Top 15 Elden Ring Best Looking Armor Sets

Elden Ring best looking armor set
Elden Ring best looking armor set

Armors are a critical item for any game. They serve to enhance the defenses and set the fashion statement for your character. FromSoftware’s latest entry in the Soul series, Elden Ring, follows the same pattern of providing the best armors, among other items, to assist players in gameplay. With extreme challenges and blood-thirsty enemies, you will always need some degree of defense to keep a safe side from threats. As the world of Lands Between in Elden Ring stretches with deep caves, forests, and dungeons, surviving is not going to be an easy feat. For that instance, players seek defensive elements like armors that satisfies both elements, protection, and fashion. This brings us to the Elden Ring best-looking armor set scattered around the Lands Between, waiting for you to claim all by yourself. 

To obtain these armor sets, you will either be farming on the enemies or bosses or infiltrating dungeons to loot off armors from the corpses. However, dozens of different armor sets overwhelm players in choosing the ideal one for their character. If you are also one of those players juggling with other sets to meet the requirements of both fashion and defenses, you are at the right place. This guide entails the top 15 Best Looking armor set in Elden Ring that you can find easily in the early, mid, and endgame. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

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Elden Ring Best-Looking Armor Set

You might already be aware that Elden Ring armors are not individual items. They make up a complete set of items such as Gauntlets, Chests, and Leg Pieces that you will go after in the game. This feature allows players to work their creativity to mix and match different set pieces to make up a unique armor for their character. 

Elden Ring best looking armor set
Elden Ring best looking armor set

You will be going after different bosses to receive the armor set as a reward for defeating them. Or you can venture across the Lands Between to find good loot containing the armor sets. Of course, it depends on the type of character you are playing in the Elden Ring. Since there are a total of ten classes. The loot and reward drop might not be the same for every character build.

For instance, characters with more attributes points in the Arcane can expect more discoverable loot and rewards dropped from the enemies. But still, players will have to farm on both enemies and location hunt to find a complete set of best-looking armor set in Elden Ring. 

Carian Knight Set

When it comes to fashion souls, Carian Knight is never an exception. It gives the Dark Souls and a legendary royal look that will frighten the enemies. Carian Knight is a medium-weight multi-use armor set that makes up for the character’s speed and best defenses to players. Set comprises four individual pieces, a shiny metal Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg armor. 


When it comes to the damage defenses, Carian Knight is known to balance between Physical and Magic Damage Negation. As said earlier, wandering in the Lands Between of Elden Ring will put your character in danger with tons of enemies. These enemies will inflict physical and magical threats, and falling prey to them will bring a complete halt to your progress. For that instance, your character must protect the bare skin with a set that enhances both Physical and Magical defenses while setting the stage for a fashion statement for your character. 

Carian Knight set meets all of these requirements to offer the best Damage Negation at the cost of medium weight. The stats for the Carian Knight set reveals a Physical Damage Negation of 25.8 and a Magical Damage Negation value of 27. With these stats on your side, players will not have to worry about engaging in combat with any of the monstrous enemies in the Elden Ring. 

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Obtaining the complete set of Carian Knight is a little tricky. However, following each step will make the obtaining process easier. Firstly, you must have your character progressed enough to unlock the Raya Lucaria Gate. Once that is out of the way, head to the Church of Cuckoo. Here you will be crossing the bridge to get to the Graveyard section. Take a left, and you will be able to see a gap between the wall. Get inside the opening and carefully make your way through the ledge until you see a tomb being worshipped by Glintstone Zombies. 

Glintstone Zombies are pretty slow, so you do not necessarily have to engage in a fight with them. The main thing you are interacting with is the tomb that will give you the complete set of Carian Knight. If you want to infiltrate the location, then it is recommended to take Flasks to restore health as there are a lot of ledges and vicious enemies that can put your character to an end. 

