Elden Ring Best Straight Swords After 1000 Hours Experience

I've been playing Elden Ring for over 1,000 hours, so you'll benefit from my hands-on experience in the weapons I've provided!

Elden Ring Best Straight Swords
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I’ve played Elden Ring for more than 1,000 hours, so you’ll really get the hang of everything I show you. You can also look me up on Steam as Cosmo Jelly!

Straight Swords are considered to be one of the most beginner-friendly classes of weapons. They have it all: range, damage, agility, and you’re not required to accustom yourself to a particular skill curve to utilize them maximally.

In many cases, simply letting out a flurry of light attacks (or “R1-spamming,” as the community likes to term it) would shred your foe and make them regret crossing paths with you in the first place.

In Elden Ring, there are over 15 straight swords, all of which hail from different parts of the Lands’ Between, symbolizing cultural diversity. However, as is the case with every weapon class, not all straight swords have been forged equally, and some outshine the rest.

Key Takeaways

  1. Lordsworn’s Straight Sword: Can be obtained early in the game with a low stat requirement of 10 strength and 10 dexterity.
  2. Regalia of Eochaid: Requires 12 strength, 18 dexterity, and 15 arcane. Samurai or Warrior classes are recommended for wielding it quickly.
  3. Miquellan Knight’s Sword: Has a light stat requirement of 11 strength, 11 dexterity, and 16 faith, making it easy to wield by the time it is obtained. 
  4. Rotten Crystal Sword: Requires 13 strength, 10 dexterity, and 15 intelligence. It is a better version of the Crystal Sword and has Scarlet Rot imbued in it.
  5. Warhawk’s Talon: A relatively early-game straight sword obtained in Stormveil Castle. Has a stat requirement of 12 strength, 12 dexterity, and 11 intelligence.
  6. The Fallen: Has a unique moveset and can deal significant damage. Requires 15 strength and 11 dexterity.
  7. Laughter of the Hollow: Has a low stat requirement of 10 strength, 10 dexterity, and 15 faith. Good for faith-melee hybrid builds.
  8. Felyne’s Whisker: Has a low stat requirement of 9 strength and 14 dexterity, making it easy to wield. Good for quick attacks and evasion.
  9. Heirloom Longsword: Has a simple moveset and low stat requirement of 11 strength and 10 dexterity. Suitable for beginners.
  10. Anguished Blade: Requires 15 strength and 10 dexterity. Deals high damage and has good reach.

Comparison Table For Straight Swords

Here is a comparison table of my best Straight Swords in Elden Ring. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponsBest forStrengthDexterityIntelligenceFaithArcane
1Lordworn’s Straight SwordBest Phy Damage Straight Sword1010000
2Regalia of EochaidBest Early Arcane Build Straight Sword12180015
3Miquellans’s Knight SwordBest Str-Faith Build Straight Sword11110160
4Rotten Crystal SwordBest Straight Sword With Rot Damage13101500
5Warhawk’s TalonBest Early Dex Build Straight Sword1016000
6Carian Knight’s SwordBest Str-Int Build Straight Sword10101800
7Sword of St. TrinaBest Dex-Int Build Straight Sword10121400
8Ornamental Straight SwordBest Early Game Straight Sword
9Coded SwordBest Faith Build Straight Sword
10Sword of Night and FlameOverall Best Straight Sword121224240

Comparison Table.

Elden Ring Straight Swords
Straight Swords are some of the oldest weapon classes found in FromSoftware games.

10. Lordsworn’s Straight Sword

Best Phy Damage Straight Sword

Why did I Choose Lordsworn’s Straight Sword?

The Lordsworn’s Straight Sword gives one of the highest raw damage output and works excellently in early-mid game combat. It’s highly suitable for a Quality Build.


It can be obtained quite early in the game, warranting its low stat requirement of just 10 strength and 10 dexterity.

I would recommend Vagabond if you’re going for a quality build, Prisoner if you’re going for a sorcerer-melee hybrid build, and Confessor if you’re going for a faith-melee hybrid build.

