15 Best Elden Ring Strength Weapons [800+ Hours Tested]

My playtime for Elden Ring is above 800 hours and I have hands-on experience with the best Strength Weapons..

Elden Ring Best Strength Weapons
Elden Ring Best Strength Weapons
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Waleed has over 800+ hours spent in Elden Ring, and he knows a great deal about the game. You can put your trust in Waleed to provide you with a hands-on experience of Elden Ring.

Strength Weapons are those kinds of weapons that not only require a good deal of strength to wield but complement strength and build quite well due to their solid scaling in said stat, whether it be natural or through upgrades.

Such weapons are found mainly in heavy-duty weapon categories such as Colossal Swords, Curved Greatswords, Greataxes, Heavy Thrusting Swords, and Warhammers to name a few.

Therefore, I will be listing down some of the best strength weapons (in no particular order) so keep reading!

Key Takeaways

My picks for best Strength Weapons in Elden Ring are:

  • Starscourge Greatsword: Best against Gravity-type enemies, scales with Str, Dex, and Int.
  • Battle Hammer: Impressive Str scaling, ideal for pure Str builds.
  • Rusted Anchor: Unique Greataxe with special Pierce damage, easy to hit enemies due to larger hitbox.
  • Grafted Blade Greatsword: Unique Skill increases all Attributes by 5 points, high base damage.
  • Cranial Vessel Candlestand: Phy and Fire damage, scales in Str, Dex, and Faith for pure or hybrid builds.
  • Zweihander: Lightest Colossal sword with impressive stats.
  • Golden Halbred: Deals Phy and Holy damage, unique weapon art boosts attacks and defenses.
  • Nightrider Glaive: Ideal to use on horseback due to damage and range.
  • Axe of Godrick: Weapon Art staggers enemies easily.
  • Great Club: High Str scaling, weapon art shoots Holy damage darts.
  • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword: Scales with Str, Dex, and Faith. Weapon Art produces magma puddle.
  • Ghiza’s Wheel: High base damage on top with Bleed build-up.
  • Prelate’s Inferno Crozier: Early C scaling in Str, Weapon Art does Fire damage.
  • Onyx Lord’s Greatsword: Deals Phy and Magic damage, scales with Str, Int, and Dex for hybrid builds.
  • Dragon Greatclaw: Damage buff against Dragons, deals Lightning damage.

My Picks For Strength Weapons

Here is a comparison table of my 15 best Strength Weapons in Elden Ring . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NameBest forPhysical AttackPhysical GuardMagic GuardFP CostWeight
1Starscourge GreatswordBest Unique Greatsword.129654720(-20)20
2Battle HammerBest Warhammer For Strength Builds.13168361610
3Rusted AnchorBest Unique Great Axe.14768361612.5
4Grafted Blade GreatswordBest Unique Skill Colossal Sword16280482021
5Cranial Vessel CandlestandBest AoE Fire Damage Greathammer.98713715(-15)12.5
6ZweihanderLightest Colossal Sword.14167405(-8)15.5
7Golden HalberdBest Early-Game Faith Weapon.13465414013.5
8Nightrider GlaiveBest Weapon For Horseback Mounted Usage.129664216(-12)12
9Axe of GodrickBest Unique Greataxe for Quality Build.14265351511
10Great ClubBest Club For Str Builds.154704116(-5)17
11Magma Wyrm’s ScaleswordBest Strength Curved Greatsword.114663320(-10)15
12Ghiza’s WheelsBest Bleed Colossal Sword.1567343319
13Prelate’s Inferno CrozierBest Fire Damage Colossal Weapon.15682497(7)23.5
14Onyx Lord’s GreatswordBest Hybrid Build Curved Greatsword.11857422711.5
15Dragon GreatclawBest Weapon Against Dragons.1206640916

Comparison Table.

Starscourge Greatsword

Best Unique Greatsword.

Why did I choose Starcourge Greatsword?

Starscourge Greatsword gives 30% more damage to Gravity-type enemies, pairs well with Str-Int or Str-Dex builds, and works excellent against enemy hoards.  

The Starscourge Greatsword comes with a hefty stat requirement; it comes to no one’s surprise that, despite its diverse stat affinities, it does qualify as a strength weapon, serving as the first entry in my list of Best Strength Weapons.

Additionally, it comes with a natural scaling of D in both strength and dexterity as well as E in intelligence, making it a good strength weapon for sorcerers.