Raging Wolf Armor Set

Another fantastic entry for Elden Ring’s best-looking armor set is Raging Wolf. Raging Wolf is a highly agile and cool-looking armor that is prime consideration among players. The dark textures on the armor define the lore of the Elden Ring, thus adding endless possibilities for the playthroughs and character builds. If you are a hardcore soul player, you will immediately recognize the signature look of the Raging Wolf set. 

Raging Wolf Set
Raging Wolf Set

But that is not it. Raging Wolf is ideal for all character classes and builds. Significantly, the Dexterity-focused players must consider the complete set during the venture in Lands Between. Going back into history, Raging Wolf is the armor of Vargram, the Bloody Wolf. He was one of the first tarnished to sit at the Roundtable Hold. The game allows your character as a tarnished to claim this armor and make the most out of Elden Ring. 

Before going into the location, it is essential to look at the stats for Damage Negation. The complete set of Raging Wolf armor grants 29.3 Physical Damage Negation. At the same time, players will also gain 22.1 Magical Damage Negation along with Fire, Holy and Light defenses. Considering these stats, the Raging Wolf set is easily the best armor that stands out for fashion souls and protection against the worst enemies you will encounter in Elden Ring. 

Obtaining the Raging Wolf armor involves story progression until you reach Volcano Manor. If you are a completionist, beware of the spoilers ahead, as you might have to make some tough decisions to obtain the complete set of Raging Wolf set. You will be playing the questline of Queen at Volcano Manor; the legacy dungeon players encounter during Rya’s questline. This is triggered when you join the Covenant after the invitation from Rya. 

After you complete each quest of Queen Tanith, you might want to talk to Knight Bernahl. At the end of Queen Tanith’s quests, Knight Bernahl will give you another quest that will involve a reward of Raging Wolf armor. In this quest, you will visit Fortified Manor at Leyndell, Royal Capital. Here you will be engaging in a fight with only the ancient Vargram, the Raging Wolf. Defeating him at the Fortified Manor is challenging, so bring your best weapons and guts into play to claim your reward for the complete set of Raging Wolf. 

Rotten Duelist Set

Rotten Duelist might not be the most famous set in Elden Ring. But if you are into fashion souls right now, Rotten Duelist is a prime consideration. It might seem familiar as it is the Scarlet Rotten version of the Duelist Set. This is also why it is more haunting and attractive with the hood. Like other sets in the game, Rotten Duelist is also a four-piece set. However, you might have to farm to obtain each piece that makes up the complete set. 

Elden Ring Rotten Duelist Set
Rotten Duelist Set

For that instance, you can farm on Rotten Duelist at the West of Ordina Liturdical Town. But, he will only drop the Rotten Duelist Greaves.  You can also find more enemies northwest of the Consecrated Snowfield, just after the first site of grace. Here the Rotten Duelist will drop Rotten Duelist Helmet. Each enemy will drop only one piece. So you will have to farm until you have obtained the complete set of Rotten Duelist. 

The complete set of Rotten Duelist armor will reward players with 19.6 Physical Damage Negation. Moreover, players will also receive 19.5 for Magic and 21.1 for Light Damage Negation, making it an all-rounder entry-level armor for players. Especially if you are starting as a mage build in the Elden Ring and looking for decent armor, the Rotten Duelist set is the perfect choice to go for. 

The cherry on top is the unique effect the players can get while wearing the complete set. Players wearing the Rotten Duelist set can enjoy Shabriri’s Woe talisman. This talisman is a great help by allowing players to increase the aggro range. This means you will be able to gain the attention of the enemies sooner than expected. 

It might seem like a disadvantage on your side as the enemies are constantly seeking your character. However, you can trigger an exploit that can benefit players to gain maximum damage at the start of the battle. To execute the exploit, you must first summon any of the spirit ashes in your character.

If you do not know what they are, here is the guide on Elden Ring best ashes summons and how to use them for your battle. Once another AI-powered companion is fighting with your side, all you need to do is equip the Rotten Duelist set, and you will see that the enemies are drawn towards ashes summon. Now you can make your move to backstab or execute slash combat to inflict massive damage and drain all HP of the enemies. Or you can shield block the enemies’ strike, while your ashes summon do the job of draining all HP of the opponent.

