Elden Ring: 13 Best Places To Invade [Pro Picks]

I have played Elden Ring for more than 150+ hours and I can provide you hands-on experience with every place that player can invade!

Elden Ring Best Places to Invade
Elden Ring Best Places to Invade

Unlike previous soul games, Elden Ring has redefined the PvP mechanics to enable players to break out an attack on players in another world. It might sound a little tricky but once you work around the PvP.

Players can gain the best gameplay experience. For that instance, players are looking out for best places to invade to break out a PvP inter-world war and exact an act of revenge. 

About The Author

Ehtishaam has over 160+ hours in Elden Ring, so you can trust him with the information related to the best places to invade.

Key Takeaways

  1. Stormveil Castle is a popular early-game invasion spot.
  2. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow rewards high-level players and features a Dragon.
  3. First Step Site of Grace is convenient but lacks NPC enemy activity.
  4. Liurnia of Lakes offers unique invasion opportunities.
  5. Draconic Tree Sentinel of Capital Outskirts is ideal for PvP battles.
  6. Mohgwyn Palace is great for PvP and co-op with many enemies.
  7. Groveside Cave is for invading easy co-op players.
  8. Mountaintops of Giants is challenging with brutal NPC enemies.
  9. Siofra River is a good location for invading other worlds.
  10. Miquella’s Haligtree is a legacy dungeon accessible after completing the game.
  11. Volcano Manor is ideal for invading due to hostile factions.
  12. Crumbling Farum Azula is equivalent to end-game content.
  13. Leyndell, Royal Capital is a prime spot for discovering co-op players.

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13. Stormveil Castle

Best Early-Game Place to Invade.

Why did I Choose Stormveil Castle?

I chose Stormveil Castle for its perfect blend of early-game accessibility and constant co-op activity, offering both newcomers and experienced players an engaging and rewarding PvP environment.

Stormveil Castle is known to be the best early-game location where players are always starting as a co-op session. This is because early-level players are mostly fighting the hordes of enemies in the location.

For that instance, you can break into their world to invade and also take advantage of the enemies already fighting the players. 

Stormveil Castle
Stormveil Castle

Players with early levels can also invade the place if they happen to encounter other players in the co-op session. All you need to do is to visit the location and search for the co-op players that are hanging out in the location and attack them from behind.

Invading in all types of locations can indeed become a time sink. But the number of rewards and fun players can achieve from the invasion is worth the try.

Stormveil Castle Location
Stormveil Castle Location

It is also recommended to explore the Stormveil Castle before the invasion. This is because getting to know the location is crucial for a successful attempt to invade other worlds.

Triggering an invasion and then losing the progress is the last thing any player would want to experience in the game. So make sure to understand the landscape of the area and then invade the host’s world.

  • Early-game invasion spot with many co-op players.
  • Hordes of enemies can aid in the invasion.
  • Ideal for low-level players to engage in PvP.

  • Limited NPC enemy activity.
  • May become repetitive for experienced players.

12. Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Best Place to Invade for High-level rewards.

Why did I Choose Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow?

I chose Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow for its enticing high-level rewards and the added challenge of facing a Dragon during invasions, making it a top choice for experienced Elden Ring players.

Unlike Stormveil Castle, Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow is not an early-game location. But eventually, players will be going to the place naturally. Once your character does, you can also consider it among the best places to invade.

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow is the spawn point for invasion. Since invading other worlds in Elden Ring requires players to use an item of Bloody Finger for online play, you will be using that anywhere near the Bestial Sanctum after discovering the co-op session of players in another world. 

Greyoll's Dragonbarrow
Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Invading worlds in this particular place will dish out the best rewards for high-level players. You might also want to roam around the location for landscapes and make yourself comfortable before the mighty battle.

This location also has a Dragon that co-op players might already be fighting with. You can either invade during the fight or let the host players kill the Dragon in peace and then take it head-on with your character. 

  • High-level rewards for invading.
  • Features a Dragon for added challenge.
  • Strategic invasion spot for experienced players.

  • Not an early-game location.

11. The First Step Site of Grace

Best Accessible Invade Location.

Why did I Choose The First Step Site Of Grace?

