THE 13 BEST Elden Ring Early Game Armors

Finding a decent set of armor early in the game is daunting. Learn how to obtain the best early game armor by defeating bosses and discovering them from a location.

Elden Ring Best Early Game Armor
Elden Ring Best Early Game Armor

In Elden Ring, armor isn’t a single item but rather a set comprising individual pieces like helmets, chest armor, leg armor, and gauntlets. This allows players to mix and match different armor sets to meet their character build and fashion preferences. Combining different sets not only enhances protection but also makes your character stand out in online PvP.

Before we delve into the list of the best early game armor sets in Elden Ring, it’s crucial to consider the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable item. Consuming this item boosts your character’s discovery, which is valuable for getting armor items by defeating enemies or discovering them in the game world. Using the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot will significantly improve your chances of getting the armor sets you’re aiming for.

You can refer to our War Dead Catacombs Walkthrough guide in Elden Ring to learn how to acquire the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot consumable item.

This guide will highlight the top 13 best early game armor sets in Elden Ring and where to find them, helping you quickly acquire these valuable pieces. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Key Takeaways

  • Finding a good armor set early in Elden Ring is crucial to keep a safe side from potential threats. 
  • Meanwhile, progressing the storyline also demands players to seek the best armor set that fits perfectly for their character and provides decent defenses during the battle. 
  • Although most set focuses on the fashion statement, your character will also receive defense bonuses that can help players reduce the damage intake and easily defeat the enemies in Elden Ring. 
  • Moreover, it is worth noting that the armor set in Elden Ring is not a single item. In fact, these are a complete set of individual items that comprise helmets, chest armor, leg armor, and gauntlets. For that instance, you will need to obtain the complete armor set to maximize the defensive stats of your character. 
  • The best early game armors you can get your hands on are the Cleanrot set, Black Knife armor, Banished Knight, and The Tree Sentinel armor. However, getting these armor sets requires some strategy in location, chest unlocks, or farming for a boss fight. You can also utilize a consumable item known as the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot to enhance your character’s item discovery rate and receive your ideal set early in Elden Ring.
About The Author

I am not just a Soul fan, but an Elden Ring guru with numerous playthroughs experience, 800+ to be precise. That is why I can confidently share my best recommendations of early-game armors that you can find across the game. 

Best Early Game Armors Comparison

No.NamePhysical DamageStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireHolyImmunityRobustnessFocusVitalityPoiseWeightLightning Defense
1Cleanrot Set28.53126.333.524.925.326.515015966775835.722.6
2Raptors Black Feathers Armor88.89.59.510.210.29.557356060587.710.9
3Sage Armor11.910.810.86.923.922.423.97646141150159.823
4Knife Armor11.410.912.412.48.89.511.428462323199.26.7
5Royal Remains Set23.623.625.523.619.120.417.88413557274425.316.2
6Twinned Armor Set27.425.429.62523.523.521.58313553135503019
7Carian Knight Set23.521.624.523.524.523.523.56611050554025.119.1
8Raging Wolf Set25.92325.924.919.822.118.57513142424224.213.8
9Briar Set25.522.626.524.621.724.621.711314086804728.117.8
10Knight Set24.623.626.526.521.721.717.86612043435125.319.1
11Raya Lucarian Soldier Set20.42121.321.324.124.622.5149991291293619.625
12Banished Knight Set35.529.236.433.526.526.526.1149197911607241.625.6
13Tree Sentinel Armor18.41518.717.51317.114.1679042463918.912.6

Cleanrot SetElden Ring Cleanrot Set

Cleanrot Set is the top early game armor in Elden Ring due to high immunity and robustness. Provides Physical Damage Negation of 28.5 and defense against magic, lightning, etc. Visit Swamp of Aeonia, defeat Cleanrot Knights for the full set. Knights are challenging, so bring your best weapons. Random spawn may extend farming to 20-30 minutes, but the complete Cleanrot armor set is worth it.

Cleanrot Set location
Cleanrot Set location
Physical Damage 28.5 Immunity 150
Defense against Strike 31 Robustness 159
Defense against Slash 26.3 Focus 66
Defense against Pierce 33.5 Vitality 77
Magic Defense 24.9 Poise 58
Fire Defense 25.3 Weight 35.7
Holy Defense 26.5 Lightning Defense 22.6
State Box for Cleanrot Set

Raptors Black Feathers ArmorElden Ring Raptors Black Feather

Raptors Black Feathers offers unique fashion over high defenses. It’s a dark, standout outfit with a distinctive look. Easily accessible without story progression, but a boss fight is required. Head to Sage’s Cave, defeat enemies and bosses (no spoilers), then enter the cave.