Drake-Knight Armor

Drake-Knight is another unique armor set that is pretty beautiful apparel of the Drake Knights. The black iron finish shines while the fiber and texture of the chest armor exhibit some of the best Damage Negation in the game. Like most armors in the game, Drake-Knight armor also involves immense struggle to hunt the entire set in a chest.

Meanwhile, it seems like it is hidden for a good reason. Let’s have a look at the stats of the Drake-Knight set. The full collection of four armor pieces will grant a Physical Damage Negation of 24.7. On the other side, the stats values for Magic, Light, and Holy Damage Negation are 22.1,19 and 22.1. However, these best defensive stats come with a hefty cost of heavyweight. This will slow down the character’s performance against the fast enemies. But that does not mean you will never be able to gain severe damaging hits to defeat the enemies. 

Elden Ring Drake-Knight Set
Drake-Knight Set

Obtaining the Drake-Knight set is another crux, as it involves a vast story progression. Story progression makes the Drake-Knight set an endgame armor for an excellent reason. If you have not progressed to the endgame, you might want to avoid the spoilers further in the guide. 

Drake-Knight Set Location
Drake-Knight Set Location

Once you have defeated the Godskin Duo boss, you might want to hit the site of grace just down the battle arena known as Dragon Temple Rooftop. Near the site, you will encounter Warhawks feasting on a corpse. Avoid engaging with the Warhawks and find the elevator by crossing the bridge. Once you are at the bottom of the building, come outside and see a chest. Interacting with the chest will reward players with a Drake-Knight set. 

Snow Witch Set

Snow Witch is an all-rounder set that goes well with male and female character builds among best-looking armor set in Elden Ring. Players seeking a Harry Potter-style witchcraft build must consider Snow Witch set for an enhanced fashion in Elden Ring. Although, it might not have the best Physical Damage Negation stats. But Snow Witch set makes up for the Magical, Holy, and Light Damage Negation, making it the best set for mage builds. 

Unlike other mentioned sets, Snow Witch comes with three armor pieces. This includes a hat, Robe, and a skirt. Snow Witch set can also be mixed with other armor pieces to enhance both Physical and Magical Defenses. That is entirely up to the players’ choice and access to the specific armor sets. Apart from that Snow Witch set is already attractive and powerful to offer entry-level defenses to players. 

Elden Ring Snow Witch Set
Snow Witch Set

Looking at the stats, Snow Witch grants 10.1 Physical Damage Negation. On the other side, Magical, Holy, and Fire Damage Negation comes with a value of 25. While Light Damage Negation only stands at 24.7. But that is not all. Snow Witch set is known to push your cold sorcery effect by 10%, thus adding more damage to the enemies. 

Like most sets in the game, players must progress Ranni’s quests the game to receive the Snow Witch set. For that instance, you must visit Renna’s Rise near Ranni’s Chamber. After hitting the grace site at Renna’s Rise, you might want to use the elevator to go all the way up. After reading the top of the building, you will talk to the Renna to receive the side quest. 

Snow Witch Set Location
Snow Witch Set Location

Once you have the side quest and objectives, return to the grounds and visit the tower near the Renna’s Rise. It is imperative to complete the side quest before visiting the tower. Once that is out of the way, you can proceed to the hunt of obtaining the unique armor set. After reaching the tower, use the ladders to go above and find a chest. This chest holds all three pieces of Snow Witch set for you to claim for yourself. 

Cleanrot Set

If fashion souls are your ideal playstyle, then Cleanrot set is the perfect entry for Elden Ring best looking armor set. Do not get over the name just yet, as Cleanrot covers both fashion and enhanced defenses aspect for players. It is hard to find a set that looks cool and will protect the players from potential damaging strikes. Cleanrot set stands out for offering the best immunity and damage resistances. Plus, it can be easily found by both early and mid-level players. 

