Top 10 Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons

I have played more than 800 hours in Elden Ring and I can provide you with a hands-on experience for the best Dex weapons I've found in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
About The Author

Waleed has over 800+ hours spent in Elden Ring, and he knows a great deal about the game. You can put your trust in Waleed to provide you with a hands-on experience of Elden Ring.

Currently, since the weapons all scale differently depending on the Ashes of War used we have decided to compile the weapons with the highest base dex scaling to provide maximum scaling in the late game, depending on your Ashes of War of course.

That is why my Dex Weapons list will contain all base scaling C weapons currently known in Elden Ring as all of these weapons are equally good in terms of PvE.

Key Takeaways

  • Hookclaws – Claw weapons with inbuilt bleed damage, equipped with Quickstep weapon skill.
  • Bloodhound’s Fang – Curved greatsword with high mobility and bleed passive, and a unique weapon skill called Bloodhound’s Finesse.
  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword – Requires high investment into dex stat, carries bleed passive, and a unique weapon skill called Cursed Blood Slice.
  • Reduvia Dagger – Intricate-looking dagger with both melee and ranged damage, and Blood Blade weapon skill.
  • Black Zwei – Longsword with high base damage, bleed passive, and a unique weapon skill called Deathblow.
  • Steel Bow – Bow that scales with dex, and a unique weapon skill called Armor Piercer.
  • Ghost’s Fang – Claw-like weapon with high base damage and bleed passive, and a unique weapon skill called Ghost’s Ambush.
  • Solar Blade – Sword that scales with dex and faith, carries a unique weapon skill called Solar Flare.
  • Wooden Stick – Effective and versatile weapon with quick attacks and low stamina consumption.
  • Green Rusted Sword – Curved sword with high base damage and bleeding passive.

Best Dex Weapons & Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my top 10 best Dex Weapons in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NamesAwarded forPhysical DamageMagical DamageFire DamageLightning DamageHoly DamageCritical Damage
1HookclawsBest Dex Weapon for Bleeding Strikes.930000110
2Bloodhound’s FangBest Dex Weapon for Bleeding Assaults.1410000100
3Margotts Cursed SwordBest Dex Weapon for Kingly Strikes & Cursed Blood Magic.1200000100
4ReduviaBest Dex Weapon for Swift Strikes.790000100
5Parrying DaggerBest Dex Weapon for Precise Parrying.750000110
6Nightrider FlailBest Dex Weapon for Storming Attacks & Bleed Buildup.1150000100
7Vyke’s War SpearBest Dex Weapon for Storming Attacks & Bleed Buildup.10306600100
8Dragonscale BladeBest Dex Weapon for Classic Katana Strikes & Ice Lightning Sword Skill.1100000100
9EstocBest Dex Weapon for Piercing Thrusts.1070000100
10Godskin PeelarBest Dex Weapon for Twin Blade Finesse and Flame Tornado Chaos.1210000100

Comparison Table.

1. Hookclaws

Best Dex Weapon for Bleeding Strikes.

Why did I Choose Hookclaws?

I chose the Hookclaws for its agility and bleed capabilities. The combination of quick movements and the ability to inflict bleed damage makes it an excellent choice for hit-and-run tactics, particularly effective against tough opponents.

Hookclaws | Courtesy: Fextralife

These weapons also come with inbuilt bleed damage to your enemies so you won’t have to worry about that enemy living on 1 HP just barely surviving your brutal assault, let that bleed damage work and watch that health bar drain. Read Best Elden Ring Bleed Weapons!

Hookclaws are equipped with the weapon skill of Quickstep by default and this is reminiscent of the dash in Bloodbourne allowing you to circle around locked enemies.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 93 35
Magical Damage 0 20
Fire Damage 0 20
Lightning Damage 0 20
Holy Damage 0 20
Critical Damage 110
Boost 20
Stat Box for Hookclaws
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 8
Dexterity C 14

  • Allows for quick and agile movements.
  • Dual-wielding option for versatile attacks.
  • Bleed damage helps against enemies with high-health pools.

  • Lower base physical damage compared to some other weapons.
  • Limited reach in comparison to larger weapons.

2. Bloodhound’s Fang

Best Dex Weapon for Bleeding Assaults.

Why did I Choose Bloodhound’s Fang?

I chose the Bloodhound’s Fang for its acrobatic combat style and unique weapon skill. The combination of high mobility and powerful sweeping attacks, along with the added bleed effect, makes it a standout choice for those who prefer a stylish and effective approach to combat.

