Elden Ring: Best Dex Builds [Top 5]

After playing Elden Ring for 400+ hours, I've found the Dex builds to be the most powerful ways to play the game. Here are my best Elden Ring dex builds!

Elden Ring Dex Builds
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I’ve played Elden Ring for more than 400 hours, so I really know the game well. Anything I talk about is because I’ve done it in the game. You can trust me with the information related to the Best Dex Builds!

Dex builds in Elden Ring are builds that emphasize the dexterity stat. Unlike Strength builds, Dex builds prefer nimbleness and cooler combos over heavier swords that deal more damage. Since the inception of the Souls formulae, dex builds have been very common and have led to some of the best weapons in the series, from the Washing Pole to the Fachion.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dex Builds in Elden Ring focus on high Dexterity, using weapons such as Katana or Curved Sword. Suited for both PvP and PvE, they require high Vigor and endurance.
  • Powerstanced Dex Build: Warrior class build, utilizing speed & damage with dual weapons, needs Dex 40 & high Endurance.
  • Pure Dex Build: Simplest build, relies on high Dexterity & melee combat skills, Uchigatana/Curved Sword recommended.
  • Bleed Dex Build: Utilizes a Katana for bleed damage, inflicting blood loss on enemies, and requires Dex 35 & Arcane 20.
  • The Intelligence Dex Build in Elden Ring uses Moonveil Katana for high intelligence damage, is versatile in PvP/PvE, and needs Int 40 & Dex 30.

Here is my comparison table for the Best Dex Builds alongside their relevant stats:

No.DEX BUILDSSoul LvlVigorMindEnduranceStrengthDexterityIntelligenceFaithArcane
1Pure Dex Build-6424--8534--
2Powerstanced Dex Build – Warrior Class811121110161089
3Bleed Dex Build-601115182291331
4Intelligence Dex Build-50202112506079
5Quality Build-55122555551089

Dex Builds In Elden Ring

Dex Builds require high dexterity and a dex weapon like a katana or a curved sword. Since they are melee-focused, I also recommend a high vigor level and high endurance. The main focus of dex builds is to get in and out as quickly as possible while dealing the most damage. Due to their speed and sick combos, dex builds in Elden Ring excel in both PvE and PvP. Some of the best weapons in the game are also Dex weapons.

Pure Dex Build

A pure dex build in Elden Ring

Pure Dex builds in Elden Ring focus on maximizing dexterity, relying solely on skill and melee combat. They offer versatility and unique moves like quick steps after heavy attacks and are known for their simplicity and fun gameplay. To create a successful pure dex build, aim for a dexterity level of at least 40, complemented by high vigor and endurance.

You can opt for weapons like the Uchigatana or Curved Sword that scale with dex. While shields are an option, two-handing your chosen weapon maximizes its potential. Overall, pure dex builds provide a straightforward and enjoyable way to experience Elden Ring.

Powerstanced Dex Build – Warrior Class

Powerstanced Dex Build Elden Ring
Soul Lvl8

The Warrior class starts with two falchions, which are more than enough to serve till the endgame. This build builds directly upon the warrior class. The main focus here is speed and damage using two weapons. This build has some of the best and craziest combos in Elden Ring that look extremely cool and can finish off enemies very quickly.

For the Powerstanced Dex build in Elden Ring, I recommend a Dex of around 40 with high endurance. The one drawback of this build is that for people used to shields, it will have a high learning curve. I suggest using L1 attacks exclusively for R1 attacks will trigger the right-hand weapon only. Some of my favorite combinations for this build are the dual falchions for early game and a Nagakiba and Uchigatana for late-game players. All in all, the Powerstanced Dex build in Elden Ring is one of the best ways to play the game.

Bleed Dex Build

Rivers of blood
Credits: Youtube
Arcane 31
Strength 18
Endurance 15

The focus of a bleed build featuring dex in Elden Ring is to use a katana that deals bleed damage and has the ability to cause blood loss on your foes. Your primary aim in such a build will be to get in as much damage as possible using the blood loss affliction. Blood loss can be extremely devastating and can cause insane amounts of damage alongside stagger. Due to blood loss, this build is also arguably the best Elden Ring PvP dex build.

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For this build, you may choose to go powerstanced. For your weapons, I recommend a weapon that scales with strength and arcane or a dex weapon that can be buffed with Bloodflame Blade. My favorites are the Rivers of Blood or the Nagabika with Bloodflame Blade. Morgotts cursed sword is also a decent late-game weapon for this build. I recommend a dex level of 35 and above and an arcane level of at least 20 for this build.

Intelligence Dex Build

Int Dex build Elden Ring

The Moonveil Katana shows that bleed intelligence builds are here, and they are here to stay. This build uses the Moonveil Katana as your primary weapon to deal high amounts of intelligence damage with almost broken weapon artes that can stagger and kill most foes in Elden Ring very quickly.

For this build, I recommend the Moonveil Katana as your primary weapon with another dex weapon in your off-hand. And a staff in your off-hand. Furthermore, I’d recommend an intelligence level of around 40 and a dex level of around 30. The main goal of this Elden Ring dex build is to manage effectively ranged and melee combat.

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Utilize the Moonveil as your primary weapon for close-quarters combat, enabling swift combat retreats. The staff allows spellcasting for support and damage, such as Lorretas Greatbow and Glintstone Shard, dealing with groups or enemies at a distance. The Intelligence Dex build in Elden Ring is versatile, suitable for both PvP and PvE.

Quality Build

A Cross Naginata in Elden Ring
Credits: Youtube

Quality builds are some of the best builds in games by Hidetaka Miyazaki. They combine strength and dex builds to give you the best of both worlds: the high strength and DPS of strength build with the nimbleness and quick moves of dex builds. Quality builds also allow for some of the best weapons in Elden Ring –  for there are many weapons in the game that require both Strength and Dexterity.

For a quality build, I recommend a strength and dexterity of above 35 each and a vigor of at least 30. Also, pick your favorite weapon and use the Quality affinity if it has poor-quality scaling.

Our favorites for this build are the cross naginata and Bloodhound Curved Sword. The main objective for such a build is close combat, so make sure your reflexes are in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are strength builds better than dex builds in Elden Ring?

Nope. It all comes down to individual play style. If you prefer bigger swords with tankier aesthetics and an emphasis on blocking, you will probably prefer strength builds; if you prefer nimbleness and rolling, you will prefer Dex builds in Elden Ring.

What is the best dex build in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, the best dex build comes down to the player themself. Whatever you have the most fun with will ultimately be the best build for you. The most powerful dex builds in Elden Ring, however, from this list are the Bleed build and the Intelligence Dex build in Elden RIng.

Are these all the Elden Ring Dex builds?

No. Due to the open-world nature of Elden Ring, players are recommended to explore and craft their own playstyles. You may end up making multiple Elden Ring Dex builds of your own. These are only the builds I am aware of and have experience with.

We hope you find this guide useful. For more Elden Ring guides check out Elden Ring Best Builds and Best Elden Ring Skills.

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