Being a non-unique weapon, the straight sword allows for infusions with different kinds of Ashes of War, allowing for a versatile build composition. It can be upgraded up to +25 through Smithing Stones, which are abundantly found across the Lands Between.

Elden Ring Lordsworn's Straight Sword
You can easily farm the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword by killing the Godrick Soldiers stationed at the Gatefront Ruins.

The Lordsworn’s Straight Sword comes with the Square Off weapon art, a relatively common technique that exists in the form of an obtainable Ash of War. Apart from the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, it is also found naturally on the Broadsword and Cane Sword.

Regardless, upon activation, your player will assume a horizontal stance – from here, you can use your light attack to execute an uppercut or heavy attack to thrust into your foe ferociously.

  1. The Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, being an excellent starting straight sword, does require a bit of farming to obtain.
  2. Unfortunately, it is not found as an item across the world of the Lands Between.
  3. Because it belongs to the Lordsworn’s lineage, you’d be right to guess that it is dropped from Godrick Soldiers.
  4. Godrick Soldiers can be found in abundance quite early in the Gatefront Ruins, so take your time farming (preferably with a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot to maximize item drops).
  • High Output Damage.
  • Longer range than other straight swords.
  • Ideal for Quality Build.
  • Can be infused with Ashes of War. 
  • Better options are available for Late Game.
  • Only scales in Str-Dex.

9. Regalia of Eochaid

Best Early Arcane Build Straight Sword

Why did I Choose the Regalia of Eochaid?

The Regalia of Eochaid comes with an affinity towards Arcane builds and is attainable early. It features decent Magic damage and an admirable Weapon Art as well.  


As far as class recommendation goes, two classes give you the best, albeit equal, headstart when it comes to wielding this straight sword as quickly as possible. The first is Samurai, which comes with 12 strength, 15 dexterity, and 8 arcane – just 10 points off the requirement of Regalia of Eochaid.

The Regalia of Echoaid comes with a natural scaling of E in strength, D in dexterity, and D in arcane – a little underwhelming for its stat requirements.

It is incompatible with other Ash of Wars when it comes to infusions, which limits the number of different builds it can be mapped onto. 

Elden Ring Regalia of Eochaid
If you’ve fought any of the Bell Bearing Hunters, you know exactly what this technique reminds you of!

The Regalia of Eochaid, given its unique nature, rightfully so has its weapon art: Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. This is very similar to the weapon art featured on Marias Executioner’s Sword.

Upon activation, your player will imbue the sword with energy before launching it forward in a corkscrew attack that hits multiple times, dealing with continuous damage. The weapon art is chargeable, and the more you charge it, the longer the corkscrew attack will last.

  1. The Regalia of Eochaid is found at the end of Gaol Cave by dropping down to the other side of the border between Limgrave and Caelid.
  2. You can also obtain it by jumping on the cliffs near the Third Church of Marika – these jumps are required to be very precise so, it’s up to you!
  3. I would personally recommend taking the intended route and exploring Gaol Cave, at the end of which you will face the Frenzied Duelist and obtain the Putrid Corpse Ashes.
  • Decent Magic Damage.
  • Ideal for Arcane Build.
  • Unique Weapon Art.
  • Good for an early game.
  • High Stat Requirements.
  • Cannot infuse other Ashes of War.
  • No Magic or Consumable Enchantments.

8. Miquellan Knight’s Sword

Best Str-Faith Build Straight Sword

Why did I Choose Miquellan Knight’s Sword?

The Miquellan Knight’s Sword performs well with the hybrid Str-Faith build due to its scaling attributes, and its unique Weapon Art is quite suitable for ranged damage. 


Next, I have the Miquellan Knight’s Sword, which in my opinion, being underwhelming for a weapon obtained quite late in the game, still performs much better than the foregoing straight swords.

The Miquellan Knight’s Sword does not allow for infusions with different Ashes of Wars and only experiences an improvement in its scalings through reinforcement with Somber Smithing Stones.

Don’t forget to match the tier of the stones with the current level of the straight sword, though!

