Top 9 Elden Ring Best Starting Gifts

Want to know Elden Ring best starting gift? This article sheds light on all the amazing gifts. But you do not need to avail all of them.

Elden Ring Best Starting Gift
Elden Ring Best Starting Gift

If you are playing Elden Ring, you can enjoy its amazing gifts for your benefit. You can avail a total of nine exceptional gifts while playing this game. Also, you can get vital help from those exciting gifts. Elden Ring best starting gift will increase your magical power up to the maximum limit in the game. You need to select some characters for availing of this opportunity. Also, players can enjoy these gifts while playing the Dark Souls game. So if new players are well aware of these gifts, they can enhance their gaming experience. They can even do so in the initial stages of Elden Ring.

Further, players can select those gifts based on the various techniques and approaches of Elden Ring. They can choose amongst a total of nine characters. Those characters will begin the game. The players do not need to choose those characters. They may not choose any characters. So this article is about Elden Ring starting gifts for your knowledge and excitement.

In addition, these gifts are important to select for the players in the initial stages of the game. They can choose those characters in the initial stages and utilize them in the later stages. Likewise, some options are for veteran players who have enough experience playing the game. They can select their favorite starting gifts as per their choices and requirements. But it is a fact that new players sometimes feel difficulty while playing this game.

There are some restrictions while selecting the characters. Besides, there are some amazing stats and functions of this game. Players can enjoy all the functions of the game by getting exciting gifts. These gifts smoothen the overall game.

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Elden Ring Best Starting Gift
Elden Ring-Multiple Benefits

Elden Ring Best Starting Gifts

Selecting the most suitable characters while playing the game is an important decision. It can alter the dynamics of the overall game. Players can add more excitement to the game by selecting the right starting gifts. But players should consider one important point that some starting gifts require some materials. Thus they must select those starting gifts with intense care and intellectual.

Additionally, players can avail all nine gifts, but four are more specific to the new players. The remaining five gifts are better to use for veteran players. The reason is that they need enough information on the part of players. Players may have to select the bosses in the game. But they need to select those options according to their gameplay and style. Besides, these gifts are available in the Dark Souls game. The list of all the nine Elden Ring best starting gifts is here:

Fanged Imp Ash

Fresh players can obtain this Elden Ring starting gift. Not enough experience is needed to have this gift. Players can utilize this gift several times. The main purpose of this gift is to call partners when you are fighting and need help. It does not matter how veteran you are in the game, but you need some help sometimes.

When players face challenging situations, they can ask their partners for help. They need to call knights and wolves for their help. Besides, it is appropriate for those players who are not veterans in defeating their opponents in attacks. Thus it will give more energy to the players for fighting against the opponents.

Stonesword Key-Amazing 

There is no need to have a lot of experience while getting this gift. Thus beginners can also enjoy this gift. This gift aims to get locks for breaking all the seals for getting the treasures. Players can break all the locks. But they can find some more items while exploring. You require some keys for unlocking specific features.

This key will allow you to have that magic. Besides, the mechanism of this gift is not much different from the Dark Souls game. Players can use this starting gift to access hidden gifts and gaming areas. Hence, it is useful for players to access all the areas and gifts while playing the game.

Crimson Amber Medallion

The purpose of this Elden Ring best starting gift is to provide players with the maximum amount of power and health to defeat all the opponents in the game. It does not matter how master you are to win the game. But you sometimes need extra health and power to defeat your enemies. Hence, this starting gift allows you to avail yourself of that additional power and health. Through this gift, players can get more power to damage the enemies by getting more hp.

Additionally, players will not have to work harder to get this gift. The reason is that they can avail this starting gift without prior experience. It is the best option for players. It can provide the players with the highest energy while playing the game.

