Elden Ring: Best Dragon Priest Build

I'm proud to say that I have 800+ hours invested in Elden Ring, therefore, trust me with the best Dragon Priest Build I bring to the table!

Elden Ring comes to players straight out of the oven, baked to perfection by FromSoftware. It comes to us from the creative minds behind the Dark Souls series, in collaboration with world-famous author George R. R. Martin. Elden Rin is a departure from the traditional souls game with a more heavy fantasy setting.

As such along with this fantasy setting comes more creative freedom to diversify enemies and character builds. Now dragons are an everpresent force in fantasy literature and that is no exception in Elden Ring, however here you can obtain the power of the dragons and make the ultimate Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build.

About The Author

My hours in Elden Ring have far exceeded 800+ hours. As a gamer, I am fond of uncovering the secrets of every game, including Elden Ring. Thus, you can trust my information as I bring first-hand experience to the table!

Key Takeaways

  • As evident from the name, the Dragon Priest Build is based on making the best use of dragon items in the game, be it weapons or spells.
  • Night and Flame Sword works well as a primary weapon with this build. The Black Knife complements this build as a secondary weapon.
  • When choosing Armor, the Skeletal Mask is a good option as it provides resistances and damage negation. To complete the look, wear a Maliketh’s Set.
  • Carian Filigreed Crest talisman reduces FP cost so you can make more incantations in a fight. Faithful’s Canvas talisman boosts the damage of incantations.
  • Ekzyke’s Decay hits a spray of Scarlet Rot, while Greyyoll’s Roar debuffs the enemies. Theodorix Magma completes this build by adding a magma feature.

Comparison table for Best Weapons;

No.Armor / SetsWeightPhysical DamageVS StrikeVS SlashVS PierceMagicFireLightningHoly
1Skeletal Mask32.
2Maliketh’s Set30.526.523.627.526.521.722.619.225.4


No.WeaponsWeightFP CostPhysical DamagePhysical DefenseMagicFireLightningHolyCriticalBoost
1Night and Flame Sword4.026 (-36)873656/4256/42262610031
2Black Knife2.02566261515154211015


1Carian Filigreed Crest0.8
2Faithful’s Canvas Talisman0.7
3Radagon Icon0.7

Now the dragon priest build entails us using dragon heart spells and weapons that mimic the way of the dragon, imitating its way of fighting through the eyes of a follower. Hence the whole priest motif.

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Dragon Priest Build Weapons

Night and Flame Sword

Night and Flame Sword | Courtesy: Fextralife

Now the night and flame sword has been covered before, in fact, I have an entirely separate guide with a build specifically for it. But today I have something different. I am using the night and flame sword for the second part of its name.

Straight SwordStandard/Pierce
Night-and-Flame StanceFP - (26 32)
Wgt. 4.0Passive -

I know that it has an overpowered laser beam attack that deletes the health bars of the enemies and bosses it encounters but it also has a secondary fire-based attack which is quite the underplayed hero. It may not be as spectacular as its brother but it puts out significant amounts of damage that are nothing to scoff at. It also fulfills the image you’ll be going for with the whole using dragons’ powers around faith and intelligence builds.

Black Knife

Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build
Black Knife 

You probably haven’t used this weapon but it is definitely a hidden gem. It’s normally expected for a priest to carry small daggers to easily hide in plain sight but this dagger is no mere ordinary weapon for it is riddled with the disgustingly potent scarlet rot.

Blade of DeathFP 25
Wgt. 2.0Passive -

It isn’t talked about much but it is very anime-like in terms of its weapon skill which is a spinning mid-air splash that shoots a ranged projectile inflicting scarlet rot onto any enemy it hits, be it your average run if the mill knight or a demi-god considered the ender of worlds. They all fall to the black knife and the Elden Ring dragon priest build that wields it into combat.

Dragon Priest Build Armor

Skeletal Mask

Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build
Skeletal Mask
Dmg Negation2.
HelmWgt. 3

The Skeletal Mask is an excellent addition to your armor set, it provides a normal amount of resistances and damage negation while also being cool as all hell. I mean what kind of person doesn’t wanna be seen wearing this helm and the hood adds that extra layer of mystery to your character.

Maliketh’s Set

The rest of this set might seem redundant but trust me when I say that it is for a good reason. Maliketh’s set is one of the best-looking armor sets in the entire game and this applies to every piece of the armor set individually.

Dmg Negation26.523.627.526.521.722.619.225.4
Armor Set30.5 Weight

In the case of these pieces, you’ll see a very neat black and gold trim, an aesthetic choice that is quite prevalent in the overall design of this set. It has quite decent resistances and damage negation for the overall weight of the armor. It is a must-have for a combat priest who wields the power of dragons in their being, pairing this set with the above-mentioned skeletal mask is a very nice aesthetic choice for an Elden Ring dragon priest build.