Elden Ring Miquellan Knight's Sword
Miquellan Knight’s Sword’s stats, scaling, and requirements.
  1. Fortunately, the Miquellan Knight’s Sword does not require you to farm Miquellan Knights.
  2. Instead, it can be found in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
  3. To get the straight sword, make your way to the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace and take the elevator nearby.
  4. From here, climb up to the top of the bell tower with the available ladder, and you should find yourself the Miquellan Knight’s Sword!
  • Decent Phy and Holy Damage.
  • Good for Str-Faith Build.
  • Unique Weapon Art shoots projectiles.
  • Low Stat Requirements.
  • Obtainable late in game.
  • Cannot infuse other Ashes of War.
  • No Magic or Consumable Enchantments.

7. Rotten Crystal Sword

Best Straight Sword With Rot Damage

Why did I Choose Rotten Crystal Sword?

The Rotten Crystal Sword is imbued with Scarlet Rot, which damages enemies over time. It has 3 natural scales allowing for numerous build options, especially favoring Scarlet Rot Builds.


The Rotten Crystal Sword is a much better version of the Crystal Sword, making it nearly impossible for anyone to choose the latter over the former. Its rotten description implies that it is naturally imbued with Scarlet Rot (50 to be exact), making it stand out from its brethren.

As far as class recommendations are concerned, your best choice is to go for the Prisoner class. While it overcompensates one of the stats, Prisoner nonetheless brings you the closest to the Rotten Crystal Sword’s stat requirements out of every other class.

As far as build fitting goes, the Rotten Crystal Sword, given its natural scarlet rot auxiliary effect, is best utilized on a scarlet rot build.

Such a build can be further reinforced with sorceries and incantations that afflict scarlet rot build-up, making it cheesy in PvE and extremely annoying in PvP.

Elden Ring Rotten Crystal Sword
Have you ever seen a more tightly guarded chest in Elden Ring?

The Rotten Crystal Sword comes with the Spinning Slash weapon art, which, while underwhelming at face value, is pretty good for inflicting scarlet rot.

  1. The Rotten Crystal Sword, similar to the Miquellan Knight’s Sword, is found in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, near the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace.
  2. From the Site of Grace, make your way down the flight of stairs and head to the rubble on the left.
  3. Here, you will encounter three Crystalians enemies guarding a chest.
  4. You may have guessed it, but this very chest contains the Rotten Crystal Sword.
  • Inflicts Scarlet Rot.
  • Numerous Build options.
  • Weapon Art: Spinning Splash.
  • Good for PvE and PvP battles.
  • Cannot infuse other Ashes of War.
  • No Magic Enchantments allowed.
  • The only way to improve the effect is to upgrade it or make certain builds.

6. Warhawk’s Talon

Best Early Dex Build Straight Sword

Why did I choose Warhawk’s Talon?

Warhawk’s Talon scales well with Dextirity, making it ideal for Dex builds or even Auxiliary builds. It’s lightweight and can infuse other Ashes of War for versatile gameplay. 


The Warhawk’s Talon, as the name implies, refers to the blade attached to the legs of Stormveil’s Warhawks that make up some of the most difficult enemies in the area.

As such, since Stormveil Castle is usually the first legacy dungeon new players face, that makes Warhawk’s Talon a relatively early-game straight sword. 

It can also be upgraded up to +25 with the utilization of Smithing Stones, ensuring that stones compatible with the current level of your weapon are used.

You could also just stick to a simple dexterity build, as a keen infusion grants it an amazing A scaling in dexterity. My recommendation would be to dual-wield these bad boys, rocking bleed on one and poison on the other.

Elden Ring Warhawk's Talon
Warhawk’s Talon item description

Similar to the foregoing Rotten Crystal Sword, the Warhawk’s Talon comes with the Spinning Slash weapon art, already hinting towards some auxiliary build.

That is not to say that you have to make do with this weapon art, as Ash of War infusion allows you to equip different kinds of weapon art on your weapons.

The Warhawk’s Talon, as you may have expected, is dropped from the Bladed Talon Eagles encountered in Stormveil Castle. So yes, you need to essentially farm for it, and I hate to break it, but the chances of dropping the straight sword are low.