While it cannot be infused with any of the many Ashes of War, it is self-sufficient in the essence that it can be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones until +10.

One thing that I should let you know is that Somber Smithing Stones come in tiers, specified in parenthesis – the tier should match the current level of your weapon, meaning you need a Somber Smithing Stone [5] to upgrade this bad boy from +4 to +5.

  • Scales B with Str when Max upgraded.
  • Deals +30% damage to Gravity Type enemies.
  • Deals Magic damage.
  • Unique Weapon Art.
  • Best against enemy hoards.
  • High Str requirement.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War.
  • Cannot boost using Magic/Consumables.
  • Slow Attack animation.
Starscourge Greatsword
The Starscourge Greatsword in all its glory!
Colossal SwordStandard
Starcaller CryFP 20 (-20)
Wgt. 20.0Passive -

Starscourge Greatsword Stats Table. 

Battle Hammer

Best Warhammer For Strength Builds.

Why did I choose Battle Hammer?

Battle Hammer goes perfectly for pure Str or Str-Dex builds, thanks to its massive Str scaling. On the top, it gives high base Phy damage.

The Battle Hammer is reminiscent of Ledo’s Great Hammer from Dark Souls 3, although it is nowhere as big or doesn’t weigh nearly as much as it does. It is, in fact, significantly lighter, weighing only 10.0 units, serving as the lightest Warhammer so far. What this also means is that it must have a low stat requirement.

  • Moderate Stat Requirement.
  • High Base damage.
  • Scales well with Str or Str-Dex.
  • Easily stagger enemies.
  • Low range.
  • A little bit heavy.
  • Only does Phy damage.
  • Slow attack speed.
Elden Ring Battle Hammer
Would you believe me if I told you that I first try’d the Grave Warden Duelist?
Great HammerStrike
Braggart's RoarFP 16
Wgt. 10.0Passive -

Battle Hammer Stats Table. 

Rusted Anchor

Best Unique Great Axe.

Why did I choose Rusted Anchor?

Rusted Anchor offers high base damage, and its specialty is Pierce damage. It has early C scaling in Str, and its wider hitbox makes it easy to hit enemies. 

The Rusted Anchor is one of the most uniquely designed weapons in Elden Ring, to the point where if you look at it and I tell you that it’s a Greataxe, you’ll accuse me of tomfoolery.

While its weird, unorthodox appearance may repulse you as a player, let me tell you that the four sharp flukes protruding from it grant the entire weapon pierce damage. 

  • High base and Pierce damage.
  • Easy to hit enemies.
  • Good strength and dex scaling.
  • Can imbue other Ashes of War.
  • Moderate stat requirements.
  • A little heavyweight.
  • Slow attack speed.
  • No unique Ash of War.
Rusted Anchor
Look at this and tell me that looks like a hammer.
Barbaric RoarFP 16
Wgt. 12.5Passive -

Rusted Anchor Stats Table. 

Grafted Blade Greatsword

Best Unique Skill Colossal Sword

Why did I choose Grafted Blade Greatsword?

Grafted Blade Greatsword has high Str scaling and base damage. Its Unique Skill increases all skill points by 5 for 60 seconds, improving overall fighting capability several times.

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is arguably the best colossal sword I’ve seen so far in Elden Ring, easily ranking it as one of the best Strength Weapons by extension.

Similar to the foregoing Starscourge Greatsword, it comes with a heavy stat requirement, asking you to invest 40, yes, 40 attribute points into strength along with 14 into dexterity.

  • High Base damage.
  • Unique Weapon Art gives Attributes Buff.
  • Legendary Armament.
  • Very Heavyweight.
  • Str Scaling goes up to B only when maxed.
  • Slow attack animation.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War or add other buffs.
Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword
The Grafted Blade Greatsword’s location can be seen on your map in the Weeping Peninsula.
Colossal SwordStandard
Oath of VengeanceFP 20
Wgt. 21.0Passive -

Grafted Blade Greatsword.

Cranial Vessel Candlestand

Best AoE Fire Damage Greathammer.

Why did I choose Cranial Vessel Candlestand?

Cranial Vessel Candlestand features decent Phy and Fire damage, in addition to its unique weapon art that rains flameball in nearby areas.

The Cranial Vessel Candlestand, being one of the top strength weapons, requires quite the stat investment of anyone who wishes to wield it, but not because it’s heavy.

For meeting its wielding requirements, magicians are rewarded with a natural scaling of D in strength, E in dexterity, and D in faith – this opens the doors for pure strength builds, pure faith builds, and everything in between.

