Top 15 Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

I have played Elden Ring for 400 hours and I've checked every armor in the game. Here is my list of Best Armor sets!

Elden Ring best looking armor set
Elden Ring best looking armor set
About The Author

Farrukh Jafri has invested 400+ hours in Elden Ring, so you can easily trust him to give the best information regarding the best-looking armor sets in Elden Ring.

Armors are a critical item for any game. They enhance the defenses and set the fashion statement for your character. From Software’s latest entry in the Soul series, Elden Ring follows the same pattern of providing the best armors, among other items, to assist players in gameplay.

Best Looking Armors Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my Top 15 best Looking Armors in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.ArmorBest forWeightPhysical DamageVS StrikeVS SlashVS PierceMagicFireHoly
1Carian Knight SetBest Agility Armor Set25.123.521.624.523.524.523.523.5
2Raging Wolf Armor SetBest Armor For Fashion & Defense.24.225.92325.924.919.822.118.5
3Rotten Duelist SetBest Armor for Mage Builds.15.718.316.518.81818.318.618.3
4Drake-Knight ArmorBest Armor for Extra Damage Negation.2222.623.619.122.620.422.620.4
5Snow Witch SetBest Armor for Mages.10.410.111.511.5823.423.423.4
6Cleanrot SetBest Armor for Agility & Defense.35.728.53126.333.524.925.326.5
7Twinned Armor SetBest Armor for Style & Solid Defense3027.425.429.62523.523.521.5
8Lusat’s SetBest Armor for Magic Users.14.3159.7159.72924.626.1
9Lusat’s SetBest Armor for Aesthetic & Defense.41.635.529.236.433.526.526526.1
10Veteran’s SetBest Armor for Agility and Lower Weight, ideal for swift combat.4535.532.735.533.526.527.626.1
11Traveler’s SetBest Armor for Entry-level magic defense.8.911.
12General Radahn’s SetBest Armor for Strength.41.635.534.929.235.526.527.626.5
13Royal Remains SetBest Looking Armor in Elden Ring.25.323.623.625.523.619.120.417.8
14Blaidd’s SetBest Armor for Style.32.728.525.428.529.722.625.123.6
15Beast Champion SetBest Armor for Defense & Superiority.41.633.531.535.534.925.52726.5

My Best Looking Armors Comparison Table. 

To obtain these armor sets, you will either farm on the enemies or bosses or infiltrate dungeons to loot off armor from the corpses. However, dozens of different armor sets overwhelm players in choosing the ideal one for their character.

That’s why I have gathered the top 15 Best Looking armor sets in Elden Ring that can be found easily in the early, mid, and end games. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

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15. Carian Knight Set

Best Agility Armor Set

Why did I choose Carian Knight Set? I chose the Carian Knight Armor Set for its perfect balance between defense and agility, crucial for survival and success in Elden Ring.

Carian Knight is never an exception when it comes to fashion souls. It gives the Dark Souls a legendary royal look that will frighten the enemies. Carian Knight is a medium-weight multi-use armor set that makes up for the character’s speed and best defenses to players.

The Set comprises four individual pieces: a shiny metal Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg armor. 

Carian Knight Set

Carian Knight set meets all of these requirements to offer the best Damage Negation at the cost of medium weight. The stats for the Carian Knight set reveal a Physical Damage Negation of 25.8 and a Magical Damage Negation value of 27.

With extensive gameplay time, I have found this sword engaging in combat with any of the monstrous enemies in the Elden Ring, as it provides a solid balance between defense and agility. 

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Attribute Value
Physical Damage 25.8
Magical  Damage 27
Carian Knight Set Stat Box

  • Balanced defense against damage.
  • Medium weight allows for decent protection.
  • Versatile design.
  • Appealing royal aesthetic.

  • Medium weight impacts character speed.
  • The acquisition may require significant effort.
  • Versatile but not damage-specific.

14. Raging Wolf Armor Set

Best Armor For Fashion & Defense.