I chose The First Step Site of Grace as it stands out as the best place for early-game invasions due to its convenience and the added aesthetic appeal of its beautiful surroundings, providing you with a unique backdrop for PvP encounters.

The First Step Site of Grace is another best location for invasions. As the name implies, it is the first site of grace in the game, players are most likely to hang around and spawn their co-op partner.

Once that requirement is met, you can trigger the invasion and invoke a battle among players. 

The First Step Site of Grace
The First Step Site of Grace

One of the major downsides of the location is that it does not have any prominent NPC enemy activity around the location. It means NPC enemies will not be able to benefit or push your invasion while fighting the host alongside your character.

But that does not mean you can not enjoy invading other players in the game. It is a convenient location with a lot of scenery that may enhance your gameplay experience. 

  • Convenient early-game location for invasions.
  • Beautiful scenery enhances the gameplay experience.

  • Lacks significant NPC enemy activity.

10. Liurnia of Lakes

Best Place to Invade for Unique Invasion Opportunities.

Why did I Choose Liurnia of Lakes?

I chose Liurnia of Lakes for its unique scenarios around perilous lakes. Its suitability for both ranged and melee strategies add versatility to PvP engagements.

Apart from the starting locations in the game, Liurnia of Lakes also happens to offer unique invasion shenanigans to players. Considering the dangerous lakes with home to many bloodthirsty enemies, it is a pretty great location to invade the host’s world and fight to death.

The location is ideal for farming as well as AFK players or co-op wanderers who are also hoping to get invaded by other world players. 

While visiting the location, you will mostly find co-op players hanging out in the building near the lake. Meanwhile, high-level players are also found to be busy in the battle with the few enemies around the Liurnia of Lakes.

Once they are confirmed, you can use the Bloody Finger to start invading the world. 

Liurnia of Lakes
Liurnia of Lakes

  • Unique invasion opportunities in a dangerous lakeside setting.
  • Ideal for both ranged and melee invasion strategies.

  • Vast lakes can slow down the pace of the fight.

9. Draconic Tree Sentinel of Capital Outskirts 

Best Mid-Game Place to Invade.

Why did I Choose Draconic Tree Sentinel of Capital Outskirts?

Draconic Tree Sentinel of Capital Outskirts can be good for players seeking a mid-game challenge and a distinct invasion setting with the inclusion of an optional boss, which ensures a memorable PvP encounter.

For players that are looking for more exposure and a challenging spot, then Draconic Tree Sentinel of Capital Outskirts is the best place to invade in Elden Ring.

For the accurate location, it is the first site of grace for Draconic Tree Sentinel. Since it is a massive boss location, you might have to consider it only a mid-game location to invade other players. 

Draconic Tree Sentinel is a giant optional boss that is encountered during the Fia’s questline. Since it is an optional boss in the game, most players are mostly co-op the boss to receive the rewards it drops.

That is why this location is gaining a lot of attention from invaders to visit the location and turn it upside down with a colossal PvP battle. 

Invasion at Draconic Tree Sentinal of Capital Outskirts
Invasion at Draconic Tree Sentinal of Capital Outskirts

There are also a few obstacles that can make your invading experience lasting. Even if players lose the invasion, the experience is worth it. This is because an overworld boss of Draconic Tree Sentinel is also involved in the PvP battle 

  • Challenging spot with a massive optional boss.
  • PvP battles involve the overworld boss.
  • Provides a unique experience.

  • Mid-game location may not appeal to low-level players.

8. Mohgwyn Palace

Best Place to Invade for PvP Experience.

Why did I Choose Mohgwyn Palace?

I found the Mohgwyn Palace to be the best place for invaders seeking a consistent flow of co-op sessions and a mysterious setting. Its ambiance adds an extra layer of intrigue to PvP encounters.

Despite the secrecy and shady location behind the Caelid, it is a good place to get your weapon swing for the PvP bloodbath. The cherry on top is that it is the most consistent place on Elden Ring for co-op sessions among players. 

Mohgwyn Palace
Mohgwyn Palace

The main reason behind it is the dozens of enemies that are either at rest or fighting the co-op players. Your character can also join the fight and invade their world by using the Bloody Finger. Mohgwyn Palace is home to Albinaurics, Rotten Stray, and the field boss of Mohg, Lord of Blood.