From the Site of Grace, cross the lake to reach a dark cave between hills. Explore hidden walls and chests to find Raptors Black Feathers chest piece and Skeletal Mask. Combine for a great character look. One chest also contains Raptor Talons, a weapon causing bleeding with Strength and Dexterity scaling.

Raptors Black Feather set location
Raptors Black Feather set location
Physical Damage 8 Immunity 57
Defense against Strike 8.8 Robustness 35
Defense against Slash 9.5 Focus 60
Defense against Pierce 9.5 Vitality 60
Magic Defense 10.2 Poise 58
Fire Defense 10.2 Weight 7.7
Holy Defense 9.5 Lightning Defense 10.9
State Box for Raptors Black Feathers Armor

Sage ArmorElden Ring Sage Armor

Sage Armor is ideal for Intelligence Wizard Builds, offering damage negation and style. Perfect for Magic character builds, enhancing immunities, magic defense, and equipment load.

Requirements: unlock a torch for the dark location where Sage armor is found. You’ll also need strong weapons to handle enemies. Head to Stillwater Cave, south of Liurnia of the Lake Regions.

Skip Stormveil Castle if not visited yet, then head towards the lake. Outside the cave, you’ll spot a jellyfish creature. Enter the cave and follow the path to Stillwater Cave from the Site of Grace.

Sage Armor Location
Sage Armor Location
Physical Damage 11.9 Immunity 76
Defense against Strike 10.8 Robustness 46
Defense against Slash 10.8 Focus 141
Defense against Pierce 6.9 Vitality 150
Magic Defense 23.9 Poise 15
Fire Defense 22.4 Weight 9.8
Holy Defense 23.9 Lightning Defense 23
State Box for Sage Armor

Black Knife ArmorElden Ring Black Knife Armor

Black Knife Armor is tailor-made for Stealth character builds, designed for sneaking up on enemies and eliminating them from the shadows. It consists of a single chest piece offering lightweight and balanced defense, though not the highest stats. Its unique stealth effect compensates for the modest defense.

First Secret Medallion LocationFirst Secret Medallion Location

To unlock this armor, visit the Village of the Albinaurics, grab the Haligtree Secret Medallion right piece from a pot along the straight path. Then head to Castle Sol’s main entrance and reach the top to spawn Commander Niall. Acquire the Left Medallion. Next, go to Grand Lift of Rold and use the secret Medallion.

Second Medallion LocationSecond Medallion Location

This will awaken a secret boss, but you don’t have to fight. Escape the boss and proceed to Ordina Liturgical Town. At the entrance, go left and return to the building. In the alleyway at the end, you’ll find a corpse containing the Black Knife armor.

Location to Use the MedallionLocation to Use the Medallion

Black Knife Armor offers Physical Damage Negation of 11.4 and Magic Damage Negation of 8.8, making it a solid choice for newcomers in Elden Ring seeking armor for a stealth playstyle.

Black Knife Armor LocationBlack Knife Armor Location

Physical Damage 11.4 Immunity 28
Defense against Strike 10.9 Robustness 46
Defense against Slash 12.4 Focus 23
Defense against Pierce 12.4 Vitality 23
Magic Defense 8.8 Poise 19
Fire Defense 9.5 Weight 9.2
Holy Defense 11.4 Lightning Defense 6.7
State Box for Black Knife Armor

Royal Remains SetElden Ring Royal Remains Armor

The Royal Remains Set is a unique and eerie-looking armor, once worn by a soul-less king. Its bone and skull appearance suits the dark world of Elden Ring. Ideal for character builds focused on combat and killing.

To unlock this armor set, head to Roundtable Hold, unlocked after a storyline quest for Melina. If you haven’t discovered it yet, go to Lake-Facing Cliffs in the Village of Albinaurics. Interact with a Site of Grace to access Roundtable Hold.

In Roundtable Hold, face Ensha of the Royal Remains, a tough opponent. Use magic and strong weapons for the best chance of success. If needed, you can retry by loading the area. After defeating the NPC, re-enter Roundtable Hold and access an item on the left side of the table to claim your complete Royal Remains armor set.Royal Remains Armor location

The armor provides decent defenses, with a total Physical Damage Negation of 23.6, suitable for early-level players. Its legendary effect gradually replenishes HP when it drops below 18%, which proves invaluable during challenging quests where your HP falls below this threshold.