Another fantastic entry for the best-looking armor set is Raging Wolf. It is a highly agile and cool-looking armor that is a prime player consideration.

The dark textures on the armor define the lore of the Elden Ring, thus adding endless possibilities for the playthroughs and character builds. If you are a hardcore soul player, you will immediately recognize the signature look of the Raging Wolf set.

Why did I choose Raging Wolf Armor Set? I chose Raging Wolf Armor Set for its striking appearance and balanced defense, making it a standout choice against the game’s toughest enemies.

Raging Wolf Set
Raging Wolf Set

Through countless playthroughs, I’ve personally found the Raging Wolf set to be the best armor that stands out for fashion souls and protection against the worst enemies you will encounter in Elden Ring.  

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 29.3
Magical  Damage 22.1
Raging Wolf Armor Set stat box

  • Stylish and dark aesthetics.
  • Enhanced agility in combat.
  • Strong overall defenses.
  • Fits well within Elden Ring lore.

  • Potential lack of specialized defenses.
  • Heavy weight impacts agility.

13. Rotten Duelist Set

Best Armor for Mage Builds.

Rotten Duelist might not be the most famous set in Elden Ring. But if you are into fashion souls right now, Rotten Duelist is a prime consideration. It might seem familiar as the Scarlet Rotten version of the Duelist Set.

This is also why it is more haunting and attractive with the hood. Like other sets in the game, Rotten Duelist is also a four-piece set. You might have to farm to obtain each piece that makes up the complete set. 

Elden Ring Rotten Duelist Set
Rotten Duelist Set

Why did I choose Rotten Duelist Set? I chose Rotten Duelist Armor Set for its style and strategic advantages, which is perfect for a mage build in Elden Ring.

Through extensive gameplay, I’ve discovered that if you are starting as a mage build in the Elden Ring and looking for decent armor, the Rotten Duelist set is the perfect choice. 

The cherry on top is the unique effect the players can get while wearing the complete set. Players wearing the Rotten Duelist set can enjoy Shabriri’s Woe talisman. In my experience, the talisman greatly helps players by expanding the annoyed range, allowing for a bold engagement with enemies.

Using this exploit gives me an edge. With maximum damage at the start, I can weaken opponents significantly or even take them out before they can mount a strong offense. It’s a game-changer that keeps me ahead in the toughest fights.

If you do not know what they are, here is the guide on Elden Ring best ashes summons and how to use them for your battle. Once another AI-powered companion is fighting with your side, all you need to do is equip the Rotten Duelist set, and you will see that the enemies are drawn towards ashes summon. 

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 19.5
Magical  Damage 21.1
Rotten Duelist Set Stat Box

  • Balanced defense
  • Suitable for mage builds.
  • Enhances strategy, control, and potential victories.
  • Talisman widens the aggro range bravely.

  • Farming might yield all the pieces.
  • General defense, not specific types.
  • Crucial set, restricted strategies.

12. Drake-Knight Armor

Best Armor for Extra Damage Negation.

Drake-Knight is another unique armor set that is pretty beautiful apparel of the Drake Knights. The black iron finish shines while the fiber and texture of the chest armor exhibit some of the best Damage Negation in the game.

In my experience, getting each piece will be tough, but battles became more manageable once I had it all. 

Elden Ring Drake-Knight Set
Drake-Knight Set

Why did I choose Drake-Knight Armor? Drake-Knight Armor Set has exceptional defense and a striking appearance. Despite the struggle to collect, its strong protection made battles easier, and worth every effort.

Drake-Knight Set Location
Drake-Knight Set Location

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 24.7
Magical  Damage 22.1
Light  Damage 19
Holy  Damage 22.1
Drake-Knight Armor stat box

  • Exceptional Damage Negation.
  • Reliable defense in battles.
  • Grants invincibility.

  • Difficult acquisition process.
  • Boring hunt for each piece.

11. Snow Witch Set

Best Armor for Mages.

