Elden Ring Bloodhounds Fang: Location, Builds, & Requirement

I will share details for Bloodhounds Fang, where to find it and my recommended build.

Bloodhound's Fang in Elden Ring

Some Elden Ring weapons are unique, bringing with them special moves, elemental damage, or unique abilities. One such weapon is the bloodhound’s fang, an excellent curved greatsword viable for all kinds of scenarios.

Here, I will cover the bloodhound’s fang alongside its uses, location, stats, and my recommended build. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bloodhounds Fang is a greatsword in Elden Ring. It is relatively quick and has a great moveset of Slash Attacks. It is upgraded by Sombre Smithing Stones.
  • You can get your hands on this amazing weapon after killing Bloodhound Knight Dariwil. He is available on the southern side of Agheel Lake.
  • The minimum requirements for this weapon are 18-level strength and 17-level dex.
  • It is useful in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Use it strategically in different windows to bring the best out of it. Two handing is also recommended.
  • Quality Build works well with this weapon, enhancing Stamina and Vigor. Dex Build is also a good option when you have opted to two-hand the Bloodhounds Fang.
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Farrukh Jafri has invested 400+ hours in Elden Ring, so you can easily trust him to give the best information regarding the Bloodhound’s Fang.

Bloodhound’s Fang Location

Bloodhound Knight Dariwil in action
Bloodhound Knight Dariwil
  1. You can acquire Bloodhound’s fang after killing Bloodhound knight Dariwil.
  2. You can find Dariwil in an ever-goal on the southern side of Agheel Lake.
  3. You can spot the Evergoal as a silver-ish bowl-type mark on the menu, the one corresponding to Southern Agheel Lake will be Dariwil’s Evergoal.
  4. Dariwil is a relatively straightforward boss fight, just dodge on time and avoid rushing in for he has punishing combos. Killing Dariwil will give you the Bloodhound’s Fang in Elden Ring.
Curved GreatswordSlash
Bloodhound's FinesseFP 8 ( - 12)
Wgt. 11.5Passive (55)

Bloodhound’s Fang Stats Table.

Bloodhound’s Fang requires a strength level of 18 and a dex level of 17, with a D rating in Strength and a C rating in Dex. This means that Bloodhound’s fang is a quality weapon. (Check out our list of the best Elden Ring quality builds).

I recommend a dex level of at least 45 and a strength level of at least 40 to maximize the utility of Bloodhound’s Fang. Bloodhound’s fang has the potential to be one of the best weapons if used on a quality build.


Firstly, for PvE, I recommend a defensive approach. You can use the Bloodhound’s fang in PvE more as a strength weapon. Time your attacks and only attack when you find a window, damage maximization is key here.

You may also go with a shield but I recommend dodging while two handing the Bloodhound’s Fang in Elden Ring PvE. Your weapon arte is key here, especially against tougher, slower bosses.

Go in whenever you find a window and use it, this will not only deal a lot of damage but also get you out of harm’s way. The weapon arte is especially useful against Harder bosses like Malenia and Radahn. Using the Bloodhound’s Fang strategically is essential here.

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For PvP, I recommend a timed approach, circle your opponents and keep them guessing. Much like PvE, time your attacks but also be more agile. In PvP, damage output is the key to maximizing Bloodhound’s fang.

This strategy in conjunction with the weapon arte is also very useful here. the weapon arte deals a lot of damage and is quick. Using it on a fast enemy will ensure you’re in and out of confrontation and be a cause of annoyance for the enemy.

Using this repeatedly will also mean you keep the pressure on. All in all, Bloodhound’s Fang excels.

My Recommended Builds

The most basic build to use the Bloodhound’s fang is the Quality build. Having a high strength and dex will ensure the weapon is doing its highest damage possible.

Aside from maximizing damage, a quality build will also have high stamina and vigor that will only assist such a build. There isn’t much to say here for quality builds are simple and are a way to make the most out of the Bloodhound’s Fang.

Another good build for the Bloodhound’s fang is a simple dex build. Due to its high (C) dex rating, a build with high dex will ensure the Bloodhound’s fang in Elden Ring is doing its best. This build will also excel at two-handling the weapon due to its nimbleness.

Alongside the Bloodhound’s fang, I recommend another dex weapon like the Uchigatana to use in scenarios where the Bloodhound’s fang falls slow. Overall, the Bloodhound’s fang can serve as a great Elden Ring dex weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bloodhound’s Fang a quality weapon?

Yes, due to a D scaling in strength and a C scaling in Dex, the Bloodhound’s fang in Elden Ring is a quality weapon.

What are good alternatives to the Bloodhound’s fang?

All curved swords are good alternatives to the Bloodhound’s fang in Elden Ring, I recommend Morgott’s curved sword due to its built-in bleed damage.

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