Physical Damage 23.6 Immunity 84
Defense against Strike 23.6 Robustness 135
Defense against Slash 25.5 Focus 57
Defense against Pierce 23.6 Vitality 27
Magic Defense 19.1 Poise 44
Fire Defense 20.4 Weight 25.3
Holy Defense 17.8 Lightning Defense 16.2
State Box for Royal Remains Set

Twinned Armor SetElden Ring Twinned Armor Set

The Twinned Armor set offers medium weight and a striking warrior appearance. It’s easily obtainable early in the game as part of D Hunter of the Dead’s storyline quests. Here’s how to get it at the Roundtable Hold:

  1. Complete the three main boss questlines in the game.
  2. Talk to Fia at the Roundtable Hold, find her in one of the bedrooms.
  3. Exhaust her dialogue until she rewards you with a Dagger.
  4. Follow the quest objectives, and at the end, you’ll receive the Twinned Armor set.

Killing D Hunter to loot the armor is not recommended as it may prevent you from playing his questline.

The Twinned Armor Set offers excellent Damage Negation, with Physical Damage Negation of 27.4, making it the ideal choice for players seeking medium-weight armor. The combination of gold and silver in the armor adds to the warrior aesthetic.

Physical Damage 27.4 Immunity 83
Defense against Strike 25.4 Robustness 135
Defense against Slash 29.6 Focus 53
Defense against Pierce 25 Vitality 135
Magic Defense 23.5 Poise 50
Fire Defense 23.5 Weight 30
Holy Defense 21.5 Lightning Defense 19
State Box for Twinned Armor Set

Carian Knight SetElden Ring Carian Knight Set

The Carian Knight set is a top choice for the best early game armor in Elden Ring, offering a royal appearance and excellent Damage Negation stats, perfect for Mage or higher Intelligence builds.

To unlock the Carian Knight Set, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Church of the Cuckoo, a library encountered during a third primary boss battle.
  2. Instead of entering the library, head to a secret location to acquire the complete set.
  3. Start from the Cathedral and take the path from the Graveyard.
  4. Cross the bridge to the other part of the location.
  5. Avoid confrontations with enemies along the way.
  6. Reach a gap between the walls, jump down, and go to a tomb.
  7. Interact with the item to receive the full Carian Knight armor set.

You can pair this armor with the Carian Shield, obtained after the 4th boss fight, to maximize defense and perform parries.

The Carian Knight set offers promising stats for early players, with medium weight and a Physical Damage Negation of 23.5, making it an excellent choice for beginner characters.

Carian Knight Set Location
Carian Knight Set Location
Physical Damage 23.5 Immunity 66
Defense against Strike 21.6 Robustness 110
Defense against Slash 24.5 Focus 50
Defense against Pierce 23.5 Vitality 55
Magic Defense 24.5 Poise 40
Fire Defense 23.5 Weight 25.1
Holy Defense 23.5 Lightning Defense 19.1
State Box for Carian Knight Set

Raging Wolf SetRaging Wolf Set

The Raging Wolf armor set is designed for soul players, particularly those focused on Dexterity character builds, but it can benefit other players as well. The unique effects of wearing this armor are especially useful for Dexterity builds. It’s worn by the first Tarnished visitor in the Roundtable Hold, known as Vargram, the Bloody Wolf.

Acquiring the Raging Wolf Set is not easy, as it involves completing a series of quests as part of the main storyline. You’ll need to speak to the Queen at Volcano Manor to get started. Follow the quest objectives carefully to increase your chances of getting the complete Raging Wolf armor set. Volcano Manor is a legacy dungeon encountered during Rya’s questline.

This classic soul armor set offers impressive stats, with a total Physical Damage Negation of 25.9, making it ideal for players looking to protect their characters effectively.

Physical Damage 25.9 Immunity 75
Defense against Strike 23 Robustness 131
Defense against Slash 25.9 Focus 42
Defense against Pierce 24.9 Vitality 42
Magic Defense 19.8 Poise 42
Fire Defense 22.1 Weight 24.2
Holy Defense 18.5 Lightning Defense 13.8
State Box for Raging Wolf Set

Briar SetElden Ring Briar Set

The Briar Set offers a balanced defense and a stylish appearance for medium-high-level players. This medium-weight, rusty leather armor won’t hinder the performance of fast-paced characters.

To obtain the Briar Set, you’ll need to purchase it from the Palm Reader at the Roundtable Hold using Runes. These Runes can be obtained through various farming strategies if you don’t have enough. The Briar Set includes four individual pieces, providing excellent Damage Negation to help you survive encounters in Elden Ring.

With a Physical Damage Negation of 25.5, the Briar Set allows you to withstand powerful attacks from bosses and enemies in the game.