Snow Witch is an all-rounder set that goes well with male and female character builds among the best-looking armor sets. Players seeking a Harry Potter-style witchcraft build must consider Snow Witch set for an enhanced fashion in Elden Ring.

Although it might not have the best Physical Damage Negation stats, for players who prefer Mage Build, I believe its strengths in Magical, Holy, and Light Damage Negation make it a must-have.

Elden Ring Snow Witch Set
Snow Witch Set

Why did I choose Snow Witch Set? I chose the Snow Witch Armor Set for its style and magical strengths. I believe it is a perfect fit for mage-focused build in Elden Ring.

Snow Witch Set Location
Snow Witch Set Location

Once you have the side quest and objectives, return to the grounds and visit the tower near the Renna’s Rise. I have found it imperative to complete the side quest before visiting the tower. Once that is out, you can proceed to the hunt to obtain the unique armor set.

After reaching the tower, use the ladders to find a chest above. This chest holds all three pieces of Snow Witch set to claim for yourself. 

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 10.1
Magical  Damage 25
Light  Damage 25
Holy  Damage 25
Fire  Damage 24.7
Snow Witch Set stat box

  • Versatile for various character builds.
  • Evokes a Harry Potter-style witchcraft theme.
  • Resilient against magical, holy & light.

  • Possible low physical defense.
  • Needs side quests for acquisition.

10. Cleanrot Set

Best Armor for Agility & Defense.

If Fashion Souls are your ideal playstyle, then the Cleanrot set is the perfect entry in my series. Do not get over the name just yet, as Cleanrot covers both fashions and enhanced defense aspects for players. Finding a set that looks cool and will protect the players from potentially damaging strikes is hard.

Through personally using the Cleanrot set, I felt like I had a solid defense against damaging strikes. It offered remarkable immunity and damage resistance, which was a game-changer in tough battles. The Cleanrot set became my signature, allowing me to strut through the game confidently.

Elden Ring Cleanrot Set
Cleanrot Set

Why did I choose Cleanrot Set? I picked the Cleanrot Set for its agility and balanced defense, which I found crucial for swift combat during battles.

Cleanrot Set location
Cleanrot Set location

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 31.8
Magical  Damage 274
Cleanrot Set Stat box

  • Balances agility and defense well.
  • Ideal for swift combat styles.
  • Enables dynamic combat approaches.

  • May lack specialized defense.
  • Acquiring it might be challenging.
  • Agility may affect specialization.

9. Twinned Armor Set

Best Armor for Style & Solid Defense

Twinned Armor is also an extremely fashionable entry because of the gold and silver work. The medium-weight set comes with four armor pieces that can set the stage for fashion soul. Especially in the dark world of Elden Ring, wearing a Twinned Armor set will depict a warrior figure that stops at nothing. 

Surprisingly, Twinned Armor is readily available to players early in the game. The Twinned Armor set was a lifesaver early in the game. It struck a good balance between fashion and solid physical defenses.

It is not the flashiest, but its decent Damage Negation is a game-changer. This set is a perfect solution for players seeking early protection without compromising style.

Elden Ring Twinned Armor Set
Twinned Armor Set

Why did I choose Twinned Armor Set? I picked the Twinned Armor Set for its perfect fashion and early-game protection blend. It offers decent protection without compromising on fashion, perfect for the game’s early stages in Elden Ring.

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 30.4
Magical  Damage 25.7
Twinned Armor Set Stat box

  • Fashionable gold and silver design.
  • Accessible early in the game.
  • Style with solid defense.

  • Lacks in specialized defenses.

8. Lusat’s Set

Best Armor for Magic Users.

Meanwhile, all the shiny and golden armor sets are bling in the eye. You might also want to consider darker and magical sets if you pursue other notable classes like Astrologer or Prophet. Lusat’s Set is known for not just the highest Magic Damage Negation but also for introducing players to the magical world of the Elden Ring. 

