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5 Best Elden Ring Bleed Builds

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Following the trend set by previous FromSoftware titles, builds are essential in Elden Ring. Customization is at an all-time high and with the scale being double or even triple the size of previous entries, there are more builds and build options now than ever seen before. From powerstancing strength and dex builds to bleed builds, Elden Ring has them all.

Builds in Elden Ring scale with a stat or two. For example, a quality build builds upon strength and dex whereas a pure sorcerer scales their damage exclusively with intelligence. One such kind are bleed builds in Elden Ring. While bleed has always been powerful in souls games of the past, it is at its peak in Elden Ring. It is so powerful, in fact, that it is being called the meta and game-breaking by many. Elden offers a number of weapons and options that can help build a bleed build, here are our favorite bleed builds in Elden Ring. We hope you find this guide useful. For more Elden Ring, check out Best Elden Ring Greatswords.

Bleed Builds In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring there can be a variety of bleed builds, from builds that have bleed weapons like the rivers of blood as their main weapon to builds that powerstance bleed weapons to inflict blood loss asap to builds that use bloodflame sword on their basic weapon to inflict the most bleed damage. All these builds are very viable and can be devastating in Elden Ring. We will cover every Elden Ring bleed build alongside locations, tips, and gameplay style.

Rivers Of Blood Build

The rivers of blood Katana
Rivers of blood (credits: ChasetheBro)

Rivers of blood is arguably the most powerful Katana in Elden Ring and as the name suggests, it is a bleed weapon. This build is a simple one. Your aim is to inflict as much damage as possible using the rivers of blood as your weapon of choice. You may use a shield in your off-hand although we recommend dual-wielding the Rivers of blood. The main aim of this build is to get in as much damage as possible while building up your opponent’s blood loss bar. This will ensure insane amounts of damage and stagger opportunities.

Rivers of blood has a basic Katana moveset which is very good for a build like this due to its quickness and slash attacks. The base damage of Rivers of blood is already good so the quick blood loss infliction is just overkill. On top of all this, the weapon rate is exceptional, it is a powerful three-way slash attack that does a lot of blood damage and is devastating against all kinds of foes, from PvP duels to bosses. All in all, a Rivers of blood focused build is one of the best Elden Ring bleed builds.

Rivers Of Blood Location

You can find Rivers of blood on the Mountaintop of the giants. In the area before the Fire Giant bossfight, you will be invaded by Okina. Killing him will give you the Rivers of blood Katana.

Powerstance Katana Bleed Build

Dual weilding katanas, a strong elden ring bleed build
Dual Wielding Katanas (credits: Gamer Eyes)

For this builds you will need two Katanas. While all Katanas work since they all inflict blood loss, going with bleed Katanas will obviously help you out. There are multiple ways to go around this build, but the main focus is the same: Using two Katanas to inflict blood loss as soon as possible. One good combo is the Nagakiba with bloody slash and the rivers of blood Katana. We recommend not using a bleed Nagakiba so you can use Bloodflame blade on it. This build will not only have crushing combos but will cause blood loss in mere seconds.

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Rivers of blood already deals tons of blood loss damage, using Nagakiba with bloodflame blade alongside it will mean you will be melting through bosses. This might even make the game feel too easy to some. Bloody slash is one of the strongest Ashes of War in Elden ring and deals massive amounts of damage, so having that on top of this ensures this will be one of the strongest builds in Elden Ring and probably the strongest bleed build in terms of raw damage. Due to its quick moveset and ability to stagger alongside the all powerful bloody slash, this build is a great all rounder, viable for both PvP and PvE. Overall, the duanstance bleed katana build is currently the strongest bleed build in Elden Ring.

Nagakiba Location

You can pick the Nagakiba up after killing bloody finger Yura near Murkwater cave.

Reduvia Bleed Build

Reduvia, perfect for Elden Ring bleed builds
Reduvia Dagger

For this Elden Ring bleed build, we recommend the use of the underrated Reduvia dagger. This build priorities speed, distance and long-range bleed damage. This build is a very good Elden Ring bleed build. The Reduvia has a very fast moveset and a very cool weapon rate. It deals primarily bleed damage which means you get to inflict blood loss often. On top of this the weapon arte of the Reduvia dagger shoots bloody slashes that deal a good amount of damage.

For this build, we recommend a high arcane level for Reduvia’s damage scales primarily with arcane. We do not recommend this build for PvE, while Reduvia can get you by in PvE, there are just many better alternatives. PvP is where the Reduvia shines. Its ability to shoot bleed slashes very quickly makes it very deadly. It ensures your opponent can not reach you and you get to deal tons of damage from a distance. Make sure you have a big FP bar to ensure you do not run out of FP quickly. All in all, the Reduvia build is one of the best Elden Ring bleed builds for PvP and is an annoyance for every online duellist.

Reduvia Location

You can pick the Reduvia after killing bloody finger Nerijus in Murkwater cave.

Wolverine Build

Hookclaws in Elden Ring
Hookclaws (credits: Youtube)

While this is traditionally a dex build, Hookclaws go really well with the bleed affinity in Elden Ring. This build has you doing the sickest of combos while building up your opponent’s blood loss bar. This build prioritizes speed over everything, your character is essentially a vile animal going crazy in this build. You will be in and out of combat in seconds and will shred through opponents.

The Wolverine build requires bleed hookclaws. Due to the fast nature of this build, the Wolverine build is a great Elden Ring PvP and PvE bleed build. While not the best against bosses, it gets the job done even there. Your main focus with the wolverine build is to focus on perfecting your dodges. Once your rolling is down, you will be going through every enemy in seconds for the strategy here is just roll and attack and build up that blood loss meter asap. The Wolverine build is one of the best Elden Ring bleed builds.

Hookclaws Location

You can pick up Hookclaws after beating Margit and while exploring Stormveil castle.

Bleed/Intelligence Hybrid

the moonveil Katana
Moonveil (credits: Roccat)

This is a very strange build and an endgame one, but it is surprisingly viable. Similar to the powerstance bleed build, this build requires two Katanas, a bleed Katana and the Moonveil. While in gameplay and melee style this build has many parallels with the powerstance bleed build, it also carries a staff and can do a number of sorceries that can be very helpful and damaging.

For this build, we recommend Rivers of blood or Bleed uchigatana in your left hand and the Moonveil in your right hand. You will also require a staff in your left hand, we recommend the Carian Staff. For stats, you will need high intelligence and arcane alongside mid dex. For melee options, this build should work the same as the powerstance bleed build in Elden Ring hence it is viable for both PvP and PvE. The ability to cast spells is just an added bonus. While you may use spells of your choice, we recommend referring to our list of the best Elden Ring spells to find some essential Spells in Elden Ring. Overall, this hybrid build is a very strong bleed build in Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Elden Ring bleed build?

While this comes down to personal preference, we believe the powerstance dual katana build is the most powerful Elden Ring bleed build in terms of raw damage.

What stat scales with bleed?

Arcane directly affects bleed damage. So, if you are planning on running a bleed build in Elden Ring, make sure to have a high Arcane rating.

What is the best Ash of war for bleed builds in Elden Ring?

For bleed builds in Elden Ring, we recommend the bloody slash purely because of how quickly it deals tons of damage.

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