  • Adequate Phy and Fire damage.
  • Scales in Str, Dex, and Faith.
  • Decent range.
  • Unique Skill does AoE fire damage.
  • A little heavy.
  • Requires high values for Str and Faith.
  • There is a delay after using Ash of War, making the player vulnerable. 
Elden Ring Cranial Vessel Candlestand
Is this what warhammers have come to…?
Great HammerStrike
Surge of FaithFP 15 (-15)
Wgt. 12.5Passive -

Cranial Vessel Candlestand Stats Table. 


Lightest Colossal Sword.

Why did I choose Zweihander?

Zweihander is the lightest Colossal sword, giving you all the perks of a heavy weapon without compromising on weight and it has low requirements.

The Zweihander, an iconic weapon all across the Dark Souls series, makes its triumphant return in Elden Ring as well. Being the lightest colossal sword I know of so far, weighing just 16.5 units as opposed to the preceding 21.0 unit Grafted Blade Greatsword, the Zweihander doesn’t require much of your character.

  • Lightweight.
  • Decent base damage.
  • Cheap, can be bought from an Isolated Merchant.
  • Can infuse other Ashes of War on it.
  • Can be buffed by Magic and Consumables.
  • Low requirements.
  • No unique Ash of War.
  • Slow attack speed.
  • Outperformed by Greatsword (Colossal Sword.)
Elden Ring Zweihander
I can’t be the only one who’s overjoyed with seeing the Zweihander again, right?
Colossal SwordStandard
Stamp (Upward Cut)FP 5( -8)
Wgt. 15.5Passive -

Zweihander Stats Table. 

Golden Halberd

Best Early-Game Faith Weapon.

Why did I choose Golden Halbred?

Golden Halbred outperforms many other weapons due to its unique Weapom Art that boosts attack and defense stats. It deals holy damage and it’s a decent early-game faith weapon.

If I were to compare it, I would call it the Cranial Vessel Candlestand, but on steroids, coming at you with a heavy stat requirement of 30 strength, 14 dexterity, and 12 faith. Furthermore, similar to the Cranial Vessel Candlestand, it warmly greets its wielders with an amazing natural scaling of D in strength, E in dexterity, and D in faith.

It requires Smithing Stones to be upgraded, going up to +25 legitimately, where you can upgrade to +3 on your own at the smithing table found at the Church of Elleh – albeit beyond that, you will need to see a professional blacksmith.

  • Deals Phy and Holy Damage.
  • Unique Weapon Art buffs the attack and defense stats of anyone in AoE.
  • Long range.
  • One of the best early Faith weapons.
  • The weight requirement is a little high.
  • Cannot infuse Ashes of War or buff it.
  • Heavy attribute requirements.
Elden Ring Golden Halberd
I regret spending the first two hours of the game to kill this boss with just my base character.
Golden VowFP 40
Wgt. 13.5Passive -

Golden Halberd Stats Table. 

Nightrider Glaive

Best Weapon For Horseback Mounted Usage.

Why did I choose Nightrider Glaive?

It deals exceptional damage while being mounted on the horse as compared to other weapons. It’s a perfect fit for Str builds thanks to its scaling.

If there’s any other halberd that can top the Golden Halberd, it has to be the Nightrider Glaive. The Nightrider Glaive is a pitch-black glaive with a relatively heavy blade smelted at the forefront, making it the ideal weapon on horseback due to its size and reach.

Furthermore, it is much lighter than the Golden Halberd, coming in at 12.0 weight compared to 13.5 units.

What makes it a much better pick over the foregoing Golden Halberd for some people and ranks it amongst the most powerful Strength Weapons is its versatility.

  • Better moveset while mounted on a horse.
  • Good for pure Str builds.
  • Decent damage output.
  • Good range.
  • Lighter than Golden Halbred.
  • Can infuse Ashes of War and buff it.
  • Only does Phy damage.
  • Only good for pure Str builds.
  • No unique Ash of War.
Nightrider Glaive
Use this bad boy on horseback and you’d be pleasantly surprised!
Spinning SlashFP 6 ( - 12)
Wgt. 12.0Passive -

Nightrider Glaive Stats Table. 

Axe of Godrick

Best Unique Greataxe for Quality Build.

Why did I choose Axe of Godrick?

Axe of Godrick has high base Phy damage, and its unique Weapon Art can stagger any enemy in its range. 