Lusat’s set is a fashionable sight with a huge Glintstone Helmet that grants your character the best immunity and magical capabilities. Elden Ring Lusat's Set

For those diving further into the magical aspects of the game, Lusat’s Set is more than just armor—it is an initiation into a world of magic. It has allowed me to embrace the magical side while ensuring formidable protection, making it a must-have for such character classes.

Why did I choose Lusat’s Set? Lusat’s Set stood out for its focus on magic and incredible defense, a perfect fit for exploring Elden Ring’s mystical side.

Lusat's Set Location
Lusat’s Set Location

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 15.8
Magical  Damage 32.4
Holy Damage 28.8
Lusat’s Set Stat box

  • Highest Magic Damage Negation.
  • Strong magical capabilities & immunity.

  • Restricted outside magical classes.
  • Possible weak non-magic defense.

7. Banished Knight Armor

Best Armor for Aesthetic & Defense.

Banished Knight is highly impressive in looks. Conversely, players may enjoy some of the highest armor stats for the best damage protection. 

Elden Ring Banished Knight Set
Banished Knight Set

Why did I choose Banished Knight Armor? The Elder Ring Banished Knight Armor Set stood out for its striking appearance and strong defense, despite its heavy weight. The tough resistance and immunity it provides prove invaluable in Elden Ring.

Banished Knight Set Location
Banished Knight Set Location

However, I’ve found that the con of the Banished Knight set is its heavy weight. The heavyweight is indeed going to affect the fast performance of your character. But this armor lacks weight and makes up for Robustness Resistance, and best Immunity against poison and other damaging elements. 

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 40.7
Magical  Damage 29.3
Holy Damage 28.9
Banished Knight Armor Stat box

  • High stats for top-tier protection.
  • Robustness resistance and immunity.
  • Impressive helmet, striking greaves.

  • Heavyweight affects the character speed.
  • Agility and speed compromised.

6. Veteran’s Set

Best Armor for Agility and Lower Weight, ideal for swift combat.

The veteran’s set also depicts the characteristics of a fashion soul outfit. At a glance, players will notice a Rome warrior helmet and a huge feather cape that makes up for the defensive side of the outfit. However, you may hear mixed opinions about the Veteran’s set. But the highest Poise stats and lower weight can grab players’ attention for fast-action gameplay. 

Unfortunately, there is only one approach to getting the unique Veteran’s set, which isn’t easy, as I had to invest in Runes to buy it from a merchant. You might also want to defeat a boss at Castle Sol Rooftop to increase the chance of buying the Veteran’s set. This boss goes by the name of Commander Nial.

Why did I choose Veteran’s Set? I personally chose the Veteran’s Set due to its Rome warrior aesthetic, high Poise, and lower weight, which proved perfect for agile combat style.

Elden Ring Veteran's Set
Veteran’s Set

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 41
Magical  Damage 29.3
Holy Damage 28.9
Veteran’s Set Stat box

  • Stylish Roman warrior ensemble.
  • Poise high, aids agility too.
  • Diverse aesthetics, player choice.

  • Acquired via investment of Runes or boss fight.

5. Traveler’s Set

Best Armor for Entry-level magic defense.

Traveler’s set ranks among the notable mage-build armor sets and ranks higher in the best-looking armor sets. It is a simple cloth armor set with four armor pieces. 

I didn’t find the Physical Damage defenses of the set impressive. However, as a mage or Astrologer character, you should consider the set for its entry-level Magical defenses and immunities.

Elden Ring Traveler's Set
Traveler’s Set

Why did I choose Traveler’s Set? I picked the Traveler’s Set for my mage due to its iconic appearance and early magical defenses. Although physical defenses were modest, the early magical protections and connection to key characters made it a fitting choice for my character’s growth.

Traveler's Set Location
Traveler’s Set Location

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 11.5
Magical  Damage 24.3
Traveler’s Set Stat box

  • Admired among mage builds.
  • Aesthetically appealing in the game.
  • Associated with key in-game characters.
  • Offers entry-level Magical defenses.

  • Low physical defense.
  • Lack of diverse defensive capabilities.

4. General Radahn’s Set

Best Armor for Strength.