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Bloodhound’s Fang | Courtesy: Fextralife

The Bloodhound’s Fang is a curved greatsword with an insane amount of mobility ranging from wide-sweeping attacks to airborne attacks. It  lets you feel like the most badass acrobat ever to have lived. Another weapon to have the bleed passive along with remarkable damage to boot. Learn how to Get Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword.

It has a special weapon skill that can be applied to no other weapon in the entire game, not even through Ashes of War and it is called the Bloodhound’s Finesse.

The move itself causes the player to slash upwards with all their force while simultaneously moving away from the enemy with a flip. This is a great gap creator for when you feel stuck too close to a boss or a group of enemies.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 141 68
Magical Damage 0 36
Fire Damage 0 36
Lightning Damage 0 36
Holy Damage 0 36
Critical Damage 100
Boost 44
Stat Box for Bloodhound’s Fang
  Scaling Requires
Strength D 18
Dexterity C 17

  • Offers a wide range of sweeping attacks.
  • High damage output with bleed effects.
  • Bloodhound’s Finesse provides a gap-creating move.

  • Requires higher strength and dexterity investments.
  • Slower than lighter weapons.

3. Morgott’s Cursed Sword

Best Dex Weapon for Kingly Strikes & Cursed Blood Magic.

Why did I Choose Morgott’s Cursed Sword?

I chose Margott’s Cursed Sword for its regal aesthetic and the combination of powerful attacks with unique cursed blood magic. The investment in dexterity pays off with visually stunning and potent strikes, making it a weapon of choice for those who appreciate both form and function.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

Margott’s Cursed Sword itself is another curved greatsword by design. Wielding this blade makes you feel powerful, almost to a sickening and maddening degree.

This being the weapon of a king, it requires some high investment into the dex stat. It also carries the bleed passive, making the weapon skill compliment it greatly.

The weapon skill is called the Cursed Blood Slice. It is unique to the weapon and procs the bleed passive when used. The skill itself is a downward-facing slice on the opponent followed by a trail of flames.

This can be used as a singular attack or it can be used to set up a combo. 

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 120 55
Magical Damage 0 29
Fire Damage 0 29
Lightning Damage 0 29
Holy Damage 0 29
Critical Damage 100
Boost 35
Stat Box for Morgotts Cursed Sword
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 14
Dexterity C 35
Intelligence D 17

  • Powerful attacks with a unique visual flair.
  • Bleed passive synergizes well with the weapon skill.
  • Presence of magical flame effects.

  • Requires a significant investment in the dexterity stat.
  • Slower swing speed compared to lighter weapons.

4. Reduvia

Best Dex Weapon for Swift Strikes.

Why did I Choose Reduvia?

I chose Reduvia for its versatility in both melee and ranged combat. The combination of swift strikes, high critical damage, and the unique Blood Blade skill provides a well-rounded tool for dealing with various situations and enemies.

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Reduvia | Courtesy: Fextralife

Reduvia Dagger is an intricate-looking weapon for any player wanting both melee damage and ranged damage all in a single weapon.

The weapon skill is called Blood Blade and it fires crescent projectiles of blood. This weapon also boasts high critical damage alongside insane attack speed.

The requirements for wielding this weapon are also fairly minimal making this one of the contenders for the Best dex weapons in the Elden Ring currently.

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  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 79 38
Magical Damage 0 22
Fire Damage 0 22
Lightning Damage 0 22
Holy Damage 0 22
Critical Damage 100
Boost 16
Stat Box for Reduvia
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 5
Dexterity D 13
Arcane D 13

  • Versatile with both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Blood Blade adds a unique and powerful ranged option.
  • Requires minimal stat investment.

  • Lower base physical damage compared to larger weapons.
  • Limited reach in melee combat.

5. Parrying Dagger

Best Dex Weapon for Precise Parrying.

Why did I Choose Parrying Dagger?

I chose Parrying Dagger for its reliable parrying capabilities. The quick and precise parry frames make it an excellent choice for players who prioritize defensive playstyles, relying on well-timed counters to gain the upper hand in battles.

Parrying Dagger | Courtesy: Fextralife

The parrying dagger is a returning staple of the Souls franchise. In Dark Souls 3 this was the best item in the game when it came to parrying due to its parry frames and recovery frames.

And just like its previous incarnation, it too excels at parrying. The stats required to use the weapon are minimal to none and its weapon skill is the Parry.