Statistically, the Warhawk’s Talon has a 2% drop rate at 100 Item Discovery – but is it worth it? Yes! The Warhawk’s Talon is the best early straight sword out there.

  • Perfect for Dex Builds.
  • Weapon Art: Spinning Splash.
  • Auxiliary build options.
  • Swappable Weapon Art.
  • Difficult to attain, requires extensive farming.
  • Requires upgrades to get maximum output.
  • Only scales with Str and Dex.

5. Carian Knight’s Sword

Best Str-Int Build Straight Sword

Why did I Choose Carian Knight’s Sword?

The Carian Knight’s Sword is excellent for Str-Int build with various sorceries, and it has an insane Weapon Art on it for ranged attacks.  


As far as wielding this weapon is concerned, I would recommend going Astrologer as your starting class. You are only required to invest two attribute points into strength and two into intelligence to be fit enough to wield the Carian Knight’s Sword.

While it may seem equally favorable towards all three stats, its favorite begins to reveal itself as the weapon approaches the higher levels of upgradability.

In other weapons, the weapon experiences scaling improvements only through reinforcement via Somber Smithing Stones, being unable to be compatible with Ash of War infusions.

At +10, the Carian Knight’s Sword achieves a C scaling in strength and a D scaling in dexterity and intelligence.

Elden Ring Carian Knight Sword
The Carian Grandeur Weapon Art in its full glory!

The Carian Knight’s Sword’s best quality, which earns it this spot on my list of the best straight swords, is its fantastic weapon art: Carian Grandeur.

Upon activation, your player will raise the straight sword to the sky, imbuing it with the inherited power of Carian royalty transforming it into a magic greatsword before bringing it down on your foes. 

  1. The Carian Knight’s Sword is found in West Liurnia, a long strip of land to the right of the Liurnia of the Lake.
  2. The sword is found in a chest at the back of a heavily guarded caravan passing through the area.
  3. The quickest way of getting to this caravan is fast-traveling to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace and backtracking till you come across it.
  • Best for Str-Int Builds.
  • Unique Weapon Art: Carian Grandeur.
  • Weapon Art is Chargeable and has a decent range.
  • High Magic and Phy damage.
  • Unique Heavy Attack.
  • Does not allow Ashes of War Infusions.
  • No Magic Enchantments allowed.
  • Base form does less damage.

4. Sword of St Trina

Best Dex-Int Build Straight Sword

Why did I Choose Sword of St Trina?

The Sword of St Trina works best with Dex-Int builds with its unique Weapon Art covering a nearby AoE while inflicting Sleep


The straight sword, at a glance, may appear to be very normal, with no over-the-top damage or scaling, but what makes the weapon menacingly good is its passive sleeping effect.

As far as class recommendations go, I would suggest going Prisoner if you want to start using this bad boy as quickly as possible. The Sword of St Trina comes with a natural scaling of D in both strength and dexterity as opposed to an E in intelligence.

Being rather unique, being one of two weapons in the game capable of passively building up sleep, the straight sword does not allow for any infusions with Ashes of War. The only way to upgrade it is simply through reinforcement up to +10 with Somber Smithing Stones.

Elden Ring Sword of St. Trina
Hoping that FromSoftware adds more sleep-inducing weapons to the game – the new auxiliary effect has a lot of potential!

The Sword of St Trina comes with its special weapon art known as Mists of Slumber. Upon activation, your sword will emit a faint purple mist that will stretch far and wide, enveloping anyone caught in it with sleepiness.

  1. The Sword of St Trina is rather easy to obtain, although it does require you to venture off into the barren wastelands of Caelid.
  2. Nonetheless, you can still obtain it very early on if you’re willing to take a risk – the only requirement is having a Stonesword key.
  3. Anyhow, make your way to the Forsaken Ruins, just around the border between Limgrave and Caelid, near the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace.
  4. Lastly, unlock the Imp Statue in the area’s vicinity and collect the Sword of St Trina!
  • Inflicts Sleep.
  • Unique Weapon Art.
  • High Phy Damage once upgraded.
  • Perfect for Dex-Int Builds.
  • No other Ashes of War Infusions.
  • Does not allow Magic Enchantments.
  • The base form is weak and does very little damage.