You can buy this entire set after defeating Maliketh from the lady Enia located at Roundtable Hold.

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Talismans For Dragon Priest 

Carian Filigreed Crest

Carian Filigreed Crest 
NameCarian Filigreed Crest
Effectlowers the FP cost of skills by 25%.

Incantations and spells cost FP, you don’t have infinite amounts of FP now do you? Thought so and that is why you need the Carian filigreed crest on your character. This talisman reduces the cost of FP from any spell and incantation you use which makes them more useful as one cast can mean the difference between life and death when against a tough boss.

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman | Courtesy: Fextralife
NameFaithful’s Canvas Talisman
Effectraises the potency of incantations by 4%.

We have all been there, the boss has a pixel of health left and you just cast your last spell leaving you with no FP left. You have no choice but to get up close and personal with the boss and as you approach they hit you with one attack and you die, rendering the time you put into that fight almost entirely meaningless. Now, what if you didn’t have to die? What if you had killed that boss with your last spell and were celebrating a hard-earned victory? Well, that can be you if you decide to equip this talisman which boosts the damage of incantations, your primary method of damage in this build.

Radagon Icon

Radagon Icon
NameRadagon Icon
Effectshortens the casting time of spells

Nothing special here, this talisman simply reduces the cast times for spells allowing you to get off more damage in a shorter amount of time. Ending fights with this is faster due to the cast time being minimized and stacked along with the other talismans of this build then you can see yourself breezing through boss after boss with relative ease.

Best Incantations For Dragon Priest

Now, these are the spells that you can expect to use more often than others when it comes to embodying the role of Elden Ring dragon priest build. These can all be acquired at the Church of Dragon Communion by sacrificing dragon hearts. You get dragon hearts by slaying dragons and these can vary in number depending on the dragon you kill. Some may give you only one while some may give you two or even five.

Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart Stats:

NameDragon Heart
FP Cost-
EffectGain the power of the dragon at the Dragon Communion altar.

Ekzykes’s Decay

Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build
Ekzykes’s Decay


NameEkzykes’s Decay
RequiresIntelligenceFaithArcaneSlots Used
FP Cost 48(6)
Effectspews the scarlet rot breath of Ekzykes from above.
Spell typeDragon Communion Incantations

I mentioned before that scarlet rot is quite underused by many players, but it has a scary amount of damage once it starts to proc onto enemies. This incantation is no different as it purely and simply sprays scarlet rot across the battlefield, inflicting it upon any it touches. To be able to use this however, you must first slay Decaying Ekzykes in Caelid and attain their power through the use of dragon hearts at the church of Dragon Communion.

Greyyoll’s Roar

Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build
Greyyoll’s Roar 
NameGreyyoll’s Roar
RequiresIntelligenceFaithArcaneSlots Used
FP Cost 50
EffectEmits the roar of Elder Dragon Greyoll
Spell typeDragon Communion Incantations

Have you ever heard a dragon roar? Those who have said it to be a deafening sound that rings in their ears for years to come. Now imagine the roar of an elder dragon. This is exactly what Greyyoll’s Roar embodies. This incantation is used to apply debuffs to your enemies and buffs to yourself, the power of a true leader’s voice, it is only fitting that Greyyoll who was known as the mother of all dragons was to have this power. To be able to use this however, you must first slay Elder Dragon Greyyoll in Caelid and attain their power through the use of dragon hearts at the church of Dragon Communion.

Theodorix’s Magma

Elden Ring Dragon Priest Build
Theodorix’s Magma 
NameTheodorix’s Magma
RequiresIntelligenceFaithArcaneSlots Used
FP Cost 45
EffectSpews the magma breath of Theodorix from above.
Spell typeDragon Communion Incantations

Deep underneath the world lies an entirely different world full of fire and molten rock that incinerates all it touches. This is known as magma, and now do try to imagine a dragon that can control and spew magma like its normal water, well you wouldn’t have to imagine as Theodorix exists.

He is a different class of dragon known as a Great Wyrm, which dwells underneath the surface. To obtain the power of encasing your foes and battlefield in magma, simply defeat the Great Wyrm Theodorix and obtain the incantation of Theodorix’s Magma after sacrificing dragon hearts at the church of Dragon Communion. Combining all of the incantations mentioned above, you will become the ultimate Elden Ring dragon priest build with no one who could stand in your way, thanks to the might of the dragons that bless your very soul with their powers.

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