  • Consistent co-op sessions with numerous enemies.
  • The shady location behind Caelid offers a secretive ambiance.

  • Location may feel secretive and intimidating.

7. Groveside Cave

Best Place to Invade for Early-game. 

Why did I Choose Groveside Cave?

I found the Groveside Cave to be the best choice for early-level invaders looking for a taste of PvP in a dark cave setting. Its limited stretch makes it easier to discover host players and engage in invasions.

Almost the first cave players enter the Elden Ring, which also holds capabilities for invading another world. Groveside Cave covers both storyline elements as well as co-op drops.

You can pursue an invasion in the dark cave and hunt down all the players. The cave is found in Limgrave, just above the Church of Elleh on the north side of the map. 

Groveside Cave
Groveside Cave

The location is early-game, making it the best spot for invading easy co-op players. On top of that, early-level players can also get a taste of invasion once they get their hands-on multiplayer item.

It is not stretched up location and will be easier to discover the host. All you need is to draw your weapons and prepare to engage in the fight with the host players. 

  • Early-game cave with storyline elements for invasions.
  • Ideal spot for invading easy co-op players.

  • Limited stretch, may not appeal to all players.

6. Mountaintops of Giants

Best Place to Invade for a Challenge.

Why did I Choose Mountaintops of Giants?

I chose Mountaintops of Giants as it provides a challenging location with brutal NPC enemies, creating intense PvP encounters in the middle of snowy plateaus.

If the early game locations are not enough for farming the Rune Arcs, then Mountaintops of Giants ranks higher among the best places to invade.

The invasion location is just across the Grand Lift of Rold. The best thing about this spot is the snow and the stretching plateaus.

These aspects of the location might also be bothersome to the players. But at the same time, it can be effective to make the most out of the battle. 

Mountaintops of Giants
Mountaintops of Giants

Especially, the NPC enemies in the area are extremely brutal take little to no damage, and pose serious threats to both the invader and the host.

That is why players consider adding a co-op partner to aid in more damage to the NPC enemies. Once you spawn into their world, you are in for a crazy ride of adventure to fight with hordes of NPC enemies and host players in a badass location on the map. 

  • Challenging location with brutal NPC enemies.
  • Snowy plateaus add an atmospheric touch to PvP battles.

  • NPC enemies pose serious threats.

5. Siofra River

Best Place to Invade for Lush Terrain & Powerful NPC Enemies.  

Why did I Choose the Siofra River?

I chose Siofra River as it stands out as the best early-game location for its lush terrain and powerful NPC allies, making it advantageous for you during invasions.

Next is the Siofra River to allows players to invade other worlds and their tarnished warriors. It is also one of the locations that players encounter early in the game. The lush terrain and hiding spots around the location can be a great benefit to players who want to hunt down the host. 

Siofra River
Siofra River

Plus, the location is home to some of the powerful NPC enemies with ranged weapons that can become painfully hard to defeat. However, with these enemies on your side, host players will have a hard time managing the fateful battle and eventually fall to their demise.

Or if you happen to encounter a tough one, you can utilize the obstacles and trees to dodge the attacks and wait for the NPC enemies to drain their HP bar. 

  • Early-game location with lush terrain.
  • Powerful NPC enemies with ranged weapons provide support.

  • NPC enemies can be challenging to defeat.

4. Miquella’s Haligtree

Best Place to Invade for Intense PvP battles. 

Why did I Choose Miquella’s Haligtree?

Miquella’s Haligtree is my top choice for post-game players seeking a legacy dungeon experience. Its hostile enemies make invasions rewarding for you, but you need to be skillful.

Miquella’s Haligtree is the legacy dungeon that is only accessible after completing the game. Once you have finished the game, you can gain access to the dungeon to infiltrate by defeating the hardest enemies and boss in the game.

But first, you will also have to cover a puzzle at the Ordina Liturgical Town north of Consecrated Snowfield. 

Miquella's Haligtree
Miquella’s Haligtree

  • Legacy dungeon accessible after completing the game.
  • Hostile enemies in the dungeon create intense PvP encounters.

  • Requires completion of the game to access.

3. Volcano Manor

Best Place to Invade for Intense PvP battles. 