3. Coded Sword

Best Faith Build Straight Sword

Why did I Choose Coded Sword?

The Coded Sword is an excellent choice for pure faith builds, having only Holy Damage and unblockable Weapon Art.


The Coded Sword is closely tied to the Roundtable Hold and all those who serve the Two Fingers, vassals of the Greater Will. It has the unique property of being “unblockable,” to the point that it does not flinch when striking a shield, even when one-handed, unlike all the other Straight Swords.

Given its pure faith stat requirement, the Coded Sword only comes with a B scaling in faith. As one may expect, it does not allow for any infusions with Ashes of War, as it would completely ruin the weapon.

The sword is pretty much perfect for a pure incantation user who doesn’t want to go out of their way to level up strength or dexterity to wield a sword.

Elden Ring Coded Sword
Just look at that weapon art’s range – it lowkey surpasses even lightsabers!

The Coded Sword reinforces its unblockable nature even more with the presence of its weapon art: Unblockable Blade. Apart from being the weapon art of the Cipher Pata, as the name implies, this weapon art can not be blocked by any kind of shield.

Upon activation, your player will enchant the sword with light and extend it in length (just like a lightsaber) before striking in a ferocious, sweeping fashion.

The sweep, being impossible to block, is also very difficult to dodge, so have fun using it in PvP!

  1. The Coded Sword is obtained relatively late into the game in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
  2. To obtain it, first fast travel to the Fortified Manor, First Floor Site of Grace.
  3. From here, you need to enter the manor from the top, using the abandoned horse stable as a stepping stone to get up to the roof.
  4. Upon entering, you will see a broken roundtable, which will indicate that the Throne room is close by – here, you will find the Coded Sword.
  • Perfect for Pure Faith Build.
  • Insane A scaling in Faith at +10 level.
  • Deals exceptional Holy Damage.
  • Unique Weapon Art gives an unblockable attack.
  • Unable to infuse Ashes of War.
  • Cannot use Magic Enchantments on it.
  • Only suitable for Faith build due to scaling.
  • Weak against enemies with resistance to Holy Damage.

2. Ornamental Straight Sword

Best Early Game Straight Sword

Why did I Choose an Ornamental Straight Sword?

The Ornamental Sword is available in the early game, is powerful, made for Dex Builds, and has high Holy Damage thanks to its Weapon Art.


The Ornamental Straight Swords stand out for a very good reason – they are a pair of straight swords naturally meant to be dual-wielded. On top of that, they are also quite easy to obtain and can even be obtained within the first 30 minutes of the game.

I would recommend choosing Samurai, as its ranged bow-and-arrow combination makes it much easier to kill the Grafted Scion optional boss at the very start of the game. Doing so will get you the Ornamental Straight Swords right there and then!

Since there is no concept of infusions, it becomes quite obvious that these straight swords work best on pure dexterity builds. It’s pretty simple – leave strength as it is and just dump an atrocious amount of points into dexterity and enjoy the massive DPS values!

Elden Ring Ornamental Straight Swords
Rare picture of me on my Golden Assassin build using Golden Tempering
  1. The Ornamental Straight Swords, as mentioned earlier, drop from the Grafted Scion that you encounter within the first few moments of your playthrough.
  2. Since you’re technically supposed to die to the boss, it’s perfectly natural to lose to the abomination at this point in the game.
  3. You can go back to the Chapel of Anticipation later through the Four Belfries found in West Liurnia and claim more than just vengeance!
  • Unique Weapon Art imparts a Dual-Wielded Combo.
  • Weapon Art adds +100 Holy Damage to the sword.
  • Best for Pure Dex Builds.
  • Found early in the game.
  • Lightweight.
  • Low Stat Requirements.
  • Infusion with other Ashes of War is not allowed.
  • No Magic Enchantments allowed.
  • Does only Phy damage without Weapon Art.