General Radahn’s set is unarguably the most badass armor in the game. It is one of the heaviest sets in the game with extreme warrior looks, and the stats are completely off the charts. As the name implies, it is the armor of General Starscourge Radahn that you also encounter in one of the enormous quests in the game.

The General Radahn set was my top choice for my character when I aimed for the ultimate Poise and Robustness in armor. Its sheer strength and imposing look make it the prime consideration, perfectly aligning with most players’ gameplay goals.

Why did I choose General Radahn’s Set? For my character striving for ultimate Poise and Robustness, the General Radahn Set was the obvious choice due to its unmatched strength and imposing aesthetics, reflecting General Radahn’s power in the game.

Elden Ring General Radahn Set
General Radahn Set

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Attribute Value
Physical Damage 41
Magical  Damage 29.3
General Radahn’s Set Stat box

  • Exceptional stats and strength.
  • Impressive warrior aesthetics.
  • High Poise and Robustness for defense.
  • Meets diverse gameplay goals.

  • Heavy armor impacting mobility.

3. Royal Remains Set

Best Looking Armor in Elden Ring.

Royal Remain is a ghoulish and highly agile-looking armor set that will represent the imminent death of enemies in the Land Between. The set contains a skull helmet with golden textures on the other armor pieces. I’ve found that using the armor with a Greatsword is terrific visually, and it also enables players to pursue their creativity of combining with different sets. 

Elden Ring Royal Remains Armor
Royal Remains Armor

Why did I choose Royal Remains Set? I chose the Royal Remain Set due to its visually striking appearance and agility, offering diverse combinations that allowed me to express a unique style in Elden Ring.

Royal Remains Armor location
Royal Remains Armor location

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 25.8
Magical  Damage 20.6
Royal Remains Set Stat box

  • Ghoulish, agile appearance.
  • Unique skull helmet and golden textures.
  • Compatible with Greatswords.
  • Encourages set mixtures creatively.

  • Limited details on defensive capabilities.

2. Blaidd’s Set

Best Armor for Style.

Blaidd’s set is the top entry for the best-looking armor set among every looted and rewarded item in the Elden Ring. You might encounter the set wearing NPC Blaidd’s, which is half-wolf. 

Elden Ring Blaidd's Set
Blaidd’s Set

Why did I choose Blaidd’s Set? Blaidd’s Set has remarkable aesthetics, and its intriguing association with the charismatic NPC has added a unique charm to my character in Elden Ring.

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 31.8
Magical  Damage 24.7
Blaidd’s Set Stat box

  • Best-looking armor set.
  • Assisted by NPC Blaidd.

  • Limited specific damage defenses.

1. Beast Champion Set

Best Armor for Defense & Superiority.

Last, the Beast Champion set says it all in the name. This bulky silver-plated armor is the most incredible set in the game regarding looks and stats. Through engaging in multiple boss fights, I found this set to be an all-rounder for Physical and Magical defenses, allowing all players to pursue the armor. 

Why did I choose Beast Champion Set? Beast Champion Set has an imposing appearance and exceptional defensive qualities, which I discovered during numerous boss fights. It provides strong defenses for both Physical and Magical aspects, which accommodates various player styles.

Elden Ring Beast Champion Set
Beast Champion Set

Attribute Value
Physical Damage 38.8
Magical  Damage 28.2
Beast Champion Set Stat box

  • Exceptional aesthetics and stats.
  • Adaptable for diverse players.

  • Weight may hinder agility.

What Would I Recommend?

My top picks are the Carian Knight Set and the Raging Wolf Armor. The Carian Knight balances defense and agility, ensuring protection without compromising swiftness. The Raging Wolf boasts style and robust defenses, a standout choice against formidable foes.

Both sets offer functionality and style, adapting seamlessly to various combat approaches. The Carian Knight’s balance between protection and speed complements the Raging Wolf’s striking appearance and defenses. These choices cater to different playstyles, ensuring resilience in Elden Ring’s challenges.

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