Why did I Choose Volcano Manor?

I chose Volcano Manor for its intense PvP battles with hostile factions. The brutal enemies will provide you with an extra layer of challenge to the invasion experience.

As we progress further into the list, we move on to the most accessible and best places to invade in the Elden Ring. Volcano Manor is known among the most brutal and intense locations where players can invade another world.

One of the main reasons is also the faction in the location that is highly hostile towards the tarnished characters. They also killed other tarnished and will never stand back to strike your character. 

Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor

Like every other invading area in the game, Volcano Manor will also attack the characters. Considering players will start a co-op session, it is the perfect spot to have fun invading and enjoying PvP.

Keep your host foes busy with the enemies and strike them from the back until their HP is drained to the last bit. Rinsing and repeating will give you a perfect hotspot for farming PvP at Volcano Manor. 

  • Intense location with hostile factions.
  • Brutal enemies create challenging PvP encounters.

  • Faction hostility may pose a threat to invaders.

2. Crumbling Farum Azula

Best Place to Invade for High Stakes PvP Battles.  

Why did I Choose Crumbling Farum Azula?

I chose Crumbling Farum Azula for its high-stakes PvP battles with end-game bosses, providing you with an extra layer of challenge to the invasion experience.

Crumbling Farum Azula is also equivalent to the end-game as the storyline will take you to the location. Apart from the type of story you are pursuing, the place is hot for co-op sessions, as it fills all kinds of enemies and boss fights.

Meanwhile, when you farm PvP in end-game areas, your host foes will also be in their end-game levels. For that instance, you might need a little more than just weapons to ensure a successful invasion. 

Crumbling Farum Azula
Crumbling Farum Azula

  • Equivalent to end-game content with boss fights.
  • PvP battles involving end-game bosses provide high stakes.

  • Host players are likely to be at end-game levels.

1. Leyndell, Royal Capital

Best Place to Invade for Team Adventure Quest.  

Why did I Choose Leyndell, Royal Capital?

I chose the Leyndell, Royal Capital for its massive location with diverse environments. The numerous co-op players create ample opportunities for rewarding PvP encounters.

Last but not least, Leyndell, Royal Capital is a prime spot to discover the co-op players farming on enemies. At a glance, it might be difficult to find any host players engaging with the enemies. But once you do, you must not miss out on the opportunity to invade their world and receive worthy rewards for your character.

Leyndell, Royal Capital
Leyndell, Royal Capital

The massive location will have numerous host worlds that you can farm for the Rune Arcs. But the key is to allow these hosts to take on the NPC enemies first, so you can strike while keeping them busy in their world.

Also, you might want to get familiar with the area first. This is because the large buildings and a lot of dungeons can intimidate any player. Once that is out of the way, you can drop into the host’s world and invade them for good rewards.

  • Massive location with numerous co-op players.
  • Diverse environments with large buildings and dungeons.

  • Intimidating size may be challenging for some players.

What Would I Recommend?

In recommending the ideal invasion spots in Elden Ring, I would strongly suggest Stormveil Castle and Leyndell, Royal Capital as the top choices. Stormveil Castle is an excellent early-game invasion spot, providing a dynamic and accessible PvP experience. With hordes of co-op players and a perfect blend of early-game accessibility, it caters to both newcomers and experienced players, offering engaging and rewarding PvP encounters.

Leyndell, Royal Capital stands out due to its massive location with diverse environments, creating ample opportunities for rewarding PvP encounters. The numerous co-op players in this prime spot make it an ideal location to discover and invade host worlds, ensuring a dynamic and challenging PvP experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you invade with friends?

Yes, players can invade with friends. You can bring a friend to invade host players minding their business in another world. Or you can invade friends’ worlds by barging into their gameplay and attacking them for PvP.

How to invade another world?

Invading another world requires a top requirement of co-op session by host players. Once that requirement is met, you will need a Bloody Finger multiplayer item. Using this item will start the process of spawning your character to a new part of the map, near the host of the world that you are trying to invade.

Where to invade?

Any location where players are under a co-op session is invadable. However, above are the top 13 locations that are mostly utilized by the co-op players, thus qualifying for the invasion in Elden Ring.

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