Top 5 Best Elden Ring Bleed Build

Elden ring Bleed build

In Elden Ring, there can be a variety of bleed builds. Some focus on the weapon’s innate ability to inflict bleed damage, while others rely on the weapon’s hidden potential, which is unlocked by different Ashes of War and Talismans. All these builds are very viable and can be devastating in Elden Ring. We will cover a few different Elden Ring bleed build in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The armor is the best aesthetic choice for an elden ring bleed build which includes; Black Hood, Night’s Cavalry Armor, Maliketh’s Gauntlets, and Maliketh’s Greaves.
  • Rivers Of Blood is as good as it always was, with a slight nerf on the PvP side but no changes on the PvE side.
  • Hand Of Malenia is also perfect for a vampire build while stacking up bleed onto your enemy but not as efficient as other weapons on this list.
  • Reduvia Dagger is a good weapon if you are a fan of mobility but also bleed procs with some range. An assassin but with a bleed weapon instead of an armor-piercing one.
  • Ghiza’s Wheel is the meme weapon and the best weapon on this list if you know the proper position and where you can utilize this weapon to the fullest.
  • Uchigatana is the best-supporting weapon here that can also be used by itself, although to a less successful degree than others. Its changeable Ashes of War are its big strength and the ability to dual-wield it with other katanas.
Elden Ring Gameplay
Elden Ring Gameplay

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This aesthetic choice is justified by its ability to portray the lone warrior theme effectively and aligns with the overall design and theme of the build.

Additionally, this aesthetic choice was chosen due to its memorability and overall keeping with the aesthetic of the Elden Ring environment.

The Maliketh Set is one of our favorites in the entire game due to the sleek black base and elegant gold trim on each piece. The same can be said for the Night’s Cavalry Set. We believe that capes in many Soulslike games look amazing on any player character, which is why the chest piece fits right into place while also matching the color scheme of the gloves and legs.

Rivers Of Blood

Elden Ring Bleed Build Rivers Of Blood
Rivers Of Blood | Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

Nothing sounds more awesome than a katana named after the blood of your enemies forming rivers after being slain. The Rivers Of Blood is an excellent weapon with an aesthetic appeal. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like this will be that good, but we soon realize it has both style and substance.

The weapon skill, Corpse Piler, launches a flurry of attacks formed from cursed blood that hack and slash at your foe, getting them to the edge of getting a bleed proc. It is one of the best weapons for setting up an Elden Ring bleed build and even more so with the appropriate talismans.

If you want to get your hands on this nifty blade, then you get to do so by killing Bloody Finger Okina near the Church Of Ripose.

Rivers Of Blood Location
Rivers Of Blood Location | Courtesy: Fextralife

Hand Of Malenia

Elden Ring Hand Of Malenia
Hand Of Malenia | Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

Malenia is the most demanding boss in the Soulsborne series, even challenging the Nameless King from Dark Souls 3. She uses the Hand of Malenia as a weapon with several unique qualities.

The weapon skill is the Waterfowl Dance. A few forward steps followed by a succession of flurry-like slashes. When hit by the weapon, Malenia can heal some damage done to targets. This power then falls into your hands after obtaining the weapon. This weapon, equipped with the proper talismans, can lead to the best Elden Ring bleed build.

It can be collected by trading the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess at the Roundtable Hold with Enia.

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Elden Ring Bleed Build Reduvia Dagger
Reduvia Dagger | Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

Who doesn’t like daggers? We like daggers quite a bit here, and they offer a unique deviation of the playstyle from your standard greatsword and straight sword users. The Reduvia dagger is different.

The dagger looks like it belongs inside some insidious eldritch abomination and has the power to match. The dagger has a weapon skill known as Reduvia Blood Blade. This skill takes your concept of a dagger and marries it with the word “range.” Allowing you to launch blood projectiles up to a short distance from you.

Quite a weapon indeed since it can have the highest bleed proc dependent on your attack speed since the dagger does attack quite fast. One of the best Elden Ring bleed build in the game now. It can be obtained by killing Bloody Finger Nerijus in the below location.

Reduvia Dagger Location
Reduvia Dagger Location | Courtesy: Fextralife

Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring Ghiza's Wheel
Ghiza’s Wheel | Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

The meme weapon turned overpowered monstrosity (some would argue it always was). So this is a colossal weapon, meaning it is just as big as you and increases your poise through the roof.

The whole point of this weapon is to get a running start and get the weapon skill off. Once you do that, you can quickly get the bleed to proc since the weapon skill is called Spinning Wheel. Something to note about the weapon skill is that the wheel will not start spinning unless you are one-handing the weapon. So remember not to two-hand this big guy.

Given that you can get into the proper position and know the time windows between enemy/boss attacks, this weapon can be the best Elden Ring bleed build weapon in the entire game.

You can get this weapon by defeating the phantom Inquisitor Ghiza in Volcano Manor.

Ghiza's Wheel Location
Ghiza’s Wheel Location | Courtesy: Fextralife


Elden Ring Bleed Build Uchigatana
Uchigatana | Courtesy: Fandom Wiki

Lastly, we come to the Uchigatana. Carrying over from Dark Souls 3, we know this blade packs a certified punch for bleed builds. And if you want to go kind of crazy with this build, then you can use two Uchigatanas, or you can dual-wield it with any other katana on this list.

The Uchigatana has a weapon skill known as Unsheathe, but that’s not what we want. We want this weapon to have something that supplements it with the ability to cause more bleeding. To do this, we will replace the weapon skill with Suppuku.

Seppuku allows you to enhance yourself with a higher bleed affliction onto enemies for around a minute. This is incredibly useful for dual-wield this blade with other weapons, although it can also work well on its own if you are sufficiently skilled.

You can get your hands on this weapon if you start as the samurai class or locate it in the Deathtouch Catacombs in Limgrave.

Uchigatana Location
Uchigatana Location | Courtesy: Fextralife

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