The weapon skill is obtainable through Ashes of War and can be applied to certain shields. Some shields come with this skill as default such as the Leather Shield or Rickety Shield.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 75 35
Magical Damage 0 20
Fire Damage 0 20
Lightning Damage 0 20
Holy Damage 0 20
Critical Damage 110
Boost 15
Stat Box for Parrying Dagger
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 5
Dexterity C 14

  • Exceptional for parrying, offering a defensive advantage.
  • Lightweight and easy to wield.
  • Low stat requirements make it accessible early in the game.

  • Limited offensive capabilities compared to other weapons.
  • Requires precise timing for effective parries.

6. Nightrider Flail

Best Dex Weapon for Storming Attacks & Bleed Buildup.

Why did I Choose Nightrider Flail?

I chose Nightrider Flail for its unique flail mechanics and versatility. The combination of bleed buildup and the Spinning Chain skill allows for effective crowd control and punishing combos, making it a preferred choice for those who enjoy a dynamic and aggressive playstyle.

Nightrider Flail | Courtesy: Fextralife

The nightrider flail is an interesting weapon, to say the least. It is a stronger variant of the standard flail used by the Night’s Cavalry to bash all those who stand in their way. The weapon itself has very good bleed buildup and can be used for combo attacks very well given its weapon skill.

The weapon skill is called Spinning Chain, it is quite self-explanatory as when it is used the striking part of the flail begins to spin and build up momentum. This can then be used to set up combos using either a light attack or a heavy attack.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 115 37
Magical Damage 0 25
Fire Damage 0 25
Lightning Damage 0 25
Holy Damage 0 25
Critical Damage 100
Boost 21
Stat Box for Nightrider Flail
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 10
Dexterity C 24

  • Effective for building up bleed damage over time.
  • Versatile combo potential with the Spinning Chain skill.
  • Good critical damage for punishing opponents.

  • Moderate stat requirements for wielding.
  • Requires careful timing for successful combos.

7. Vyke’s War Spear

Best Dex Weapon for Mounted Combat & Explosive Thrusts.

Why did I Choose Vyke’s War Spear?

I chose Vyke’s War Spear for its unique benefits in mounted combat and the exciting Frenzyflame Thrust skill. The combination of extended reach and elemental damage makes it an appealing choice for players who want to engage enemies from a distance and unleash explosive attacks.

Vyke’s War Spear | Courtesy: Fextralife

Spears are an interesting point of discussion when it comes to a Souls game. They are usually not regarded as good weapons or have a very niche fandom of players who use them exclusively. 

Alongside this, the weapon skill for this spear, in particular, is quite interesting. It is called the Frenzyflame Thrust and is unique to this spear.

The weapon skill causes the user to plunge the spear into the ground creating a massive explosion. Doing so causes the weapon to emit madness to the enemies around it and the players themselves.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 103 52
Magical Damage 0 33
Fire Damage 66 45
Lightning Damage 0 33
Holy Damage 0 33
Critical Damage 100
Boost 42
Stat Box for Vyke’s War Spear
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 16
Dexterity C 20
Faith D 18

  • Useful for mounted combat, offering extended reach.
  • Frenzyflame Thrust provides high-risk, high-reward explosive attacks.
  • Incorporates both physical and fire damage.

  • Requires investment in strength, dexterity, and faith.
  • Limited effectiveness in close-quarters combat.

8. Dragonscale Blade

Best Dex Weapon for Classic Katana Strikes & Ice Lightning Sword Skill.

Why did I Choose Dragonscale Blade?

I chose the Dragonscale Blade for its classic katana design and the addition of elemental flair with the Ice Lightning Sword skill. The weapon strikes a balance between traditional katana gameplay and introducing unique elemental effects, making it an attractive choice for players who appreciate both styles.

Dragonscale Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

Going back to the classics, a katana. The standard dex weapon for any player familiar with the Souls franchise. It’s not much different in Elden Ring this time the developers have fully embraced the Japanese samurai aesthetic and even have samurai armor in the game to complement the katanas. This includes the dragon scale blade.

The weapon skill for this blade is unique to it and it is called Ice Lightning Sword. Quite the generic name and a very self-explanatory one at that. The user summons a thunderbolt of ice lighting onto the desired target which causes the ice and lightning effects to be applied onto the target for a short duration. 

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 110 35
Magical Damage 0 25
Fire Damage 0 25
Lightning Damage 0 50
Holy Damage 0 25
Critical Damage 100
Boost 30
Stat Box for Dragonscale Blade
  Scaling Requires
Strength D 12
Dexterity C 20

  • Familiar and classic katana strikes.
  • Ice Lightning Sword adds elemental effects for strategic advantages.
  • Moderate stat requirements for a balanced build.