1. Sword of Night & Flame

Overall Best Straight Sword

Why do I declare Sword of Night and Flame as Best?

The Sword of Night and Flame is exceptional due to its natural scaling factors combined with its unique Weapon Art, which gives two types of Attacks having immense Magic and Holy Damage. An ideal choice for Faith-Int build users who love sorcery and incantations.


The Sword of Night and Flame is arguably the best of the best straight swords in Elden Ring, sitting at the top despite being nerfed. It is considered to be one of the legendary armaments found across the game, and its uniqueness shows when you try it out.

As far as the recommended class for this weapon is concerned, do note that you will require some degree of grinding to meet the required stats no matter what you choose.

As such, the Confessor class gives you the biggest headstart in this regard, coming with 12 strength, 12 dexterity, 9 intelligence, and 14 faith.

You are essentially 25 points behind the requirement, but you should be able to meet it by the time you reach the area from where the Sword of Night and Flame is obtained.

That does open up a few options as far as build fitting is concerned – you go for a pure intelligence, pure faith, or a melee hybrid build even. I have found the most success at maximizing the sword’s performance by rocking it on an intelligence-faith build along with powerful sorceries and incantations.

Elden Ring Sword of Night and Flame
Behold! The Night-and-Flame Stance!
  1. The Sword of Night and Flame is obtained in Caria Manor and is hidden in a rather obscure location.
  2. First, fast-travel to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace and proceed to the rooftop until the first intersection.
  3. From here, head straight north until you reach the very end of the ledge, from where you should jump down to the left.
  4. Once again, drop down to the lower roof in front and take the ladder down into one of the little buildings.
  5. Lastly, you will spot a chest in the room you end up in, which will contain the Sword of Night and Flame!
  • One of the nine Legendary Armaments.
  • Unique Weapon Art: Night-and-Flame Stance.
  • Ideal for Int-Faith builds.
  • High Magic and Holy Damage output based on attack.
  • Attacks cover large areas.
  • Cannot infuse other Ashes of War.
  • No Magic Enchantments allowed.
  • High Requirements.
  • High FP Cost.
  • Must have Int-Faith build to take advantage of both attack types.

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Golden Epitaph: Only good against undead enemies. Better alternatives like Coded Sword for Faith Build.
  • Lazuli Glinstone Sword: Better option for Str-Int is present i.e. Carian Knight Sword.
  • Noble’s Slender Sword: Too rare and requires a lot of farming to acquire. Ornamental Sword as pure Dex is a better choice.
  • Crystal Sword: Toned down version of Rotten Crystal Sword. It lacks the Scarlet Rot effect.
  • Longsword: Less Phy Damage and Crit Chance than the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword.

My Recommendations For Straight Swords

In my experience, you can opt for any straight sword early in the game according to the preference of the build you wish to make later. However, I recommend going with the Sword of Night and Flame as it’s the best one out there for Faith or Int build users.

If you wish to side with the Dex Builds, then Ornamental Sword is the right choice, and you can get it early as well. Moreover, I suggest you test out different weapons and build combinations to find the right one that suits you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Faith Straight Sword?

The Best Faith Straight Sword has to be the Coded Sword, which only requires 20 Faith to use and ends up with an A scaling in Faith upon upgrading. Anyone who’s even running a pure faith build needs not to invest extra attribute points into strength and dexterity and can easily start wielding the sword right away!

What is the Best Dexterity Straight Sword?

The Best Early Game Straight Sword in Elden Ring has to, hands down, be the Ornamental Straight Swords because with the proper preparation, you can obtain these bad boys within the first 30 minutes of your run! Not only that, but they require very little to wield and can be immediately used with most classes.

What is the Best Strength Straight Sword?

The Best Strength Straight Sword in Elden Ring has to be the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword. Straight Swords aren’t usually meant to be fitted onto pure strength builds, but Lordsworn’s Straight Swords versatility allows it to perform relatively well on a strength build. Upon infusing with a Heavy Ash of War, the straight sword achieves a B scaling in strength at +25, the most I’ve ever seen on a straight sword!

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