Elden Ring Best Starting Gift
Amazing Features of Elden Ring

Golden Seed

The objective of this gift is to provide some additional healing ability in the game. Players can begin the game with more healing flasks utilizing this starting gift. It is not compulsory to avail this gift, but you should get it to increase your healing power. Using this gift, you can enhance your ability to use a healing flask in the game. Thus it is the best starting gift for allowing you to reuse your healing flask in the game.

Moreover, fresher in the game can enjoy this starting gift without spending much time gaming. This gift can enhance the items that help the characters in the healing process. All the characters will remain stable without facing any harm and danger.

Shabiri’s Woe

Some players might not be familiar with clearly using this Elden Ring starting gift. This starting gift enhances the madness impact of players, which is built for targeting the opponents in the game. When you get this gift, you will be able to kill your opponents with the support of any of your opponents who will become your indirect supporter.

Thus the main purpose of this gift is to provide you with some indirect help from opponents when you face attacks by multiple competitors in the game.

Besides, players need to have enough experience to have this starting gift. They can utilize this gift to attract the opponents’ focus and attention. Using this gift, they can hit their opponents and enhance their speed and rate of killing the enemies.

Boiled Prawn- Elden Ring Best Starting Gift for Veterans

You can use this gift only once. It is a consumable gift that you can use only once during the game. When you fight against your opponents, this gift will increase your health and power. Thus the purpose of this gift is to help you defeat your enemies only once. So it is a temporary gift while playing the game.

In addition, fresher cannot avail this starting gift without having enough experience. When players face invasions in the game, they can utilize this gift to save themselves from the damage of the attacks by the enemies. Thus, this Elden Ring starting gift efficiently fights against competitive opponents. But unfortunately, players can utilize it only once instead of multiple times.

Bewitching Branch

This Elden Ring starting gift provides you with some exciting branches that you can use to defeat your foes. These branches emit some foggy smoke, which is helpful while your opponents attack you. Thus they will not be able to use their weapons (Read Best Elden Ring Weapons) and lose. The main purpose of this gift is to give you some foggy smoke distracting your opponents in the game for their defeat.

Besides, sufficient experience is needed to enjoy this starting gift in the game. It gives the opportunity to players to enjoy the energetic branches in the game. But most players do not recommend using this gift while playing.

Cracked Pot

There is an option to select two pots as a gift. You can get these pots and fill them with the materials you may need while attacking your opponents. Thus the purpose of this gift is to assemble the materials for attacks.

They can help you during an explosion in the game. Also, you can use them as bombs. When you use a pot during an attack, you can reuse it by filling it with some material.

This starting gift is impossible to gain without enough experience for players. Players can make specific pots using it. If players are already familiar with the same options, this gift is not that appropriate for them.

Lands Between Runes

It provides you with some runes in the game. You can utilize these runes as currencies while playing. It can be beneficial to get such a gift at the initial stage of the game. When you progress in the game, it will give your more advantages by leveling up. You can use this gift to purchase some materials from vendors. Thus the main purpose of this starting gift is to provide you with some currencies using which you can get some materials.

Besides, this Elden Ring starting gift is useful for veteran players only. Players can increase the standard and level of the game using this gift. They can purchase some materials using this gift. But players should remember that they should utilize those materials carefully without wasting them.

Furthermore, the fresher players are trying to learn the mechanics of the game. Also, they must know which gifts are the most appropriate options for them in the game. Choosing the right starting gifts can be beneficial in the game.

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Elden Ring Best Starting Gift
Elden Ring Amazing Starting Gifts

Conclusive Remarks

This article sheds light on all the amazing gifts of the game. All the players must know Elden Ring starting gift. Every player wants to have those fantastic gifts. But they do not need to avail all of these gifts. Besides, when players obtain these starting gifts, they can utilize various advantages, such as health and power. There is a total of nine gifts in the game. Some of them are appropriate for fresher players. In contrast, some gifts are suitable for veteran players. The full list and details of these amazing gifts are mentioned in this article for your help and guidance through which you can increase your health and power.

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