The Axe of Godrick is a unique weapon that arguably serves as the face of Greataxes so far in Elden Ring – when you hear Greataxe, you’ll think of this Strength Weapon.

Despite weighing at only 11.0 units, it packs quite a punch, both performance-wise and stat requirement-wise. It demands its wielders to invest 34 strength and 22 dexterity, which is quite a lot for a Greataxe, and whether or not that’s worth the weapon – it’s up to you to decide.

  • High base Phy damage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Unique Weapon Art produces shockwaves, staggering anyone in range.
  • Ideal usage is for Quality build.
  • High stat requirements.
  • Quality build only favors in the late game.
  • Cannot imbue Ashes of War or buff it.
  • Weapon Art is slow and not very useful.
Elden Ring Axe of Godrick
Godrick the Grafted is the first main boss you’ll encounter in Elden Ring!
I Command
Thee, Kneel!
FP 15
Wgt. 11Passive -

Axe of Godrick Stats Table. 

Great Club

Best Club For Str Builds.

Why did I choose Great Club?

Great Club boasts decent base damage and strength scaling, making it best for pure strength builds. Its Weapon Art causes a dartstorm of Holy damage.

The Great Club, quite literally an oversized Club, makes its epic, yet unsophisticated return in Elden Ring – despite its simplicity in both design and moveset, it has always been a fan-favorite weapon for soulsborne veterans.

It embodies the definition of a Strength Weapon, requiring ONLY strength to use and having ONLY a single scaling in strength.

  • High Base damage.
  • Can imbue buffs on the Weapon Art projectiles.
  • Ideal usage is for Str builds.
  • Weapon Art projectiles deal Holy damage.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Better alternatives are present.
Elden Ring Great Club
The Great Club’s location!
Colossal WeaponStrike
Golden LandFP 16 ( - 5)
Wgt. 17.0Passive -

Great Club Stats Table. 

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

Best Strength Curved Greatsword.

Why did I choose Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword?

It deals with Phy and Fire damage, and its Ash of War produces a puddle of magma while doing additional Phy damage. Moreover, it scales with Str, Dex, and Faith, making it viable for hybrid builds.

If you were wondering when I was going to talk about Curved Greatswords in this guide, well, the wait is over. The first of two Curved Greatswords that I am going to talk about is the Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword, which, if you’ve already encountered them, are wielded by Magma Wyrms found a little bit later into the game.

While this weapon is quite versatile, in the sense that it can technically be used as both a dexterity and a faith weapon, I still consider it a strength weapon nonetheless for a few reasons.

  • Deals Phy and Fire damage.
  • Weapon Art unleashes Magma with a decent AoE.
  • Good for Str-Faith builds.
  • Slow attack speed for PvP.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War.
  • Cannot buff it with magic or consumables.
  • Low range normal attacks.
Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
The Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword, oozing with black magma!
Curved GreatswordSlash
Magma GuillotineFP 20 ( - 10)
Wgt. 15.0Passive -

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword Stats Table. 

Ghiza’s Wheels

Best Bleed Colossal Sword.

Why did I choose Ghiza’s Wheels?

It has high base damage and causes Bleed build-up. Its charged attack is impressive and causes faster bleed buildup.

Ghiza’s Wheels is one of the most unique weapons available in Elden Ring – have you seen any wheel-based weapons that are lined with skin-skewing blades before?

Regardless, the Ghiza’s Wheel, despite weighing 19.0 units, this weapon demands 28 strength and 18 dexterity off its user; not even 30, as many may have expected after seeing its weight.

That aside, it rewards its wielders with a D-scaling in strength and a D-scaling in dexterity, making it one of the few strength weapons on this list of Best Strength Weapons that support quality builds.

  • High Phy damage.
  • Causes Bleed build-up.
  • Charged attack does better than normal attacks.
  • Ideal for Quality builds.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War or buff it.
  • Weapon Art has less Bleed build-up.
  • Doesn’t scale well, only good up to specific upgrade points.
Ghiza’s Wheels
Have you seen anything like this before, ever?
Colossal WeaponStandard
Spinning WheelaFP 3
Wgt. 19.0Passive(70)

Ghiza’s Wheel Stats Table. 

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Best Fire Damage Colossal Weapon.

Why did I choose Prelate’s Inferno Crozier?

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier has high base damage with an early C scaling in Str. Its Weapon Art allows you to charge at enemies in a decent AoE doing Fire damage. 

