Elden Ring Best Keepsake [Editor’s Picks]

A Golden Seed offers a player an extra FP Flask, which is useful for casting spells. On the other hand, Fanged Imp Ashes summon spirits to fight your battles for you. Your goal is to choose the best Keepsake!

Elden Ring Best Keepsake

Starting with a Keepsake gives a significant edge over a few starting enemies while you roam around the free world. For those who do not know, Keepsakes are a gift or bonus for your character.

At the start of the game, once you select an Elden Ring Class, players have the option to choose one Keepsake out of the nine options. Each Keepsake can grant early access to health, power, currency, companions, attribute buffs, and more.

My guide will enlist all nine keepsakes alongside their abilities for my better understanding.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose one Keepsake out of nine.
  • Each Keepsake has its unique ability.
  • Even if you choose a different Keepsake at the start, you can find all nine of them while playing the game.
  • Keepsakes can give you currencies, restore your HP, increase your health slightly, summon spirited animals (your furry friends that aid you in battle), and more.
  • The guide will talk about the best Keepsake you need to choose immediately.
  • It will help you early on in the game, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Please ignore the “None” option while selecting a keepsake, as it would be a fool’s choice.
About The Author

Farrukh Jafri has invested 400+ hours in Elden Ring and knows the ins and outs of the game. You can trust his information about the Best Keepsakes in Elden Ring!

Best Keepsake Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Keepsake in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

KeepsakesBest forFP CostBuy PriceSell PriceMax. HeldMax Stored
Crimson Amber MedallionBest Keepsake for Tank Builds-1500100--
Golden SeedBest Keepsake for General Use---99600
Lands Between RuneBest Keepsake for Runes---99600
Fanged Imp AshesBest Keepsake for Spirit Ash Users50----
Cracked PotBest Keepsake for Throwable Users-200-600-20-
Stonesword KeyBest Keepsake for Dungeon Explorers-2000-5000-99600
Boiled PrawnBest Keepsake for Consumable Users-6005099600
Bewitching BranchBest Keepsake for Strategic Players1460010010600
Shabriri’s WoeBest Keepsake for Multiplayer--500--

Comparison table for Best Keepsake.

Elden Ring Keepsake
Keepsakes act as a head start for your early hours spent in the game. Choose them wisely!

Elden Ring allows the players to complete quests and journey through the magical world to learn new skills, master weapons, and unlock items, Talismans, and Spells. 

It even allows you access to the weapons used by the most challenging bosses. You have a variety of combinations to try out in your journey to be the best in the game.

Consequently, giving you access to ten classes in the game, you can choose to scout the world with any of the ten classes. These classes include;

In Elden Ring, classes have unique attributes and starting gear:

  • Personalize characters as you like.
  • Each class pairs well with each of the nine keepsakes depending on play style.
  • Before choosing a keepsake, understand its abilities.

For a sorcerer like Mage:

  • Choose “Golden Seed” for extra FP flasks.
  • FP is crucial for casting spells from a distance.
  • “Crimson Amber Medallion” is better for survival but not ideal for sorcerers.

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1. None

Best Keepsake for Veterans
No Keepsake | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

When you’re faced with the choice of nine different Keepsakes, there’s this “None” option lurking around. And as the name suggests, it means you’re going into the game without any Keepsakes. Now, why would you do that to yourself, right? Trust me, choosing “None” is probably the worst decision you could make. Do you think you can breeze through the early game without a little extra help?

Why did I Choose None?

If you’re on your second playthrough of Elden Ring, maybe you can entertain the idea of going without a Keepsake and choosing “None.” But if you’re new to the game, just leave that option alone. You’re going to want a Keepsake as your trusty sidekick to help you navigate the vast open world and take on those intimidating monsters.

In a nutshell, only go for the “None” option if you’re a seasoned player looking for a hardcore challenge. For the rest of us mere mortals, a Keepsake is your ticket to a smoother journey through the game’s early stages. Even I didn’t go with this on my first playthrough!

  • Bragging rights
  • Lack of early game-changing materials

2. Crimson Amber Medallion

Best Keepsake for Tank Builds
Crimson Amber Medallion | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
NameCrimson Amber Medallion
Weight 0.3
Effectraises maximum HP by 6/7/8%

Why did I Choose the Crimson Amber Medallion?

The Crimson Amber Medallion is perfect for enhancing survivability by increasing your health in the Elden Ring. It’s particularly valuable early in the game when you aim to clear content with ease. While PvP fights are less relevant in the beginning, these keepsakes are crucial for various aspects of gameplay.

The Medallion provides an extra health boost from the start, which is beneficial for facing challenging enemies and gathering items, especially in farming locations. Accumulating items early on allows you to quickly boost your attributes, focusing on Vigor for more HP and Intelligence for increased FP.

This flexibility enables you to follow the path of a strong mage or a brute-force warrior. Elden Ring offers extensive customization, allowing you to fine-tune your character, combining spells, talismans, weapons, and armor to create the perfect build. For instance, an Arcane build prioritizes attributes in Arcane, Vigor, Endurance, and Dexterity.

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  • Increased early survivability
  • Good on low Vigor classes
  • Gets out-scaled very quickly

3. Golden Seed

Best Keepsake for General Use
Golden Seed | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Golden Seed?

For a sorcerer build in Elden Ring, the Golden Seed is an excellent choice as your starter keepsake. It provides an extra HP/FP flask, allowing you to cast more spells for a longer duration, which is crucial in the early game when you may have limited flasks.

