Elden Ring: 8 Best Spears – Stats, Unlock, Guide

My playtime for Elden Ring is above 800 hours and I have hands-on experience with all the Spears and, therefore, I can provide you with the best spears in Elden Ring in my experience.

The Best Spears in Elden Ring

Spears work well with strength, quality, and dexterity builds, unless they have specific requirements. A primary stat level above 50 is recommended for your chosen spear. Pairing spears with shields is a solid choice for a versatile spear-shield combo.

Patience is key when using spears, especially if you’re new to them. Thrust attacks can be restrictive, but with practice and a willingness to learn, you’ll find them rewarding. 

About The Author

Waleed has over 800+ hours spent in Elden Ring, and he knows a great deal about the game. You can put your trust in Waleed to provide you with a hands-on experience of Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways

Spears are versatile weapons, ideal for ranged combat. Here are the best ones:

  1. Short Spear is beginner-friendly due to its simplicity.
  2. Cross Naginata offers slashes and thrusts, found in Gael Tunnel.
  3. Partisan Spear excels in damaging thrusts and has a long-range R2 Slash attack.
  4. Bolt Of Gransax is a lightning-based spear with high lightning damage.
  5. Death Ritual Spear suits intelligence builds, featuring a special magic skill.
  6. Crystal Spear, great for beginners, has a simple and powerful thrusting attack.
  7. Lance is the top choice for Strength builds, dealing high damage.
  8. Treespear shines with faith builds, offering speed, versatility, high faith damage, and strong scaling.

Best Spears Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my 8 best Spears in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponsAwarded forWeightFP CostPhy DamagePhy DefenseMag DefenseFire DefenseLigt DefenseHoly DefenseCriticalBoost
1Short Spear
Best Early-Game Spear.414112402525252510030
2Cross NaginataBest Spear for Dex Dominance.89122523232323210030
3Partisan SpearBest Spear for Versatile Power.6.59123483030303010036
4Bolt Of GransaxBest Lightning Spear for Potent Attacks.8.52598603131473110040
5Death Ritual SpearBest Spear for Magical Mastery.6.52099544227272711036
6Crystal SpearBest Spear for Magic Damage.5.59110483326262610033
7LanceBest Strength-focused Spear.9.016123573636363610044
8TreespearBest Spear for Faith Builds.9.518112553535354810045

Spears Comparison Table. 

Short Spear

Best Early-Game Spear.

Why did I Choose Short Spear?

I chose the Short Spear for its simplicity, making it a great introductory weapon for newcomers. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a reliable choice for both new and experienced players.

The Short Spear is a simple yet effective weapon, making it ideal for beginners to spears. It has basic stat requirements and offers versatility with quick strikes. Despite its simplicity, the Short Spear delivers substantial damage and can carry you through the Elden Ring.

You can obtain the Short Spear by starting with the Prophet class or purchasing it from the twin maiden husks in the Roundtable Hold for 600 runes. It requires 14 strength and 14 dexterity, both with a scaling of D, making it a quality weapon. You can enhance it with ashes of war for new skills.

The Short Spear’s moveset consists of basic thrust attacks, which may not be visually impressive but deal significant damage and have good range. It’s suitable for various encounters, from small foes to formidable bosses like Melania.

Due to its quickness and ease of use, it is a great all-rounding spear, great for both Elden Ring’s PvP and PvE.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 112 40
Magical Damage 0 25
Fire Damage 0 25
Lightning Damage 0 25
Holy Damage 0 25
Critical Damage 100
Boost 30
Stat Box for Short Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 10
Dexterity C 10
Stat Box for Short Spear

  • Simplicity makes it ideal for newcomers.
  • Well-rounded for both PvP and PvE.
  • Obtainable early in the game.

  • Visually unimpressive moveset.
  • Limited special attacks compared to other spears.

Cross Naginata

Best Spear for Dex Dominance.

Why did I Choose Cross Naginata?

I chose the Cross Naginata for its unique and stylish moveset, making it a favorite among Dex players. Its versatility and high damage output make it effective in various situations.

Combining fluidness with utter brutality, the Cross Naginata is perhaps the most fun to watch. The Cross Naginata has been popular among Dex players in Elden Ring since the very start and was arguably among the top 3 most popular spears during the early days of the game.