  • Requires moderate investments in strength and dexterity.
  • Elemental effects may have limited utility against certain enemies.

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9. Estoc

Best Dex Weapon for Piercing Thrusts.

Why did I Choose Estoc?

I chose Estoc for its reliability and effectiveness in piercing enemy defenses. The ability to break shields with the Implanting Thrust skill makes it a strategic choice for players who prefer calculated and defensive approaches to combat.

Estoc | Courtesy: Fextralife

The Estoc is another returning weapon from the Souls franchise and a quite useful one at that. It seems it can always be relied upon to be a good starter weapon for any FromSoft game in which it appears.

It is a starter weapon, which means it has considerably low requirements for wielding it, which works to its benefit.

The weapon skill is called the Impaling Thrust. This can be tuned onto other weapons using Ashes of War but basically, this skill pierces shields by thrusting forward towards an enemy and breaking their guard.

The weapon itself is quite light as well but an early game picks up with a late-game drop-off for more powerful weapons.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 107 54
Magical Damage 0 36
Fire Damage 0 36
Lightning Damage 0 36
Holy Damage 0 36
Critical Damage 100
Boost 24
Stat Box for Estoc
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 11
Dexterity C 13

  • Effective for piercing through enemy defenses.
  • Impaling Thrust skill allows for shield-breaking tactics.
  • Low stat requirements make it accessible early in the game.

  • Limited offensive variety compared to other weapons.
  • Falls off in power compared to more specialized late-game weapons.

10. Godskin Peeler

Best Dex Weapon for Twin Blade Finesse and Flame Tornado Chaos.

Why did I Choose Godskin Peeler?

I chose Godskin Peeler for its unique twin-blade design and the chaos-inducing Black Flame Tornado skill. The combination of versatility, balanced scaling, and a distinctive weapon skill make it an appealing choice for players who want a blend of offense and spectacle in their gameplay.

Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons
Godskin Peeler | Courtesy: Fextralife

A unique design among the twin-blade family with one end resembling a sickle and the other a tipped edge for stabbing. But the design isn’t the only thing that makes this weapon unique.

The weapon skill for this polearm is called Black Flame Tornado, it is unique to this weapon alone and can’t be acquired through Ashes of War.

The user spins the polearm above their head creating a whirlwind of flame if held. If the user simply activates the weapon skill then the player strikes the ground with the weapon to create a large tornado of blackened flames.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 121 47
Magical Damage 0 31
Fire Damage 0 31
Lightning Damage 0 31
Holy Damage 0 31
Critical Damage 100
Boost 31
Stat Box for Godskin Peeler
  Scaling Requires
Strength E 17
Dexterity C 22

  • Twin blade design offers a mix of greatsword and spear characteristics.
  • Black Flame Tornado adds a powerful and unique AOE attack.
  • Balanced scaling for a variety of builds.

  • Moderate stat requirements limit early-game access.
  • Black Flame Tornado may be risky in certain situations.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Black Knife: Low critical damage (110) compared to other weapons might be a drawback for players who heavily rely on critical hits in their play style.
  2. Hand of Malenia: While it scales with both Strength and Dexterity, the primary scaling in Dexterity may limit its suitability for certain builds.
  3. Blasphemous Blade: Its overwhelming power and versatility may diminish the overall challenge and satisfaction of combat encounters in the Elden Ring.
  4. Bloodhound Claws: Have relatively low physical attack power compared to some other claw weapons, potentially making them less effective in pure damage output scenarios.
  5. Eleonora’s Poleblade: Requires specific attribute investments, limiting its accessibility for certain builds, and its unique R2 attack, distinctive, may pose a challenge to control effectively in fast-paced combat situations. 

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Elden Ring player with 800+ hours invested in the game, I recommend the Hookclaws for an agile and hit-and-run playstyle. With quick movements and built-in bleed damage, these claw weapons provide excellent versatility and the ability to circle enemies with the Quickstep weapon skill, making them a top choice for agile precision and bleeding strikes.

If you lean towards a more acrobatic combat style with powerful sweeping attacks, go for the Bloodhound’s Fang. This curved greatsword offers high mobility, remarkable damage, and a unique Bloodhound’s Finesse skill for stylish and effective assaults.

The weapon’s wide range of sweeping attacks and added bleed effect make it a standout choice for those who prefer a dynamic and acrobatic approach to dex-focused combat.

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