Physical Damage 25.5 Immunity 113
Defense against Strike 22.6 Robustness 140
Defense against Slash 26.5 Focus 86
Defense against Pierce 24.6 Vitality 80
Magic Defense 21.7 Poise 47
Fire Defense 24.6 Weight 28.1
Holy Defense 21.7 Lightning Defense 17.8
State Box for Briar Set

Knight SetElden Ring Knight Armor

The Knight Armor Set, reminiscent of the Souls series, is considered one of the best early game armor sets in Elden Ring. It’s a heavyweight armor set that provides excellent damage negation, making it ideal for facing tough bosses and enemies.

Comprising four pieces, the Knight Set offers a total Physical Damage Negation of 24.6, along with 21.7 Magic and Fire Damage Negation, which is unique for heavyweight armor. To acquire this set, you’ll need to purchase it from the Husk Maidens in the Roundtable Hold for a total of 15,000 Runes.

Physical Damage 24.6 Immunity 66
Defense against Strike 23.6 Robustness 120
Defense against Slash 26.5 Focus 43
Defense against Pierce 26.5 Vitality 43
Magic Defense 21.7 Poise 51
Fire Defense 21.7 Weight 25.3
Holy Defense 17.8 Lightning Defense 19.1
State Box for Knight Set

Raya Lucarian Soldier Set

The Raya Lucarian Soldier Set, worn by Raya Lucarian Soldiers in the game, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also relatively easy to obtain, making it a great choice for new players.

To acquire this set, you can farm Raya Lucaria Knights in the Liurnia of Lakes area. These are low-level enemies and should be relatively easy to defeat with your preferred weapons. It should take around 10-15 minutes to collect the complete Raya Lucarian Soldier armor set.

Elden Ring Raya Lucarian Soldier Set
Raya Lucarian Soldier Set
Physical Damage 20.4 Immunity 149
Defense against Strike 21 Robustness 99
Defense against Slash 21.3 Focus 129
Defense against Pierce 21.3 Vitality 129
Magic Defense 24.1 Poise 36
Fire Defense 24.6 Weight 19.6
Holy Defense 22.5 Lightning Defense 25
State Box for Raya Lucarian Soldier Set

Banished Knight Set

The Banished Knight Set is an excellent choice for players seeking a balance of defense and resistance, especially those focusing on Strength builds. This heavy armor offers outstanding defense stats and is available in the early-mid game, depending on your campaign and map progression.

Elden Ring Banished Knight Set
Banished Knight Set

To get the complete set, you should use the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot to increase your discovery rate. There are two versions of the Banished Knight Set: altered and unaltered, with no differences in stats. For the altered version, visit the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the southwest region of Caelid, where you can find a Banished Knight guarding the Church. Defeat him to unlock pieces of the set, and repeat this process at nearby Site of Grace locations to collect the entire Banished Knight Set.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion Location
Cathedral of Dragon Communion Location
Physical Damage 35.5 Immunity 149
Defense against Strike 29.2 Robustness 197
Defense against Slash 36.4 Focus 91
Defense against Pierce 33.5 Vitality 160
Magic Defense 26.5 Poise 72
Fire Defense 26.5 Weight 41.6
Holy Defense 26.1 Lightning Defense 25.6
State Box for Banished Knight Set

Tree Sentinel Armor

The Tree Sentinel Armor boasts the highest Damage Negation stats, with a Physical Damage Negation of 35.5, making it ideal for early-level players. However, getting this powerful armor set is a daunting task, as it involves navigating the treacherous Auriza Hero’s Grave dungeon.

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Armor
Tree Sentinel Armor

This dungeon is filled with relentless enemies and deadly defense puzzles, making it nearly impossible to solo. To acquire the complete Tree Sentinel armor set, consider summoning other players for co-op assistance. Teamwork is essential to infiltrate the dungeon, solve the puzzles, and secure this formidable set.

Physical Damage 18.4 Immunity 67
Defense against Strike 15 Robustness 90
Defense against Slash 18.7 Focus 42
Defense against Pierce 17.5 Vitality 46
Magic Defense 13 Poise 39
Fire Defense 17.1 Weight 18.9
Holy Defense 14.1 Lightning Defense 12.6

State Box for Tree Sentinel Armor

In Elden Ring, armor is a crucial aspect of your character’s build, offering both protection and unique attributes. This guide provides valuable insights into getting the best early game armor sets that suit your playstyle and enhance your defenses. We’d love to hear about your favorite armor sets for tackling PvE and PvP challenges in the comments below.

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