You can pick up the Cross Naganita from a corpse in Gael Tunnel. The Cross Naginata requires a strength rating of 16 and a dexterity rating of 20, with a rating of D and C respectively.

I recommend the Cross Naginata to Dex players with a Dex rating of at least 40. I also do not recommend a spear with the cross Naginata for it has a cool moveset and should be dual-wielded. You can infuse the Cross Naginata with ashes of war and it can be upgraded using smithing stones.

The Cross Naginata has a sick moveset consisting of Slashes and Thrusts, unlike most other spears that are thrust only. This makes it among the most versatile weapons in Elden Ring for it has a lot of range, speed, and slashes and thrusts. It has a simple special attack similar to other spears, the impaling thrust but it can be devastating when used correctly.

All in all, the Cross Naganita shines at both PvE and PvP. Its large range, high damage, and ability to do slashes and thrusts mean every foe, be it Margit or a dragon, is bound to fall.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 122 52
Magical Damage 0 32
Fire Damage 0 32
Lightning Damage 0 32
Holy Damage 0 32
Critical Damage 100
Boost 30
Stat Box for Cross Naginata

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 16
Dexterity C 20

  • Unique moveset with slashes, setting it apart.
  • High damage output for Dex players.
  • Dual-wield capability for added style.

  • Requires a higher Dexterity rating (at least 40).
  • Obtained a bit later in the game.

Partisan Spear

Best Spear for Versatile Power.

Why did I Choose Partisan Spear?

I chose the Partisan Spear for its well-rounded attributes, making it suitable for quality builds. Its combination of strength and versatility allows players to handle various encounters effectively.

You can obtain the Partisan Spear by defeating a Godrick Knight at the gatefront ruins or from any other Godrick Knight. It scales with both strength and dexterity, requiring a minimum of 15 strength and 12 dexterity, both with a D scaling, making it suitable for strength, dexterity, and quality builds.

I recommend it for quality builds that have both strength and dexterity at least 30 each. You can change the scaling of the Partisan spear through Ashes of War and can buff it using magic and buffing items. The Partisan Spear is upgraded using smithing stones.

It is excellent for offensive players, due to its skillset. It has high damaging thrusts alongside a powerful R2 slash, meaning it can cover all kinds of enemies. On top of all this, it has a lot of range.

The slow speed means it has a slight learning curve but all this ensures you have a weapon capable of dealing tons of damage. Due to its varied moveset and high damage, the partisan spear excels at both PvE and PvP.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 123 48
Magical Damage 0 30
Fire Damage 0 30
Lightning Damage 0 30
Holy Damage 0 30
Critical Damage 100
Boost 36
Stat Box for Partisan Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 15
Dexterity D 12

  • Combination of strength, scalability, and versatility.
  • High damaging thrusts and a powerful R2 slash attack.
  • Suitable for strength, dexterity, and quality builds.

  • A slightly slower speed requires adaptation.

Bolt Of Gransax

Best Lightning Spear for Potent Attacks.

Why did I Choose Bolt Of Gransax?

I chose the Bolt Of Gransax for its standout looks and its high lightning damage, making it a visually appealing and powerful option for PvE gameplay.

The Bolt of Gransax is one of the nine legendary armament items, known for its striking appearance and high lightning damage. Here’s how to acquire and use it:

  1. Location: Find the Bolt of Gransax in Lyndell, the Royal capital. It’s located in a giant lightning bolt-shaped structure in the city. Climb to the top to obtain it.

  2. Stats: The Bolt of Gransax has a strength rating of 20 and a dexterity rating of 40, making it a powerful Quality and Dex weapon. It has a D rating in both strength and dexterity.

  3. Moveset: This spear features a basic moveset with thrusts that deal lightning damage. It also has a special attack that hurls a powerful lightning bolt at your foes.

  4. Upgrades: You can upgrade the Bolt of Gransax using a Somber Smithing stone.

All in all, due to its standing-out looks, high lightning damage, and cool skill, the Bolt Of Gransax is one of the best spears. While it may not match some of the other spears in this list, its looks alone make up for that.

The high damage makes it a very viable PvE Elden Ring spear however we would not recommend it for PvP.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 98 60
Magical Damage 0 31
Fire Damage 0 31
Lightning Damage 63 47
Holy Damage 0 31
Critical Damage 100
Boost 40
Stat Box for Bolt Of Gransax

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 20
Dexterity D 40

  • A striking appearance adds visual appeal.
  • Excellent lightning damage for PvE scenarios.
  • Special attack hurls a powerful lightning bolt.