Elden Ring Cleanrot Set
Cleanrot Set

Cleanrot exhibits a gold-work fabric on the side that can look beautiful when combined with a brass shield. On the other side, you can also pursue mage character build with the Cleanrot set because of the high immunity. At a glance, the set might look medium for the weight. However, Cleanrot comes as a heavyweight entry in the armors, thus allowing players to pursue the tank builds to inflict more serious damage. 

Cleanrot armor is a fantastic set for protecting your character from enemies and bosses. As for the stats, the Cleanrot set will add a Physical Damage Negation of 31.8. Moreover, players will also receive 27.4 Magical Damage Negation for maximum defenses against all kinds of foes in the Lands Between. 

Lastly, obtaining the Cleanrot set is not a big problem. But that indeed involves farming on a specific enemy that can stretch the process. Here is the complete guide on finding these enemies that will be dropping the Cleanrot armor pieces. 

Cleanrot Set location
Cleanrot Set location

Twinned Armor Set

Twinned Armor is also an extremely fashionable entry because of the gold and silver work. The medium-weight set comes with four armor pieces that can set the stage for fashion soul. Especially in the dark world of Elden Ring, wearing a Twinned Armor set will depict a warrior figure that stops at nothing. 

Surprisingly, Twinned Armor is readily available to players early in the game. Many players struggle to find the set with good poise and physical defenses early in the game. If you are one of these players, then the Twinned Armor set can significantly ease the dilemma by offering inspiration for fashion and decent Damage Negation. 

Elden Ring Twinned Armor Set
Twinned Armor Set

Speaking of Damage Negation, the Twinned Armor set has the highest stats. The complete set features a Physical Damage Negation of 30.4 and a Magic Damage Negation of 25.7. Considering the medium weight, best poise, and stats, the Twinned Armor set is easily the most reliable option players can pursue in Elden Ring. 

It may come as a surprise to some that D Hunter of the Dead wields the armor set. Since he is the crucial NPC of the game, you might not want to kill him just yet to obtain the entire set. However, you may receive the complete set if you pursue the storyline and complete Fia’s questline at Roundtable Hold. 

After progressing further in the storyline, you may find D Hunter dead on the side of Fia at the Roundtable Hold. That is your moment to loot off the warrior’s corpse and claim the best-looking armor set in Elden Ring. 

Lusat’s Set

Meanwhile, all the shiny and golden armor sets are indeed bling in the eye. You might also want to consider darker and magical sets if you pursue other notable classes like Astrologer or Prophet. Lusat’s Set is known for not just the highest Magic Damage Negation but also for introducing players to the magical world of Elden Ring. 

Lusat’s set is a fashionable sight with a huge Glintstone Helmet that grants the best immunity and magical capabilities to your character. As said earlier, Lusat’s set is ideal for players pursuing a magical character build. The blue shiny Glintstone and feathers at the end are pure terrifying beauty in the game. You can combine the set with other robes and chest armor that you can find in the game. But it is highly recommended to use it as it is because of the magical defenses and immunities. 

Elden Ring Lusat's Set
Lusat’s Set

As for the stats, Lusat’s set comes with Magical Damage Defense of a whopping 32.4. Additionally, players may also receive 28.8 Holy and 15.8 Physical Damage Negation. If this does not grab your attention, you surely might want to consider the set for 109 Immunity and 55 Robustness. 

Finding the Lusat’s set will also involve story progression. However, it may include taking a path that could be against your gameplay choices. For that instance, you will have to progress until Sorceress’s Sellen questline.

Lusat's Set Location
Lusat’s Set Location

This is only possible after you have defeated Rennala and Starscourge Radahn. After completing Sorceress’s Sellen quests, she will ask you to join sides with her. Only this way can you obtain the complete set of Lusat’s set. As for the location, you will find the Lusat’s set all the form at the bottom of the Sellia Hideaway. Please beware of the lurking enemies as they will not stand away and will strike from backward. Bringing some of the best melee or ranged weapons will assist you on the long way inside the cave of Sellia Hideaway. 

