Elden Ring Best Spears [Top 8]

Elden Ring gives players a number of spears to choose from, here are VeryAli Gaming's picks for the best spears in Elden Ring.

The Best Spears in Elden Ring

Elden Ring combines the excruciating difficulty Fromsoftware fans have come to love over the years. To tackle this difficulty in the best possible way, players are given a large number of weapons and weapon types to choose from. Elden Ring’s weapons range from spears to broadswords to ultra greatswords, all with their own playing style and advantages.

In this list, we will go over what we consider to be the best Elden Ring spears. To expand, Spears are a very fun weapon type in Fromsoftware titles and are more important than ever in Elden ring.

Key Takeaways

  • Spears are a weapon type in Elden Ring that prove beneficial in distant combat fights and provide versatility. Different Spears and Shields complement each other very well.
  • The simplicity and ease of use make the Short Spear a good choice for beginners.
  • Cross Naginata allows slashes and thrusts and is obtained from a corpse in Gael Tunnel.
  • The Partisan Spear gives high damaging thrusts and a special R2 Slash attack with a lot of range to use.
  • The Bolt Of Gransax is a lightening based spear and specializes in high lightning damage and good looks.
  • Death Ritual spear is best for intelligence build. It comes with a special magic skill and the same moveset as the Partisan Spear.
  • Crystal Spear is another brilliant option for beginners. It is equipped with a simple thrust and a powerful thrusting attack.
  • Lance comes in the great spear category and is the best spear for Strength builds in dealing high damages.
  • Treespear gives the best results when used with a faith build. Fastness, versatility, high faith damage, and great scaling are its main features.

Elden Ring Spears Comparison

No.WeaponsWeightFP CostPhy DamagePhy DefenseMag DefenseFire DefenseLigt DefenseHoly DefenseCriticalBoost
1Short Spear
2Cross Naginata89122523232323210030
3Partisan Spear6.59123483030303010036
4Bolt Of Gransax8.52598603131473110040
5Death Ritual Spear6.52099544227272711036
6Crystal Spear5.59110483326262610033

Due to their high range, damage, versatility, and the ability to be paired with any one of the many great Elden Ring shields, spears are a great option for beginners and pro players alike.

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Best Spears In Elden Ring

While spears have no solid requirements, they go well with strength, quality, and dexterity builds unless they have specific build requirements.

We do recommend a level of above 50 in the primary stat for your spear of choice and we recommend pairing most of these spears with a good shield, for one can never go wrong with a spear-shield combo.

Another thing we recommend to new spear wielders is patience. Spears can be tough to use, especially if you aren’t acquainted with them already. The Thrust attacks can often be restrictive.

As long as you have patience and are willing to learn the spear type slowly, you will be rewarded. With this, here are some of the best Spears in Elden Ring.

Short Spear

The short spear is a classic and is one of the simplest spears in all of Elden Ring. Not only is this an excellent spear as is, but we also recommend it as the number one spear for beginners to spears. Its simplicity and ease of use, alongside its basic stat requirements, mean you can pick up the short spear early on and get killing.

Its light size also allows for quick blows and a lot of versatility. Despite all this, the short spear is capable of tons of damage and can easily get you through Elden Ring’s entirety.

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You can acquire the Short Spear by starting with the prophet class or by purchasing it from the twin maiden husks from the roundtable hold for 600 runes. The short spear has a strength and dexterity requirement of 14 each with a scaling of D in each, making it an excellent quality weapon. You can infuse this spear through the use of ashes of war and can give it new skills.

The short spear has a basic thrust-type moves that most spears share. While this moveset is not particularly pleasing to look at, it can do insane amounts of damage and can hit enemies from afar. The Short Spear is good for all types of encounters, from small ads to Melania.

Due to its quickness and ease of use, it is a great all rounding spear, great for both Elden Ring’s PvP and PvE. All in all, the short spear is one of the best early spears in Elden Ring.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 112 40
Magical Damage 0 25
Fire Damage 0 25
Lightning Damage 0 25
Holy Damage 0 25
Critical Damage 100
Boost 30
Stat Box for Short Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 10
Dexterity C 10
Stat Box for Short Spear

Cross Naginata

The Cross Naginata is easily among the best Elden Ring Spears. Combining fluidness with utter brutality, the Cross Naginata is perhaps the most fun to watch spear in all of Elden Ring. The Cross Naginata has been popular among Dex players in Elden Ring since the very start and was arguably among the top 3 most popular Elden Ring spears during the early days of the game.