  • Not recommended for PvP due to slower attacks.

Death Ritual Spear

Best Spear for Magical Mastery.

Why did I Choose Death Ritual Spear?

I chose the Death Ritual Spear for its versatility, making it the best magic spear for Intelligence builds. Its combination of physical and magic damage offers a unique playstyle.

The Death Ritual Spear is a versatile and powerful weapon, particularly suited for Intelligence builds. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  1. Acquisition: Obtain the Death Ritual Spear from the Death Rite bird on the mountaintop of the giants.

  2. Requirements: The Death Ritual Spear has a Dexterity requirement of 20 and an Intelligence requirement of 18, with D scaling in both stats.

  3. Versatility: This spear is known for its versatility, thanks to scaling and multiple types of damage. It’s considered one of the most versatile spears in Elden Ring and is especially well-suited for Intelligence-focused builds.

  4. Upgrades: The Death Ritual Spear cannot be infused or buffed and is upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones.

  5. Moveset: It has a moveset similar to the Partisan spear, featuring thrusts and a powerful slash R2 attack. This combination of moves gives it excellent range and versatility.

  6. Magic Damage: The Death Ritual Spear deals both physical and magic damage, making it a unique and potent option for magic-oriented melee combat.

While the Death Ritual Spear shares the strengths of the Partisan, it does that for magic players and that is what makes it a good spear. The Partisan is an excellent spear and this is basically that with magic damage and powerful magic skill.

All in all, the Death Ritual Spear is the best magic spear and is fit for all melee mages.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 99 54
Magical Damage 64 42
Fire Damage 0 27
Lightning Damage 0 27
Holy Damage 0 27
Critical Damage 110
Boost 36
Stat Box for Death Ritual Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength E 14
Dexterity D 20
Intelligence D 14

  • Versatile moveset similar to the Partisan.
  • Ideal for magic-oriented melee combat.
  • Unique combination of physical and magic damage.

  • Limited to Intelligence-focused builds.

Crystal Spear

Best Spear for Magic Damage.

Why did I Choose Crystal Spear?

I chose the Crystal Spear for its simplicity, making it an excellent choice for beginners. The addition of magic damage caters to players with higher intelligence.

The crystal spear is another excellent spear that does magic damage. The Crystal spear is similar to basic spears but with some magic damage and a cool skill.

While the Crystal Spear does not have much to offer, its simplicity makes it shine. It is the short spear for players that have some intelligence scaling.

You can pick up the Crystal spear behind a hidden wall in Sellia Hideaway. This spear has a dexterity requirement of 16 and an intelligence requirement of 16, with a D and E scaling respectively. This makes it an excellent weapon for Dex players with relatively high intelligence.

The moveset of the Crystal spear is akin to basic spears, with simple thrusts and a powerful thrusting special attack. The Crystal spear cannot be infused or buffed and is upgraded using somber smithing stones.

While it may pale in comparison to other spears in this list, it is a great spear to get acquainted with the weapon class and can take you through the game. 

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 110 48
Magical Damage 33 33
Fire Damage 0 26
Lightning Damage 0 26
Holy Damage 0 26
Critical Damage 100
Boost 33
Stat Box for Crystal Spear

  Scaling Requires
Strength E 10
Dexterity D 16
Intelligence E 16

  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use.
  • Incorporates magic damage for added versatility.
  • Suitable for players with higher intelligence.

  • Lacks the complexity of some other spears.


Best Strength-focused Spear.

Why did I Choose Lance?

I chose the Lance for its emphasis on strength, providing a formidable option for players focusing on pure strength builds. Its high damage output is ideal for overcoming PvE challenges.

The Lance is a formidable great spear with a focus on strength. Here are the details about this powerful weapon:

  1. Acquisition: You can find the Lance at the Northwestern Camp in the first section of the game.

  2. Requirements: The Lance has a strength requirement of 20 and a dexterity requirement of 14, with D scaling in both attributes. It is best suited for pure strength builds with strength levels above 40.

  3. Size and Power: The Lance is a great spear with a size comparable to ultra greatswords. Despite being more challenging to wield, great spears offer incredible range and high damage, making them among the strongest weapons in the game.