Banished Knight Armor

Elden Bling players can also consider the Banished Knight set. Among all of the sets, the Banished Knight set is gaining much attention for being the best-looking armor set in Elden Ring. Thanks to the unique helmet and lord-worthy Greaves, Banished Knight is highly impressive for looks. On the other side, players may also enjoy some of the highest armor stats to receive the best damage protection. 

Elden Ring Banished Knight Set
Banished Knight Set

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring received a lot of anticipation from the hardcore fans. Now, over two months into release, Elden Ring is still full of surprises to amaze players with new discoverable items. You will randomly encounter items both early and endgame. In the end, these items and accessories will pose a great benefit for your playthrough. Banished Knight set is also one of these items that are highest in stats and looks but is easily discoverable for players. 

The armor set is also worn by the Banished Knight enemies that serve the Godrick the Grafted. To bag this beautiful set, all you need to do is come all the way down to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Here you will encounter a Banished Knight roaming around the church. Sneak behind the Knight and deal the heavy strikes early on to drain most of the HP. After a couple of strikes, you should be able to stagger the Banished Knight that will give you one of the armor from the set. 

Banished Knight Set Location
Banished Knight Set Location

Return to the same place by fast traveling, and you will again see Banished Knight. Rinsing and repeating will allow you to collect all the four armor pieces and the Banished Knight Shield. Apart from the location, the Banished Knight set serves 40.7 Physical Damage Negation. Moreover, the Magical and Holy Damage Negation values stand at 29.3 and 28.9. 

The only downside of the Banished Knight set is the heavyweight. The heavyweight is indeed going to affect the fast performance of your character. But this armor lacks weight, and it makes up for Robustness Resistance and best Immunity against poison and other damaging elements. 

Veteran’s Set

Veteran’s set also depicts a fashion soul outfit characteristics. At a glance, players will notice a Rome warrior helmet and a huge feather cape that makes up for the defensive side of the outfit. Although, you may hear mixed opinions about the Veteran’s set. But the highest Poise stats and lower weight can indeed grab players’ attention for fast-action gameplay. 

Unfortunately, there is only one approach to obtaining the unique Veteran’s set, which involves an investment of Runes to purchase it from a merchant. Although, you might also want to defeat a boss at Castle Sol Rooftop to increase the chance of buying the Veteran’s set. This boss goes by the name of Commander Nial.

Elden Ring Veteran's Set
Veteran’s Set

He will summon an ashes spirit that may increase the potential threat of going down for your character in the middle of the battle. Apart from that, you might want to use both melee and ranged weapons. Melee weapons work best for the ashes spirits, while ranged weapons will come into play for the Commander Nial boss. Also, do not get greedy for going near the boss, as some of the strikes have a wide range that will instantly kill your character. 

Since the boss fight is a part of the storyline, you will be going to visit Roundtable Hold after defeating the boss. Here you will be seeing a merchant known as Finger Reader Enia. This merchant will sell you the complete Veteran’s set for 18,000 Runes. This might seem like the heaviest investment on your side, even after the boss fight. But in the end, the payoff from the Veteran’s set is definitely worth the investment. 

To start off, the Veteran’s set will maximize your defenses with a 41 value for Physical Damage Negation. The armor set will also reward players with 29.3 for Magic and 28.9 for Holy Damage Negation. On top of that, the Veteran’s set holds a lot of potential for mixing and matching with other sets to create your character-exclusive armor. 

Traveler’s Set

Traveler’s set ranks among the notable mage builds armor set and rank higher in the best-looking armor set in Elden Ring. It is a simple cloth armor set with four armor pieces. Traveler’s set is a costume of Millicent and Melina, some of the top NPCs you encounter in the game. Moreover, you will not find the Physical Damage defenses of the set amusing. However, mage or Astrologer characters can consider the set because of the entry-level Magical defenses and immunities. 