You can pick up the Cross Naganita from a corpse in Gael Tunnel. The Cross Naginata requires a strength rating of 16 and a dexterity rating of 20, with a rating of D and C respectively.

We recommend the Cross Naginata to Dex players with a dex rating of at least 40. We also do not recommend a spear with the cross Naginata for it has a cool moveset and should be dual-wielded. You can infuse the Cross Naginata with ashes of war and it can be upgraded using smithing stones.

The Cross Naginata has a sick moveset consisting of Slashes and Thrusts, unlike most other spear that are thrust only. This makes it among the most versatile weapons in Elden Ring for it has a lot of range, speed and slashes and thrusts. It has a simple special attack similar to other spears, the impaling thrust but it can be devastating when used correctly.

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All in all, the Cross Naganita is shines at both PvE and PvP. Its large range, high damage, and ability to do slashes and thrusts mean every foe, be it Margit or a dragon, is bound to fall.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 122 52
Magical Damage 0 32
Fire Damage 0 32
Lightning Damage 0 32
Holy Damage 0 32
Critical Damage 100
Boost 30
Stat Box for Cross Naginata

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 16
Dexterity C 20

Partisan Spear

The Partisan Spear has been a classic spear in Fromsoft games for a while. Almost unanimously agreed to be the best Dark Souls 3 spear, the Partisan spear returned with Elden Ring and had to be a part of this list. Combining raw strength with top-tier scalability and versatility, the Partisan spear is one every player acquainted with the game knows of and respects. 

You can pick up the Partisan Spear after killing a Godrick Knight at the gatefront ruins (or by any other Godrick Knight). This spear scales with strength and dexterity. It requires a strength rating of 15 and a dex rating of 12 with a D scaling in both, making it an excellent weapon for strength, dexterity and quality build players.

We recommend it for quality builds that have both strength and dexterity at at least 30 each. You can change the scaling of the Partisan spear through Ashes of war and can buff it using magic and buffing items. The Partisan Spear is upgraded using smithing stones.

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The Partisan spear is excellent for offensive players, due to its skillset. It has high damaging thrusts alongside a powerful R2 slash, meaning it can cover all kinds of enemies. On top of all this, it has a lot of range.

The slow speed means it has a slight learning curve but all this ensures you have a weapon capable of dealing tons of damage. Due to its varied moveset and high damage, the partisan spear excels at both PvE and PvP.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 123 48
Magical Damage 0 30
Fire Damage 0 30
Lightning Damage 0 30
Holy Damage 0 30
Critical Damage 100
Boost 36
Stat Box for Partisan Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 15
Dexterity D 12

Bolt Of Gransax

Bolt of Gransax is easily one of the coolest Elden Ring Spears. It is one of the nine legendary armament items in Elden Ring and is picked up in the middle of what is basically a say scraper sized version of it. While the Bolt Of Gransax has a basic spear moveset, it has one of the coolest skills in Elden Ring and does a lot of lightning damage.

You can acquire the Bolt of Gransax in Lyndell, the Royal capital. Once you have discovered enough of the capital, you will come across a bolt of giant lightning resembling spear, climb it and near the top you can pick up the Bolt of Gransax.

This spear has a strength rating of 20 and a dexterity rating of 40, with a D rating in both, making it a powerful Quality and Dex weapon. We recommend the Bolt of Gransax to dex players with high dex and minimum strength.

It has a basic moveset consisting of thrusts with lightning damage and a special attack that hurls a powerful lightning bolt at your does. You can upgrade this Elden Ring spear with Somber Smithing stone.


All in all, due to its standing-out looks, high lightning damage, and cool skill, the Bolt Of Gransax is one of the best Elden Ring spears. While it may not match some of the other spears in this list, its looks alone make up for that. The high damage makes it a very viable PvE Elden Ring spear however we would not recommend it for PvP.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 98 60
Magical Damage 0 31
Fire Damage 0 31
Lightning Damage 63 47
Holy Damage 0 31
Critical Damage 100
Boost 40
Stat Box for Bolt Of Gransax

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 20
Dexterity D 40

Death Ritual Spear

The Death Ritual spear looks like something an old, wise sage might wield. This spear is a spear for intelligence builds and is capable of a lot of damage.

Due to its scaling and multiple kinds of damage, this is one of the most versatile spears in Elden Ring. It is also one of the best Elden Ring spears for Intelligence builds.

You can pick up the Death Ritual Spear from the Death rite bird on the mountaintop of the giants. It has a Dex requirement of 20 and an Intelligence requirement of 18, with a D scaling in both. The Death ritual spear cannot be infused or buffed and is upgraded using somber smithing stones.