Starting with the Golden Seed ensures you have enough FP to unleash powerful sorceries like Comet Azur, Carian Phalanx, and Adula’s Moonblade, making it a valuable asset for mages and astrologers. Additionally, suppose you accidentally choose a different keepsake. In that case, you can find Golden Seeds and Crimson Amber Medallions at various points, allowing you to switch keepsakes later on.

NameGolden Seed
FP Cost-
Weight 0.3
EffectIncreases the Sacred Flask's number of uses
  • Extra Healing/FP Flask at the start
  • None

4. Lands Between Rune

Best Keepsake for Runes
Lands Between Rune | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Why did I Choose Lands Between Rune?

It is not one of the other Keepsakes that give you a passive buff. Instead, you can consume it and sell it for 3,000 Runes. Not much is helpful in battle. However, you can upgrade rather quickly.

NameLands between Rune
FP Cost-
EffectUse to gain many runes.

Therefore, it is not a Keepsake you HAVE to choose during character creation. Nonetheless, if you’re into collecting achievements and items like I am then feel free to choose Lands Between Rune.

PS: Use it after you accept Melina’s accord!

  • Early level up with runes
  • Becomes common after mid-game

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5. Fanged Imp Ashes

Best Keepsake for Spirit Ash Users
Fanged Imp Ashes | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
NameFanged Imp Ashes.
FP Cost50
HP Cost-
EffectSummons two fanged imp spirits.
TypeSpirit Summon.

Why did I Choose Fanged Imp Ashes?

It is a Keepsake you must have if you’re using a mage class. You will want an extra pair of hands to fight your battles for you. The Fanged Imp Ashes, in particular, can summon Imps/Animals to aid you in battle. 

However, a drawback to this Keepsake is that you unlock the Spirit Calling Bell item to summon the spirits!

  • Bleed damage on-hit
  • Distract enemies and bosses
  • High FP required to summon

6. Cracked Pot

Best Keepsake for Throwable Users
Cracked Pot | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
NameCracked Pot
EffectContainer required for crafting cracked pot items.

Why did I Choose Cracked Pot?

The Cracked Pot allows you to craft firebombs, useful for throwing at groups of enemies to level the odds in battle. While it’s not a standout keepsake, it has its uses.

Early in the game, you can craft weapons and bombs, starting with two pots. You’ll find more as you explore Elden Ring’s open world.

  • Early crafting of pots
  • Can be bought in the mid-game

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7. Stonesword Key

Best Keepsake for Dungeon Explorers
Stonesword Key | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
NameStonesword Key
TypeKey item
EffectUse to break one imp statue seal.

Why did I Choose the Stonesword Key?

A worthy Keepsake to have at the start of the game. It is hard to obtain in the later stages of the game, so it’s safe to say you should consider taking it at the beginning. I mean, it is not that difficult, but you’ll know they’re worth saving!

The benefits of Stonesword Key are limited to rewards, items, treasures, and unlocking new areas. Most of all, you can unlock those pesky Imp Statue Seals with a pair of Stonesword Keys.

  • Saves cost of buying them
  • Not useful unless you like exploring dungeons

8. Boiled Prawn

Best Keepsake for Consumable Users
Boiled Prawn | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
Name Boiled Prawn
EffectBoosts physical damage negation for a time.
FP Cost-

Why did I Choose Boiled Prawn?

The Boiled Prawn may not be the best keepsake, but it’s useful for boosting your damage resistance against physical attacks. If you’re facing tough opponents, eat one of the five Boiled Prawns to enhance your defense.

Its effects last for 60 seconds, increasing damage negation by +15% for physical attacks, which include Strike, Pierce, and Slash Damage. It’s a handy consumable, especially if your enemy relies on these attack types.

  • Improves stats
  • Can be crafted in mid-game

9. Bewitching Branch

Best Keepsake for Strategic Players
Bewitching Branch | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
Name Bewitching Branch
EffectUses FP to charm pierced enemies.
FP Cost14

Why did I Choose Bewitching Branch?

It is another optional Keepsake to choose from at the start of the game, which may sound a little less useful, but it can turn the enemies on your side! I believe it is the only Keepsake that requires FP to charm your enemies temporarily.

Others, not so much. Moreover, if enemies swarm you, you can always charm them with your special Keepsake and let them fight each other while you heal yourself from the damage they did to you!

Additionally, you may want to avoid using this Keepsake on any boss because it will not work!

  • Enemy swarms become less stressful
  • Only useful in large enemy groups

10. Shabriri’s Woe

Best Keepsake for Multiplayer
Shabriri’s Woe | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
NameShabriri’s Woe
EffectConstantly attracts enemies' aggression.

Why did I Choose Shabriri’s Woe?

This Keepsake is the best choice for players who want to go up close and personal with enemies. 

First things first, the description of this Talisman (Keepsake) is misleading for most players. Some of you might think of it as a useless Keepsake because all it does is attract; what? Oh yes, the enemy’s aggression.

  • Makes farming easier
  • Draw agro in multiplayer for companions
  • Enemies are more aggresive
  • Sneaking/Backstabs are harder

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend you the Golden Seed, Crimson Amber Medallion, or the Fanged Imp Ashes at the beginning.

The Keepsakes I’ve mentioned in my guide significantly pair well with each other, and if you’re one of those players who have no idea how to use weapons, spells, classes, and keepsakes that complement others, this guide has helped you! Because you’ll have had enough knowledge to associate any of the nine best Keepsakes with each class!

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