Elden Ring Traveler's Set
Traveler’s Set

Traveler’s set will grant 24.3 Magical Damage Negation to push the defenses of your character against sorcerers and magic casting enemies. Meanwhile, you still get to enjoy 11.5 Physical Damage Negation. If you have found the armor set early on in the game, then these stats are undoubtedly a considerable resource on your side. 

Obtaining the Traveler’s set is a little tricky. But following each step carefully will help get the armor with no problem. Firstly, you will have to visit Dragon-Burnt Ruins and enter the basement dungeon you can find ruins. As a first step, all you need to do is avoid confrontation with any of the enemies and go straight until you find a chest. 

Traveler's Set Location
Traveler’s Set Location

It is a chest trap that will produce magical fumes that will transport you to another dungeon. Once you are transported, you will need to run fast and dodge the attacks from all enemies. These are some deadly beasts in Elden Ring, so you might want to avoid engaging in the combat as survival will not be possible. 

Taking the straight path will allow you to discover a site of grace. After resting at the site of grace, you will be heading out of the dungeon and taking the path on the extreme right. This way, you can avoid encounters with the enemies and be on your way to the Traveler’s set. This path will also take you to the Swamp of Aeonia. Here you will have to find the Street of Sages Ruins. You will find a corpse with the full set of Traveler’s armor above the ruins. 

General Radahn’s Set

General Radahn set is unarguably the most badass armor in the game. It is one of the heaviest sets in the game with extreme warrior looks, and the stats are completely off the charts. As the name implies, it is the armor of General Starscourge Radahn that you also encounter in one of the enormous quests in the game. If you consider an armor with the highest Poise and Robustness, General Radahn set should be the prime consideration for the character build. 

Elden Ring General Radahn Set
General Radahn Set

If you have encountered Radahn, you might already be aware of what you are in for the armor. Armor grants the best Immunity; combined with Physical Damage and Negation, players can do Tank damage to the enemies. Although, the set is not dropped on General Radahn’s defeat. You will have to follow another path to obtain the complete set for that instance. 

Before that, let’s look at the stats of the prime armor set in the game. Considering the Tanky nature of the armor, General Radahn set Physical Damage Negation stands at 41. On the other side, players will also receive Magical and Holy Damage Negation of 29.3. 

Sadly, you will have to purchase the General Radahn set for 36,000 Runes. However, it is crucial to defeating Starscourge Radahn and Godrick the Grafted before going after the set. Once you have completed these major requirements, head to the Roundtable Hold to speak to the Enia. You can easily purchase the set from her inventory. If you are short on Runes, here are some of the best Rune farming locations in Elden Ring to earn the in-game currency and purchase the hefty armor set.

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Royal Remains Set

Royal Remain is a ghoulish and highly agile-looking armor set that will represent the imminent death of enemies in the Land Between. The set contains a skull helmet with golden textures on the rest of the armor pieces. Using the armor with a Greatsword is terrific visually. While it also unable players to pursue their creativity of combining with different sets. 

On top of that, it is not heavy as it seems to be in the outlook. Out of all the sets mentioned above, the Royal Remains set delivers unique effects to the character, thus giving a tactical advantage in combat. Characters wearing the complete set of Royal Remains will receive a slow HP drain after 18%. Once your character hits the critical level of 18%, it will lose only 2 HP per second. Considering these effects and the best defensive stats, Royal Remains is not a set you can afford to miss in Elden Ring. 

Elden Ring Royal Remains Armor
Royal Remains Armor

Moreover, the Royal Remains set also offers decent stats for the defensive-focused players. For starters, players will be able to achieve 25.8 Physical Damage Negation and 20.6 Magical Damage Negation. While wearing the set, you will no longer have to worry about enemies charging or striking with ranged weapons. 

