inclusion known as the Ashes of War. These allow you to choose the preferred method of scaling for your individual weapon and also replace weapon skills. Also, go through our Elden Ring Weapons article for overall best weapons.

Elden Ring best dex weapons

How to get Ashes of War

There are a few ways in which the player can obtain Ashes of War. These methods include: looting them from dead enemies or defeated bosses, finding them in the world at specific places. To find out more about Ashes of War check out our guide on where to find all the ashes of war.

Best Elden Ring Dex Weapons

Currently, since the weapons all scale differently depending on the Ashes of War used we have decided to compile the weapons with the highest base dex scaling to provide maximum scaling in the late game, depending on your Ashes of War of course. That is why this Elden Ring Dex Weapons list will contain all base scaling C weapons currently known in Elden Ring as all of these weapons are equally good in terms of PvE.

Elden Ring best dex weapons
Elden Ring Gameplay


Hookclaws | Courtesy: Fextralife

Have you ever wanted to play as wolverine in a souls game? Well now you can, with the Hookclaws as weapons you feel like an animal unleashed upon your enemy ready to rip and tear to your hearts’ content. These weapons also come with inbuilt bleed damage to your enemies so you won’t have to worry about that enemy living on 1 HP just barely surviving your brutal assault, let that bleed damage work and watch that health bar drain. Read Best Elden Ring Bleed Weapons!

These are claw weapons and as such, they come in pairs which mean they can be equipped in both hands. They are extremely lightweight and have little to no stat requirements for equipping them. They are equipped with the weapon skill of Quickstep by default and this is reminiscent of the dash in Bloodbourne allowing you to circle around locked enemies.

Bloodhound’s Fang

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Bloodhound’s Fang | Courtesy: Fextralife

The Bloodhound’s Fang is a curved greatsword with an insane amount of mobility ranging from wide-sweeping attacks to airborne attacks. This weapon lets you feel like the most badass acrobat ever to have lived. Another weapon to have the bleed passive along with remarkable damage to boot. Learn how to Get Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword.

It has a special weapon skill that can be applied to no other weapon in the entire game, not even through Ashes of War and it is called the Bloodhound’s Finesse. The move itself causes the player to slash upwards with all their force while simultaneously moving away from the enemy with a flip. This is a great gap creator for when you feel stuck too close to a boss or a group of enemies.

Definitely a weapon in the running for Elden Ring best dex weapon for sure. Purely because of its stats and unique weapon skill.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Morgott’s Cursed Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

A blade claimed ownership by the Omen King and created by him. Margott’s Cursed Sword itself is another curved greatsword by design. Wielding this blade makes you feel powerful, almost to a sickening and maddening degree. This being the weapon of a king, it requires some high investment into the dex stat. It also carries the bleed passive, making the weapon skill compliment it greatly.

The weapon skill is called the Cursed Blood Slice. It is unique to the weapon and procs the bleed passive when used. The skill itself is a downward-facing slice on the opponent followed by a trail of flames. This can be used as a singular attack or it can be used to set up a combo. 


Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Reduvia | Courtesy: Fextralife

When talking about dexterity we can never forget the dagger class of weapons. Especially since Elden Ring introduced many more unique and frankly amazing daggers with intricate designs that match the greatsword and longsword class this time around. One of these amazing designs is the Reduvia Dagger, an intricate-looking weapon for any player wanting both melee damage and ranged damage all in a single weapon.

The weapon skill is called Blood Blade and it fires crescent projectiles of blood. This weapon also boasts high critical damage alongside insane attack speed. The requirements for wielding this weapon are also fairly minimal making this one of the contenders for the Best Elden Ring dex weapons in the game currently.

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Parrying Dagger

Parrying Dagger | Courtesy: Fextralife

The parrying dagger is a returning staple of the Souls franchise. In Dark Souls 3 this was the best item in the game when it came to parrying due to its parry frames and recovery frames. And just like its previous incarnation, it too excels at parrying. The stats required to use the weapon are minimal to none and its weapon skill is the Parry.

The weapon skill is obtainable through Ashes of War and can be applied to certain shields. Some shields come with this skill as default such as the Leather Shield or Rickety Shield.

Nightrider Flail

Nightrider Flail | Courtesy: Fextralife

The nightrider flail is an interesting weapon, to say the least. It is a stronger variant of the standard flail used by the Night’s Cavalry to bash all those who stand in their way. The weapon itself has very good bleed buildup and can be used for combo attacks very well given its weapon skill, it also has high damage while keeping a good amount of critical damage.

The weapon skill is called Spinning Chain, it is quite self-explanatory as when it is used the striking part of the flail begins to spin and build up momentum. This can then be used to set up combos using either the light attack or a heavy attack.

Vyke’s War Spear

Vyke’s War Spear | Courtesy: Fextralife

Spears are an interesting point of discussion when it comes to a Souls game. They are usually not regarded as good weapons or have a very niche fandom of players who use them exclusively. However, in Elden Ring things looks to be different with the edition of your trusty steed. Combat can be done on the back of the steed so now the range provided by the spear is quite useful.

Alongside this, the weapon skill for this spear, in particular, is quite interesting. It is called the Frezyflame Thrust and is unique to this spear. The weapon skill causes the user to plunge the spear into the ground creating a massive explosion. Doing so causes the weapon to emit madness to the enemies around it and the player themselves.

This weapon is a great example of high-risk high reward and for that reason, it can be seen as one of the best Elden Ring dex weapons.

Dragonscale Blade

Dragonscale Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

Going back to the classics, a katana. The standard dex weapon for any player familiar with the Souls franchise. It’s not much different in Elden Ring this time, in fact, the developers have fully embraced the Japanese samurai aesthetic and even have samurai armour in the game to complement the katanas. This includes the dragonscale blade.

The weapon skill for this blade is unique to it and it is called Ice Lightning Sword. Quite the generic name and a very self-explanatory one at that. Basically, the user summons a thunderbolt of ice lighting onto the desired target which causes the ice and lightning effects to be applied onto the target for a short duration. This could be classified as the Elden Ring best dex weapons but there are others like it which is why that title does not suit this weapon perfectly.

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Estoc | Courtesy: Fextralife

The estoc is another returning weapon from the Souls franchise and a quite useful one at that. It seems it can always be relied upon to be a good starter weapon for any FromSoft game in which it appears. It is a starter weapon, which does mean it has considerably low requirements for wielding it, which work to its own benefit.

The weapon skill is called the Implaing Thrust. This can be attuned onto other weapons using Ashes of War but basically, this skill pierces shields by thrusting forward towards an enemy and breaking their guard. The weapon itself is quite light as well but definitely an early game picks up with a late-game drop off for more powerful weapons.

Godskin Peeler

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Godskin Peeler | Courtesy: Fextralife

Twin blades are a new class of weapons introduced in Elden Ring. They are a cross between greatswords and spears, with the damage output of greatswords and the coolness factor of spears when idle. One of the best of these is the Godskin Peeler. A unique design among the twin-blade family with one end resembling a sickle and the other a tipped edge for stabbing. But the design isn’t the only thing that makes this weapon unique.

The weapon skill for this polearm is called Black Flame Tornado, it is unique to this weapon alone and can’t be acquired through Ashes of War. The user spins the polearm above their head creating a whirlwind of flame if held. If the user simply activated the weapon skill then the player strikes the ground with the weapon to create a large tornado of blackened flames.

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