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier will be the heaviest colossal weapon on my list. Coming at you with a weight of 23.5 units, this crozier requires you to invest a massive amount of 45 attribute points into strength and only 9 in dexterity.

  • High base damage.
  • Scales are good with Str.
  • Can imbue Ashes of War and buff it.
  • Innate Weapon Art does fire damage.
  • Heavy Str stat requirement.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Attacks are pretty slow.
Elden Ring Prelate’s Inferno Crozier
Just look at how massive this greathammer is.
Colossal WeaponStrike
Prelate's ChargeFP 7 (7)
Wgt. 23.5Passive -

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier Stats Table. 

Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

Best Hybrid Build Curved Greatsword.

Why did I choose Onyx Lord’s Greatsword?

Onyx Lord’s Greatsword scales with Str, Int, and Dex, making it ideal for different hybrid builds and it does Phy and Magic damage. 

If there’s anything that can maybe beat the Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword so far in my findings, it has to be the Onyx Lord’s Greatsword. This beast of a greatsword can be best fitted onto both pure strength builds and even strength-faith hybrid builds, making it something even incantation users can benefit from.

Because it is lighter than the Maga Wyrm’s Scalesword, weighing in at 11.5 units in comparison to 15.0 units, its strength requirements are also a tad bit lower, only demanding 20 strength, 16 dexterity, and 16 intelligence off its user.

  • Does Phy and Magic damage.
  • Scales in Str, Int, and Dex.
  • Good for Melee Hybrid builds.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cannot imbue other Ashes of War or buff it.
  • Weapon Art is not very useful.
  • Requires moderate stats in Str, Int, and Dex.
Elden Ring Onyx Lord’s Greatsword
The Onyx Lord looks very familiar to Vendrick from Dark Souls 2.
Curved GreatswordSlash
Onyx Lord's RepulsionFP 27
Wgt. 11.5Passive -

Onyx Lord’s Greatsword Stats Table. 

Dragon Greatclaw

Best Weapon Against Dragons.

Why did I choose Dragon Greatclaw?

Dragon Greatclaw deals 30% more damage against Dragon-type and 15% more against Ancient Dragon-type enemies. It deals Lightning damage as well. 

The Dragon Greatclaw serves as the final entry on my list, and it is no less good than any other weapon on this list. Being quite literally an extraction from the claw of a great dragon. The colossal weapon also rewards you with a natural scaling of D in strength and D in dexterity, all this whilst weighing only 16.0 units. Here is how it works in motion.

This makes it the ideal weapon for using against gigantic enemies, including dragons of course, if you may not have guessed. As far as its upgradability goes, it can be reinforced with Smithing Stones up till +25 – while that may sound long and daunting, fret not for Smithing Stones are much more common than you think and can easily be farmed for in various tunnels! 

  • Deals Phy and Light damage.
  • Best against Dragons and Ancient Dragons.
  • Scales in Dex and Str up to C in both.
  • Suitable stat requirements.
  • Cannot infuse other Ashes of War or buff it.
  • Weapon Art is not impressive.
  • A little heavyweight.
Elden Ring Dragon Greatclaw
The Dragon Greatclaw’s location – don’t expect getting it to be a piece of cake!
Colossal WeaponStandard
EndureFP 9
Wgt. 16.0Passive -

Dragon Greatclaw Stats Table. 

Why Others Were Not Choosen?

  • Iron Cleaver: Not enough damage output as Colossal weapons and attack speed are a bit slow.
  • Godskin Stitcher: Only good for Quality build, not for pure strength build.
  • Greatsword: Very heavyweight and requires strength and endurance to wield it properly.
  • Lordsworn’s Greatsword: Only up to B scaling for pure strength builds.
  • Ruins Greatsword: Hefty stat requirements of 50 Str and 16 Int as it’s a Legendary Armament. 

My Recommendations For Strength Weapons

In my experience, most Elden Ring Strength weapons require quite a skill to handle and excel in melee combat. I went through a number of them here that are good options for pure strength or even hybrid builds. Test them out and see which one suits you the best!

If you’re a Soulsborne veteran who’s just started playing this phenomenal game, it’s very similar to the previous games you’ve played. Likewise, if you’re the kind of player who’s into strength weapons and builds, I’ve got you covered with the best Weapons, featuring standard weapons such as the Great Club and Starscourge Greatsword to the more unorthodox Ghiza’s Wheel and Prelate Inferno’s Crozier – have fun Tarnished!

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