Elden Ring top keepsakes
There are several keepsakes in Elden Ring. These keepsakes help you get a great start in the game.

Top 10 Elden Ring Best KeepSakes

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Elden Ring Keepsakes are a vital part of character creation that gives your tarnished hero a slight boost from a minor magical item you can pick up at the start. They all do different things. So your choice can affect how you will progress with some passive buff, unique ability, or benefit. But what are the best options, and do you even need one. This article will take a deep dive and look into Elden Ring best keepsake. Also if are searching for Best Astrologer Keepsake, read our different article as well.

Best Keepsakes in Elden Ring

There are several keepsakes in Elden Ring, which are necessary for beginners, especially to equip. To find out about Elden Ring best keepsake, read the article to the end and choose the keepsake that best suits your needs. 

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Elden ring keepsakes
Keepsakes let players get a good start and help them throughout the game.


Do you want to know about Elden Ring best keepsake? We have some exciting news for you. You can begin the game without a Keepsake. However, we recommend this option only for players with significant experience and search for a more difficult challenge. In other words, it means that you forego the chance of taking in any of these keepsakes, and so this is when you don’t want to have an advantage starting. So you can not take anything in with you.

Crimson Amber Medallion

The second option we have available is a crimson amber medallion. This keepsake gives you a bump to your maximum health, which is always valid regardless of your skill level and class. It is a must-pick for beginners and particularly good for courses with low vigor and, therefore, lower starting health. Now, this is an item that you can wear. It increases your hp or hp bar in the game, which means you can take more damage. It is entirely possible that later on in the game, you will be able to pick up additional items like this or this exact item, and you could potentially also stack equipment that gives you more hp. But this is a boost at the beginning to your hp bar, which will allow you to take more damage.

Lands Between Rune

The third keepsake is called the Lands Between Rune. Now runes are the currency in the game. This consumable item will give you a decent number of runes right at the start. Once you can level up, this can fast-track any character builds you might have in mind with a few extra free levels. They are used to not only level you up but also to buy items from shops and vendors. So the main thing is that this starts you off with something that you can consume and gives you a little clutch of these runes, this currency that you can essentially use at the start of the game.

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Golden Seed

The golden seed is a consumable item you can use at the site of grace to give yourself an extra use of your sacred healing flask and effectively start the game with five flask uses instead of four. It is another keepsake that is useful for all players, and it is a good choice for a beginner player who might benefit from being able to heal more. However, it is a resource you can find free in the world, so this is your only chance to get one.

This keepsake uses a flask system. So those of you familiar with the software sp, you essentially carry an item with you that you can use to restore hp to your character, and through using golden seeds, you can upgrade the times that you can use this flask. So this right off the bat gives you one additional upgrade or, in other words, one other use to this flask. The Golden Seed keepsake is a powerful upgrade because you can always reuse this flask. So every time you go to a camp and you rest, your flask refills, which gives you another use of that flask. And that is super cool.

Fanged Imp Ashes

The Fanged Imp Ashes is a free Elden ring spirit ash that lets you summon NPCs to fight by your side. You can use the Fanged Imp Ashes keepsake as many times as you like. But you can only use it once you have got the spirit calling bell item. That means you won’t be able to use it right away.

Ashes are, of course, the summoning system in this game. There are tons of summons in it where you can summon wolves and knights and mages and archers and whatever. This keepsake gives you a call right off the bad. A fanged imp is powerful because it can often distract the aggro off of you from enemies. So that enemies instead attack the summon that you have. Plus, it’s additional DPS for you, so again, just a very powerful keepsake or starting item to take in with you.

Cracked Pot

You can get two cracked pots right off the bat if you choose them for your starting keepsake. Players can use pots to craft throwable bombs and never break, so you have to keep filling them with ingredients to have a constant supply of explosives. You have these potions or pots that you can make and fill with different materials, turning them into bombs or other elemental effects in the game.

Each of the pots gives you the ability to craft one of these reusable so that you can throw them, and then essentially, you can refill it again with another element. So this means that you have another one of those available to you right from the beginning of the game, which is very useful. It is because there will undoubtedly be some hunting for these crackpots in the open world to have a certain amount of these available that you can use on enemies to give yourself an edge.

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Stonesword Key

Players can use these stone keys to ensure locks to break seals at hideaway treasure and more. The keys break once you use them. But you can find more out in the world once you are exploring. In the game itself, certain bosses, certain dungeons, and absolute treasures will be invisible behind what they call imp gargoyle locks. So indeed, there will be a significant emphasis on hunting the open world for these kinds of keys because these keys allow you to open those locks, and this way, you can get access to those things above. This keepsake will let you have one of those keys in the rears. We are sure there will be many more of these keys out in the game. But this means the first one of these things that you come across; you will have a key to open it up.

Bewitching Branch

The bewitching branch will give you five consumable branches that release a short-range pink fog that can charm enemies. Any enemies in this fog will stop attacking you, shea their weapons if they have any, and go on with their day. The bewitching branch keepsake is one of the first ones where there are two items in this list where we are not entirely sure what they do. There is some information available on it on the internet. But at the moment, right now, it seems like the charming branch is going to allow you to turn invisible for a short while or at least drop aggro from you for a short time. So this does seem extremely useful, especially out in the open world. If you accidentally draw aggro from many enemies, you can use it to escape them.

Boiled Prawn

The Boiled Prawn is a one-use item that you can use to restore hp. It is among the Elden Ring best keepsake list. Like you have the flasks which give you hp. The boiled prawn is a food item that you can consume, and it will provide you with hp. The boiled prawn keepsake gives you another source of health regen in a boss fight. However, it is a one-use item only, and then it is gone. In short, it is just a little get-out-of-jail-free card in case your flask is empty or something like that.

Shabriri’s Woe

The last keepsake in Elden Ring best keepsake list is the Shabriri’s Woe. The Shahbrir’s Woe is the second item that is not entirely clear now. This item describes that it increases the build-up of madness status effect on enemies. As far as we can tell, the madness status effect on enemies means that if you are fighting like three or four enemies and you can make one of those three or four enemies, that enemy will then turn and attack its allies or anyone. It essentially then, in a way, becomes on your side. We are sure that it will strike you as well.

But the bottom line is then you have like an ally in the fight that will turn on its con-conspiracies or its co enemies. Something exciting about this keepsake is that it increases the madness status effect build-up. So, of course, there will be weapons in the game, maybe arrows spell, that allows you to cast or put this effect on an enemy, which is because it mentions build up. It means that sometimes you will have enemies that are slightly resistant to it, so you will have to hit them twice. And so, it seems like this item will then, in fact, increase the build-up rate, the build-up speed in which you can do it.

Final Words

Elden Ring is a game that is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. The action game gives you a fantastic experience and will enjoy playing it. In the discussion above, we learned about some of the best keepsakes in the game. It is now time to choose your favorite keepsake and start playing this incredible action role-playing game.  

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