The Death Ritual spear has a powerful magic skill and does physical and magic damage. It has a moveset similar to the Partisan spear, with thrusts and a very powerful slash R2.

This moveset is what makes the Death Ritual spear so powerful, the ability to have insane range alongside powerful thrusts and Slashes is very powerful and unique to only a select few spears.

While the Death Ritual Spear shares the strengths of the Partisan, it does that for magic players and that is what makes it good spear. The Partisan is an excellent spear and this is basically that with magic damage and powerful magic skill. All in all, the Death Ritual Spear is the best magic spear in Elden Ring and fit for all melee mages.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 99 54
Magical Damage 64 42
Fire Damage 0 27
Lightning Damage 0 27
Holy Damage 0 27
Critical Damage 110
Boost 36
Stat Box for Death Ritual Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength E 14
Dexterity D 20
Intelligence D 14

Crystal Spear

The crystal spear is another excellent spear that does magic damage in Elden Ring. The Crystal spear is similar to basic spears but with some magic damage and a cool skill.

While the Crystal spear does not have much to offer, its simplicity makes it shine. It is basically the short spear for players that have some intelligence scaling.

You can pick up the Crystal spear behind a hidden wall in Sellia Hideaway. This spear has a dexterity requirement of 16 and an intelligence requirement of 16, with a D and E scaling respectively. This makes it an excellent weapon for Dex players with relatively high intelligence.

The moveset of the Crystal spear is akin to basic spears, with simple thrusts and a powerful thrusting special attack. The Crystal spear cannot be infused or buffed and is upgraded using somber smithing stones.

All in all, the Crystal spear is a very simple spear excellent for beginners. While it may pale in comparison to other spears in this list, it is a great spear to get acquainted with the weapon class and can take you through the game. It is easily one of the best Beginner-friendly Elden Ring spears.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 110 48
Magical Damage 33 33
Fire Damage 0 26
Lightning Damage 0 26
Holy Damage 0 26
Critical Damage 100
Boost 33
Stat Box for Crystal Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength E 10
Dexterity D 16
Intelligence E 16


Lance is a strength heavy great spear in Elden Ring. Its size rivals that of ultra great swords. Despite being tougher to use, great spears have their place. Owing to their insane range and very high damage, great spears are some of the strongest weapons in Elden Ring.

You can pick up the Lance at the Northwestern Camp in the first section of the game. It has a strength requirement of 20 and a dexterity requirement of 14, with a D in both. We recommend the Lance to pure strength builds with strength levels above 40 due to its moveset and size.

The Lance has a basic moveset of spears but it is slowed down in exchange for very high damage. The Lance has a thrusting charge as its skill and can be infused and buffed. It can be upgraded using smithing stones. We recommend pairing the lance with a great-shield to maximise its efficacy.

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All in all, the Lance is an excellent spear for pure strength builds due to its scaling and high damage. Even though it has a high learning curve, strength players will not regret sticking through with it till the end.

Its high damage ensures it can beat any PvE foe with ease, its slow speed means we cannot recommend it for PvP. All in all, the Lance is one of the best Elden Ring spears for PvE.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 123 57
Magical Damage 0 36
Fire Damage 0 36
Lightning Damage 0 36
Holy Damage 0 36
Critical Damage 100
Boost 44
Stat Box for Lance

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 20
Dexterity D 14


The Treespear is an excellent Elden Ring weapon and one of the best Elden Ring spears for faith builds. It has a fast, versatile moveset alongside high faith damage and great scaling. It does high damage and has a unique R2 and a very powerful L2. It is also considered to be one of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring in general.

The treespear can be picked up at the edge of a broken bridge, head south east from the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace until you arrive at the broken part and pick it up. The Treespear requires a dexterity of 22 and faith of 18 with a D scaling in both, making it an excellent weapon for Faith players.

It can be upgraded using Somber smithing stones. While the Treespear can not be infused, it can be buffed with magic. It has a unique piercing R2 and an L2 that increases all holy damage and prevents the undead enemies from rising.

While the moveset of the Treespear is simple, it is fast and powerful and does holy damage. All this makes the Treespear an excellent choice for Faith players. Its versatility and quick speed means it excels at both PvE and PvP, from online duels to Godfrey, the Treespear will get you through it all.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 122 55
Magical Damage 0 35
Fire Damage 0 35
Lightning Damage 0 35
Holy Damage 79 48
Critical Damage 100
Boost 45
Stat Box for Treespear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 15
Dexterity D 22
Faith D 18

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