  4. Moveset: The Lance features a basic spear moveset, but it sacrifices speed for exceptionally high damage output.

  5. Skill: Its skill is a thrusting charge attack. The Lance can be infused and buffed, and you can upgrade it using smithing stones.

  6. Recommendation: To maximize its effectiveness, it’s recommended to pair the Lance with a great shield.

  7. PvE Focus: The Lance excels in PvE scenarios, where its high damage can easily overcome foes. However, due to its slow speed, it may not be the best choice for PvP combat.

Its high damage ensures it can beat any PvE foe with ease, its slow speed means I cannot recommend it for PvP.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 123 57
Magical Damage 0 36
Fire Damage 0 36
Lightning Damage 0 36
Holy Damage 0 36
Critical Damage 100
Boost 44
Stat Box for Lance

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 20
Dexterity D 14

  • Well-suited for pure strength builds.
  • Thrusting charge attack for aggressive playstyle.
  • High damage ensures effectiveness in PvE.

  • Sacrifices speed for high damage.


Best Spear for Faith Builds.

Why did I Choose Treespear?

I chose the Treespear for its focus on faith, providing a powerful option for faith-based builds. Its versatility and unique abilities make it effective in various situations.

The Treespear is an excellent Elden Ring weapon and one of the best Elden Ring spears for faith builds. It has a fast, versatile moveset alongside high-faith damage and great scaling.

It does high damage and has a unique R2 and a very powerful L2. It is also considered to be one of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring in general.

The Treespear can be picked up at the edge of a broken bridge, head southeast from the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace until you arrive at the broken part and pick it up. Plus, it requires a dexterity of 22 and faith of 18 with a D scaling in both, making it an excellent weapon for Faith players.

It can be upgraded using Somber smithing stones. While the Treespear can not be infused, it can be buffed with magic. It has a unique piercing R2 and an L2 that increases all holy damage and prevents the undead enemies from rising.

While the moveset of the Treespear is simple, it is fast and powerful and does holy damage. All this makes the Treespear an excellent choice for Faith players. Its versatility and quick speed means it excels at both PvE and PvP, from online duels to Godfrey, the Treespear will get you through it all.

  Attack Guard
Physical Damage 122 55
Magical Damage 0 35
Fire Damage 0 35
Lightning Damage 0 35
Holy Damage 79 48
Critical Damage 100
Boost 45
Stat Box for Treespear

  Scaling Requires
Strength D 15
Dexterity D 22
Faith D 18

  • High faith damage and scaling.
  • Versatile moveset is suitable for both PvE and PvP.

  • Limited to faith-focused builds.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  1. Celebrant’s Rib-Rake: Lower base damage may limit raw power compared to alternative spears.
  2. Pike: Limited versatility in close combat and potential disadvantages in certain encounters.
  3. Spiked Spear: Its drawbacks encompass an unconventional design and less reach compared to other spears.
  4. Torchpole: Limited adaptability due to fixed scaling values and the absence of magical enhancements may hinder the Torchpole’s overall performance, making it less versatile in diverse combat situations.
  5. Rotten Crystal Spear: Its potential drawback lies in its reliance on farming Lesser Crystalian enemies for a drop, which may prove time-consuming or challenging for players seeking specific weapons.
  6. Clayman’s Harpoon: Requires careful farming for its drop and might not suit players who dislike the grind for specific weapons.
  7. Inquisitor’s Girandole: Limited reach and lack of unique weapon art restrict its versatility, making the Inquisitor’s Girandole more specialized for specific combat scenarios.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Elden Ring player with over 800+ hours in the game, I can’t recommend a spear more fitting for seasoned hands than the Partisan Spear. My extensive in-game journey has revealed the Partisan’s prowess – its combination of strength and dexterity scaling perfectly complements my advanced playstyle.

The high damaging thrusts and the formidable R2 slash prove crucial in overcoming the toughest foes and asserting dominance in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Now, if you’ve honed your skills and are delving into faith-based builds, the Treespear is an absolute game-changer.

As a veteran, you know the value of versatility, and the Treespear delivers. Its high faith damage, coupled with a unique moveset featuring a piercing R2 and a holy-enhancing L2 ability, makes it a standout choice.

Whether you’re facing formidable foes or engaging in intense PvP battles, the Treespear’s quick and powerful strikes, along with its utility against undead adversaries, position it as a must-have for any experienced Elden Ring player navigating the challenges of the mystical world.


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