Royal Remains Armor location
Royal Remains Armor location

Royal Remains set is readily available to players after an inevitable story progression. You will have to wait until you have unlocked the Roundtable Hold. Once you have completed the storyline quests for Melina, your character will gain access to the Roundtable Hold. Here you will be fighting Ensha of the Royal Remains. Although, his defeat will not drop the Royal Remains set right away. But you can quickly receive the armor after going to the left side of the Roundtable and interacting with an item. 

Blaidd’s Set

Blaidd’s set is the top entry for Elden Ring’s best-looking armor set among every looted and rewarded item in the Elden Ring. You might encounter the set wearing NPC Blaidd’s that is half wolf. He is a highly charming personality that will assist you in a long way in different quests throughout the Lands Between. 

Elden Ring Blaidd's Set
Blaidd’s Set

Blaidd’s set is a three-piece armor, with the wolf mask being an entirely separate item. You will have to consider two approaches to obtain the complete set of three body armor pieces and the mask. Apart from the mask, Blaidd’s set is also known to have one of the best capes in the Elden Ring. Wolf fur cape combined with the silver-plated chest armor is indeed a sight to see in the darkest battles of Elden Ring. 

As for the stats, the players’ community recommends getting your hands on the Blaidd’s set. It is because Blaidd’s set is an easy miss during one of the unique quests. With the out-of-world fashion statement and the endgame level stats for the armor, Blaidd’s set is the perfect apparel choice for your character. 

Blaidd’s set will offer 31.8 Physical and 24.7 Magical Damage Negation for players. These, combined with 91 Immunity and Poise of 51, will make you a tanky immortal lord in the game. 

Bagging this beautiful set will involve patience, as the questlines for the Blaidd’s set will be pretty lengthy. All you need to do is start quests of the Ranni at the Church of Ella. Once you have completed all of Ranni’s quests, you might want to return to Ranni’s Rise.

Here you will be fighting a boss, which we do not want to spoil for completionists and hardcore players. In the end, you will be rewarded the Blaidd’s set. However, these are only the three armor pieces. You will have to go to another location known as Seluvis’s Rise to obtain the most extraordinary Bladd’s wolf mask. Here you will have to climb up on the ruins on the left side of the tower. On top of the ruins, you will find a corpse that will give you the Black Wolf Mask. 

Beast Champion Set

Last but not least, Beast Champion set says it all in the name. This bulky silver-plated armor is the most incredible set in the game regarding looks and stats. The set is an all-rounder for Physical and Magical defenses, thus allowing all kinds of players to pursue the armor. 

Although, Beast Champion set is a heavyweight armor entry in the game. But it still has a lot of potential by offering immense Poise of 60 and Robustness of 215. Meanwhile, players will enjoy 38.3 Physical and 28.2 Magical Damage Negation. You can also mix and combine different armor pieces with the base set. For instance, combining the Beast Champion armor with a blue cape will transcend the character’s fashion look. 

Elden Ring Beast Champion Set
Beast Champion Set

There are two approaches to obtaining the full set of Beast Champion. The first and the most recommended approach is to go to Crumbling Farum Azula. But before that, you must not engage in a fight with the Maliketh. Otherwise, you will lose the armor set in the playthrough. You will again see a surprise that you might not want to know, but eventually, you will receive the Beast Champion set. 

The second and non-recommended approach is to visit Warmaster’s Shack. Here you will meet Knight Bernahl, a prime NPC in the game. You have the choice to kill him in the shack to loot off the armor set from the corpse. Since he will be giving you quests in the Roundtable Hold, you might want to consider the first approach to obtain the Beast Champion set. 

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring pushes the boundaries of players’ imagination to discover and create their own armor set. Diving into the vast open-world is indeed overwhelming at the start. But starting from small is the key to achieving the endgame items to pursue your ideal gameplay. 

That is about it for some of the coolest-looking armor sets. Do you find this guide helpful for obtaining your best-looking armor set in Elden Ring? What is your favorite in-game or character-exclusive armor set created by you? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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